Vegan bakery offers vegan donuts and ice cream. Est. 2017. Previously called Vegan Donut Gelato. Open Thu-Sun 8:00am-2:00pm.

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First Review by AshleyLorden


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20 Aug 2023


Was looking for donuts on my way to Oakland airport. So happy I came here. Staff was friendly and the donuts were so good. Large selection of donuts and all vegan. Was so happy. I had the glazed, chocolate bar, cinnamon roll and the amazing apple pie donut (it was a massive beast). Will definitely hit this spot again when back in town



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02 Jun 2023

Raised vegan doughnuts!

You can find vegan cake doughnuts in many places - but raised vegan doughnuts are not easy to find, unless you go to Dove Donuts (formerly Vegan Donut Gelato). My favorite is Boston Creme with chocolate - and you can find all sorts of crazy cookie and cereal covered options if that's your thing.


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20 Jan 2023

Vegan Donuts by Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA w/Super Friendly Folks

Owner is just as kind and welcoming to all! I was advised that name will soon be changed (Dove Donuts) but they will still provide delicious vegan donuts! Worth the trip!

Previous Rating; Wow! So I arrived minutes before closing, wonderful customer service, kindly check hours! They still had donuts to my surprise so I grabbed a half-dozen, and was gifted a free donut since they were closing down for the day.

Would highly recommend, I treated myself to the peanut/maple donut as soon as I arrived home. Shared with my fur pal and we were STOKED! Yummy and worth it after walking around Lake Merritt (3 miles)!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-05

Pros: ALL VEGAN, Super Friendly Owner/Personnel (Approachable), Delicious Donuts and Cute Indoor Seating Area

Cons: Spendy (But Worth It) Plus “In This Economy!”


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15 Jan 2023

Definitely stop by!

Loved this all vegan donut spot - didn’t see any gelato but that’s not what I was coming there for anyways!


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09 Dec 2022

Good vegan donuts!

Updating to add that there are incredible Bavarian creme filled donuts here, they're my new favorite and I highly recommend trying!

In general I'm not really a donut person, but these ones are really good. The Vanilla Sprinkles raised donut had the perfect texture and was delicious. Definitely try this place out if you get a chance!

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-09

Pros: All vegan


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05 Nov 2022

I enjoy the donuts

Really good donuts and nice workers


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25 Aug 2022

Come early

I got here 1.5 hrs before they close, and they had less than ten donuts left. I got a matcha one, and the cashier also gave me a handful of glazed munchkins. It was good and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

Pros: All vegan , Right by Lake Merritt

Cons: Might sell out early


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03 Jun 2022

Delicious Raised Donuts

Really tasty, lots of raised ones which are my fav!


23 Jun 2022


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29 May 2022

Super wide variety but pricey

One of the wider selections for vegan donut spots and raised donuts too. Raised could be a touch fluffier but were still good. Price is high, like compare to Rainbow which has smaller selection but half the price. Still, fine to pay that to support vegan business.

Pros: Lots of variety, Raised donuts

Cons: Pricey


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20 Apr 2022

Finally raised vegan doughnuts

I finally found delicious raised doughnuts that taste great. I loved that all the selection was Vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-21

Pros: Lots of vegan doughnut options

Cons: Closes at 2pm


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27 Feb 2022

I don’t even like donuts and I ate all of these

I only wish they hadn’t sold out of the lemon filled donut! I really wanted to try it. I ate these with non-vegans and they were also super impressed.


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16 Feb 2022

Hidden Gem

Delicious and a lot of vegan donut choices, the only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the sweetness. I do plan on returning to see if I was wrong.


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13 Nov 2021


If you need a vegan treat this is the place to go!


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10 Oct 2021

Best donuts of all time!

All of the flavors are fabulous! The owner is friendly and helpful. They're latte rocks!


