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Eight Treasures Vegetarian

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    ( 17 reviews )

282A South Bridge Rd (at Chinatown), Central Singapore, Singapore, 058831

八宝素食馆 8 Treasure Vegetarian offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes such as eefu noodles, creamy pumpkin prawns, black pepper udon, eight treasures herbal soup and many more. Very vegan-friendly with clear labeling. No onion or garlic. Located just above Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe (same management). Open Mon-Fri 6:00am-9:30pm, 11:00am-2:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

Categories: Chinese

17 Reviews

First Review by bandita


Contributions +1704

13 Jun 2018

Good food - Edit

Had my birthday lunch with a bunch of amazing animal lovers! The food is very yummy and the staffs there are very accommodating as well as they allowed me to cut and eat my birthday cake there! Surely will come again!!

Pros: Lost of vegan option, Friendly staff

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21 Mar 2018

Yummy eefu noodles! - Edit

The price point here is a bit too high for me but the eefu noodles are worth going back for!

Pros: Tasty eefu noodles

Cons: Higher price point

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05 Mar 2018

One of the best Chinese restaurants! - Edit

I love coming here with my friends, and more so with my family, because then I can prove to them that vegan food is also really really delicious! A must buy when you visit is, for mains, ee fu noodles. In fact, it is my friends' "tradition" to purchase this dish first before considering anything else on the menu. At the same time, the marmite chicken is must-buy for those dining out with their non-veg friends. It is super fibrous and flavourful, and in fact my brother did not even figure out it wasn't actual meat! The satay sticks were also super amazing, being just the right level of saltiness and sweetness, and matched perfectly with the sauce which was nutty and slightly spicy at the same time. My friends ate the sauce by the spoonful when I bought them this dish for my birthday dinner.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Flavourful

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Contributions +267

28 Aug 2017

mock meat haven - Edit

Huge menu and the food arrived within minutes which makes one question the freshness. The dishes left us unimpressed - bland, heavy on mock meat and with a burned aftertaste. The monkey head mushroom was particularly disappointing - chewy and tasteless.
I am happy to pay for quality but here I found the prices high for what you get, with extra charges for napkins and tea refill we tried to avoid.
This place is probably good if you are after mock meat. If not - stay away.

Pros: big variety

Cons: pricey, strange extra charges , unhealthy

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Mostly Vegetarian
17 Aug 2017

Too much mock meat - Edit

I came here with the hopes to find varieties of real, healthy, unprocessed food. But I was disappointed to find most of the menu offered has mock meat in it. I ordered the pork honey out of curiosity and pair it with the spinach soup.

The pork tastes quite nice actually, not too salty. I'm just curious how healthy these mock meat are for us vegetarians?

The soup, on the other hand was really nice. Huge for a person's portion so I'm very happy about it. The taste itself is humble & simple which is rare for a chinese food.

All in all, I'm giving it thumbsuo for providing us with lots of menu option, but would love to see real ingredients included!

Pros: Wide variety of menu

Cons: Too much mock meat, Quite pricey

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Contributions +169

09 Feb 2017

CNY Reunion Dinner - Edit

Went for Chinese Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner on 26 Jan 2017. Ordered their CNY Reunion Dishes. Food is generally nice, not too oily, not too salty. Serving is small even though we ordered d medium serving. Pricey as it's happens to be festive seasons. A bill of $600 for 14 people. Charged for Napkins used. We had left a few unopened Napkins packs so we reminded d staff to take d unused Napkins price off d tag. They have large tables that can accommodate up to 13 people. It's a 3 storey restaurant situated beside Buddha Relics Temple.

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Contributions +9351

19 Jul 2016

Two visits - Edit

HD lunch today and was close to give star. I will come back again in the evening to try again.
had sweet and sour pork, 8 treasure veg and a small portion of satay. all he dishes were great, one of the first times i have left somewhere in Singapore without the taste of oily food.
the menu has no egg and dishes containing dairy are clearly.marked, the vast majority of dishes are vegan.

After our food lunch we went back a couple of evenings later. Expecting an even better experience we left very disappointed. Vermicelli and mock ham noodles were bland and nearly all noodles. Seer and sour was food. Monkey head todu was again bland and very little match to the description on the menu. Mapo.tofu was like none I have ever tasted, it was chopped tofu with chopped veg, really bland and really poor.
Overall this was out most expensive meal in Singapore (50% more expensive); we got the bill and had been charged for the pickled veg and nuts, even the hand towels. Really felt ripped off and one out of two experiences was good, but there is better food close to here, at less than half the price.

