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Small restaurant with buffet at counter display, some dishes priced by weight others by piece. Does not use egg. Run by a Taiwanese family that speaks both English and Spanish. Has empanadas, grilled vegetables, noodles, rice dishes. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by VeganSoapDude


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28 Sep 2022

Food not fresh and made me sick

I went to El Bambu twice. The first time I was impressed with the many vegan options. I ordered an empanada and some noodles and stir fry. Both were really not great, the meal in particular had a terrible texture and it just tasted like overall not good quality ingredients were used. The second time I went again because it was very affordable and I saw all the exact same dishes still out and looking really old and stale, clearly the same dishes from the day before that they were still trying to sell. So I ordered another empanada which was not good at all. That night I was sick, nausea and needing to throw up, which normally never happens to me, and I am quite sure it was from the food. 2 stars for many options and being cheap, but I would rather go elsewhere and pay more. Isla Vegana is a way better alternative.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Inexpensive

Cons: Old food, most is not fresh , Food made me sick , Taste is not great



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04 Aug 2021

Muy rica comida (sin huevo)

Comida muy rica, fresca. Negocio de comida para llevar, por peso, bandeja o unidad. Variedad de comidas: estilo oriental taiwanes (ej: Pao Tzu 包子, Chaw Fan, Chaw Mien); también ofrece alimentos adaptados al paladar argentino (ej: milanesas de mijo con queso, pizza, estofado). A veces tienen pastelería vegana muy muy rica (ej: budín de cacao y chia) Muchas opciones veganas! Atendido por su propia cocinera de laaargos años de vegetariana.

Pros: Sabroso. Precio adecuado. Negocio estable


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15 Mar 2021

Varias opciones y rico

Local de comida por peso vegetariana para llevar pero con casi totalidad de opciones veganas.

Pros: Varias opciones muy sabrosas.


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13 Mar 2020

Food doesn’t look fresh

I only tried fried rice and two samosas which were okay but I was only ready to give it a try because I was starving and there were no other places nearby. They don’t have seats and you have to ring the bell in order to come in there. Very cheap but wouldn’t pay more for the quality.


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29 Feb 2020


Expected better after the reviews on here. Quite a few vegan options, but they were all bland, glutinous and full of msg. Even after being microwaved our food was barely warm. We paid about 400 pesos (£6) for a full tub of various items for two people, but after eating it we immediately went for empanadas and cake at Triumph cafe

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, Cheap, charged by weight

Cons: Bland, unhealthy, Food kept out all day


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31 Dec 2019

¡Muy buen espacio vegetariano con opciones veganas!

Comida deliciosa y saludable. Es la única opción de este tipo en Ushuaia. Llegamos a la ciudad y gracias a Bambú pudimos almorzar muy rico y vegano. Las milanesas de quinua son deliciosas. Muy buena atención. Lo recomiendo.


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14 Dec 2019


Very fresh food! Many vegan options. No seating inside, however we will be coming back! 🥑🥑

Pros: Excellent Vegan Options

Cons: Too much plastic , No seating


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09 Dec 2019

This place saved my life in Ushuaia

Cheap and nice vegan food! More options vegetarian, but the vegan meals were nice.
And very cheap!
This place really saved my life in Ushuaia!

Pros: cheap, vegan cooked meals


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28 Nov 2019

Good Find

This is a nice find for some cozy food, but this is a take-out only restaurant. Really feels like you were cooked a homemade meal but just wish there was at least one table with stools. I don’t think any vegan will be disappointed in the food itself though. 4-star food in a 2-star shop!

Pros: Vegan and veggie options abundant , Very affordable , No meat whatsoever

Cons: Too much plastic, No place to sit


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19 Feb 2019

Delicious food but ignore the “open” hours!

This vegetarian take-out place is a gem in a city with few vegan options. Staff apologized for having “only 5 vegan options” but that was 3 or 4 or 5 more than every other restaurant we had tried. But ignore the 5:00 closing claim — most days you can visit later, apparently as late as 10:00, just by knocking on the door. I’m guessing it’s based on demand but in any case it’s worth a try after 5:00. Such yummy food.

Pros: Delicious, inexpensive vegan options

Cons: Ambience isn’t amazing but take out is great..


