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First Review by Lenore

vegan comfort food - Edit

Eden is a pretty great place to find in NEPA. There are very few vegan options in the area. I would describe Eden's selection as vegan comfort food. Definitely not the healthiest, but tastes good! Any vegan place is awesome in my eyes!

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Great food!!! - Edit

I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Had a burger and it was delicious. The soup was even better!!

The photos on happy cow do not do this restaurant justice!!

Please, though, Eden, stop using plastic to serve the desserts. It kind of goes against being green. That is my only constructive criticism.

Pros: Food quality

Cons: Uses plastic to serve the desserts, not very "gree

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good vegan sandwiches - Edit

It was nice to find a vegan restaurant in Scranton. I had the pulled pork sandwich with smashed potatoes for $10. The serving was generous. It was a bit too sweet for me.

My husband had the Reuben. He has now had dozens of Reubens at various restaurants and rated this one average. The coleslaw that came with it was also a little too sweet.

You place your order at the counter. The woman who took our order was very friendly and the service was fast.

Pros: friendly, fast

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Good but really wanted it to be great - Edit

I had really high hopes and went with my boyfriend (meat eater) I wanted him to really like it too so that we could keep coming back but I think they kinda were having an off day with the cook or something because the 1st order we made took a really long time but the pizza we got for a togo was done by the time we ate what we ordered for there. There was only us two and 3 other people at another table... Speaking of the tables all of the tables were not cleaned they were all sticky and one table had a tip on it, The women went and got her tip but never really raged the table down (She could have done both). I got some hot wing thing that im not sure what it really was but it was good other than being super hot but still good I also got a soup kale and potato it was great but my boyfriend got a burger with chili on it, the burger wasn't that great but the chili on it was good and we got one slice of cheese cake that was really good and the pizza togo and that was soso over all I don't think ill really drive all the way to Scranton for it again it was also really hard to find parking we had to go down the road some to get a spot. The price was med/high for the quality of our food.

Pros: Great soup, Great cheesecake

Cons: Semi slow for food to be ready, Prices a little high

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Vegan in Scranton - Edit

I'm excited to have a purely vegan restaurant in my hometown. I walked inside, and they were busy with happy customers. It's a small place, but it sure is a cute spot. I was very skeptical of the menu because most of the food is composed of mock-meat and vegan cheeses/mayo. I don't like the idea of eating vegan foods that are trying to be passed off as non-vegan, even though Eden must thrive off of business because there is both veg and non-veg appeal. So I tried the BLT and it tasted so legitimately like a traditional BLT. It was tasty, and I even tried some of the Old-Forge style pizza that was also pretty legit. I suppose I would go back to try something else and support the local vegan business, but to be honest, most of the menu (i.e. the fake meat/cheese items) do not appeal to me personally. However, I really have to give the folks props for doing so well being cruelty-free in Scranton!

Pros: cute little nook in Scranton, PA, everything is 100% vegan, the food is alright

Cons: mostly faux meat/cheese, deceiving veg meat (i.e. "turkey club"

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Super food - even for non-vegetarians - Edit

The food was absolutely awesome! I am from Atlanta and went to Eden from Happy Cow. I took a non-veg friend. Both of us loved the food and we had different dishes. Everything was great. I wish they had one in Atlanta.

Pros: Excellent food, Service reasonably fast, Prices decent

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Awesome - Edit

Can't believe such a gem of a restaurant exists in Scranotn. Hope one day to see expanded hours. Maybe a brunch?
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 26, 2009

Word is that they a closing. Very sad.

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Pleased with this place - Edit

Food: 8. I felt like the food was a tad pricey for what it was (meaning, I can make a lot of it at home, such as wraps with Tofurky slices or mashed potatoes for a cheaper price). I also felt like it was small portions, with the exception of the large rice bowl a friend I was with got because that seemed pretty big. I got a special, which was a Thanksgiving wrap (Tofurky slices, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and spinach). It was really tasty. I also got mashed potatoes as the side, and that was really good. I had a pumpkin smoothie as my drink, which was also tasty but small. My three friends I was with got the aforementioned rice bowl and wraps, and they all said their food was sort of on the bland side. I was pleased overall with mine, though. I thought everything on the menu sounded pretty good, and I really wish I had a place like this near where I live. Oh, and I liked that there was a mix of mock meats and comfort foods with healthier foods.