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-15

Pros: tonnes of vegan choices, Locatikn, great staff

Cons: Bit bland, Expensive

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Contributions +3524

23 Jun 2016

The Eighth Wonder - Edit

Eight Treasures was by far the best restaurant we experienced during our stay and was so good we decided to visit twice. The food was stunning and beautifully presented with great use of mock meats and tofu and I would say 90% of the dishes available are vegan. We were lucky enough to sample a lot of the menu over our two visits and my personal recommendations would be the crispy lotus root, kung bao monkeyhead mushrooms, sweet and sour fish, seitan satay skewers, sze chuan ma po beancurd and the crispy bee hoon. We also tried the bitter gourd with black bean sauce and although the sauce was amazing, I cannot say I am a fan of bitter gourd. You'll either like it or you won't. Glad I tried it though. Dishes range from $8-12 and I would suggest ordering 5-6 dishes to share. We spent about $75 in total on each visit including drinks. I cannot recommend this place enough, you won't be disappointed.

Pros: Fantastic vegan food, Good prices, Excellent portion sizes

Cons: Charged for napkin use, Vegan dishes not labelled

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Contributions +1387

17 Apr 2016

yummy veg options - Edit

Very yummy vegan & vegetarian options, nice environment and very pleasant service! The prices are reasonable and good value.

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Contributions +20

03 Apr 2016

awesome Pläne for vegans - Edit

nice place for vegans.had awesome food today. vegan soy sticks with sate sauce and a chocolate cake filled with warm of the best I ever had in my vegan life :-)

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Contributions +208

08 Dec 2015

Great Vegetarian Food in Midth of Chinatown! - Edit

Enjoyed their tofu pot & Assam Fish very much. Clean, great location, friendly staff!

Pros: Tastety food, Friendly staff, Great location

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Contributions +313

20 Aug 2015

one of the best veg rest in SG - Edit

I really like this place. Slightly old. Old waiter as well. But nice place and nice people. Food is good, really good, with large amount of choices for reasonable prices (small portion – which in fact is big in size – is $8 to $10). Had 3 dishes at $8. Too much in fact for one person. So far one of the best veg restaurant I’ve been in Singapore. This is a place I will definitely come back to either with friends or alone.

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Contributions +27

Mostly Vegetarian
27 May 2013

Good food but quite expensive - Edit

Food was good, but found it really expensive. And also they brought me the bill when i didnt even start eating my dishes...
But the food was good

Pros: long menu

Cons: expensive

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emme emme

Contributions +100

28 May 2012

Too much focus on fake meat - Edit

I think the cuisine at Eight Treasures is not the best, but the service is very attentive. The waiter was very friendly. What I didn't like at all was the huge choice of fake meat on the menu. I don't need to eat fake meat to be satisfied, and I prefer fresh food. We didn't see a lot of fresh vegetables on the menu and this to me doesn't sound very healthy, but we might have missed something. We had many courses as recommended by the waiter, but can't remember the name of anything. Everything had a strong salty taste. Nothing was very memorable. They have a very simple dining room, nice enough but the best thing is the view of the nearby Buddha Temple. This is not an expensive restaurant for this city. But surely there are many other good vegetarian restaurants for the same price that I missed. Anyway I have to note again the friendliness of the waiter but I'm sorry, I'd probably never return and will try some other places.

Pros: friendly staff, food arrived very quickly, convenient location

Cons: too much fake meat, few fresh vegetables, very salty flavours

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Contributions +484

11 Feb 2011

Gourmet delight - Edit

Visited around Chinese New Year, so was presented with a limited menu, however, upon asking if they could do other dishes regularly available but now only appearing on the set menu, they were very accomodating. Should you visit January/February be sure to try the Lucky Yu Sheng, a shredded vegetable, crispy cracker, plum sauce and myriad other ingredient concoction, which was simply delectable.From the regularly available dishes we were particularly impressed with the black pepper fragrant potato basket, the bamboo pith sharks fin soup and the abalone mushrooms with seasonal greens. The regular menu is wide and varied, the restuarant very comfortable and the food simply sublime. It was on e of the best meals I have ever had. The only problem is the price- our bill came to S$90, so I wouldn't classify the price range as moderate. Open 11am-10pm daily. Treat yourself!