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21 Nov 2018

Great to bring lunch back to hotel or have a picnic by the water

Wonderful little takeout place a couple doors down from my hotel (actually, up, since the street is on a slant) with a pure vegetarian menu and a few vegan options.

Shop opens at 11:45 AM, but when I went on a Tuesday morning, I arrived just as the doors were being opened, around 11:55-ish, which was perfect. All the food was fresh and hot and ready to be served, and the owner was kind enough to show me which options were vegan (fried rice, noodles, assorted stir fry and vegetables). I asked for all of them, thinking it would be a challenge to get through them over the next couple of days, but she was able to fit a little bit of everything into one very sensibly-sized portion! I was really happy to sample all of them. It was just like a home-cooked meal.

Something that’s happened in the past few months that I’ve been 30 is that my legs tend to swell up whenever I eat something with MSG, or even something like a large amount of pasta. Water retention! There’s a vegan Asian restaurant near my place that uses a ton of MSG, so I was expecting something similar with this one since there were vegan meats in the dishes, but my legs didn’t swell at all! I also had a water bottle in my locked backpack that I wasn’t looking forward to having to unlock just for the water, but I ended up not needing to drink anything during the meal. The food is wholesome and filling and not too salty. The service at the counter was also fantastic. The woman was kind enough to help me with the card reader since I don’t understand much Spanish. I will say that having traveled a lot, I keep a couple of sturdy travel sporks in my bag, which came in handy because the meal doesn’t seem to come with plastic utensils by default, although I imagine you could probably ask for them.

Pros: Friendly, helpful service, Wholesome food, Takes credit cards


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17 Mar 2017

Uninspiring but IS VEG!

Usual Taiwanese bffet fare left out, unheated,all day.There were a few VEGAN options, friedrice, fried rice noodles.
However, all the food is Veg and it's the only show in town..and for hundreds or thousands of miles.


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23 Mar 2016

Rápido E Bom

Foi uma grata surpresa. Lugar simples, mas com comida gostosa e variada. Aceita cartão e possui várias opções veganas. A dona é taiwanesa e vegetariana. Preço justo.

Pros: Preço, Localização

Cons: Só Duas Cadeiras Para Comer Na Hora


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04 Mar 2016

Only real veg*n option in town

There are plenty of places that have vegetarian (though rarely vegan) options on their menus, but this is the only properly veg*n place in town.

I went there almost an hour after their stated closing time, but they still had a fair amount of food. No seats, though, so I had to take away (not sure if they do have seats during regular hours, but certainly not when I was there).

Chose a croquet, a kind of ‘veggieburger’ (where the bun was actually two veggie patties and the ‘patty’ was tomato and zucchini), and a veggie milanesa (schnitzel) in a small plastic container. Not an awful lot, but enough to do for a meal (and all finger food, so eating while walking down the street was not a problem). All three were very good. You could tell they’d been lying out for a bit, but then again I did show up an hour *after* closing, so I can hardly blame the restaurant for that.

Price was higher than I had expected at ARS 80 (about USD 5.25), but not unreasonably so, especially not considering the price level in Ushuaia in general.

The food itself as it was should earn the restaurant only three stars, but I’m adding an extra one to counteract the effect of this being an outside-hours deal.

Pros: Only proper veg*n place in Ushuaia, good food, flexible opening hours

Cons: No seating


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11 Nov 2015

Really happy I found this place

As others have mentioned, finding vegan food in the cold Ushuaia is almost impossible, specially considering that even in the market you might not find a big variety of produce to cook yourself based on the season.

After finding this place I managed to have several good meals without having to cook. The food quality is average and the lady is very nice. The price is very cheap.

If you come after hours you can ring the bell if the curtain is not yet closed. They will come and serve you.

Take-out only


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10 Dec 2014

Glad to find this still here

I first visited El Bambu in 2009, and I was glad to find that it is still here. The value for your dollar is amazing. There were quite a few products with cheese in them this time around, but still many vegan options. The woman was helpful, and the food was better than average for this style of Taiwanese take-out. I would definitely recommend a visit, and I will be back again.

Pros: Good food, Great Value, All Veg

Cons: Not 100% Vegan, No Dine in

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