Price: 7. See above for details on this.

Atmosphere: 8. It's cute and cozy, but all the tables were small in an overall small place.

Staff: 9. The woman at the counter was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that the food took a while to prepare, but I guess that's a good thing in the sense that places like that take more care with the food.

Pros: All vegan, Great variety on menu, Tasty

Cons: A bit pricey, Street parking, A bit on the small side

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Great Food, Clean place, close to I-81 - Edit

Ignore the bad reviews, this place is busy (which tells you it’s good), delicious and large variety of food choices, clean dining area and bathroom (which usually tells you a lot about a restaurant), and has a nice ambiance that you will not find anywhere else in the general Scranton area. If you are commuting up I-81 it is very easy to get off the highway and stop in to Eden for a bite to eat.

Pros: Large variety of Food Choices, Delicious food, A clean Vegan Resturant

Cons: Can be busy at times, Wish they were open Sundays

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Good pizza - Edit

I a very diverse menu with lots of choices. The personal pizza had a really good crust and a nice tomato sauce with just a little kick to make it interesting. I was surprised how busy they where, but after eating I completely understood.

Pros: Great food, Fast service, Variety

Cons: Small and little crowded

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You Have Got to be Kidding! - Edit

I am baffled at some of the reviews for Eden. Especially the "5-star" review which could only have been written by someone associated with the business.
The food is low quality...an example - meatball sub...mush! I can get better products from Wegmans and make my own at home. My guest had a salad...which was delivered to our table with a bug in it. Unsanitary...!
If you are looking for truly good Vegan food, this is NOT the place.
Use the money you would have spent on a meal there for gas, and travel out of town and get a real Vegan meal...

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Great Stop on I-81 - Edit

On our recent family trip between Kingston and Philadelphia, we stopped in here for supper. Boy am I ever glad we did. My wife and daughter are both gluten-free, and Eden was very accommodating. The staff recommended their favorites for our particular diets and were very knowledgable about their menu. While moderately busy, the service was excellent and the food divine. Highly recommended. We drive to NYC regularly, and this restaurant makes me want to take the I-81 route!

Pros: Great food, Friendly Staff, Gluten Free options

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Consistently underwhelmed - Edit

I've visited Eden a few times. I have been vegan for more than ten years and have visited veggie joints in a lot of small and larger cities: Phoenix, Tucson, Norfolk, Philly, NYC, LA ... And this is my least favorite.
Hugely disappointing to me, since I am fairly local. Nothing on Eden's menu cannot be made at home. All pre-made faux meat sandwiches and the like. I've tried a handful of options and they're all OK.
(I don't know what the grilled cheese is, btw, nutritional yeast?)
Whereas at Candle Cafe you can get a host of hot, awesome entrees that I could never replicate, like breaded seitan parm ... Or Green with their homemade hot wings?
I can make a vegan turkey sanwich at home.
And it ... Bringing me to my main point ... Won't cost NINE DOLLARS.
The pizza is tasteless.
The grilled chicken is good. The salads are good (if not very pricey) ...
Even their buffalo "chicken". Yeah. Food Swings has the exact chicken but they serve it better.
At Eden, no celery, no ranch sauce. Just drumsticks on a plate.
No imagination.
And very expensive.

Pros: Local, Vegan

Cons: Expensive, Not inventive

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Love this place - Edit

I love Eden. Their food is absolutely delicious. My mother, who is not even a vegetarian, even loves this place. They have a wide selection of foods(and I mean very wide,) and they are completely, 100% vegan. I haven't tried anything from Eden that I didn't like, to be honest. They have tuna, steak and cheese, smashed potatoes, desserts such as cheesecake and cookies, GREAT coffee, and so much more. The prices aren't that bad, either, and are definitely worth it considering the high quality of the food. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit to Eden.

I also love the design of the restaurant; it is very earthy and beautiful. If you are a veg*n, then you will love this place :).

