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329 Chaussée d'Ixelles, Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, 1050

Restaurant, bar, and health food shop. Daily menu buffet style restaurant with adjoining bar, accessed through the shop. Buffet features mostly ovo-lacto veggie dishes and a few vegan ones. 10 minute walk to Porte de Namur metro on Brussels' Southern side, bus 71. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-2:00pm, Tue-Sat 5:00pm-9:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, International, Buffet, Fusion

Reviews (29)

First Review by Stevie

Great for vegetarians but not for vegans - Edit

This is one of my favorite veg restaurant in the world for the last 15 years.
I think their buffet is really great. They use a lot of organic food and it is varied, raw and cooked.
When I was eating cheese and eggs I really loved this place, but I find disappointing that they didn't adopt a vegan friendly attitude.
It would be relatively easy for them to mark the dishes that are vegans and those that are not, I just know that they don't pay attention to their use of butter, cream, milk and eggs in many dishes.
For this reason, I do not recommend this place to vegans but it is great for vegetarians.
On a side note, it's a pity that they replaced their tibetan decoration and identity for a completely neutral, modern atmosphere. I really loved the tibetan vibrations.

Pros: Great all-you-can-eat buffet, Organic food, Nice organic shop in front

Cons: Non vegan friendly, Loud room

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High Quality Food and Beer in Ixelles - Edit

Much revered by the world’s herbivores – yes, this place is known around the globe – Dolma has been one of our favourite restaurants for around a decade. During a quick stopover in Brussels, we walked through the streets lined with art nouveaux buildings to visit this ethical foodery in Ixelles. Things have changed a little since our last visit. Already fragmenting, the co-operative that owned the shop and adjoining restaurant sold up in 2015. The new owner, however, was keen to maintain the bio ethics of the business and the restaurant’s high standards have been maintained. Partly refurbished, the interior of the restaurant has been spruced up and is smarter in appearance. One of the old co-operative has remained and was running the front-of-house. Always a congenial host, he has been here for 16 years and this continuity is much valued. In addition to expanding the bio beer range in the shop, Dolma has a few pleasant additions to the drinks menu, including the rather wonderful Goliath Blonde, a Wallonne beer produced from natural ingredients [no additives] which is deliciously fruity and hoppy, not dissimilar to the more well-known Tripel Karmeliet. The prices of the buffet seem to have increased and it is €19.50 per person for an evening meal or €24.50 if you take the optional dessert. The quality of the food offering remains fabulous and your tastebuds are bombarded with an array of delicious flavours throughout. If you wish to sample Dolma on a lower budget it is cheaper during the lunchtime session. Highly recommended.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-16

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Service and Vibe, Good Beer

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My favourite restaurant in Brussels! - Edit

So many delicious dishes to try in the buffet!
Even non-vegetarians will love it, and everybody's stomach will just be so happy!

Pros: So delicious!, A lot of different choices to try each day from th, Very affordable

Cons: Please open on Sundays as well, and offer a brunch

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Key veg' restaurant in Brussels - Edit

Known by all the vegetarians in Brussels, it's a must.
Menu changes everyday and I have never beeen desappointed. They always have salads, soups and warm dishes.Always nicely spiced and delicious. Price include one desert as well. It's quite expensive (22 euros for dinner) but it's worth it... especially if you can eat a lot.
It's one place I can take my non-vegetarians friends knowing they will like it, and even ask to go back!

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 06, 2013

Update 01/2016:
Owner has changed in 2015. the concept stays the same (all you can eat for 19,50 euros in the evening, 24,50 euros if you have a desert). Went there with 12 non-vegetarian friends, everybody loved it. Quality is still there, atmosphere is very warm.

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dolma gastronomy - Edit

I'm going every two moths to this place in the last 10 years,
It has been take over by a young chef Vincent witch is really creative, bringing Dolma beyond a buffet into a vegetarian gastronomic place, playing with spices, with citrus and orange peels, he reshapes vegetarian food beautyfully, place is nice and friendly, service is smilefull, catering service on demand

Pros: big choice at beautyfull buffet, , gastronomycreativity and taste, lunch and dinner at gd price

Cons: very popular place, phone in the evening, you have to like buffets, public is not especially young

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Re-discovery! - Edit

I went to Dolma 5 years ago and then went back again recently. It's been revamped and looks great. Cosy atmosphere and a great selection of dishes - we were stuffed! The vegan foods were marked and the staff were on hand to help out as well. Good value for money and probably one of the best vegan options in Brussels for dinner out. Even my non vegetarian friends are planning to go back!

