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Large cafeteria style seating. Features a wide variety in Asian and Panamanian vegan food. Includes soy meats, plantains, potatoes, rice, mixed veggies, soups and salads. Fresh squeezed orange juice and carrot juice as well. Food is usually made at 7am and available until closing. Lunch time has the best selection as there are fewer items left later on. Cafeteria pricing, around 70+ cents one scoop, and juices are 70+ cents (prices at Feb 2017). Owned and operated by a Taiwanese family. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm, Sat 10:00am-4:00pm. Closed on public holidays.

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First Review by YummyTofu


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08 Aug 2023

Absolutely amazing! My favourite!

This amazing place was my go-to while in Panamá City! Almost everything is vegan, it is very affordable, they have a big variety of healthy, filling food and even the desserts (fruit filled pastries) are just soooo good!🥰 I came here to eat and then fill my tupper for the next day! I wish I had a place like that back home! 😄

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-08

Pros: veggie, filling, healthy food, very affordable, yummy vegan pastries

Cons: could be cosier



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28 Jun 2023

Great and affordable

Excelente choices and hard to choose from so many different foods. Very affordable at .80 cents a choice. Would go back every day. Thanks

Pros: Many choices , Affordability , Taste

Cons: None , None , None


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27 Jun 2023

Very good Restaurant with a lot of choice

We went here for lunch every day. I would say over 90% is vegan. The staff are always nice and friendly. The food was always delicious and varied, there was something new to choose from every day. My favorite were the stuffed buns with cabbage and soy. The spring rolls were greasy but one of the best I've ever eaten. If we are back in Panama City I would eat here again.

Pros: Many vegan options, It goes fast, You can eat healthy and fast food


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19 Jun 2023

Me encanta

Muchas opciones para escoger, muy económico, rápida y buena atención

Pros: Buena comida, buena sazón, Económico, Muchas opciones


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16 Jun 2023

Decent vegan and vegetarian food

When we were there they had only vegan items and no vegetarian ones,which left us with an amazing choice of food. It was all very delicious, just not very hot, but still ok. The reason for 3* is that they use plastic boxes for food and drinks even though you eat there

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-16

Pros: Mostly vegan, Very good price, Decent taste


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16 May 2023

Good food but an environmental nightmare

The selection of dishes is huge here, offering vegetables and protein prepared in a number of ways, and it's incredibly cheap. $3 for a meal is unheard of for vegans in Panama. The desserts are also cheap -- the cookies stuffed with guava jam are to die for and are only 35 cents a piece.

However, ALL the food is served in polystyrene containers with plastic utensils. They have huge trash bags for the waste after you finish your meal. I hope they change this in the near future.


17 May 2023

They're lacto-ovos! Why would a vegan expect them to care about the environment supporting animal ag industry? 🤗


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13 May 2023

Love this place

the best thing about panama city is this restaurant. cheap and really tasty. was there 4 times. There are also vegetarian dishes, but the people know their way around.


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08 Apr 2023

Cheap healthy vegan food

This place has vegetarian and vegan options. Each buffet item costs 80 cents each. It was very cheap. There were all kinds of options including veggies, potatoes, noodles, salad, and fake meat.

Cheap and cheerful vegan food!


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09 Mar 2023

Great food, lots of plastic waste

Tons of vegan options, all 80 cents each. You can get plenty full here for real cheap and it’s tasty too. Only reason this is 4 stars is because of all the plastic/styrofoam waste. Why not have reusable dishes?


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09 Feb 2023

Primera experiencia

Es primera vez que vengo y me pareció muy económico, rico y cómodo

Pros: Económico , Muchas opciones veganas


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20 Jan 2023

Lots of options

The selections were plentiful and I was hungry after traveling all morning. I tried the gluten, sweet potatoes, vegan mushroom patty, mixed veggies with eggplant, mixed rice and kidney beans. All room temperature to cold. I wish I’d gotten up to ask for it to be heated up in the microwave. I honestly don’t use them but this would’ve been an emergency and good reason. They had pineapple and apple handheld fruit turnovers too. Apple was tasty. Would try again first thing in the morning because the food was tasty. Like another person said, very wasteful with foam and plastic. Wish they had plant based food containers and utensils. Really great price for the money and nice owners. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-20

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cheap eats, Vegan deserts

Cons: Food isn’t kept hot, Plastic utensils


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20 Dec 2022

So much plastic waste :(

They serve every customer in a huge plastic container. The lid is completely pointless for those eating there, why not just a plastic plate? Or a reusable one?
The food is good and cheap, but I cannot support their enormous amount of waste. If you do go here, please bring a reusable container...