Pros: price, taste, friendly staff

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Vegan American Junk Food!! - Edit

Sometimes I think I may've moved to Scranton just to be closer to Eden. It is scrumptiously addictive. The drumsticks are marvelous creations and it's hard to pick a favorite...the buffalo or bbq style??? The chili cheeseburger is a comfort food I missed from pre-veg days. Eden also has a lovely selection of vegan cookies (love the espresso chocolate chip and double chocolate) and jerky and homemade desserts. Oh! Can't forget the chili. Homemade and so easy to take home for a lunchtime meal. I took my brother when he was in town and he wanted to go back multiple times a day. The staff is the best. They always remember me and welcome me back. Can't say enough paws-itive things about Eden. Just wish they were 24/7. (If you go, check hours first. Their longest hours tend to be on Wed, Fri, & Sat. Closed Sun. Boooooo!) Also, don't miss the Fanciful Fox next door for fabulous cruelty-free toiletries. The 2 go paw-in-paw. So happy to have these 2 wonderful merchants in my little town of Scranton, PA! meows & purrs

Pros: Yummy comfort food, Good value, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited hours

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Yum! - Edit

This is where I go when I want a burger. Try the Rockin' Elvis Burger with mushrooms. It's the best. I've also enjoyed the fish sandwich. The cheesecake is great, too.

Pros: Cheesecake, FRESH Veggie Burgers, Comfortable, Friendly Atmosphere.

Cons: Parking sucks downtown., The menu is kind of hit and miss., The hummus is very, VERY bad.

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5 Stars for Eden's Comfort Foods - Edit

This goes to show you that you don't have to go to New York City to eat in a 5 star vegan restaurant - just find your way to Scranton! You won't be served any avant-garde balsamic reduction flourishes over micro greens, you will be served great food and plenty of it. To counter some of the criticism written on Happy Cow, Eden has plenty of healthy choices. If you don't want to order a meal with meat substitutes in it there are wraps, salads, soups and rice dishes.

We were cheerfully greeted by Lindsay the Counter Girl who understood that we were overwhelmed just looking at the specials. We scanned them and decided to take regular menus to sit down and look over. I think it took us over 10 minutes to calm our excitement and reassure ourselves that everything on the menu was vegan.

Eden get its vegan buns fresh daily from Scranton's own National Bakery. I could really tell that with my Chili Cheeseburger and after the sub-par ciabatta earlier in the day, this was a welcome sandwich. The chili was mellow and reminded me a lot of the very first vegetarian chili I used to make with kidney beans and TVP - it really made me smile. The burger itself was a thinner chewy patty with veggies like corn, peppers and carrots in it. Although I never really got the cheese aspect of this sandwich, I got some sweet pickle relish for an additional charge and the whole burger was a warm delightful feast.

The Tuna Melt isn't the way we typically make our sandwich fillers, we like big old hunks of stuff, but the pimento spread like flavor was pretty nice. With the healthy serving of warm and melty cheese and toasted bread, it too fell into the category of vegan comfort food.

If I considered all of the above comfort food, I have yet to share the most soul soothing of all that we ate - Eden's Smashed Potatoes! Topped with just a little bit of vegan butter, the pile of warm and savory sage seasoned softness was like a big hug for our tummies. They weren't overly salted, were chunky but soft and had just the right amount of pepper. I want them just like that for Thanksgiving this year.
Read full review here: http://wp.me/1GQWj

Pros: fresh & vast menu, super staff, great hours

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Eden. Very satisfying - Edit

Good variety and many choices, all vegan. Food is clean and well prepared. Staff and owner are very friendly. Most enjoyable. I travel a great deal and it was a pleasant surprise to find such a lovely place. And there is a vegan store just 2 doors down with some great soaps, jewelry, clothes, and other products. Very nice!

Pros: Excellent variety, Clean and well prepared food, Friendly staff

Cons: None really

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Great Food - Edit

The food was delicious at Eden Cafe in Scranton, PA. I enjoyed four days of healthy and great tasting food during my stay in Scranton. My coworker and I were never bored with the variety of options offered at the cafe. We enjoyed rice bowls. steak and cheese sandwich, pizza, and homemade peanut butter cups (addictive).

