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El Estragon Vegetariano

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Plaza de la Paja, 10 (at Zona de los Austrias), Madrid, Spain, 28005

Small vegetarian food restaurant near metro La Latina, off a quiet square by the Palacio Real. Serves veggie food and desserts. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-1:00am, Mon-Sun 1:30pm-12:00am.

Category: Lacto, Ovo, Beer/Wine, Spanish

Reviews (28)

First Review by Parasol

Cozy vegetarian place - Edit

It's a nice vegetarian restaurant with few vegan options.
Tasty food, good service, nice decoration.
Upstairs roof is pretty low
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 19, 2016

Pros: Nice place, Tasty

Cons: Limited vegan options

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Overal a nice find - Edit

Nice restaurant with very large potions of vegetarian food.

We had the "menu del dia" which included pumpkin soup, big salade, chickpea burger and deserts.

We would have liked it if they would change the music from English to Spanish.

Cons: English music

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went on a Thursday night - Edit

We went on a Thursday night and were the only guests. The service was fast but not particularly friendly and not responsive to questions about gluten free or vegan options. The portions were enormous (really was not needed to give sooo much food). My friends had lasagna and I had the Goulash with brown rice. The lasagna was oke but was build up mainly with tomato sauce. My brown rice was hard to chew and digest (probably not thoroughly cooked). The restaurant is on a nice plaza and is cozily decorated. Still I will not go back as the meals are just not hitting the mark.

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Muy caro - Edit

Típico viejo restaurante ovo lacto vegetariano que lleva años sin actualizarse. MUY POCOS PLATOS VEGANOS. Servicio mediocre y caótico para lo desorbitadamente caro que es. Camareros que no saben que es vegano, se nota que les pagan muy poco. Mucha cantidad y buena elaboración de la comida, pero ni un solo ingrediente ecológico, ni el aceite de oliva.... Lo más sangrante: las ensaladas, 12 euros por una lechuga Iceberg del Lidl y un tomate de invernadero que no sabe a nada. Lamentable. Es la segunda vez que hoy y ya no vuelvo más.

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My favourite in the city! Mi favorito en la ciudad - Edit

El estragon es mi restaurante vegetariano favorito, lo conozco de hace muchos años, antes de ser vegana y siempre me ha encantado. Su comida es casera, grandes raciones y deliciosa, como en casa. Es verdad que hay menos opciones para veganos estrictos pero lo recomiendo.

El estragon is my favourite vegetarian restaurant, I discovered it before being vegan and i really love it. Their food is homemade, portions large and delicious , just like home . There are fewer options for strict vegans but recommended.

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large choice, large portions - Edit

Went on a Sunday evening when many other veggie places were closed. The olives that came as an appetiser were just fantastic. Lots of choice on the menu. They do seem concerned about protein - on each of our dishes the protein was doubled-up - eggs+veggie sausage/tofu+veggie sausage. The sauted vegetables were great - lots of different veg all perfectly cooked. We paid 27 euros for two including drinks. We would go back.

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great menu of the day for a lacto-vegetarian! - Edit

In spite of bad reviews we decided to try this place because of its nice location. And that was a good idea! We ate two different sets from menu of the day (12€) - both were just gorgeous!
Really big portions (we could hardly eat all), well cooked meal, incredibly delicious!
The staff is a bit upset but ok - they're not very happy with their work but do it quite well. The service was fast.
Coffee, tea or water is included. Dessert with real honey was also a part of the menu of the day.

Pros: really tasty menu of the day, cheap if you take menu of the day , great location

Cons: the staff is not very happy but ok, not for vegans

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nice place, not that good for vegans - Edit

The restaurant is located pretty nicely close to the great bar streets of La Latina on a wonderful plaza.

Eventhough the staff is friendly, they don't have a great knowledge of the vegan cuisine. I had to talk with them pretty long to explain wait I wanted (a vegan dish)....