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18 Dec 2022


food is cheap (0.80 usd the portion). portion is kinda big so you end up taking only 3-4 portions/kinds of food. there is no labels so you need to ask what is each option (and there is a lot). the options I chose were a little bit too salty and I think they tasted more Asian than Panamian. would like to have the chance to serve myself and try more different options. food is served on plastic disposable container and fork.


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24 Nov 2022

Lots of options

Mostly vegan buffet restaurant with over 20 different dishes. When we visited only one dish was not vegan. Lots of light and healthy options. Dishes could have been more flavorful but we appreciated the wide variety of options nevertheless. You can choose as many dishes as you like and you pay 80 cents per dish that you choose.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-19


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20 Jul 2022

Cheap but Tasty

This is a buffet style place where each option costs 80 cents. Most of the options are cold which I didn’t mind. The staff were friendly enough and the food, I thought, was delicious! The venue is a bit grim I will say, it could do with a bit of a makeover, but overall it was fine, I’d happily come again.

Pros: Cheap, Happy friendly staff, Lots of Choice

Cons: The decor is a bit grim, Plastic cutlery/polystyrene tray


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24 Jun 2022

My kind of jam.

When traveling on a budget, these are the places I love. It's cheap, tasty, healthy and there were MANY choices.
Sure, it isn't your hip trendy vegan restaurant, but sometimes you want to have an enjoyable meal that doesn't make cost a fortune. You can make it as healthy as you want.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty , Many choices!

Cons: No atmosphere , Often a bit cold, LOTS OF PLASTIC WASTE


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10 Jun 2022

Fresh cooked Dishes with a lot of vegan options

The Food was amazing! 👌🏻very delicious 🤤

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-10

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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28 Mar 2022

Lots of Vegan Food for when you are on a budget

Buffet with vegan and vegetarian options at a fair price in the heart of Panamá City.

Pros: Very Cheap, Lots of food for price

Cons: No food labelling, You would have to ask what every dish is and has , Looks not so clean


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05 Nov 2021


Bei unserem mehrwöchigen Aufenthalt in Panama City hatten wir Probleme uns vegetarisch/vegan zu ernähren. Dieses Restaurant war die Lösung! Super lecker! Wegen der sehr großen Auswahl kamen wir von dann an jeden Tag. ABER ACHTUNG: wenn Sie ein vornehmes Restaurant suchen, sind Sie hier falsch. Uns gefällt es, wie es ist!

Pros: Alles vegetarisch , Faire Preise , Nette Bedienung


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20 Nov 2019

Demasiado accesible y gran cantidad, pero poco cuidado

La atención por parte de los tenderos de etnia china llegan a ser algo antipáticos, el ambiente es algo frío, y el ambiente dan a ver como si fuesen poco aseado, pero del resto el menú es bastante extenso, es JODIDAMENTE económico, sin duda es un lugar para comer a diario de forma saludable y economica.

Pros: Precio, Cantidad, Variedad

Cons: comida fría , Mal atención , Ambiente frío


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14 Oct 2019

Cheap but anti-hygienic and cold food

They have a wide variety of foods, big portions and it's cheap but they did not have a sign of what food offers, the attention is bad and the place it's not good at all, bad ambient, anti-hygienic, the food is cold, it's a disappointing restaurant because the food is cheap. one of the worst restaurants, I don't want to come back.

Updated from previous review on 2019-10-14

Pros: Cheap , Food Variety

Cons: Anti hygienic, Cold food, bad atmosphere


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12 Jul 2019

Cheap but bland

Good prices, big portions, but food is lukewarm and bland. Seems pretty typical for the buffet-style places.


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25 May 2019

Cold but cheap and has multiple options

You get what you pay for. The food was cold but you can't beat the price. It was too hot in the restaurant so I took my food to go. They wouldn"t give me any to go condiments.

Pros: lots of vegetarian options , cheap

Cons: cold, no signs to tell what the food is


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06 May 2019

Stone cold

Food had potential but they literally have no hot water to keep everything hot. Quite disappointing. Sort your food warmers out guys!

Pros: Loads of vegan options

Cons: No English , Cold food


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03 May 2019

Budget meal

Vegetarian and vegan options. Not super tasty, but very good for what you're paying. If you don't have a lot of money this is the place to go.

Pros: Very very cheap

Cons: be wary of cross contamination.


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11 Jan 2019

Not so good

The food was not warm anymore and not so tasty. The atmosphere wasn‘t inviting. It was cheap though. Won‘t come back.


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05 Aug 2018

Awesome cafeteria

You get so many choices. They even have stuff in the back, under the counters and at the register. This place is the best! And the price....the price is right, my friend. This is the best deal for the money, bar none.

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