Serves meat, vegan options available. Garden restaurant with small menu. Kitchen makes hand-pulled noodles and dumplings. Vegetable fried noodles are vegan when asked to leave out oyster sauce. Vegetable dumplings are vegan: vegan dumplings are cooked in separate water from the meat dumplings though deep-fried ones are done in same oil as meat dumplings. NOTE: Reported December 2022 to now have a vegan soup broth. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Avgi


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04 Apr 2023


The vegan dumpling wraps are very thick, there isn't much filling in them, and what is, is very over powering of ginger, the chilli oil was just okay. I wouldn't return for the dumplings.
Also the vegan fried dumplings are fried in the same oil as the meat dumplings. So be careful.



Points +33

22 Mar 2023

Best noodles ever.

I had the veggie dumpling noodles and it was delicious!

Pros: Great veggie options , Good portion size, Good price


Points +118

11 Feb 2023

So many dumplings!!!

Dumplings fired and boiled. Or in soup. With delicious sauce. Great choice for lunch!


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14 Jan 2023

Could be better

I love soup and I love dumplings so there was no way I'd miss this place. Unfortunately I left the restaurant not as satisfied as expected I'd be. I really enjoyed the broth and also liked that mushrooms and pak choi were in there but the noodles and the fillings of the dumplings were kind of disappointing. The noodles didn't really have a taste. Same with the vegetable filling of the dumplings, it tasted just totally unseasoned.
The portion is huge. I was more than stuffed after eating there. Prices are affordable and service was quick.


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29 Dec 2022

Handmade vegan dumplings!

First time. So nice that they have vegan menu.
Dumpling noodle soup. Dumpling is nice, noodle is ok, soup broth is ok. Chilli oil is very spicy. Fresh Coconut is very good!


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30 Nov 2022

Nice veg options for noodles and dumplings

If you like the noodles or the dumplings or both together it's the place to be! :D
Everything is homemade and it's nice to eat something a bit different that the usual noodles or dumplings.
Here they are thick and filling and it's delicious.
You have many options through fried noodles or dumplings to the soup. We ate the dumplings and noodles soup and liked it!

Pros: Nice veg options on a separate page, Cheap, Good & home made


Points +99

25 Nov 2022

Amazing home made noodles

Really good noodles they hand pull the noodles which was really cool to see and they taste really great. They had a whole vegan page and I had the vegetable dumpling and noodle soup. Will definitely visit again


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20 Nov 2022

Tasty dumplings

Good options clearly labelled for customers. Tasty food, we had dumplings, dumpling soup and noodles to share. Generous sizes as we couldn’t finish the meals but lots of condiments to add spice or more soy to your broth.

Pros: Options clearly labelled, Tasty dumplings, Easy to find


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13 Nov 2022

Highly recommend

Quality and home made food in a quiet garden

Pros: Garden , Home made food, Quality


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24 Aug 2022

Very good

We had the vegan dumpling noodle soup, steamed rice and some bok choy on the side. Everything was really good.
There is a proper vegan menu.
They use plastic straws, so ask for drinks without them.

Pros: Reasonable price, Vegan menu

Cons: Not so many vegan options, Plastic straws


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02 Aug 2022


Nice setting and friendly staff who speak English. Disappointed they had run out of vegan broth, which was in most of the dishes on the vegan menu. Tried the veg noodles, which were tiny and came with no sauce/flavour, plus steamed dumplings, which were good but not amazing. Gets 3 stars for actually having a vegan menu.


Points +132

10 Feb 2022


Vegan boiled dumplings and the fried noodles were very tasty. Wish I had time to come back and try the fried dumping machine too - next time! They even have a clearly labelled vegan page on the menu!

Pros: Vegan page on the menu, Dumplings


Points +160

26 Nov 2021

Vegans soup lovers

This is the best place for vegan noodle soup or dumpling soup!
They now offer a fully vegan broth which is super delicious with mushrooms, full of flavours!
We kept coming back, the noodles are freshly made so are the dumplings.


