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Falafel vendor in the shopping parade. Offers falafel, hummus, and salad boxes. Food is vegan apart from yoghurt and the herb sauce. Serves in compostable ware. Take-out only. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-17:00.

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First Review by Chickpri


Points +31

04 Oct 2023

Great filling takeaway

Nothing will fill you up like an eat a pitta, great serving size and reliable food, you'll never be disappointed here !



Points +1109

21 Aug 2023

Big. Tasty. Falafel

The pitta and falafel bowls here are so good!! Totally hit the spot. And massive portion sizes too, so come if you’re hungry ✨

Pros: Big, Tasty, Falafel


Points +18

28 Jul 2023

Tasty and quick, but service unhappy

Aubergine and falafel wrap was delicious and plenty of it, yum! Service was quick, but so unhappy.


Points +561

09 May 2023

Great as always

Filling, fresh and fab - a go to whenever I’m in the centre

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-22

Pros: Fresh food, 99% vegan

Cons: Cost has gone up


Points +214

24 Apr 2023

The best!

Obsessed with Eat a Pitta! Huge overloaded boxes of mixed salad, hummus, veggies and warm deep fried falafels. They do different sized boxes or pitta wraps. Super cheap and so filling!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-24

Pros: Loads of vegan options , Cheap , Huge portions

Cons: Not all sauces are vegan


Points +307

01 Apr 2023

Incredible falafel

Absolutely live this place, great salads and the best falafel I have ever had


Points +1195

03 Jan 2023

Eh it's alright

Personally I'm not a fan of falafel, so take this with a pinch of salt. But the wraps are so overfilled that I can't really taste much other than mush. I know a lot of people like this place though and it's a great cheap lunch option.


Points +242

06 Nov 2022

Yeah good

Real good wholesome food. Pitas and boxed meals

Pros: Huge portions, Reasonable price , Good flavour


Points +336

01 Oct 2022

Always hits the spot

Falafel here is fantastic, lots of vegan choices. Portions are huge I always ask for slightly less as it can be difficult to eat! Consistently tasty food, you'll always leave here satisfied!

Pros: Great value for money , Lots of choice


Points +172

30 Aug 2022

Excellent falafel, salads

I like the place, salad options and the falafel itself

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-30

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good price, Variety of fresh salads


Points +28

02 May 2022

Best falafels

Best falafels in Bristol and we can't got a fortnight without them.

Pros: Friendly staff, Loads of salad options , Good portions


Points +732

08 Sep 2021


Price is good for the amount you get, you can easily make it last a couple meals and it’s the perfect pick me up if I need something satisfying, nutritious as fresh all in one. It was a shame to see more non-vegan options introduced such as halloumi and so on when that could have been a perfect opportunity to try some vegan halloumi or something along those lines! Still completely recommend!

Updated from previous review on 2019-10-27

Pros: Good value for money

Cons: Introduced more non-vegan options


Points +106

26 Oct 2020

affordable yet delicious and healthy

another go to place when i am hungry and in need of a hearty tasty meal. the falafels are delish!!! all the salads and hummus is so good. well worth the money. and you are full after !!!

Pros: easy to order , well worth the money , a very good selection

Cons: nada


Points +225

12 Oct 2020

Big Portions and Delicious

I had the Falafel Box and it was a great quick lunch! Very generous with Portions and really packed in as much as they could!!


Points +84

19 Aug 2020

Incredible Value and Taste that Delivers

This branch always has the best customer service hands down... I mean they are all always lovely, but I frequent this one and it is always busy but the staff is efficient and kind and don't seem to ever get flustered.

The food is absolutely delicious and if you happen to be around near close time you can find great deals on the 'to good to go' app! I highly recommend trying this.

Regardless, eat a pita always provides a great value with their large and delicious portions.

Pros: Taste, Service, Value


Points +128

14 Aug 2020

Simple, Tasty, Affordable

One of my go to places for a quick lunch or an after gym healthy snack. Falafels, Salad, Hummus nothing fancy but every thing is prepared well and tastes great. They also do tasty freshly squeezed juices which I highly recommend.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty


Points +40

03 Aug 2020


Wow I’m so impressed!!! The falafels are perfect and the salad selection is amazing! I wish I lived in Bristol!

Pros: Amazing vegan food, Delicious falafels not dry at all!, Amazing selection of salad

Cons: No cons!!!


Points +75

04 Nov 2019

Some of the best falafel I've had.

Come here way too often


Points +251

10 Aug 2019

Gorgeous food, friendly service

I haven’t been shopping in Bristol for a few years so was delighted to find eat a pitta now in the heart of the city’s shopping centre for a refuel, and not have to trek out to st Nick’s (though I was fully prepared to do so). The salads are gorgeously fresh and inviting, the hummus is silky joy and the falafels are garlicky crunchy bundles of wonder. My heart said large falafel wrap but my head said ‘no you may still have to try some clothes on’ and for once I went with my head! Even the ‘small’ wrap is hugely satisfying and I was only able to finish it as I had missed breakfast😄staff are friendly and create these masterpieces with energy and good nature that makes them taste even better.

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, So satisfying


Points +89

27 May 2019

Scrummy! 😊

Wow! Amazingly good value and so, so delicious!
Well worth a visit.


Points +107

29 Apr 2019

Good falafel

good price and good falafel. They usually put a lot of food in your box or pitta.

Pros: price


Points +100

30 Dec 2018

Way more options but good it’s there!

I’m a bit sick of falafel after a year of finding it’s often the only option for vegans but it’s tasty here and not too expensive

Pros: Fair prices, Good portion sizes, Tasty


Points +220

12 Nov 2018

Best falafel

Eat a pitta is something I dream about. I no longer live in Bristol but when I did it was essential. So cheap so much food in one pack and sooo delicious. Crunchy falafel yummy salads and hummus all fresh and delicious. Personally I like the bowls better than the pitas so you can get a bit of everything in each bite. All the pickles are a must too!


Points +55

18 Jul 2018

Amazing food and great value

Al delicious, lovely staff. Big portion. Only one non-vegan dressing. I suggest they start using a vegan yoghurt in there. Big love guys ❤️


Points +34

24 Mar 2018

Quick and Delicious

I work in a store a few steps away, and the folks there are always so lovely to us! The portions are huge which means I often get two lunch breaks out of one box, but it’s oh so worth it!

The falafel is always freshly made, hot and delicious!

Pros: Quick and friendly service , Generous portions


Points +2472

31 Jan 2018

Great falafel on the go

The wraps are absolutely delicious and it’s so handy that the kiosk is so central!


Points +145

17 Jan 2018

Best falafel in Bristol?

This place takes the humble healthy falafel and makes it greasy, naughty and delicious. Probably the tastiest falafel you can buy. The salads are great too so I'd recommend falafel in a box.

Pros: Almost all vegan, Awesome salads, Crispy delicious falafel

Cons: Egg and dairy in the tahini!?

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