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Serves Indian and international vegetarian food plus sweets and drinks. Kitchen makes soy milk based cheese and yogurt sauce. Est. 2015. Relocated from Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Hours are irregular - call ahead. Reported to serve non vegan items September 2023. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by MeikoNeuman


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07 Dec 2023

Lovely staff

The waiter at the front was so great, you can tell that he is very good at what he does! He also spoke perfect English, as did the owner. He let us know about all the dishes available.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-07

Pros: Staff , Doggies, Delicious food



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04 Dec 2023

Great experiencie

The owner is english speaker, which makes some difference in explaining the dishes
The food was amazing (indian with a european style, as he said), and the location is really cozy.
We really enjoyed the shahi paneer combo.


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13 Nov 2023


the food was amazing here, the portions are huge and the flavours were amazing! Also the guy that was working was so lovely and attentive! I had the buddha bowl which was so fresh and tasty and shared the samosas which were delicious - the vegan cheese added such an interesting texture! My friends had some curries and naan and said it was so delicious too! the food is a little more expensive than other options but so worth it for the portion size and freshness! They also had loads of games you could borrow which was a lovely touch! They also do some set menus which a friend had and loved and said was really good flavour and value for money! Will definitely be back during our stay!! Also a super cute puppy came and surprised us near the end of our meal.


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12 Sep 2023

Really good!

We ended up going here every day during our stay in Mui Ne as there’s so much choice on the menu. All their milkshakes and smoothies are made with soya milk/yoghurt as standard too! The head waiter is so friendly and kind and we really enjoyed the food. My favourite was the cauliflower which I had with Vietnamese rice but I also had tacos, nachos, falafel souvlaki and tomato and olive salad. All great! They even have vegan cheese 😄 forgot to take many photos though sorry!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-12


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05 Mar 2023

Bummer 😭😭😭

Reduce the number of plates and make a choice which quisine you want to serve. Less is more!

Cons: The tables were dirty 😭, The food tasted like fast food 😫, Several dishes on were not available …


31 May 2023

We remember your visit. Sorry for dirty tables experience, we have 160 tables and 640 pax seating system. Sometimes few tables left uncleanness due to high traffic of walking customers. We really sorry for that.

We are not boil rice vegetable common Vietnamese shack.

I hope you seen the description written in menu first page, we not became vegan or vegetarian, We BORN like that. That's why we know more than anyone in town about vegetarian food and how to turn any food vegan or vegetarian.

There was only one dish we which you ordered and unable to cook due to no power in town.

We wish this review you could calm down.


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21 Feb 2023

Totally amazing restaurant

The food is soooo good!! The burrito is the best I had for a long time and the home made vegan cheese is very nicely done!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly and nice atmosphere


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19 Feb 2023

Want this everyday!

Honestly, do not miss this in Vietnam! The food is impeccable and the staff is incredible. They ask in advance if you are vegan and then make sure whatever you order either is vegan already or they customize it for you. We went there again after the first time and he remembered us and our preferences. I would love to have this restaurant back home!

My fave meal was the Palak Paneer Korma, but all curries are amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-19

Pros: Lots of options, Customizable, Staff is understanding


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14 Feb 2023

Best vegan food I had in Mui Ne!

I ate at this place more than once after trying nearly every vegan restaurant in Mui Ne, the food quality was outstanding and the staff were super helpful with recommendations. Explained what ingredients went into the dishes. The Sesame seeded toast for breakfast & a coconut coffee was amazing!!

Pros: Plenty of options , Food was delicious , Clear about what dishes could be made vegan


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26 Jan 2023

Yummy food

Run by a friendly guy from Rajasthan, India. They do all sorts of yummy food and lot of vegan options!!!!! It's international not vietnamese

Pros: Coconut coffee, Outside seating


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13 Jan 2023

Lots of vegan options

Very tasty and a nice place 🧡

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-13


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22 Dec 2022

Can't rate this highly enough! Amazing food, lovely atmosphere

It may be on the pricey side but it is sooo worth it! And in comparison to Europe is still very cheap for excellent food, service and atmosphere. Every dish can be made vegan. The staff are so lovely and accomodating, they want you to really enjoy your food.
We came at midday, I got the tofu dish which was excellent so we came back for dinner. There are so many lovely options I went on recommendation from staff, who can personalise any dish for you. I didnt ask them to, its just how they work and the food was unreal! For dinner I had a paneer veg dish with garlic naan. Lush!
Highly highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
The place next door (they share seating) has a meat menu so great if you have non vegans I the group. Having said that, they would still love the veg menu!

Pros: Amazing flavour, cooked to your tastes, Loads of vegan options, Vegan paneer, cream, milk etc


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06 Dec 2022

Good food, many options

Nice open food court-style place. Space is shared with non-veg restaurant, but there's a separate veg menu. The menu has a lot of options, focusing on Indian but including Mediterranean, Indo-Chinese, and western fare. Many options contain cheese and/or yogurt, but the restaurant makes its own vegan cheese and yogurt and will use these if asked. Owners are fluent English speakers; rest of staff are not, but appear to understand vegan.

Food is tasty and consistently well cooked, if a little pricy for Vietnam. Portions may be a bit smaller than you'd expect. Service is timely and friendly.

Also offers a variety of drinks, including coffees, which can also be made with vegan milk. Coconut coffee is especially good.