Pros: Great food, Large menu, Comfortable place

Cons: Expensive

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Peace ...

Contributions +1552

24 Feb 2010

Buddha Jump Over the Wall & 8 Treasures Herbal Sou - Edit

Buddha Jump Over the Wall @ ($15/$25/$25)+
When I last dined at Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant, something caught my eye - Buddha Jump Over the Wall, which is a Chinese Cuisine delicacy dish! So, on our next visit, we ordered this specialty dish - Vegetarian Version Buddha Jump Over the Wall. The dish looks presentable and the pricing for this dish is reasonable ($15/$25/$25). We ordered the $15 Buddha Jump Over the Wall which is more than enough for 2 pax.

It consists of broccoli, mock abalone, mock shark's fin, wolfberries, mushroom, mock sea cucumber, angelica root (I think). What I loooove most was the mock sea cucumber, the chewy texture was just right and it tastes so delectable after soaking up the rich broth. It paired beautifully with their special brown rice - which consist of barely too and very delicious.

8 Treasures Herbal Soup @ S$18.80+
Herbal soups served in Vegetarian Restaurants are not losing any goodness. There are 2 types of herbal soups to choose from - 8 Treasures Herbal Soup and Ginseng Mock Chicken Soup.

As I am not a big fan of mock meat, I picked the 8 Treasures Herbal Soup that uses many different types of herbs and mushrooms This is a big pot for a small eater and both of us just could not finish it. The waitress was so proactive that she suggested packing it up for us to take back home.

Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop @ S$7+
They has quite an extensive menu with 120 dishes - which include a well planed small section on Western Menu that consists of Crispy Green Salad, Fruit Cocktail Salad, Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop and Fish and Chips which taking into the needs of local and tourist (vegetarian) who likes western food.

On the whole, the food is more toward Traditional Chinese Cuisine (Vegetarian) and is delectable. Prices, in the range of any causal dinning non-vegetarian restaurants/eateries but if with their privilege card that entitle to 12% off, it offset away the 10% service charge. Ambience - a Chic and Stylish Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant with a lively and cool ambiance.

My non-vegetarian friend who has a lovely dinner at this restaurant decided to bring her Catholic Friend to this restaurant and they really enjoy and like the food even it is vegetarian.

Must Tries: Mini Pot Vegetarian Shark's Fin, Buddha Jump Over the Wall & 8 Treasures Herbal Soup, 8 Treasures Tea, 8 Treasures Tofu

Pros: Good Ambience , Friendly Staff

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Contributions +107

26 Jan 2010

Great variety, nice location, and pleasant setting - Edit

The menu is what first got my attention. There is so much variety and for a reasonable price. However, whatever they bring you before you order, don't expect it to be complementary. They brought us tea, napkins and peanuts, and everything was charged. The $5 tea surprised us the most. However, the meals were tasty. My friends and I all shared our dishes, and all tasted great. My favorite was a fish dish my friend ordered...can't remember the name but it had a bbq taste. My friends favorite was the monkeyhead mushrooms. My other friend enjoyed the black pepper chicken. He actually ordered a different type of fish dish, but it never arrived but we were all fine with that because we ended up too full. They immediately brought us the receipt, before our desserts came, so we reminded them that were were charged for them, and they confirmed that the desserts were on the way. About 20 min later, my friend went to ask them the status, and turns out they forgot about it. We saw them take the desserts out of the fridge and walk to the kitchen (obviously, to put them in nice silverware). We were surprised about that too because how can they forget when we reminded them at the time we got the receipt and paid our bill, especially when it was just a matter of pulling it out of the fridge instead of actually having to go out of the way to make it? We didn't care for the mango dessert...tasted syrupy, like straight from a can. The honeydew sago on the other hand was delicious. Tasted like vanilla ice-cream, with a hint of melon, and some sago pearls among other ingrediants. The waitress also didn't understand English very well. Fortunately, my friend can speak a little.
It's a nice, relaxing setting, and upstairs where you can look down at all the hustle and bustle. Well, even though we didn't care for the service very much, especially since there really wasn't an excuse because it wasn't very busy, the food was good, price is reasonable (most meal was about $10 for a small size, which was a pretty good size portion), and the setting is nice, so I'll still rate it a 4.

Pros: Great variety, Reasonable price, Great taste

Cons: Surprise charges, Forgetful waitress

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