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10 Jan 2021

Good but not great for vegan food

Ecran offers soups and vegan dumplings, but overall the vegan choices are only a couple. The food is very affordable, though, and tasty. Nevertheless I have only come a few times here as the choices are limited.

Pros: Delicious Food

Cons: Only few vegan options, Serves animal food


Points +42

03 May 2020

yummy Take Away even during Corona

Ordered the vegan dumpling soup. Super delicious. During this Covid-19 period I would recommend bringing your own container, otherwise you'll get your soup or noodles in a plastic bag.
Tastewise a 8/10 👍

Pros: cheap

Cons: Not completely vegan menu


Points +254

01 Mar 2020

Good but...

The dumplings were awesome, but offering a vegetable broth isn't that hard. Sadly no soup for vegetarians or vegans there.
If they had one i would rate 5/5 :)

Pros: Good taste

Cons: Not fully vegan


06 Apr 2022

Hi, thanks for your review, much appreciated!

In meantime we have added a delicious vegan soup broth to our menu.



Points +860

09 Feb 2020

Good dumplings

The boiled dumplings were good.

Pros: Cheap, Big portions, Vegan options clearly labeled

Cons: Not many vegan options (the soup is meat-based)


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07 Feb 2020

Delicious vegetable dumplings

Although it's not a fully vegan restaurant, it was a real pleasure to taste some really good dumplings.


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05 Jan 2020


Great noodles and dumplings! Would definitely recommend


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03 Jan 2020

So good!!

We ate here almost every day during our time in kampot. The boiled dumplings and the vegetable noodles are so tasty and it's lovely sitting and looking out over the river. The waitress understands about veganism and pointed out what we could eat. I would definitely recommend!

Pros: Delicious food , Good service , Lovely views

Cons: Not a huge choice for vegans


Points +2655

21 Dec 2019

Fresh & simple

Ordered the vegetable noodles (requested no oyster sauce) and 2 serves of veg dumplings. The noodles were really fresh, veggies were nice and tender crisp, and a large portion size. Dumplings were a bit bland but still okay. The dipping sauce was fish sauce so we didn’t eat it and added chilli sauce instead. Reasonably cheap - definitely one of the more budget-friendly vegan options in town.


Points +54

14 Dec 2019

Good Noodles, Average Dumplings

Nice restaurant to go in for a late lunch, in the river front but secluded from the main Street. The Noodles with Veg are fairly good, but could come with and alternative vegan sauce (had to order without oyster sauce), but the soy sauce did the trick. The dumplings are a little poor. The dough is too thick and the filling was almost just cabbage. Fairly priced: Noodles Veg 2,25$ | 12 Dumplings 2,75$


Points +102

19 Nov 2019

very good dumplings

yum yum yum
love the vegan dumplings, so good
friendly staff and great takeaway/delivery service


Points +354

07 Nov 2019

Basic but good!

Not many vegan options. Either vegetable dumplings or noodles and veg (ask for no oyster sauce). Nice and cheap option. Basic food but decent quality. Noodles are homemade and you can tell!

Pros: Freshly made noodles, Cheap

Cons: Two options


Points +528

Mostly Veg
17 Jul 2019

Dumplings yay!

Simple and good menu, the noodles are freshly pulled, I chose the vegetable noodle soup and dumplings cause I wanted to try both, very tasty for a good price! Wish there would have been more vegetables In the soup but it was still good

Nice outdoor seating overlooking the river, can recommend it!


Points +540

18 May 2019

Nice place

I ordered noodle with vegetables, they also have vegan dumplings but other dishes are not vegan. You should specifically say that you are vegan, they do care and prepare without oyster sauce. It was tasty.

Pros: Vegan dumplings.


Points +108

12 Jan 2019


Nice ambience and good service. I had the steamed dumplings and they were great.

Pros: Not many vegan options but you don't need that.

Cons: No cons:)

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