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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe featuring an all-you-can-eat salad bar as well as a la carte menu. Serves organic wheatgrass, rejuvelac, kombucha, seed milk, and an energy soup. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, Tue-Sat 6:30pm-11:30pm.

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First Review by tairagenio


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14 Jul 2023

Salad bar was nice

The salad bar was nice but a little expensive since it was 1000¥. There weren’t that many protein options either. At least it wasn’t crowded and customer service was nice. They also had an English menu.

Pros: Nice customer service



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21 Apr 2023


Not open when visited

Visited on Friday lunch


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15 Nov 2022

Salad bar with cozy atmosphere

The place is very nice and the waiter attentive. They basically offer salad with either a side dish or soup.

The low price and the relaxed atmosphere makes it at anytime option for lunch.

Pros: Most of the menu is vegan, Pricey, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Misses some protein-based dishes


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09 Sep 2022

Love it!

I come here with my crypto interested friends as .RAW accepts crypto payments!
I do enjoy the salad bar! There is lots to pick from. If you dont want to eat from the buffet, you can order other items from the menu.

They dont fuss about people who wear their smiles and staff are kind and welcoming.


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01 Mar 2020

Tasty Avocado toast with side salad

They make the bread themselves and the option of salad dressings is great - had the spicy tahini with the salad.
In addition, the staff speaks English and are friendly as well as customer service oriented.


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Mostly Veg
01 Mar 2020

Super nice !

Great for lunch ! Amazing salad bar !

Pros: Great Salad bar - you can refill your plate !!, Choice of many kind of dressings for salad!, Warm soup & few warm food option!

Cons: No gluten-free bread option..., Lack of interior...


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04 Feb 2020


Coffee was great! Food was super yummy and fresh, had the avocado on toast. Staff were also very lovely


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16 Dec 2019

Simple and clean food

The all you can eat salad bar had alot of different options with many dressings and extra toppings. It includes soup bread and some hot dishes.
You customize your own salad and can go as many times as you please.
You can also buy additional non-vegan options, so you can bring your non-vegan friends.
I'll definitely go there again!

Pros: Many options, Healthy, Cheap


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07 Nov 2019

Delicious salads

Build your own salad bar with plenty of options. The atmosphere is a little dark and gloomy, but the staff is friendly and food is good. ¥1500 for dinner.


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01 Nov 2019

Fresh tasty salads!

Came for a vegan event and loved getting a endless supply of fresh salads, with lots of toppings and side snacks.


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Mostly Veg
22 Oct 2019

Vegan Friendly restaurant!

i owns this restaurant and have produced another vegan-friendly restaurant called 'there' in Kyoto Japan. both restaurant are vegan friendly, actually i say non-Vegan-Friendly restautant, because main menu is organic vegan salad buffet & deli & soup. then, i add some non-vegan-menu for non-vegan-people.
so if you are vegan, you will be satisfied the menu here, so many options we have. and you can bring non-vegan friends here, they still have choice to eat. about non-vegan menu, we mainly use free-range or additive free. other restaurant called 'there' locates at first floor of hotel called 'Nagi Kyoto Sanjo' in Kyoto. you can stay at this hotel with breakfast. so that you can make much less effort to find vegan place in a morning during your trip Kyoto.


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08 Sep 2019

So good

1,100yen for an all-you-can-eat salad buffet - you could say that I REALLY took advantage of that! I ate 6 bowls filled with delicious food. Especially the sauces are out of this world!

Pros: All you can eat, Fair price, Delicious sauces


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08 Jul 2019

Sweet Kombucha

I got a mix of 2 homemade kimbuchas (there was a bit of both left) and it was a nice surprise! Very sweet and refreshing


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07 May 2019


Stumbled here on a Sunday. Amazing vegan brunch. Great options and it was all you can eat. Salad, soup etc. With an amazing amount of homemade dressings that we’re really good. don’t skip this place if you are near on the weekend. Do brunch.


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06 Apr 2019

Great spot for a veggie boost!

Nice place on the way to my favorite bookstore. If you have been eating not so healthy vegan options on the go, this is the spot to get a veggie boost. Had two full salad bowls, the beet smoothie and a soy latte. All were great. Many options to choose from. They have English yoga classes in the morning maybe ask for times if you are into that. Overall great experience.


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28 Mar 2019

Good and great value!

1100 yens for all you can eat is plain amazing. Lots of raw vegetables. seeds and dressings to choose from. you can't go wrong choosing this place!

update 2019/3: starting earlier this year, .RAW added a great selection of hot deli foods to their offering, and changed parts of their menu options. One significative change is the addition of animal product toppings, which means the place is not 100% vegan anymore.