At the end, they prepared me something nice. But it was trouble ;)

Pros: nice staff, nice location

Cons: don't know much about vegan food, not cheap

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good food .. not so nice staff - Edit

I came here a bit scared of spending too much. I was positively surprised: the portions are good, the quality is a bit lower than in other vegetarian places in Madrid but the food is really tasty and well presented. Also the wine is good and not expensive. As many other vegetarian places in Madrid, there is the problem of not-so-Spanish opening times at night (it closes around 22:30) ... The staff is definitely a cons. Not so kind, looks at you while eating if the closing time is approaching and if it has approached, it's not a problem to kick you out. It's even ruder once you get outside the restaurant. Not so happy about that. Overall: not expensive, not sure about the quality of the ingredients, the portions are good, the same adjective cannot be used for the staff.

Pros: price, place, quantity

Cons: quality, staff

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Great Location - Edit

We went here twice during our visit to Madrid. They are open late and they have outdoor seating on the square. So eating outside was very nice. We did enjoy the food and drinks here. It felt like a very European experience. But...I understand what some of the other reviewers are talking about when it comes to the service. The service is very indifferent. Nobody smiles or greets you in a friendly way. We also noticed the staff; clip their nails, run their hands through their hair, rub their noses, and sneeze onto a service tray. And they were not discrete about it. The staff could use a great deal of improvement, no question.
But the food was nice and eating outdoors on the square was a plus.

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delicious lunch. service not very friendly to tourists. - Edit

We had 3 people but only ordered 2 menus of the day. The food was tremendous delicious! However the waitress seemed visibly irked that we were splitting everything family-style. Oh well, it's what worked for us and our appetite at the time. The artichoke soup was great. The salad had a mustard dressing that was a surprise favorite of ours. If they have the eggplant moussaka available -- order it!! I'd definitely go back again.

Pros: food, atmosphere, location

Cons: service

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Dissapointing dinner - Edit

We were alone in the restaurant, but the time for serving the food was very long. Food acceptable but no wonderful. Quite expensive. Low lighting. Good music.

Pros: Quit

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Reviewer Avatar

Worst veggie in Madrid :( - Edit

We are vegetarians, living in Madrid and we love to go out eating and we're in more than 15 veggie restaurants in Madrid only but we never were so outraged and appalled!

1. The SERVICE is HORRIBLE. It was the first time in our lives that we didn't leave ANY tips. The waiters don't say hello, thanks or you're welcome. They just turn around without saying anything! They give you strange faces as if you were annoying them! When we wanted to order something more, they just ignored us for 5 minutes talking with their collegues!!! When we ordered water in a bottle, they forgot the glas and we had to ask them another time. May happen once. Later we wanted a bit salt. Other waiter forgot it. We had to ask for it another time. And then with the bill. YES the forgot it too (another waiter)! We had to ask them again! Honestly I can't believe they are that bad waiters, for beeing so bad you have to make a great effort! There we're 3 waiters and all treated us very very bad.

2. The FOOD. The normal prince was 11/12 €. That's a normal price. BUT not for THAT food. If you're a vegetarian, you'll know that you can cook the food better, tastier and in less time for maximum 4€. The food wasn't bad but it was extremely overpriced and the typical vegetarian food wich doesn't taste at all -> very sad, veggie can be soooo yummy!

3. The good part: The locations is great, you can sit (unlikely most vegetarians in Madrid outside) and the Plaza de la Paja is a beautifuld old square. But there is also another Veggie Restaurant (great Buffet) in the same square with tables outside too -> Viva la Vida which has extremly!!! friendly stuff.

I wish I could just give one cow!

Pros: Locacion

Cons: Food, Service

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Was it a bad day? - Edit

Saw this was highly rated, and after a long search with a hopeless map, finally found the place with high expectations. To say we were dissappointed was an understatement.
I always worry about small restaurants with big menus (can it all be fresh?) and I worry more about restaurants with burgers on the menu. My worries were spot on.
What we got was a first course of soup, one flavour each, both of which were delicate and mild. But the mains were bland in the extreme.
I ordered couscous with curried veg. What I got was boiled couscous with steamed veg, no sauce, no spices, no flavour. My partner odered a veg pie, and got what appeared to be 3 types of veg pate, no pastry, no other veg.
Best bit was the wine - but wine glasses would have been nice!
Overall not recommended, but we did find other super places - keep looking.

