Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese name: 恵比寿. Traditional restaurant that has been serving made-in-house soba noodles since 1898 in the Takayama old district. Has a vegetarian section on the menu which includes 3 choices of hot or cold soba, which can easily be made vegan by leaving out the egg topping. Last orders 5:15pm. No smoking from 11am-2pm. Open Mon 11:00am-3:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by Chiara.E


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05 Aug 2023


Food was mindblowingly good! Soba had a nutty flavor that you just can’t get in the US. As soon as I said I was vegetarian they brought me a separate vegetarian menu! As a non-vegan I was a little disappointed that the vegetarian menu didn’t have the option to add a quail egg or mushrooms to the cold soba, just yam. My partner eats fish and therefore was able to order cold soba with yam, mushrooms and egg (but his sauce had dashi and mine did not). I probably could have accomplished getting the additions if I felt bolder about asking questions. Food also came with a very informative comic-book-style pamphlet about how to enjoy traditional soba. All in all it was a meal I will definitely remember for years to come.



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22 May 2023

3 vegan options

They will bring you a menu with the 3 vegan options if you ask for vegan food. Nice staff and delicious soba.


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03 Apr 2023

Fresh soba

Nice place that makes fresh soba noodles. Server spoke good English. Even brought a cool comic book in English explaining the customs of how to eat soba noodles (warm or cold)


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14 Feb 2022

Looks busy restaurant, but good staff!

I asked them about vegan options, they showed us three Soba menus.
But I think they can deal with the change vegan options sometimes if you want. Because they provided us tempura for vegan! It's not use fish, shrimp and egg!✨
The mushroom and kelp soup stock was very delicious.🌱💙 I like it! #Veganuary


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16 Feb 2020

Soba heaven in a cozy atmosphere

The soba was amazing. Four vegan options with non-veg available for other party members. Staff were pretty nice too. Really nice and cozy restaurant

Pros: Four vegan options, Cozy warm restaurant , Decently priced


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07 Nov 2019

Great food and service

This shop has a separate veg menu offering 3 veg options - 2 soup soba and 1 cold soba. the soba is good and portion is filling. service is wonderful- they even provided us with a leaflet in english on how to enjoy the soba.

Pros: great veg options , friendly service

Cons: seating is a little cramped


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09 Sep 2019

Perfect dish on a hot summer day

We actually went there twice during our stay in Takayama. The cold sobs noodles were refreshing and went down a treat. The daikon was extremely nice with just the right punch. Don’t forget the use the soyaba to finish the meal.


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02 Jan 2019

Good service and good food!

Such nice restaurant staff who know what vegan means. I had the Nameko Mushroom Udon with the shichimi spice and it was delicious! Best udon dish I've had so far. Highly recommend!

Pros: Friendly atmosphere, Friendly staff, Great food


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04 Jun 2018

Amazing soba

They still have three soba choices which are essentially vegan - no fish broth, no eggs etc... The mushroom soba was outstanding and authentic.

Pros: English menu, separate vegetarian menu, Wonderful traditional setting, Handmade soba


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29 May 2018

Plain soba with dipping sauce

We were excited to try this place for the experience. This place specialises in soba noodles and we were really keen to try cold soba with dipping sauce. Didn't enjoy the cold noodles and the sauce was very salty. The chef was kind enough to give us a softer sauce that wasn't as strong which was more enjoyable. The only vegetables it came with was grated daikon. Now this was raw so it was so bitter it was really hard to go down. Unfortunately we didn't enjoy this but the experience was interesting. It looks like a local favourite so unfortunately not a cuisine we are used to but I'm sure others may. Only one vegan option available.

Pros: Fresh noodles, Great service, Located conveniently within sanmachi suji

Cons: Overrated


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15 May 2018

kinda pricey but authentic

Great soba, three vegan/vego options but was a bit expensive.
Can find soba around town for around 700 yen .

Pros: three vegan options, authentic seating area, english speaking staff

Cons: expensive - 1500 yen per person


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04 May 2018

Great soba and delicious soba pudding

We had a very pleasant experience here today: probably the closest we got to an authentic, yet veggie-friendly, restaurant in our Japan travels. They have an English menu, a multilingual ingredients lists for some of the dishes and our waitress spoke English. Their “default” broth contains fish but can be made veggie on request. The restaurant was quite busy but the service was fast so tables freed up just in time for new customers. We both had the mushroom soba which was very tasty. I also ordered their soba pudding which I’ve never tried before and which turned out to be my new favourite thing :)


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05 Mar 2018

Good soba!

We had some really nice homemade soba in a veggie broth.


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17 Oct 2017

Takayama soba

I dined at the main branch, which was conveniently open when several other options in town were not. There's a Happycow sticker on the sign out front and the waitress spoke a little English.

They have an English menu with, if I recall, three choices that don't use fish stock, but they are more elaborate and expensive options than the straight up soba, which I wanted. Through Japanese, I was able to get the normal zaru soba done vegan, but I can't say whether this would be possible using only English.

The soba itself was alright; much harder than most I've had, which may be a regional thing. It also wasn't the cheapest place I've been to. They provided a pamphlet for my friend on how to eat the noodles and drink the broth.

Pros: Vegan English speaker friendly, Open for late lunch

Cons: A bit pricey, May have smoking at times


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22 Jul 2017

Delicious soba and veggie menu

Staff know what vegetarian means, English menu and cute cartoon hand out for how to eat soba. A great experience in an old style noodle shop.


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22 May 2017

pretty good!

Very good tasting hot soba


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09 Jun 2016

Fantastic noodles

Fantastic food and super friendly service. They have a vegetarian section on their menu (they have an English menu which makes ordering easy). Some of the vegetarian dishes are already also vegan, one of them contain egg and is easily omitted.

They also provide you with English language instructions how to enjoy soba.

One of the best meals I had in Takayama.

Pros: Fabulous food, Friendly service, English menu and instructions how to eat soba and

Cons: The only con I can think of is that they close ver


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19 Mar 2016

One of the best meals of my Japan trip

We went here twice during our stay in Takayama. English menu with a clearly labeled vegetarian section is available. Some of the items include an egg topping which can be left out to make them vegan. Staff is very friendly and speaks some English. We tried the sweet potato and seaweed soba and the ginger and mushroom soba. Both tasted incredible! Highly recommended!

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