Donut shop offering some vegan donut options which are labeled and priced the same as the non-vegan ones. Open Mon-Sun 5:00am-7:00pm.

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25 Nov 2023

My favorite donuts!

We just got 6 donuts from Donutopolis ($10.99) and 6 from Nomads ($22 and change) and the Nomads ones were more fancy but both of us liked the raised glaze from Donutopolis better! They have cake donuts Sunday-Friday and raised on Saturday. They are the far left of the donut case and we’ll marked

Pros: donuts

Cons: Only have raised donuts on Saturday



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04 Oct 2023

really good donuts!!

i picked up 15 donuts for my work and they were delicious!!! $19.99 for a dozen and then $2.10 per donut after. definitely coming back, they were so good!


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14 Jul 2023

Good donuts

Was pleasantly surprised to see four choices of donuts, all cake variety for vegans. I haven’t had a lot of vegan donuts, but compared to ones I have had I would say this rates near the top.


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22 Oct 2022

Pretty limited vegan options

When another review mentioned "vegan Saturday!" I figured they would have lots of good vegan options on Saturday, so we planned a trip and went first thing to ensure the best selection.

Instead, in contrast to many many non-vegan flavors, they had only 3 very basic flavors of vegan donuts: glazed, chocolate frosted, and maple frosted. Nothing filled. I could have gotten more selection on any day at several other donut shops in the city.

The donuts were good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Their menu didn't mention plant milks, so I didn't try to get a coffee/tea, but maybe they have them if you specifically ask. Unsure.

The only reason to return for me would be that they open very early.


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03 Jul 2022

Fluffy cake donuts

They had five yummy vegan donut flavors. I chose the maple cake donut which was fluffy and tasty

There’s another Donutopolis & they have vegan donuts. Strawberry, maple & chocolate.
11255 Camino Ruiz
San Diego, CA 92126
United States

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Pros: Fluffy cake donut , A few options


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11 Jun 2022

Maple Bars!!

My boyfriend and I were craving donuts and decided to go to Donutopolis to try their yeast donuts. There was a section labeled vegan, with many options. I saw a maple bar which is my all-time favorite donut (which you rarely see vegan), so I instantly ordered one. We also got an apple fritter and a glazed twisted donut. The apple fritter and twisted donut were both really good, and my boyfriend ate them pretty quickly. However, for me, the maple bar was the star of the show. One of the best maple donuts I have ever had, and it satisfied my craving!

When we got to the donut shop, a large family covered the vegan section, so we were concerned they didn’t have any. The staff noticed and quickly reassured us the whole section at the end was vegan. They were super friendly and engaged us in asking if we were looking for vegan donuts. When I asked, they told us about how they have yeast donuts on Saturday and cake donuts the rest of the week. They even mentioned a vegan cake! I love supporting locals, and the donuts were delicious, so I highly recommend giving them a try!

Pros: vegan donuts (yeast on Saturday), friendly staff, wide selection


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07 Jun 2022

Delicious vegan cake and yeast donuts

Staff was great, they let us know they’d have vegan yeast donuts on Saturday. We initially stopped in and grabbed a few of the vegan cake donuts, which were awesome. Came back on Saturday to get the yeast ones, which were even better!

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23 Oct 2021


These vegan donuts are amazing! And served w a smile. The owner is a hard working gentleman who loves pleasing his vegan customers. Love this place!!


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26 Jun 2021

Best donuts in SD

This place is so good! The donuts are so fluffy and light! It's hard to stop eating these. Highly recommend this place!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Absolutely delicious


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24 Jun 2021

Best donuts by far!!!

It has been awhile since I been back to San Diego. Saw this donuts shop on happy cow and decided to try it out. It was exactly what I was looking for. Awesome customer service. So helpful in assisting with finding the perfect donut. The experience was all around amazing!!!

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Updated from previous review on 2021-06-24

Pros: There are plenty of choices on Saturday. , Helpful customer service , Good hours in a good location

Cons: Limited to choose from on a weekday , A little pricey for donuts


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14 Aug 2020

Best vegan donuts!!!

They have the best vegan donuts I’ve ever tried and the owner is so nice! On Saturdays they make regular fried donuts (apple fritters, bars, filled). They are amazing!!! They also have vegan cake donuts which are also so delicious!


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13 Jun 2020

Best vegan donuts

Try to go on a Saturday, they have normal fried donuts that are amazing!! I'll have to go back another day to try the cake donuts. Staff was super friendly! I Highly recommend!


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29 Jan 2020

Great tasting baked vegan donuts.

Sk far they only offer baked vegan donuts but the owner said they have everything they need to create their vegan food glazed donut, so hopefully the menu grows. These baked donuts are delicious. They are light and very nice tasting. I had THREE all with different glazes and each glaze had its unique subtle flavor, as opposed to just sugar.

Pros: Owners were very excited to hear about Happy Cow, Seemed genuinely excited to expand vegan menu, Taste great!


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12 Jan 2020

Great Vegan Donuts!

This donut shop has a great selection of vegan donuts! They currently only have cake donuts, but these donuts come in many flavors. The vegan donuts are also the same price as the non-vegan ones!

Pros: Great Donuts, Price

Cons: Only cake donuts

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