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Donut shop with vegan donut options. Reported closed July 2023.

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First Review by Erika


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22 May 2022

Homer Simpson

Donuts are great. Wish they had a few more vegan flavors. But the ones they did were great! And check out the bathroom while you’re there.



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22 Feb 2022

Wow, tried to rate 5 stars but it wouldn’t allow

Loved the vegan options! My only complaint is that it is not obvious which ones are vegan but I’m thrilled they had so many choices. Of all of the donuts I tried, the crème brûlée was the best.


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25 Sep 2021

Always have no donuts

this is the third time i have tried to get donuts and failed. maybe make more donuts?

Pros: don’t know because they never have donuts

Cons: always out of donuts


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07 Aug 2021

Vegan donuts are very good and plentiful

The four vegan donuts I've had here so far are very good: Crème Brûlée, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Strawberry Split. Since other reviews state that the vegan donuts run out, I arrived about five minutes before opening on a Saturday, and there was already a short line assembled. The donuts are generally large and over the top, so I would reserve them for special occasions.

Cons: metered parking


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09 Nov 2020

Not bad, but didn't live up to the hype

Got the creme brulee and the strawberry split donuts. The pastry cream inside the creme brulee was the best I've had. But, the bruleed top just gets stuck in your teeth. Donuts were slightly dry. Strawberries and whipped cream will always be good, but because they split the donut, it gets a bit dry.


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12 Mar 2020

Get here early

These were great. There were only two vegan options made but they were great. The shop will close when they are out of donuts and the vegan ones seem to go quick.

Pros: Downtown

Cons: Very limited options


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19 Feb 2020

Couldn’t tell you

Can’t tell you if they are good or bad because they are always sold out.


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09 Oct 2019

Try the crème brûlée!

They had 2 vegan donut options the morning I was there; the crème brûlée and a sprinkled one.
I tried them both and I liked the crème brûlée so much better! The other donut was more like cake and a bit dry.
It's a cute little place near downtown. Worth a visit when you are close by!


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31 Aug 2019

Grilled cheese donut!

Decently priced and good range of vegan donuts. Got the creme brulee, pb and j, apple fritter, and the new grilled cheese donut. 10/10


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06 Aug 2019

Creme Brûlée

I would highly recommend the Creme Brûlée. I also tried the chocolate and the cake was a little dry. Ronald’s donuts is further from downtown but worth the trip imo. This place is a good option close to downtown.

Pros: Multiple vegan options, Great environment, Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Cons: Pricey, Omni-options


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27 May 2019

Yum yum

Fantastic vegan doughnuts


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25 May 2019

Get there early

First I was disappointed because the only vegan choice was creme brûlée but it was so yummy that I had a second. The staff said there were 4 vegan choices earlier today but the others were sold out by the time we got there around 11 am.


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16 Apr 2019

So good!!

Wonderful Donuts, good selection, great service, and cute shop!

Pros: Tasty, Great service, Cute shop

Cons: Limited vegan options


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27 Dec 2018

Soooo good!

Oh my. These donuts are SO GOOD! They had 4 vegan options when I was there, and the 2 I tried were amazing. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I would absolutely come back again when coming through Vegas!


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13 Nov 2018

Pretty donuts

There was only one option when I came, and it was pretty. I like having more options, but I’m grateful there was at least one thing for me.


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25 Oct 2018

Great donuts

After finding the Donut Bar we ordered a sampler box of vegan donuts which we thoroughly enjoyed. The shop it’s self is located off of Carson @ 6th unlike the google directions will show. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Can’t wait to take the kids here on our return trip.

For our October 2018 trip we came back daily with the kids. This was a highlight of the trip for everyone.

Pros: Price , Portion size , Atmosphere


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21 Sep 2018


I ordered 2 of vegan everything. I love vegan junk food and i threw these out. They were literally sugary junk! Ronald’s doughnuts are WAY superior and 1/20th the price. I drove far for this and was disappointed


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08 Aug 2018

Delicious Vegan Donuts

Since they have vegan options, I got donuts to go for my family. My husband devoured the strawberry shortcake one and said it was amazing. My kids loved the apple fritter and were in heaven with this treat. Unfortunately there was nothing gluten-free so I couldn’t have them. The service was GREAT (night and day from Vege-Nation next door). Definitely a place to go if you want a sweet treat.

Pros: Vegan donuts, Friendly staff, Open late

Cons: Nothing Gluten-free, Only located downtown, Kinda pricey


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21 Jul 2018


A few vegan options but all are so delicious!!!! Huge donuts, too!


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02 Mar 2018

Good donuts

The green tea and creme brulee donuts were amazing. The selection wasn't as big as Ronald's Donuts, another good local place, but if youre looking for fancier donuts then this is the place. Price isn't amazing but it's not outrageous. Parking is bad (as always) and seating inside is limited

Pros: Vegan options clearly labeled, Fancy donuts, Good flavors


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25 Nov 2017


Really enjoyed all the donuts as we shared them with our gang. A must go to place!!


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05 Nov 2017

Good vegan selection

They always offer more than just 1-2 vegan options daily but I wish they had different vegan flavors. I go to Vegas once or twice a year and get the same flavors. They are always delicious but I would also like to try more. You can order online the day before and pick up your donuts in person to avoid the chance of the vegan ones being sold out. The owner is also very friendly.


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19 Oct 2017


The taste and presentation of these donuts is amazing. They always have about 3-4 vegan options including their "famous" creme brulee flavor. We tried the creme brulee along with strawberry split and the best pb&j. They were all delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2016-06-23


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19 Sep 2017

Hurray for vegan donuts!

They added a vegan protein powder donut, but only made a couple days a week. Soy based cream in strawberry and creme brûlée. Tried the raised creme brûlée, and the custard was phenomenal. Didn't like the brûlée part but would still get another because the slightly salty donut with the custard was so good. Also purchased a cake macha green tea for later.

Pros: several flavors


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13 Aug 2017

Awesome Vegan Options!

Donut Bar is far from my house so it's something my family and I hadn't had the chance to go try out their vegan donuts but to my sister and I's surprise, my parents went super early in the morning to grab their vegan donuts and let me tell you we were not disappointed. They tasted so damn good and I highly recommend if you wanna try a gourmet doughnut this is the place to go, especially if you're vegan. I am and I don't like the doughnuts at Ronald's Doughnuts here in vegas. I much prefer Donut Bar whenever we are downtown :) I highly recommend!

Pros: Awesome Vegan Options, Tastes Fantastic, Large Doughnuts, great for sharing

Cons: Far from my house (which is probably a good thing), Kinda Pricy but worth it


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Mostly Veg
26 May 2017

Apple fritter

Incredible! Also the creme brûlée... mmmmmm...


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07 May 2017

amazing donuts

We went and ordered strawberry cream donut and maple bar. My daughters were in absolute delight. They loved the strawberry and cream. My husband loved the maple bar. The owners are extremely nice and pleasant. The place is clean and inviting. Long line but they move very quickly. This vegan will definitely be back!!!

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