Vegetarian cuisine, coffee, and organic wines. Mostly vegan, but offers dairy milk for coffee and egg can be added to breakfast dishes. Open Tue-Thu 09:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 09:00-01:00, Sun 10:00-18:00. Closed Mon.

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First Review by Mirage


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27 Aug 2023

Najlepsze wegańskie jedzenie w Warszawie

To zdecydowanie moja ulubiona restauracja. Świetna na lunch czy kolacje. Pyszne desery,miła i pomocna obsługa oraz bardzo klimatyczne wnętrze.

Pros: Przepyszne jedzenie , Miła obsługa , Wnętrze



Points +45

20 May 2023


Jedzenie dobre, ceny wysokie, moim zdaniem nieadekwatne do ilości lecz dobre i ładnie podane. Czas oczekiwania - u nas była to ponad godzina ( byliśmy poinformowani przed, że będzie to godzina) jednak nie powinno coś takiego mieć miejsca.. rozumiem tłum ludzi jednak ponad godzina to trochę przesada😡lokal na zewnątrz bardzo ładny, w środku taki sobie. Chętnie bym wróciła ale myślę że bardziej na tygodniu i gdy będzie mniej ludzi. Obsługa miła😉na zdjęciu kluski slaskie.

Pros: Dobre jedzenie , Obsługa

Cons: Jak dla nas było drogo.


Points +727

25 Apr 2023

Best experience in Warsaw

I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The atmosphere in the evening was quite surreal, the surrounding, the music, the food.. everything was just perfect! I tried several dishes and they were all fantastic. I love their herbal tea mixes. Try Metabolism if you’re a tea lover!


Points +48

13 Nov 2022


Bardzo dobre jedzenie. Polecam


Points +361

26 Aug 2022

Big potential, somehow wasted

There were always some really tasty dishes here: fake duck pancakes, sweet potato fries with kimchi, laksa. The location and the garden are lovely too.
There is something problematic about this place though. The staff is always polite and involved, but they simply lack the time and sometimes experience to provide great service. It is clear to me that the people do not work there for a long time and there ofthen seems to be not enough waiters. That brings some negative conclusions to mind.
And what is the deal with telling the guests to keep their forks and knives from the starters to use for main dishes too? That is RIDICULOUS. What am I supposed to do, clean my fork with a napkin before I start eating something with a completely different taste? That is too weird.
Everything is also overpriced.
With such a potential I would love to see that place thrive, but after last visits and observing the same mistakes all over again I have little hope, which is a shame.

Pros: Some dishes are simply delicious , Location and garden, Staff does their best to make the experience nice

Cons: Overpriced, Sometimes not enough waiters, Guests haveto keep the same cutlery all evening 🤔


Points +134

11 Dec 2021

Klimatyczne miejsce

Świetne miejsce z naprawdę pysznym jedzeniem! Na pewno tutaj wrócę oraz będę polecać innym 😊

Pros: Pyszne jedzonko , Bardzo przytulne miejsce z dużą ilością roślinek


Points +554

06 Sep 2021

Good food but poor service

As good as the two starters we tried were, the experience got clouded by the poor service and long waiting times even though it wasn’t very busy that day. The outdoor seating area is very green and nice! I would definitely recommend the starters over their mains also.

Pros: Amazing starters , Nice outdoor area

Cons: Long waiting times


Points +153

23 Sep 2020

Pure awesomeness

Delicious and premium yet not overpriced

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: None!


Points +1253

18 Aug 2020

Okay but expensive

This place gets 5/5 for the amazing idea for creating a seating area in something sort of like a greenhouse. It's filled with cactuses and it makes the garden area look extra special.

When it comes to the food, I wasn't crazy about it - it was a bit plain and heavy - for this price it should be better

Pros: Awesome garden area

Cons: The food is only okay


Points +7507

15 Aug 2020

Beautiful food in beautiful environment

... and lacking a bit of flavour/salt. I loved the mushroom pate, and faux duck tacos, but cannot recommend the fries (seemed made out of frozen). Also it is a bit pricey. However, the place is definitively worth visiting, mostly due to its elegant decoration. I will definitively come back.

Pros: posh and elegant

Cons: a bit expensive


Points +82

20 Jun 2020

Ciekawe menu

Szeroki wybór dań. Ogólnie są smaczne, tylko czasami trzeba naprawdę długo dosalać.


Points +15

30 Apr 2020

One of my favs

Probably my favorite vegan place in Warsaw

Pros: Delicious food, Great design, Perfect service


Points +48

06 Mar 2020

Delicious food

Amazing and tasty meals


Points +982

04 Feb 2020

great food, unfriendly staff

we went to eden for a date. the interior was lovely (and apparently in the summer it's even better) and the food was great. we had two main courses and two desserts. each choice was delicious, made of fresh ingredients and full of different tastes and textures. i could eat their food every day.

unfortunately, the staff was really unfriendly. i don't usually care about the staff not being nice (i go to restaurant basically only to eat), but here it was really too much. we felt as if the waiters wanted us to go away, although we weren't doing anything loud or out of place and there were many free tables left. that's why i can't give eden 5 stars.