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LOVE! - Edit

This is by far one of the best vegan places I have been to. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, they had a ton of choices, and the food was amazing. I wish it wasn't a hour and 15 minutes from my house I would eat there all the time. I will have to book more jobs in the area ;)

Pros: Great Food, Great Staff, Clean place

Cons: Too far from home

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We love Eden! - Edit

My boyfriend and I have been going to Eden regularly for over a year now, and we've never had anything less than a wonderful experience. We live 45 minutes away, but we still try to get there at least every 2 weeks. The staff is incredibly friendly and positive, they remember us every time, and they make us feel so at home. As far as the mock meats, we love them. I haven't had meat in almost 18 years, but my boyfriend has been vegan for less than 2 years, and the mock meats really help him feel like he's getting a satisfying comfort meal. The soups are also amazing, as are the peanut butter cups, and every time we go we have trouble deciding what to order because everything is so good! The place is incredibly clean and nicely decorated, and I love the stickers all over the walls in the bathroom. As a bonus, after you eat you can walk two stores over to the Fanciful Fox, which has all vegan and handmade lotions, soaps, candles, etc. We would eat at Eden several times a week if we could!

Pros: Amazing comfort food, Friendly staff, Incredibly clean

Cons: We can't get there often enough!

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Reviewer Avatar

Mixed feelings - Edit

I go to Eden Cafe occasionally. I'm very happy to see a vegan place downtown, so that's why I continue to return. The pluses: Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, good location; Minuses: Need more (healthier) drink options, too much emphasis on meat substitutes; Neither + nor - : Price. If I could give Eden a 3 1/2 cows review, that's about where I'd be.

All in all I would say that The Eden Cafe is off to a nice start. As plumerider and medveg have also said, my suggestions would be to work to get away from so many meat substitute-related menu items, use fresher &/or more local ingredients, and improve beverage options. But that being said, I will continue to go there now and then (there's LOTS of dining options downtown, so lots of competition) because it's a decent place with decent food and decent prices and I want to support it. I wish Eden Cafe success!

Pros: Atmosphere, Staff, Location

Cons: Not enough healthy beverage options, Too much emphasis on meat substitutes

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Fun Little Cafe in Scranton - Edit

I went there for a quick lunch. Had the Ham and Cheese.
Reminded me of the real thing? Not big on the mock meats but this is a perfect alternative to fast food and prices is very competitive.
The sides I enjoyed more than anything. Smashed potatoes I will go back just for those absolutely delicious.
Would like to see cookies in the future.
The only complaint I really have is the roll for the sandwich was lacking flavor and to me a poor quality baked good.Not sure if bakeries like National in Scranton offer many vegan breads but I do know they have better breads.
FYI I am a long term Vegan so this is nice to see a place like this in NEPA.

Pros: Perfect alt to reg fast food , Friendly staff , Cozy dining room

Cons: limited amount of seating, limited to mainly lunch hours, limited parking

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Eden Cafe - Edit

Well, it's a great place with great food, and great people. I eat there occasionally. They don't have much variety, unless you like faux meat, which I don't. They don't have very good seating, and they are quite pricey. I would also like them to be stricter on some of their products. I love the service and the food is cooked in a clean environment with no carcass lying around. Overall I think it's a great place, but needs a little more improvement. Longer hours, more vegan food, and a bigger building would help a lot. :)

Pros: vegan food, no carcass served there, clean/friendly

Cons: not as strict as I'd prefer /price, small menu/ not much variety/never chang, short hours/small place

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Christian339 First, I woudl like to thank you for visiting our restaurant & for your compliments. However, I am a bit confused about a few things mentioned in your review. You mentiont hat you would like us to be "stricter" on some of our products. I am confused as to what you mean by this. Everything in our restaurant is 100% vegan. We do not have any single item in our restaurant that is not 100% vegan, we never have & we never will. Also, we do have much variety in our selections, as our weekly specials tend to number in the double digits & change weekly. We have actually added many specials to the regular menu over time, as they much of the time become favorites of our customers. We are adding new wraps & sandwich creations every week! As far as being a bigger place, well, we do what we can in the space that we have at this time. We have only been in existence since November 2008 and so far things are going very well & our customers love spending time with us! We hope to keep adding more customers & one day grow into more locations! :-)

AMAZING food and staff - Edit

I brought my vegan husband here for his birthday, and it was even better than I read about. There are so many options, and everything we ate was so good that we each ordered an additional meal to-go. The staff were incredibly friendly and even brought out a slice of birthday cheesecake with a candle. The wings/drumsticks and the meatball sub (all vegan) were our favorites. The chili cheese burger and Turkey BLT were also great!