Pros: Many options, Open until 10pm

Cons: Price is a little on the high side, Lots of flies, mosquitoes in the area


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02 Nov 2022

Good brunch place

Quesadillas were okay, falafel and hummus was fine. Nice staff but a bit too pricey.

Edit: we went for brunch two days in a row and the homemade vegan cheese is simply mindblowing. The Banh Mi was awesome and the mango passion fruit lassi was fantastic.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-31

Cons: Pricey


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06 Oct 2022

great vegan breakfast, lunch & dinner

different smoothie bowls naturally vegan, which were very good! will definitely go there again, can highly recommend! nice staff as well

Pros: extra menu for vegan food, lots of vegan options


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30 Sep 2020


The bowls were pretty bland and lack dressing. Advertised as vegan but they have cheese on the menu.
Not too bad overall.


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05 May 2020

So Delicious & Super FRESH, CHEAP affordable TASTY

We love there El Cafe Veg-Mex Foodie Platter

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: Cheap local price, big portions


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28 Feb 2020

Ok vegan food

Buddha bowl was bland, no seasoning or dressing, basically some lettuce, corn and tomatoes mixed in. The samosa on the other hand was quite nice. Still not a great impression. Feels like the vegan revolution hasn't really hit this part of Vietnam yet compared to everywhere else we've been. Perhaps in a year or two?


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26 Feb 2020

Great food

I would give this 5 stars as my meal was great and the menu looks amazing it’s just a bit pricey.
I want to try majority of the large menu but I limited myself to 1 main and it was fab.

Great filling and sauce on the taco. Recommend paying a visit.

Pros: All vegan , Big menu , Large seating area

Cons: Pricey


27 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for your review and rating.
Happy to hear that you enjoyed el cafe..

As we seen in the picture of your review. You had a great taco which comes in 3 tortilla with fillings. At the price of 85.000 vnd. About 3 dollars and 20 cent.
Usually, its cost 20$ or €,£ in western or any English country where it's also easy and cheap to get indigrident locally. But in Vietnam where its impossible to get all these indigrident? we are depend on the 100% overseas imported indigrident for dishes we serve.

Recently, we delete some dishes from our menu because its contains saffron and green sweet cardamom.

We cant afford saffron 25$ for one any more. The same with cardamom 113$ for one kg.

If we think of using local ingredients? We cant serve such popular mexican, indian, italian dishes.

Vietnam dosent have that climate for such indigridents.

I hope you can understand this.

Our food is unique and to make it upto perfection? We need to import such indigridents at very high price and custom duty.

Thank you so much for your review.
Hope to see you again


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13 Feb 2020

Delicious food

Amazing place, delicious food.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-13

Pros: Excellent food, Rice straws, Nice vibe

Cons: None


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09 Feb 2020

The best place in mui ne!

The food is very good and the kitchen is open and clean.

Pros: You can also do a vagen cocing class of cheeses


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01 Feb 2020

Absolutely delicious

The food here is really good and they have veggie options of basically everything. They even have sour cream and proper cheese (for the vegetarians!)


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31 Jan 2020


This is one of the best food I ate so far in Vietnam. I visited the restaurant twice and ordered dahl, samosa and ice cream. If you are looking for something, which was made by real cooks and looks nice on your plate, you won't be disappointed! Forget about the cheap buffets and taste some real Indian food here. The owner is super friendly and passionate too and the prices are very reasonable for such a good service!

Pros: Many options, Friendly staff, Great food


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31 Jan 2020

Lots of variety

Such a big menu to choose from! I really enjoyed their peri peri potatoes and the tacos!


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27 Jan 2020

Very good food and lassi!!

We ate at this place a few times and came back for lassi. It was delicios! The owner was very friendly and helpful and the food was delicious as well. We liked that it was all vegan. They make their own vegan cheese! Definately a very good choice to have dinner at!

Pros: Amazing lassi, food and very friendly staff

Cons: None


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27 Jan 2020

Best meal of my life

I am not even exaggerating when I say this was one of the best meals I've ever had. The gravy momos and cauliflower bites were beyond delicious and the owner was very nice. A lovely experience!

Pros: The food, The owner was really nice, Good wine

Cons: It is 12343 km away from my home


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23 Jan 2020

Very good taste, a bit pricy

The place was very cozy and the food was really good.
Guacamole not that good and they gave us very little but the rest was great.
The price a bit more expensive than normal place but it's okay.


24 Jan 2020

Thanks for your valuable visit to el Cafe.
Guacamole is made from avocado. Which is all year expensive and fragile fruit. Even not everyone like avocado fruit. Sometimes we get back in empty cutlery.
You ordered nachos which comes with the side sauce only. If you love guacamole in big motion? We have guacamole 25.000vnd for 150 gm. In our menu.

If you talking about normal place (Vietnamese rice vegetables places) for sure but it's okay.
Salad are 2.6$ USD,
Drink 1$ USD
Snack which you order 2.6$
Food you order is 10$ for all.

Happy to serve you ?
See you again.


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12 Jan 2020


We had a burrito, and a chimichanga, which is a fried burrito, with banana chocolate soy milk smoothies, and everything was delicious, especially the chimichanga. The price worth it

Pros: Variety, Really tasty

Cons: A bit expensive

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