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-16

Pros: Cheap, Raw, Quality


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15 Mar 2019

Super healthy

I needed this place after a couple days of plain rice, crisps and nuts. The home made sauces make it, get the all you can eat bowl thing and stock up on nutrients


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28 Dec 2018

Amazing raw salad buffet!

Great value for price! Really good spot to relax and eat some super nutritious raw vegan food! They do their own sprouts and even had a warm soup that you could top up as much as you wanted! (Perfect for the freezing weather) They have over 10 different kinds of salad dressings.

(raw chocolate orange cake is delish!)

Pros: Nutritious , Great value for money , English menu


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07 Dec 2018

the kombucha is good.

only order a drink, and fall in
Love with the Kombucha.


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25 Nov 2018

Amazing salad buffet/bar

For me, a vegan travelling for two weeks in Japan, this place was like a food oasis. I went to RAW four times during my 6-days in Tokyo, had the salad buffet each time. The salad buffet is 1100yen and for that you get a bowl you can fill as many times as you like with a huge variety of fresh and raw vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, chopped carrot, radish, beets, lettuce, sprouts, tons of greens- tatsui, parsley, cilantro, spinach, some others I'm not even sure what they were), srouted legumes (lentils, chickpeas, mung beans), cooked quinoa, brown rice. Then you could top it with olives, hem,p seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and any of the delicious homemade salad dressings (spicy tahini, sesame carrot and opnion were my personal favorites). I'd typically fill my bowl twice and pretty much hit all of my nutrient targets for the day😄The owner's also very friendly and speaks perfect English. Place has a cool vibe with comfortable seats and seems to attract a lot of Tokyo youth. Can't recommend enough. Very close to Roppongi station; easy to find (and I have the worst navigation skills ever).

Updated from previous review on 2018-11-25

Pros: All you can eat veg, legume, cooked grain, Comfortable, Affordable

Cons: ... honestly non I can think of.


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09 Oct 2018

Small place but food is delicious. Lots of yummy dressings. Free wifi

The owner Ricky is very friendly, there are lots of veggie options and quinoa and brown rice. There was a very nice soup as well and the raw cake was divine.


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09 Sep 2018

Nice place but not sure about the location...

Love the decor of the place. They use wooden pallets as the tables and have an assortment of comfortable chair/beds to sit on. We had soup, kombucha and a chocolate/orange cake. The soup was pretty standard but the cake was really special. Definitely got the chocolate and orange in it! Kombucha was simple but really tart, which I like. The salad buffet looked simple but wholesome. Would be a decent feed without being too special.

Pros: Homemade kombucha, Super comfortable seating, Great desserts

Cons: Buffet looks pretty simple, Surrounding area not my favourite to visit


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04 Sep 2018

Yummy salads

Great little place,it took me awhile to find it but the salad was well worth the journey

Pros: Only raw salads as the name might suggest


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11 Jul 2018

Lovely raw cake and kombucha

Todays dessert was a raw chocolate cake, and it was very nice. We had a apple and cinnamon kombucha at the side, and it tasted very good. Did not try the salad bar, because we were not in the mood for salad. Thought it would have a few choices besides salad bar, but only a wrap and soup.

Pros: Good place for raw food, Good kombucha

Cons: Pretty much only salad and cake


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06 Jul 2018

Absolutely loved

This was a great find - I only wished I’d found it earlier on. Raw has a very simple buffet concept with a wide selection of raw foods and an awesome range of raw salad dressings and seeds. You pay 1100 and can have multiple servings. I also had a home made Apple Cinamon Kombucha which was delicious. Fruits and vegetables are very expensive in Japan which makes having all those choices in small amounts at home very expensive.

Pros: Good price and convenient , Amazing salad dressings , Raw food paradise


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19 Apr 2018

Ann Wigmore Tokyo = .RAW(DOT RAW)

able to go through Ann Wigmore's signature menu - such as energy soup (blend of several kinds of sprouts), wheatgrass and rejuvelac. In addition, it has started to offer KOMBUCHA and Kefir Milk as new menue.

Pros: Healthy , Tasty, Friendly staff

Cons: Time consuming


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12 Apr 2018


This completely raw vegan cafe is fantastic. The food is so fresh, we had the choice from a buffet of raw vegetables and were able to refill our plate as much as we like for 1 price. We also had a wheatgrass shot and great soy milk coffee. I would definitely give this a go if your in Rappongi.

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