Cons: Bland, Poor choice for vegans

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Hugely over-rated and expensive - Edit

Billed as the veggie restaurant to bring your non-veggie friends to, El Estragon serves only to perpetuate meat-eating stereotypes of vegetarian food. My party had several of the few vegan options and found them rather lackluster. If you're from the UK you'd find similar food as the generic veggie options in places like Weatherspoons or other ghastly chain restaurants. I'm glad this place exists as the more options there are the better. And perhaps some dishes are better than others for non-vegans.

Pros: Location, Seating

Cons: Expensive, Bland food

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Not bad for vegans - Edit

I was there just a few days ago and while the menu does have a lot of dairy in it, I asked which options were vegan and the staff pointed them out. I think out of a fairly big menu there were only something like 4 vegan main courses, but still I thought it wasn't too bad. Vegetarian food is very easy to find in Madrid but veganism definitely hasn't caught on there just yet! The portions were huge, it's not particularly cheap but I would say it's quite good value. It's in a great location in a square and has a very popular patio, get there early to sit in the sun!

Pros: Big helpings, Lovely patio

Cons: Not loads of vegan options

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NOT for vegans - Edit

I was there end 2010 and they didn't even know what vegan means.
I took the paella -which was edible.

Pros: conforting spanish atmosphere

Cons: not vegan friendly

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Vegans go elsewhere - Edit

This restaurant was such a disappointment. I always try to visit vegetarian/vegan restaurants when I'm travelling, with the presumption that they will be able to accommodate more easily to my vegan diet. It took me several minutes to explain to them what I do and don't eat (during this conversation I was informed that tofu was "soy cheese" and therefore maybe not suitable to my diet - really?) only to end up with a salad covered in a mayonnaise and mustard dressing (really again? My omni friend ended up eating that) and a vegan paella that was overcooked, far too salty and otherwise entirely boring. Two salads, two mains, two bottles of water and two rooibos - just over 50 euro. Last visit to the Estragón for me.

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great food - Edit

Madrid isn't all meat and fish if you are prepared to seek out veg places. This one serves well presented and tasty food and is only a short walk from the main central area.

Pros: good food, generous portions, reasonable price

Cons: smoking at next table

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Very good food - service needs work - Edit

Dined there on a Wednesday night at 10pm with 3 Italian friends that are non-veg. I was pleased.

The menu is all veg and there were at least 15 very varied mains to choose. I had seitan served as escalope - veal cutlets. It was definitely the best plate at the table. It had a very rich cheese sauce that had a herbal brie quality (although I don't think it was brie, something sharper). It included boiled potatos and rice on the side, which were admittedly bland on their own but magnificent with the sauce. There were three large cutlets on a big plate - no problems with portion size even as an American.

My wife had paella. I give it an 7 out of 10. The veggies in it were varied and it had soy where there would normally be ham or fish. It was a bit sweet though and lacked some of the savoriness of traditional non-veg paella. The portion was big.

There were crepes, pastas, egg dishes, veggie burgers, and ten or so other possibilities. I felt spoiled for choice. Contrary to some other reviews, I found that the menu went out of its way to label egg, lacto, and gluten free. There were English menus too. The deserts were pretty good - I had an apple fritter that tasted like a funnel cake with stuffing.

The bad part was service. The place closes at midnight (the hours here are wrong for weekdays - it is open noon to midnight). The waitress repeatedly rushed us when it was obvious we were not ready to order, would not serve us coffee after dinner (try telling that to an Italian sometime and just see the reaction you get), and was rushing to take the plates out from under us while others at the table were still eating. This kind of service would be bad even in the US, but is considered absolutely outrageous here in Madrid where dining is a leisurely experience among friends. Not sure I will be able to get my buds to come back even though I really like the food.

A full meal at dinner time with wine or beer will likely cost 25 euro. Mains were between 10 and 14 euro.

You can smoke in the restaraunt and people do. It is dead on weeknights but that did not affect the food quality. Again contrary to some other revies here, it is easy to find. Plaza de Paja will be known by any taxi. It's a 10 min walk from Plaza Mayor.

