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Located near the UCR. Has Wi-Fi. NOTE: Most dishes are vegan by default, others can be customized. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-6:00pm, Sat 10:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by egoulet


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06 Sep 2023

I love their daily menu

I used to come a lot. Their menu is even better now, I love their shakes specially the golden milk. Their breakfasts are 💯 delicious and their daily specials is full of yummy surprises. Is not 5 stars because is not vegan, and one day they gave me a milkshake with cow milk and my stomach did not tolerate it.

Jan Adamski

14 Sep 2023

Hi spastorp! Thanks for the review and we are glad you enjoyed the visit. Just wanted to clarify that all the shakes are made with almond milk. We don't have cow milk at our place at all. Also all the vegan/vegetarian options are marked in the menu. Let us know if we can further address your concerns or questions. We hope to see you soon!



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21 May 2023

Still a great place to eat vegan

After many years it has maintained it's excellent vegan food, the friendly service and vibe.

Pros: Tamarindo with Chía , Fresh pasta , Crudivegan dessert

Cons: A bit to loud during rush hour.


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27 Mar 2023

Everything was perfect

The menu has a great variety of fresh and healthy dishes and vegan options are marked as such. I tried the buda bowl which was delicious. It's very close to the university, in a colourful street. Can definitely recommend it!

Pros: Vegan options clearly labeled , Friendly staff & fast serving , Great variety of amazing food


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10 Feb 2023

I’m in love with this place 💗🌱

Cheap and super convenient local (basically next to my uni). Everything in here is delicious, I love taking my friends here to have some coffee and sweet treats. My favorite has to be their blondies, simply amazing!

Pros: Cheap, Amazing food, Close to UCR


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26 Jan 2023

Delicious and Healthy

The food was soooo delicious and healthy. I had a wrap with tzatziki sauce (loved it) and my husband had a falafel burger and spring rolls.
Will definitely come back to try the bowls! #Veganuary


26 Jan 2023


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04 Nov 2022

Delicious and not expensive

We had the dish of the day and it was so yummy!! It included a soup, a main dish and a juice. We also ordered a dessert on top. All in all, it cost 10$ per person.


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18 Apr 2022

Tasty and balanced

Nutrionally balanced and colorful meals

Pros: Love that they don't charge more for vegan cheese.

Cons: Wish they had more sugar free and raw desserts


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28 Mar 2022

Excellent / excellente

I have been here a few times when visiting family in Costa Rica, I like the style of their food and the place. Recommened!

He estado aqu'i varias veces cuando visito a mi familia en Costa Rica. Me encanta el estilo de la comida y el espacio. Lo recomiendo!


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17 Feb 2022

Una experiencia vegana maravillosa

Deliciosa comida, una excelente presentación, el ambiente hermoso.... Maravilloso sitio para una experiencia vegana 💚🌱

Pros: Comida deliciosa , Buenos postres , El servicio súper rápido ya estábamos comiendo


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17 Nov 2021

Great atmosphere and space

Cosy space to try out some vegan dishes. Homemade ice cream is not the best but everything else was just fine!


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18 Feb 2021

Great atmosphere & friendly service

Ate lunch here twice. Everything was good but not amazing. This is my experience in much of Costa Rica however... most vegetarian and vegan food here has the creativity and flavour profile of many vegetarian and vegan restaurants from 20 years ago in Europe/Canada/USA.

The food had a home-cooked feel/taste which is always a plus. The place has a lovely feel and the staff is VERY friendly. They also have some nice looking baked goods although I did not try any.


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17 Jul 2018

Great food

They have great daily dishes, the bowls and desserts are really good. Service is ok, be sure to especify if you’re vegan some dishes have cheese.


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25 Jan 2018

Excellent tasty meals every day

I order delivery from El Buho all the time. They have great daily specials that never fail to be fantastic. The food is fresh, flavourful and portion sizes is excellent. I especially enjoy the soups and bowls. Highly recommended.

Pros: Good value, Fresh ingredients, Big portions


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21 Dec 2016

Vegan delight

This is a small restaurant located very near the University of Costa Rica and right next to a yoga centre. Its original owner did a fantastic job decorating the place and painting it herself. The food is delicious and very creative, and there are plenty of vegan options. It used to be totally vegan, but after a friend asked for some nachos which seemed to be covered with cheese, not sure anymore. In any case, the desserts are totally vegan and after trying several vegetarian restaurants, I think they are the best vegan cakes, cookies and raw cheesecakes in Costa Rica. The owners are cool and friendly and the kitchen is very clean. The dish of the day is a good deal.

Pros: Delicious food, Clean, beautiful, well-located restaurant, plenty of vegan options

Cons: It gets very crowded at noontime (12pm-1pm)


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Mostly Veg
02 Feb 2012

Absolutely Spectacular

This food here is spectacular! And not just for vegan food - all food in general. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but my wife is vegan. This is our favorite restaurant in all of Costa Rica (been here 8 months). Thankfully, we live within walking distance! :-)

Like another reviewer, I've only ever eaten the plate of the day because it's always different, always really great, and always throws me for a loop with the creativity. I've had bites and nibbles from some of the other dishes and they're similarly great. If all vegan food was this good, everyone would be vegan!

Portion size is excellent. We always leave very full and very happy. The price is great for the value. For the portion size and quality of food, it's the best deal in San Pedro. Probably San Jose, too, but I haven't been everywhere.

It's a little out of the way for most people, but totally worth the trip. It's near the University of Costa Rica just off "the calle" filled with college restaurants, bars, and shops. And is right next a yoga place. It's a bit small and the tables are cramped, but unless you go during the lunch rush, you'll be fine.

If you're in San Jose or San Pedro and are looking for a place to eat, this is definitely worth going out of the way for.

Pros: excellent food, good value, large portions

Cons: out of the way, a bit cramped, small, overworked staff


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15 Mar 2011

Work of art!

I have been to the Buho many times. I haven't eaten from the menu because the special of the day is always so great! Someone really knows how to cook vegetarian, very creatively. You have to try this unique place!

Pros: very clean, very friendly staff, great food


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07 Mar 2011

The Most Incredible Veggie Restaurant on Earth

I cannot remember the last time I was this blown away by a restaurant. The inside was painted with lime greens, blues, and oranges, with artistic murals painted on all the walls. It was kind of hippie-esque, or bohemian perhaps. The waiter, Yan, thankfully spoke English. The food choices on the menus were astounding. Of our group of 10, 5 were vegetarian. Everyone, including the non-veggies, was equally impressed by the six or so menu pages of dishes, from sandwiches to burritos to salads to naan pizzas. We all got flavored water, and this wasn't your typical Safeway carbonated-fizzy fruit water. The one I got was blackberry, and it was basically blackberry pulp with water. Delicious. Some others got hibiscus water, which was even better. It tasted like fruity ginger green tea. When the food came out we couldn't stop raving about how unbelievably happy we were. I got a "burrito japonese" which was a salad with tofu, miso, sesame seeds, ginger, bell peppers, and a handful of other ingredients that I can't remember right now in a whole wheat wrap. I tried others' naan pizzas, which were crispy and delicious, and a sandwich on whole wheat bread. I honestly can't even remember what was in it because all the wonderful flavors started blending together at this point. For dessert they had chocolate chip cookies that were incredible despite the fact that they had healthy stuff in them. All together I spent less than $10, which is pretty expensive for a Costa Rica meal. I'm extremely disappointed that there isn't a place this wonderful anywhere else, and we plan on returning specifically to go to this restaurant.

Pros: amazing food, super healthy, cheap!

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