Pros: Delicious food, Great menu options, Friendly Staff

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Best vegan place I have been to! - Edit

I recently ate at Eden on a trip to the Scranton, Pa. area to see a Bryan Adams concert. The food was amazing! I had a vegan "turkey club" with smashed potatoes and tomato soup. Everything was wonderful. The restaurant has a awesome decor, and the staff are very friendly. I wish I lived closer to eat there all the time!

Pros: food, service, decor

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Great Affordable Vegan Cafe! - Edit

I thought Eden was fantastic. Some reviews below mention that the menu was disappointing but i really disagree. Maybe they have tweaked things as time goes and reviews come in but i thought it was great. Two important things that had nothing to do with the food - the place is super clean and cute, and the staff are very nice and friendly! These two things go a long way with me!! I traveled thru Scranton on my way to upstate NY for work and found this place to be quite a delight.

I like that they had weekly specials that were available in addition to their regular menu. I had a bowl of the weekly soup special, pumpkin sweet potato, and a large fruit smoothie. Both were great. On my second stop heading home, I had the BBQ drums - four large pieces of mock chicken, great bbq sauce, and only 5.50. I also had a bowl of the butternut squash soup which was amazing. With both of those items i was stuffed! Before leaving, I got some peanut butter cups and lemon poppyseed muffins to go for later. Had those when i arrived home and thoroughly enjoyed them, sharing with my son and husband. yum!

There is a good deal of mock meat on the menu but there are also plenty of options for those not interested in mock meat as well. check out their weekly specials too!! some great options at really affordable prices. I hope that I have the chance to stop back in here someday.

Pros: all vegan menu!! , very affordable, delicious food

Cons: parking is tough, maybe needs more veggie based dishes

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Love Eden! - Edit

I love this place! I was recently made aware of this place after looking for a good vegetarian restaurant in the area. My husband and I went there for the first time a few months ago and we have been hooked ever since! The food is really good and the desserts are out of this world. Even people like myself who are not vegan's can say the chocolate peanut butter cups are absolutely amazing! We love the fresh veggies wraps and the amazing soups as well. Keep up the great work Eden, this is exactly what the Scranton area needed!

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Saved my life! - Edit

I was driving back to NYC after a long couple of days working in Syracuse and was absolutely starving and practically driving off the road from fatigue when I checked my official Happycow T-Mobile G1 application, Veg Eating Guide, and learned of a relatively new vegan restaurant in Scranton called Eden. Let me say, while NYC is known all over the world for its fantastic vegan restaurants, there aren't too many that could compare with Eden in terms of taste, price, portions, and especially service. The fish fillet was to die for, and the smashed potatoes were entirely scrumptious. Plus the folks that were working were awfully kind and super positive which totally brought me out of my funk. I highly recommend Eden for when you're about to reach your breaking point, or when you're just in the mood for some delicious, compassionate food.

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Please, please step it up... - Edit

It pains me to have to give just an average rating to Eden Cafe. Why is it so painful? Because Eden Cafe is the first and ONLY vegan restaurant in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area (where I live), and as much as I want to be 100% supportive and excited for it, the menu is ultimately disappointing. As another reviewer already mentioned, almost every item on Eden's menu contains some sort of fake meat product (and it is not fake meat that Eden is making from scratch). You will not find one meal on their menu that is not something you can make in your kitchen after a fake meat shopping spree at your local health food store (aside from maybe a soup or salad).
I have been vegan for years and years, and my obsession with fake meat products is long, long over and done with, so I don't find myself interested in going to Eden ever. Soy-based fake meat products are also not the healthiest foods, usually laden with sodium and the other evils of processed foods. I beg the owner(s) of Eden to broaden their menu to include more homemade food. With all of the amazing vegan cookbooks available, steal some ideas from the hundreds of amazing vegan recipes that are out there!!!
I REALLY want to have a vegan restaurant to go to! Really!

