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Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese dumplings and noodle restaurant with labeled vegan options. NOTE: Reported September 2023 to have limited vegan options – please send updates to HappyCow. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by alvaromlop


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17 Sep 2023

No vegan options

I read the reviews on here and we figured we would try it. When the server asked if I had any dietary restrictions I told her I was vegan. She apparently thought I couldn't read and decided to point to it and said "This says vegetarian is that ok?" I said no. She proceeded to show me the menu again and pointed to the word vegetarian and "This says vegetarian."(she was pointing at the letters one at a time again thinking I apparently can't read) I told her I saw online that there were vegan options. She said no that's wrong. So we got up and left. She was extremely rude and talked to me like I was an idiot. Of course I won't go back but I'm also let my non veg friends to not go to this place.



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13 Sep 2023

Was okay - nothing special

Nice place, where you can get a few vegan options. In the menu it says vegetarian, but in the allergenic list they mark the vegan meals. Some of the meals say vegan friendly... Would be better to mark it clearly as vegan directly on the menu. Taste is good but a little plain for my taste... There are better options in Seattle.


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26 May 2023

Plenty of options

Vegan options are clearly marked which is ALWAYS appreciated. I ordered pot stickers, cold noodles with Szechuan sauce, and vegetable steamed dumplings. I enjoyed everything. Would love to try in restaurant one day.


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16 Apr 2023

Enter the flavor zone

This place rips. There's lots of choices for vegans, vegan options are clearly labeled on their website menu, and most servers are extra careful if you inform them you're vegan. The veggie dumplings are great, noodle dishes are great, green onion pancakes rips, place rips.

Pros: Lots of clearly labeled vegan dishes, Dumplings are awesome, Their sakes are very good

Cons: Wish for a vegan bao


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Mostly Veg
01 Apr 2023


Dough zone had a lot of vegan options - the electronic menu had a list at the end which indicated every dish and it's allergen/vegan/vegetarian information. Food was delicious and came out fast.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, E-menu has vegan options easily identified

Cons: Not easy to eat if you have any allergies , Unclear about vegan options for drinks (ie sake)


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10 Jan 2023

Vegan items clearly marked

We joined the waiting list, said 30 mins.. we waited maybe 4 mins and got a table.

When you are seated, you get a paper order form, with vegetarian options clearly marked.

To see the vegan items, you scan the qr code - there are only a few, but enough.
Dan Dan noodles
Vegetable pot stickers
They also said they would check the starters seaweed, broccoli, picked veg but they were really busy so I didn't take up the offer.
Food came out very fast.
Nice small portions
Open later than most other places which all seem to close at about 8pm
Simple yet flavorsome
I had the dan Dan noodles they were very good and very spicy, salty/umami

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-10

Pros: Enough options , Fast once you get a table , Quite tasty


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03 Jan 2020

Vegan horror story

Beware stay away from this place.
They have an allergies menu online and indicate which menu items are vegan or vegetarian but it’s fake.

We used that menu in the website to order vegan (wife) and vegetarian (me). We’d order noodles, vegetarian dumplings and I would get the banana naan bread. We went like 5-10 times.

One day we mentioned we were vegan/vegetarian while ordering the waitress told us what we were ordering wasn’t vegan. We told her about the menu in the website and she told use that allergy restrictions were different and that the menu didnt apply here.

Turns out my wife has been eating vegetarian for a while in this place! I appreciate the waitress honesty we didn’t do a scene or anything, but I think there’s a huge lack of honesty, and it’s despicable to lie like this in the website.

Shame on you!


10 Jan 2023

I read your review and we decided to go anyway... I think your server was wrong as they definitely said things marked vegan on their website are definitely vegan.
The banana Naan isn't, it has egg and milk in it. It's not marked vegan.
I hope that helps make you feel a little more comforted xx

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