Pros: exceptional food, beautiful interior

Cons: unfriendly staff


Points +32

25 Jan 2020

From Great to ok

When it first reopen as Eden it was such an amazing place - top service, excellent food and presentation. With time the service became very uneven in experience - ranging from nice to quite bad and food really depends on the day.

The location is still beautiful, but the experience will vary from day to day.


Points +113

07 Dec 2019

Long waiting, mediocre food

We came to Eden around noon and got informed that breakfast just ended so we have to wait half an hour for lunch dishes. In fact we waited over an hour to get lukewarm soup and fries. Udon was nice, „bomba” potato fries didn’t have much taste apart from jalapeño peppers. Ordered tap water never came.

Pros: Nice decor, Attractive way of serving , Friendly waiter

Cons: Long waiting, Mediocre taste


Points +515

03 Nov 2019

Best toasts ever

This is secret place in Warsaw. I’ve been 100 times in vegan ramen shop 200 meters from this place but I did not know about Eden. This is unusual place with a lot of plants and ‘country’ climate. Very good food and no to date many people (especially in the morning).

Pros: Best toast with vanilla cashew cream , Very good oatmeal , Great ginger hot drink

Cons: Coffee taste depends on who prepares


Points +17

Mostly Veg
17 Aug 2019


Dobre wina, pyszne jedzonko


Points +31

20 Jul 2019

Bedt vegan place with beautiful garden

The best vega place in Warsaw - great for breakfast and dinner

Pros: Amazing food (best vegan in Warsaw), Beautiful garden, Very friendly staff


Points +18

02 Jun 2019

Instead almond milk I got diary milk

Instead almond milk I got diary milk ("oh, sorry"), not good service and food (omlet).
Location is interesting.


Points +200

03 Dec 2018

Posh vegan, love it

Good place for a date, very nicely served amd tasty


Points +93

25 Nov 2018

One of the best vegan spots on Poland

Great food, passionate service, pleasurable garden.


Points +48

23 Aug 2018

Great spot for breakfast and lunch

Visited on a rainy Saturday in August 2018. Outside terrace was (obviously) not in use. Cozy spot. We had a lovely coconut porridge with caramelized banana on top and grilled sour dough with radishes, asparagus and salad leaves on a horseradish cashew cream. Loved it and would definately visit again. Also: great staff!

Pros: Great food, Great staff


Points +13

11 Jul 2018

Amazing New Kid n The Block

Finally those who seek vegan cuisine in a slightly more sophisticated version have to look no more, at least in Warsaw. Beautiful setting of this little hidden modernist jewel brings memories of Berlin's cafes to my mind. Food is full of surprises, flavours that I can't find elsewhere in Warsaw vegan scene dominated by fast-food and lunch options. Everything well priced for the quality given. Everything is served on the hand made ceramics which is also a rare thing in this price range - finally you can have a vegan meal in a beautiful place with great atmosphere . Highly recommended especially for romantic dates, celebrations or simply everyday meal for 1

Pros: food that surprises , good selection of natural wines, garden


Points +3064

27 Jun 2018

Not a good place to eat if you're hungry

I'd like to start with saying that it can be hard for some people to find - if you'll have this problem, turn from Jakubowska to Estonska street - it's right around the corner.

As you may see on photo, it's a nice place to sit in summer, have a drink, chat for some time with your friends. Interior is in my opinion not so nice but nothing ugly either. My main problem is with meals. These are mostly appetizers with few lunch/dinner options. And I must say that I wasn't happy with this at all. I have chosen in menu fries with two-lines-of-ingredients which happened to be fries with vegan mayonnaise and some other sauce. And yes, that's all. Price was 18 PLN (4,1 EUR) and it was rather another appetizer than actual dinner as it was mentioned in menu. I was checking out other peoples dishes and almost everything besides one thing in menu that's for 32 PLN (7,3 EUR) was very small and simplistic. Please remember that for Poland these prices are high and I'm giving an opinion based on the fact what quality/quantity you can get for this price here. And it's rather something to eat with a lemonade or beer than something that will stop your hunger. About drinks, I took a lemonade for 10 PLN (2,3 EUR) but it was disappoing only 0,2 l in a whisky glass.

Staff is friendly. In toilet they've got vegan expensive cosmetics. Still, I can't imagine another reason to go there besides some kind of friends meeting for a coffee and a SMALL meal.

And mentioning this, you can order coffee with cow milk and breakfast with eggs so these are the only reasons why this place is considered vegeterian not vegan.

Pros: Nice place to seat outside., Kind staff.

Cons: Quality/quantity/price.

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