Pros: Nice Atmosphere, Reasoable Prices, Homemade Desserts

Cons: Too Much Processed Food

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Christian339 eden does specialize in mock meat/diner style/comfort foods. Our mock meat products come from distrivutors who specialize in such products and at eden we flavor, marinate, and cook the products in our own special way. Although eden's menu is now and will remain based on the mock meat foods that our customers love and want, we are also introducing other menu items that will satisfy those customers who are looking for lunch items other than our main menu items. However, I must say that this review is the exception to the norm at our cafe, as the vast majority of our cusomters LOVE our menu items!!!

yay! - Edit

Eden specializes in mock meat sandwiches, and have a lot of delicious side dishes, like coleslaw and mashed potatoes. Last time I was passing through, I stopped in and got a BBQ spare rib sandwich with relish, and my friend got a tuna salad. I rarely order from the regular menu, because they always have really amazing specials that I just have to try.

The atmosphere is nice -- bright, clean, and family-friendly. I see all types of people there, and I think its style is very conducive to attracting (and satisfying) non-vegans.

If you're passing through Scranton on a road trip, this place is a perfect place to stop for lunch. Also note: It's right next door to a great record store.

Pros: simple, satisfying cuisine, large variety of choices, good value

Cons: mock meat-centric, might get crowded, in scranton

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Wonderful Cafe Has A Disappointment with Servings - Edit

I eat at the Eden on average once a week. The food is delightful, delicious and, well, de-lovely. The chef/owner is always friendly, talks with the patrons whilst preparing the dishes, makes certain that you enjoyed your food and your time there, and fosters a general atmosphere of "chill." In short, the Eden is terrific.

However, the last two times I've gone (a Friday and a Saturday) and ordered the potato & leek soup, I've been decidedly short-changed: it was virtually all broth, with nary a potato to be seen. Once I can understand: everyone makes mistakes, and they were busy the first time this happened to me. When it happens a second time, it suggests a systemic issue with whomever is ladeling out the soup that day.

I submit this request to all of you in Cyberland - if you've had a similar issue in not receiving all of what you paid for - to please post your thoughts on this, as well as to the owner & operator of the Eden, to nip this issue in the bud before it becomes a problem.

Eden is fantastic - let's keep it that way.

Pros: Delicious, Healthy, Friendly folks

Cons: Short Changed on Soup

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Good Food - Edit

The food is amazing. The place is great and way over due. My only bit of advice is that the staff keep business conduct. I witnessed public display of affection that made me feel unwelcome.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, clean

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Unimpressed - Edit

I was passing through Scranton and, after doing some Happy Cow research, decided to stop at Eden for lunch. Had I looked up the menu, I certainly would not have bothered. Eden's food is comprised mostly of processed soy products. I'm not hating on faux meats, but, if I go to a restaurant I expect the food to be of higher quality then some store bought pre packaged omni alternatives. Very little of the food listed on the menu was actually cooked in the restaurant, the sandwich list did not contain a single item without store bought fake meat. The menu did also list salads with basic topping options, veggie burgers and dogs and pastas and soups. I should have stuck with a soup and salad, but on recommendation attempted to eat a steak sandwich. It was incredibly unimpressive. My companion got the BLT. Prior to ordering we asked what the bacon was made of (hoping it was coconut or marinated tempeh), all we were told was "soy based". The cashier was unable to clarify further. My companion described his coleslaw as "the worst I've ever eaten" my smashed potatoes were good, but they didn't really make up for everything else. The bottom line is that one can easily expect a better lunch in their own home.
I believe Eden is relatively new and all they need for success is a minor menu revision.

Pros: Vegan, friendly staff

Cons: majority processed soy products , unimpressive

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Christian339 Gosh, I am sorry that you had such a disagreeable experience at our cafe. I do feel I must correct a few things in your review. Yes, our menu is purposely faux meat based & we have found that that is what the vast majority of our customers want & enjoy. However, our menu items are not "store bought" as you described them. We purchase items from several distributors who specialize in veg products, we then cook, flavor, marianate, etc the products iin our own special (and secret) way to bring the menu items to our customers plates! Our Steak & Cheese Sub and BLT are two of our customers most favorite items! So once again, I am sorry you did not like your experience at our cafe, but 99.9% of our customers leave happy and come back often!

Eden is great! - Edit

What a great little place. Delicious food, and clean as a whistle. Affordable! Have been twice, so far - both times were outstanding. The food is as fresh as can be, there are lots of sandwiches, salads, soups - even burgers and dogs! Don't miss the smashed potatoes. Owner and staff are friendly, generous. Scranton is becoming cooler by the minute!

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