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Organic Produce, Deli Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by dirtandskirts


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26 Jan 2022

Ehhh, not great

For a healthy place, that promotes health above all else, you would think that there would be more vegan options. I’ve been going there for three years looking, but I’ve dwindled back to barely ever going, they don’t have anything new, they don’t have any desire to stay on top of the new trends. Old Loma Linda canned meat stuff, and very small amount of stuff in the freezer. Their produce section is laughable.

Pros: Some vegan options

Cons: Never update their inventory



Points +16

26 Oct 2020

Salad bar great vitamins are a third higher than Natural Grocers

Donna is rude, showed her a receipt from aNatural grocers where I bought same vitamins and brands and she was a third higher, and no tax.
She told me not to come in again! I have watched her hand a broom to a customer to clean up salt they accidentally knocked over. I have watched her belittle employees. I have seen her yell at a customer that already weighed his salad and got more dressing!
Consider your lucky if you have never experienced her menopause. If she went to Natural Grocers I am sure they could help her out with Vitamins.


Points +433

14 May 2019

So good, super neat store

Was taken here by my grandma when we went out of town, and let me tell you that Hummus sandwich they had was bomb! The veggie stir-fry was also supper yummy (they use tofu instead of turkey).

Pros: Good tasting Vegan options, allow you to tour their kitchen, friendly staff

Cons: not many vegan options


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06 Dec 2016

Salad bar is very pro-vegetarian

Such a relief to find a salad bar with real greens, a selection of lentils, snazzy cabbages, and all sorts of tasty veggies to try. You pay by the pound. They also have juices and a full store.

Pros: Variety, Fresh

Cons: A little pricey


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02 Dec 2015

Hummus Sandwich

There are a few options from their restaurant that are vegan. it is pricey but good. They prepare freshly made carrot juice that is excellent. My favorite is the hummus sandwich without mayo. There renovated store is nice.

Pros: Fresh Ingredients


Points +22

21 Jul 2012

Pricey and Underwhelming

Granted, there are not a lot of healthy vegan or vegetarian options in Amarillo, TX. However, EatRite is expensive and the food is blah. Grocery section is disorganized. Go to Market Street United a couple of blocks away for produce, soy/almond/coconut milk, tofu, tempeh, Vegenaise, etc. or Natural Grocers in the shopping center at Coulter & 34th. Skip this place.

Pros: vegan, vegetarian, healthy

Cons: expensive, food is tasteless


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26 Jan 2008

WAY overpriced and not worth it

friendly staff
okay grocery selection
poor over priced food.

only three vegan options: bland stir-fry, hummus sammie that doesn't even taste like hummus and a salad bar. there is a veggie burger but its not vegan.
we ordered the stir-fry and sammie - both were bland and not good and cost $20.33

I am from NYC and i rarely pay that much for a lunch and when I do its awesome!


Pros: friendly staff

Cons: overpriced, not good


Points +60

02 Nov 2007

helpful ... in context

My dad and I hit up Eat-Rite Health Promotion Center (crazy name; less crazy inside) on a road trip, passing through. My three goals there were peanut butter, soy yogurt, and decent vegan bread (made with spelt, which my dad prefers to wheat -- we're choosy!). Having worked and shopped in natural food stores before, I have what I think are reasonable (reasonably high?) expectations.

The PB we found with no problem (in the fridge; very conscientious of them!), the soy yogurt they don't carry (in their defense, they've apparently carried it before, but it barely sold, and kept going past date -- and they did have plenty of vegan cheeze), and the bread ... we found the brand we like (Rudi's), but not their spelt. (All their in-house bread had honey.) We did find one other spelt, which is yeast-free and bizarrely sourdoughy. And it's not as good, but ... it's passable. The apparent lack of selection was kind of a bummer, though.

I still think it's weird that my milk-free yogurt wasn't there (I did appreciate the helpful attitude of the staff, although water buffalo milk is NOT "dairy-free;" neither is goat milk, or sheep milk...), but maybe even health-conscious Texans don't care for it? The sundried-tomato and basil hummus from their deli helped, though.

Overall, it seems like they fit a fair bit into a somewhat small space. I found the layout totally confusing, and don't remember any signage within the food sections (they have a large supplements section, too), but had I been really stuck there was sufficient staff available for questions. Didn't get a chance to try their restaurant, so I can't offer any advice there.

They're not exactly what I was looking for, but they're by no means bad, and they're certainly better than anything else around from what I saw.

Pros: focused on healthy food/lifestyles/etc., pleasant staff (texas-friendly), only veg-friendly place in amarillo?

Cons: bizarrely organized, no soy yogurt :(, would have liked a bigger bulk "section"

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