Organic and natural food markets with several outlets in Hawaii. Stock is all vegetarian and vegan, ranging from fresh produce and pantry essentials, to chilled foods and snacks, to health supplements and bodycare products. Has in-house deli and bakery as well as hot foods and salad bar where you pay by weight for what you take. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-10:00pm. Deli closes at 9pm every day.

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First Review by SonjaCPA


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16 Dec 2022

Not all vegan

I was told it was all vegan so I happily went to support it but, alas, it’s not all vegan. I wish I would have known. I didn’t read any labels. Ugh.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Not all vegan. , Be warned.



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28 Nov 2022

Whole Foods But Better!!!

What a find. A vegetarian/vegan Whole Foods. Wish this was available in Boston.

I ate at the hot bar and had Maui lasagna, tofu chicken salad, tofu poke and vegan enchilada. The lasagna and chicken salad were great. The enchilada a bit too salty and the poke flavorless.

Such a great spread.

Pros: All vegetarian/vegan, Great options , Friendly staff

Cons: Pricey but worth it!


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11 Aug 2022

Extensive Body/Skin Section

This location certainly has the most body products and lots of eco friendly knickknacks like a little bamboo cutlery set for $2 which I appreciate. This location is also great if you want to walk around Kailua and check out some cute stores nearby.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-19


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26 Apr 2022

Love the food

Came in the browse, stayed to eat. Self serve Buffett (pay by the pound). Careful, you can spend a lot but the food is excellent. I grabbed some vegan donuts and a papaya to go along with my vegan lasagna and enchilada. Also tried the purple sweet potatoes salad (my favorite! First tried at the PCC).

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Great food

Cons: Expensive


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22 Dec 2021

Very “down to earth”

There’s a paradise, and there is “Down to Earth”, chickens run free in both paradise and Down to Earth. Feeding off shoppers’ leftover, not worrying about getting chopped for food. But sorry chickens, I got nothing for you, I decided to lick the plates real clean. The prepped food were just too good and too expensive… to feed the chickens.

Anyhow, ordered lasagna, musubi, burger, pizza and everything else you see in the picture.

Whole Foods’ vegan pizza was definitely better. Or maybe I was just not that into cauliflower crust. The breakfast burger was a bit too dry. Other than that, I’d give 5 stars for everything else.

Pros: Abundant vegan choices, Great selection of prepped food, EV charging stations

Cons: Expensive, Can use some improvements for certain recipes


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17 Aug 2021

Down to Earth

Newer, shinier Down to Earth location compared to King Street. It’s just a block away from Whole Foods, and honestly, this is a better option since it’s an all vegetarian store. I’ve been here a few times and really like it.

Today I ordered an avocado sandwich and was pretty disappointed. The quality and taste were subpar. The avocado was flavorless and partly brown. The tomatoes were also flavorless and lacked color. The worst part of the sandwich was the terrible mustard…and they put a massive amount of it on the sandwich, making it difficult to eat.

On the other hand, they vegan mac salad was better than the Waikiki location.

I’ll likely stick to the grocery area here.

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03 Mar 2020

Perfekt to Shop and eat

Love the Many Food options


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21 Oct 2019

Epic local vegan grocery

I love this place and their new Kailua location is so convenient has a huge sitting space with free WiFi. Store is always clean and staff are helpful. The buffet has a great rotating selection (try the purple potato salad - omg) and pretty good bakery selection. On the cheaper end - my lunches there usually cost $8-10 and it’s nice to take it away to eat on the beach. Large natural pharmacy/apothecary section with vitamins and other supplements (helped to ease my flu). Go here, not Whole Foods!


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17 Oct 2019

An amazing selection of vegan items.

Most of the store is vegan.


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07 Mar 2019

Good Alternative to Whole Foods

Great selections on the hot and cold bar (purple sweet potato salad is amazing). Good hot veggie burger options. And lots of vegan desserts (cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.). If you want the Whole Foods experience minus the meat and all the people, please go here.

Pros: Vegan desserts, No meat, Hot and cold bars


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13 Jan 2019


This was the first location of Down to Earth I visited while on holiday on O'ahu. It wasn't really on my radar, but we happened to be nearby at lunch time and, oh man, am I ever glad I went in!! The entire store is vegetarian with a huge number of products being vegan. It was incredible to roam an entire grocery store and not see or smell any dead bodies. This store is a lunch destination, with a full deli serving sandwiches and an overwhelming salad bar with an enormous selection of great lunch options like vegan chicken salad, potato salad, multiple kinds of pasta salad, curry, chili, roasted veggies, and more!


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Mostly Veg
29 Oct 2018

Good Organic Options

Good place to stop for Organic Coffee or Organic Latte' Also they have pastries with way cleaner ingredients then competitors. Like their sales as good values are to be found daily. Good selection of produce but some items pricy. Store keeps improving are carrying more organic items and especially adding them to salad entrée bar. Must read the labels on all items as they still sell many conventional chemical sprayed items and pus milk cheese items. Eat organic to avoid glyphosate residues in conventional food for your health! Friendly customer service.

Pros: Improving on carrying more organic items, Friendly customer service, Super sales

Cons: Sell lots of conventional items so read the labels, Pus milk cheese in some pizza & hot bar items


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15 Sep 2018

Best place on earth

Life is easier when you go somewhere that you know doesn't use any animal by-products. You can feel free to eat and buy what you want knowing that no animals where killed or harmed. Plus the food rocks!


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28 Dec 2017

fantastic vegan supermarket

As already said, this is not entirely vegan but the assortment is huge. It is just like the usual supermarkets but with only good and healthy products. As a vegan I was immediately in love :D you have all you need and much more! Definitely recommend it!


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19 Dec 2017


This place is incredible!! The best grocery store in Oahu. vegan hot food and tons of vegan groceries. Not completely vegan store, they have vegetarian items too, but don’t even sell milk or eggs. Many products have these ingredients in them though. Just an absolute gem in Kailua!


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04 Sep 2015

Down to Earth - Kailua

Very nice selection of vegan products and options from their hot bar. The staff are very friendly and willing to help. The prices are reasonable and the store itself is very clean and organized. We are looking forward to shopping here again!
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 03, 2015

Pros: Vegan Products, Price, Flavorful food bar


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07 Jan 2011

Donw To Earth is down right DELICIOUS!

Down To Earth is a boon to Vegans/Vegetarians living in or visiting the island of Oahu, HI. There are three D.T.E. stores on the island. They have a hot/cold buffet that is superb! The only reason I didn't give D.T.E. five stars is because it's not 100% Vegan :(

Pros: Tasty Hot/Cold Vegan buffet items, Kailua, Parking lot

Cons: Not 100% Vegan :(


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19 Sep 2009

Not as vegan as Honolulu location

We stopped here while driving around the East Oahu area for the same yummy vegan shakes that we'd had at the Honolulu location, but they were only dairy here. We bought some cold deli items and soy ice cream bars to supplement our brown bag lunch and ate at the tables outside. They looked out at the very green mountains and it was a very peaceful late lunch.

Pros: deli, easy parking, outdoor seating

Cons: dairy only shakes

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