DIY-style vegan donut shop opened 2019 in downtown across the arcade building. Offers options to create your own donut or choose from the ready made selection. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by ryancthompson


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25 Nov 2023

Fantistic Coconut and Lime Doughnut

Really delicious coconut/lime doughnut. They almost had too many options to choose from. If I lived in LA, I'd go back all the time. Very kind staff as well!



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27 Oct 2023

Love this place

I first went here in 2019 when I was in LA for my birthday. The Donuts are amazing and Strawberry Lab donut was my favorite and was one of the best donuts I've had in my life. I do think that the highland park location has better quality though. When I went to this location this past August I did not enjoy the location as there was nowhere to sit and eat and no parks nearby either.

Pros: Fluffy Donuts, Creative Flavors, Cute names

Cons: Location


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16 Oct 2023

Vegan donuts

Great selection of vegan donuts. The strawberry lab was my favorite.


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14 Oct 2023

Must try the ice cream!

We went for the donuts and ended up with ice cream (and donuts). I didn’t catch the name of the woman working, but she was so friendly and let us try what seemed like every flavor of ice cream. The ice cream uses a soy milk base and is the creamiest I’ve ever had! Every flavor I tried was incredible: mint chip, cookies and cream, orange creamsicle and banana.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-20

Pros: Soy based ice cream, Large variety , Samples of ice cream

Cons: Hard to choose what to get!


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09 Oct 2023

Heavenly Donuts

Great donuts. I can’t wait to come back for some more!


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20 Sep 2023


A variety of donuts for everyone’s tastebuds. Crème brûlée and the strawberry shortcake are my favs. Parking isn’t the best because of it being downtown, but it’s worth it for me whenever I visit Los Angeles.


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04 Jul 2023

Donut heaven

Broad selection of donuts. The apple fritter was our highlight.


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24 Jun 2023


Had already tried these donuts at Creamo and I had to get more! My brother said these are the best donuts he’s had in LA and he isn’t even vegan. I had the Give Up the Toast previously and it was sooo yummy I was scared to be disappointed, but I got the Apple Fritter and it was actual perfection. I triple checked the website to make sure they are plant-based. Seriously so good, please go here. 😋

Pros: All vegan, So many options, Taro Ice Cream

Cons: I don’t live in LA 😢


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30 May 2023

This place is amazing

The doughnuts here are out of this world. I stayed nearby and literally had breakfast here every morning, absolutely amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-30


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19 May 2023


So many options and every one of them are incredible! Got three different types of donuts and tried all the ice cream and even my non vegan friend was impressed! The woman working was so welcoming and happy to let us try different flavors

Pros: So many different options , Fair prices , Friendly staff

Cons: Not in the best neighborhood


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20 Mar 2023

The variety is insane

We have chosen ice cream and donuts! Everything was unbelievable delicious! Highly recommended! Paradise for vegans! Very good price-quality ratio!

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-16


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21 Feb 2023

5 Stars

Will only let me give 4 stars but it was a 5 star experience. Donuts were out of this world. Tried the strawberrylab because it’s their most popular and now I understand. The x-ray speculoos was also delicious. Also ordered the caramel on parade and the Fritter Seems Forever. Everything is delicious!


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18 Oct 2022

Vegan apple fritter

Was amazing and delicious coffee! Kind staff and easy to order in advance and pick up😄


21 Oct 2022


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01 Oct 2022

Nice selection

They have a nice selection and friendly staff. But I think if you specialize in donuts you could a bit better and deliver more creativity

Pros: Lots of options , Friendly staff


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19 Jun 2022

Always a pleasure

Its hard to find Donuts that are vegan in my area so anytime im in LA I have to stop by and get my fix.
My favorite is the custard front Drive

Pros: All vegan , Delicious , Friendly staff

Cons: Limited parking


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12 Jun 2022

So many tasty donuts 🍩

We loved this place. Surely you can spend a lot of money as they have many different ones to try😉but about 4 $ per donut is worth it.
If you want, you can also get the dough of the holes, 1 for 0.50 cents or a dozen for 3.45 $.


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20 Apr 2022

Perfectly old fashioned fancy donuts

What did I love? All vegan but such a choice, old fashioned and fashionable, completely tasty and not a bad price. Super staff - friendly place! I loved it and will occasionally pass by in a dream.

Pros: Everything is vegan , Such a choice , Tasty, traditional donuts


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17 Apr 2022

Absolutely amazing donuts

It is pretty much a ritual to bring back a bakers dozen after every trip. These are the best donuts I've ever had


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13 Apr 2022

Don’t read this review. Just go.

Such a variety of creative options!! Each donut is gorgeous but obviously crafted with taste in mind too. Before I was vegan I felt like every novelty donut was made for Instagram and not consumption… and as a vegan I’m lucky to get a plain cake donut as an option. Neither is the case here! Omni friend said they were the best donuts he’s had in his life.

Also! They ARE 100% vegan, despite the fact that this is not apparent at all from going to the store… definitely freaked me out the first time I went haha

Cons: Price :,) but it’s worth it


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20 Mar 2022

Donuts, shakes, and ice cream!

Lots to choose from at Donut Friend! Their raised donuts are excellent and I like to range of flavored toppings too. Friendly staff also.


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10 Mar 2022

The best

I got a box to share but I ended up eating them all! So good. Friendly staff too.

Pros: Donuts, Vegan, YUMMY


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23 Dec 2021

Best donuts I've ever had

Donuts have reached their ultimate form at this place. The store is gorgeous, just rows and rows of heavenly, fluffy, beautiful donuts. They also have ice cream and shakes. I'm from Philly, where most places run out of donuts by noon, so I was shocked that this heavenly spot is open until 8pm - until EIGHT PM!! When my lazy self sauntered in at 12:30pm, they still had every single donut available, each more beautiful than the next. I was overwhelmed by choice, but luckily the friendly staff person was there to take me through the must-eat options. All their recs were stellar. They serve both yeast and cake donuts, so everyone will be happy. Everything was fantastic, but I'd say the yeast donuts are the winners here. The Strawberry lab blew my mind - I have never been this close to crying while eating a donut. It's pillowy soft, perfectly glazed and absolutely stuffed with whipped cream and strawberries. Just unbelievably good. My partner preferred the creme brulee one - also delicious. It felt like a place where you can't order wrong. I will be going back. And also fantasizing about this place for a long, long time. Please come to Philly, you absolute wizards of dough.

Pros: Best donuts I've ever tasted, All vegan, everything, Friendly staff


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15 Dec 2021


Vegan donut shop with tons of incredible options!!!

Pros: Vegan donuts, Tons of options, Delicious

Cons: Not cheap


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05 Dec 2021

This Place is Amazing!!!

First time to this donut heaven and will come back as much as possible!!

Pros: The Donuts taste like the real deal! , The cream from the Bavarian donut is spot on!!, I love the variety!


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10 Aug 2021

this should be a national chain

incredible vegan donuts!!! they even have donut holes! my friend tried their vegan ice cream and loved it. if you're vegan, you gotta make a trip here.


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17 Jul 2021


Amazing milkshakes and donuts


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06 Jul 2021


I bought 12 donuts all of the delicious! Very friendly staff

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