Doughnut shop with outlets across the UK and Australia. Daily selection includes a variety of vegan donuts. Open Mon-Thu 10:00-22:00, Fri 10:00-23:00, Sat 10:00-00:00, Sun 10:00-18:00.

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30 Oct 2023

Wenn es schnell gehen muss

Es gibt eine gute Auswahl auch veganer Donuts. Die Auswahl ist im Schaufenster zu sehen und auch gelabelt.

Geschmacklich sind die Donuts ganz gut.

Pros: Gelabelte Donuts



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06 Jun 2023

Big doughnuts

I tried their doughnuts several years ago, and I am happy they are still offering vegan options. The portions are big and the dough is tasty. A bit pricy, but the doughnuts are definitively worth it.


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22 Dec 2022

Great selection of beautiful vegan doughnuts

I actually hate doughnuts but bought these as a gift for some friends and they were really loved them.

Great flavours and gorgeous to look at!


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01 Oct 2022

A doughnut for two

WOW…these doughnuts look huge, but they are even bigger once you bust into them. As others have said, they are not inexpensive at nearly £5 each, but as the title above refers, two would easily be satisfied. If your not into sharing maybe it will last two snacks…or skip a fee meals and devour.

The shoppe has plenty of vegan offerings, my ryes bounced around and my brain confirming “these ARE vegan”. My eyes and stomach were big so I got the David Hasselhoff (Biscoff) and the Ice Ice Bae Bae (Cookie dough)

The Hasselhoff had a think layer of caramel icing, biscuit crumbs, a dollop of vanilla icing, and of course, a biscoff biscuit on top. The doughnut was actually fluffy and a doughnut! Its tricky finding a vegan doughnut that isn’t really just cake pretending to be something else. The surprise with this doughnut was the giant helping of biscoff butter/spread on the inside.

The Ice Ice Bae Bae doughnut was just as fluffy and doughnuty as the other. This one came dipped in vanilla glaze, piped with vanilla buttercream, topped with cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie chunks and drizzled with chocolate! And of course, also FULL of sweet icing piped inside.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-01

Pros: Many vegan options , Fluffy doughnut texture, Giant

Cons: A bit costly - but it makes sense


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08 Aug 2022

couldn’t resist

coming to Doughnut Time once again and we were happy to find different vegan options at this location! even more delicious the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (I’ve lost count) time.


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14 Jun 2022

Delicious as always!

Doughnut Time doughnuts are always delicious and what I love is that every time I go usually 50-80% of the Doughnuts are vegan! This time was no different with a large selection of vegan doughnuts and only 2 non-vegan! This time we tried the ‘Scaredy Cat’ (a special to celebrate pride month) and it was delicious as ever. I wouldn’t say it had a particularly distinctive flavour, it was just really tasty, and the Candy Kittens sweet on top was also really good!

Pros: Delicious doughnuts, Mostly vegan, Lots of locations

Cons: Pricey


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12 Apr 2022

The best doughnuts ever

When I visited, half of the doughnuts were vegan and the other half weren’t so there were a few choices which was nice. The doughnuts themselves were amazing! Huge and sweet but delicious. Would definitely recommend if you like this sort of thing.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-19

Pros: A good selection , Delicious , Doughnuts were big

Cons: Not cheap, but worth it for a treat, Not entirely vegan


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18 Dec 2021

Gourmet doughnuts

Standard gourmet doughnuts, tasty but expensive

Pros: Variety of options

Cons: Expensive


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20 Aug 2021

delicious biscoff donut!!!!

was a little disappointed by the vegan offerings i found in borough market but this slapped a smile back on my face!!! a very large, delicious donut :D

Pros: half of the options were vegan, close to borough market


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30 May 2021

Doughnut Time

WOW...these doughnuts are DELICIOUS and fancy. I am regular and even have their stamp/rewards card that earns you a free doughnut after a certain number of visits. 🍩😂

Doughnut Time has really stepped up their vegan game over the years and now offers at least three. if not plenty more, vegan options each day. These doughnuts are so incredible that they even trick non-vegans who are surprised to learn they're vegan...they're that good. Some of my faves include: David Hasselhoff, Ice Ice Bae Bae, Cornelius Fudge, and so many more! Highly recommend!


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06 Mar 2020


Absolutely beyond blown away by the vegan doughnuts at doughnut time. I always get the biscoff flavor and my friends love the cookie dough / brownie doughnut

Pros: Great options , Decently priced


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16 Feb 2020

Lotus heaven

The Lotus biscoff doughnut made my day. Yes, it is not healthy. Yes, it is decadent and indulgent and a sugar overdose. But I would still eat it (at least from time to time).
The doughnut is quite expensive but it is huge. The dough is fluffy, the glace sweet and the filling generous. The cookie on top, the icing on the cake.
Honestly, a 10 out of 10. I don’t normally eat these types of sweets and when I do I go for chocolate flavours, but this is amazing.
I would like to try other doughnuts but I don’t think I could go there and not pick the Lotus one again. Seriously, I still find it hard to believe that this is vegan.


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23 Jan 2020

Huge doughnuts for the vegan sweetooth!

It is a charming little Shop. There are several vegan options. I had the David Hasselhoff dough which has HUGE and very sweet.


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28 Dec 2019

The best doughnuts!

The best doughnuts ever! 💚😋


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27 Dec 2019

So many vegan doughnut options

Amazing vegan options - they all have soft, fresh dough and amazing differing flavours.

Definitely recommend trying these.

Pros: Many vegan options, Friendly staff , Nice vibe

Cons: Expensive

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