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30 Jan 2021


By far the best vegan donuts I’ve ever had. Doe Donuts in Portland would be the only rival but these are still better. :)


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07 Jan 2021

Delicious donuts

I was there maybe a year or two ago, so this is a late review. But I still remember the donuts were fresh, warm, and delicious. They were a crowd pleaser for vegans and non vegans. I had a blueberry one, it was amazing.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Great prices, great donuts, huge selection, Friendly people


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28 Sep 2020

Nice owner

Sam is from Indonesia and also speaks Mandarin Chinese, which he chatted happily in after finding out that I also speak some. He only had two apple fritters ($5 ea) left on Sunday at 1:30pm, so I got one of those. It was huge and probably would have tasted better fresh out of the fryer. I haven’t had one in ages, but I liked the cinnamon throughout. It could have used more apple, I think. I didn’t try the gelato because the colors made me worry a bit. Maybe if I feel a bit more adventurous, I’ll give them a go another time.

Pros: all vegan sweets, vegan owner, priced well

Cons: unexciting gelato flavors


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02 Aug 2020

Best vegan donuts I've ever had!!

This place was delicious! I've had vegan donuts from a LOT of places, but these are hands down the best!! High quality, well made and a huge variety!! And the owner is vegan and so nice!! Oh.... and they're priced well!! Give them a try!!

Pros: So many options!, Delicious!, Friendly!

True North

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18 Jul 2020

Donuts for Vegans (and anyone else)

Wide selection of donuts, super nice owner and 100% of offerings are vegan. I went during COIVD restrictions, so there was no gelato to try, but plenty of donuts to choose from at 10 AM on a Friday. I took home an apple fritter, bear claw and a blueberry glazed, which was my favorite of the trio.

Pros: Great selection, 100 percent vegan, small local business


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05 Feb 2020

Just awesome

Great donuts. Great gelato. Often have pop-ups supporting other vegan food entrepreneurs. Great place!

Pros: All vegan delicious food!

Cons: Parking can be difficult but not impossible.


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25 Jan 2020

Great Donuts, Excellent Staff

The donuts here are so, so delicious. The man who works here is so friendly and pleasant. This is a must visit when you’re in the East Bay.


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08 Sep 2019

Vegan Donut Gelato

Me: "Wait...All of these donuts are vegan? There's like...a million of them...of different varieties (e.g., raised, cake, other fancy varieties) and flavors!!!"


My inner vegan fat kid was so excited upon entering Vegan Donut Gelato...she wanted to order all the donuts in the store. Sadly, I can't handle more than one donut (I lost my sugar tooth) so I went with a half dozen (I couldn't help myself!) and my bf ordered an apple fritter.

I immediately took a few bites of all six donuts (like what I used to do with a mixed box of chocolates when I was a kid) AND my bf's apple fritter. Let's just say, these taste like the real deal...if this place was not called "Vegan Donut Gelato" I'd seriously question the employees profusely to confirm the donuts were vegan. The raised donuts with the chocolate toppings and the chocolate covered vanilla pudding filled donut were some of my favorites, with the matcha donut as a close contender.

Vegan Donut Gelato is now my #1 for raised donuts (so sorry Ronald's in Nevada)!


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06 Aug 2019

Best doughnuts ever!

Amazing selection, friendly service and 100% perfect doughnuts 🍩! Will always be making a stop here when we are in the Bay Area. I have tried many vegan doughnut places and this is hands down the best! Don’t consider, just go!

Pros: So many choices! Custard filled are perfection! , Blueberry cake doughnut & apple fritters , Friendly service


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05 Jun 2019


Favorite donut place, donuts not crazy expensive, all vegan, tasty, friendly family, I really recommend.

Pros: Tasty, Nice staff

Cons: Parking sometimes


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18 May 2019

Just what I remembered

I came here everyday while I was visiting my brother and each donut I had was so amazing! My favorite was the Boston cream and apple fritter. The owner is super sweet and patient. I can’t wait to come again!


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17 Mar 2019

Top donuts

We had the blueberry cake donut and Oreo cake donut. Both were truly delicious -- great cakey texture and flavor, sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. It was cool to see many locals coming in and out -- it was obvious that this was their regular spot. Decor is sparse but who cares if you're just getting donuts.

Pros: Delicious


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10 Feb 2019

Very friendly

Super nice stuff. I think i talked to the owner who was very friendly. I’m by far not a donut expert but they were very tasteful and fresh! Definitely check it out and support that bakery.

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