Overall I give it 7 out of 10. I'd need to try it a few more times to see if the other plates are as good as the escalope. If u want a buffet option, go to viva la vida on the same plaza (but I like that less).

Pros: Beaucoup options, Great flavor, big portions

Cons: bad service, bit pricey, bland sides

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Great spot! - Edit

I ate lunch at El Estragon on March 23rd, 2010. I sat at a table on the plaza just across the tiny street from the restaurant. I ordered from the Menu el Dia and had a delicious ensalda mixto, breaded and fried cheese with tomato ragout and a chocolate/vanilla custard. There were three or four options in each area. Breaded cheese doesn't sound great but...it was a delicious soft white cheese and the coating had savoiry herbs and spices. If you eat in the restaurant the Menu el dia is 8 euros. If you eat on the plaza the price is 12 euros.
The service was friendly and efficient and the restaurant was doing a good business inside and out. The plaza is a delight. There are two other restaurants on the plaza and it was a lively scene. At one point two troubadores strolled through singing beautifully along with their guitars.
I had no difficulty finding the restaurant and plaza with the aid of the tourist map supplied by the Tourist Information booth. There is a lovely small garden on one end of the plaza. Before or after lunch the nearby Austrias section is fascinating to stroll through.

Pros: Plaza setting, excellent service, good sized portions

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Why so empty? - Edit

Yes, it was a weekday in May, but there were surprisingly few people eating from a very extensive menu. Lots of choice, reasonable portions, nice presentation. We tried to eat in different places every night, and were glad we had made the trek to find this one. Like most veggie restaurants, the toilets are downstairs. Where do wheelchair users eat?

Pros: reasonable portions, decor

Cons: quiet, hard Spanish bread

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Veggie in Madrid - Edit

Spent 48 hours in Madrid this week and bust a gut to find El Estragon as this web site had sung its praises. It was tricky to find and when we arrived I was disappointed that only 4 other people were eating there. The almond soup was good but the waitress not too helpful and my soya burger a bit bland! There is another place just up the square and that looked more lively and the food delicious(although I didn't eat there).

Pros: no meat, good music

Cons: unhelpful staff, hard to find

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No good for vegans - Edit

After a ten minute discussion where they couldn't even work out if they could provide me with anything at all they managed to provide me with a vegan paella. It was ok but nothing special and certainly not worth going out of my way for. Won't be visiting again.

Pros: Smart

Cons: No knowledge of veganism

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El Estragon, Madrid - Edit

I went in here to eat a couple of days ago. The menu is predominantly lacto vegetarian but the staff were more than helpful in accommodating me as a vegan vegetarian. I had curried onion soup amd spaghetti soya bolognese. Both were delicious. I was with 4 non veggies who all also loved their food. The staff were great including with the children in the group. Centrally located. Tops.

Pros: Great food, Great staff

Cons: Not for a tight budget

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Great Expectations Dashed - Edit

Because I read such great reviews of this restaurant prior to my trip to Madrid, I had great expectations. Sadly, they were crushed.

This is one of six restaurants we visited on our trip to Madrid. It was the most difficult to find.

Typical Spanish decor of dark wood, red brick, and stucco is partnered with paper table cloths. Decor was nicer than other veg restaurants we went to - a little less dingy.

My companion is Filipina and learned from our waitress that everyone but the owner who works at this restaurant is Filipino. The chefs seem to have no grasp of texture or flavour.

We each had different items from the Menu del Dia which costs 9.99 Euro. It's good value and filling but the food is not very good. For the main course my companion ordered a "pie" and was given three slabs of a soft tofu loaf - each with a different tasteless sauce. I got spaghetti with a orange tomato-ish sauce made with TVP, it was flavourless. Where are the tomatoes, the herbs, the delicious olive oils of Spain??

No coffee is available. Smoking is allowed - the girl at the table next to us lit up twice before her main course arrived.

Yerbabuena is the best vegetarian restaurant we went to in Madrid - by a very, very long shot. Go there instead.

Pros: Nice Staff, Points for Creativity, Large Portions

Cons: Smoking, Lack of taste and texture, Location

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