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Vegetarian Egyptian food. Dishes such as macaroni, rice, lentils, chick peas, fried onions, tomato and garlic sauces, and pudding. Relocated from Saginaw. Take-out only. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by InfiniteLoveGratitude


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24 May 2023

Nice place

The food is good, the atmosphere friendly, and the turkish coffee delicious.

The food portions here are very small however, leaving it not very affordable.

Pros: Great coffee

Cons: Small portions



Points +27

28 Oct 2021

Good good

It's not bad, having had it before in Minneapolis I can say it's almost on the same level. The taste is good but the portion was small, I could have eaten 3 and still have room for dessert. The other items are good, all vegan and tasty but not something I'll go out of my way to get unless someone else is paying.

Pros: Vegan, Options

Cons: Pricy, Small portions


Points +19

17 Oct 2020

I love koshery!

Koshery Is traditional Egyptian street food that is vegan, filling, and delicious. It's also very affordable. It is crispy onions, lentils, macaroni noodles, and a really nice, tasty sauce. This sounds like a very strange combination of things but it's delish. As is the tradition in Egypt, it is not a large menu. It's Just a few things done well.

I also had the baklava and a very interesting pudding. I can't actually remember what it was but I was very tasty.

I plan to head back tomorrow for Turkish coffee and Sunday for kannafa, a middle Eastern dessert.

I also had a lovely conversation with the owner.

Pros: Simple, Tasty, Great staff who were wearing masks

Cons: Portions aren't huge


Points +65

14 Dec 2019


Even though the baklava was long gone due to demand, I had the Egyptian Koshery and it was 10 out of 10. Excellent service and Vegan options are always a plus in an area with so few! Thank you for the experience!

Pros: Numerous Vegan dishes, Friendly staff, Food tastes fantastic

Cons: The days open are very other day, Hidden away gem that needs more advertising


Points +31

04 Jul 2019

Really good food!

First time i had them was at the farmers market in midland back in may. I had no idea what it was other then it was vegan and smelled good. Sat down and just wolfed it down it was so good on that coldish day. Could have had another but a bit pricy. I will be back for more.

Pros: Vegan , Tasty

Cons: Small portions, Pricy


Points +35

27 Apr 2019


They have a huge selection of vegan dishes to eat. Food is amazing, and the people are super nice. Would definitely come again

Pros: Lots of vegan options, They people who run it are super nice


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21 Aug 2018

Best koshery in the United States hands down!

They have the best koshery in America! The lentil soup is the best i have ever had, and they make an apricot pudding! If your vegan this is an absolute go to spot, very inexpensive. They even sell Turkish coffee, and tea with lemon and fresh mint.


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27 Sep 2017


This is amazing! This dish has the best taste I've honestly had in a long time for eating out. Made with rice, elbow noodles, lentil, barley, chic peas, onions, tomato and loaded with all kinds of yummy spices. The most flavorful lentil soup too!!! You've got to try it even if your not vegan, you're in for a treat!

Cons: very friendly staff


Points +36

18 Aug 2017

Surprisingly Good!

Who knew food from a little Farmer's Market could taste SO GOOD?! It's simple, it's real food and the flavor is AMAZING! I don't even mind paying $8 for such easy food I could make at home, because I appreciate their work and their presence.

Pros: Tasty, Simple, Filling

Cons: Little Pricy, Wish it was bigger bowl, I'd love some fresh tomato added to it


Points +33

01 Jul 2017


Delicious and healthy dish


Points +47

30 Apr 2017

A Taste of Cairo!

Authentic Egyptian Koshary right here in Michigan!
We just found this awesome little booth at the Davison Farmers Market, and were absolutely thrilled to have an unexpected Vegan Lunch Option!

The owner, Dale is super friendly, kind, and passionate about bringing the most popular national dish of Egypt to all of us here in Michigan.

If you have never had Koshary Massry, definitely try it!
Layers of Macaroni, Rice & Orange Lentils, Savory Brown Lentils & Egyptian Tomato Sauce with Chickpeas, Fried Onions & topped with a Yummy Garlic Sauce that accentuates all the flavors perfectly!

Everyone will love Egyptian Koshery!
Naturally Vegan/Vegetarian but also great for ANYONE who loves hearty delicious comfort food!

Energy Packed Carbs + Whole Food Plant Based Protein + Heart Healthy = WIN! WIN! WIN!

Pros: First Vegan Place in Davison = YAY! , Egyptian Food = Time to try something different! , Excellent Service! Super Friendly!

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