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Rich buffet - Edit

I went to Dolma last Tuesday for dinner with a non-vegetarian friend. The atmosphere is really nice, there's also a piano but no one was playing when we were there.

We took advantage of the buffet (all you can eat: 19.50 euros, but 24.50 euros if you want a piece of cake as well + we paid 6 euros for a 1.5 l bottle of water), very rich, but there was very little information on the various dishes. What's what? It wouldn't be too complicated to write down what's vegan and what's vegetarian, what's gluten-free and what's not...

The food was nice, some dishes better than others (I loved the seitan with mushrooms!), and the chocolate cake was yummy (better than the raspberry one).

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Rich buffet

Cons: Little information on the dishes

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Self fulfilled tummy ache :) - Edit

If you are hungry like a horse, the buffet of Dolma is what you need. The tables are filled with goodness and you can take as much as you want. I always leave the place with a self fulfilled tummy ache :)
The staff is very friendly and will be happy to explain which dishes contain animal product/gluten.
It is quite pricey though.. Maybe that's why I'm more motivated to overeat :)

Pros: Cosy atmosphere, Friendly staff, Gluten free and vegan options

Cons: Expensive

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Nice place - Edit

I thought it was pretty difficult to find a place to eat vegan in Brussels. This place was very good, excellent even, but I thought it was hard to find out which plates were vegan or not (and I speak French).

Pros: delicious food, great atmosphere, large restaurant (packed)

Cons: labeling of vegan items

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petite décption - Edit

le cadre est sympa et le prix bien qu'élevé reste OK étant donné le buffet.
le problème c'est qu'il y avait pas mal de confusion entre ce qui était vegan et ce qui ne l’était pas... la carte ne semblait pas à jour, lorsque je posait des questions, les versions étaient différentes d'un serveur à l'autre, et le cuisinier ne semblait plus etre présent pour dire vegan ou pas

bref j'ai eu le droit à:
- des bettes a la tommates vegan qui ne contenaient pas de tomate, mais des cubes soit disant de tofu ayant étrangement le gout et la consistance de la feta.
- Un serveur me disant: "ben vous pouvez prendre de cette salade, evitez juste les morceaux c'est du fromage" !!!!
- et losque je demandait si tel ou tel dessert etait vegan on m'a répondu " c'est sans lait" (je suis pas plus avancé!)

bref tout ca n'est pas très engageant quand on veux manger vegan
le pire c'est que j'ai eu le sentiment de les embêter avec mon souhait de savoir avec précision ce qui est et n'est pas vegan...

Pros: nice place, food looks good

Cons: vegan choice not clear, seems not respectfull for vegan

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Overpriced but really decent food - Edit

This place has really tasty food, but €24,50 for the buffet is expensive, no use in denying that. The drinks start at €3, which is really pricey, although they are all organic. However, the food is good, and there was so much variety! We went to Dolma on a Thursday at 8, and some of Tuesday's and Wednesday's menu items were still available, so instead of six dishes to choose from, there were at least ten, not including the extra salads. About a third of the dishes (and one of the desserts) were suitable for vegans. There were sweeter dishes with mango, but also some dishes with mustard and some delicious azuki beans, to name a few. They also served some really good quorn, an item you won't easily find in restaurants here. The desserts are delicious, I got a chocolate-nut crumble cake that was heavenly and my boyfriend got some sort of lemon tart that was light, fresh and sweet. I understand their one-dessert per person policy, if they didn't limit the dessert portions everyone would be filling up on those instead of the regular buffet.

Pros: great variety in the buffet, amazing desserts, nice atmosphere

Cons: expensive

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Not a great range of food - Edit

It was a decent price buffet, but the range of food wasn't that great. Still it tasted ok, but there wasn't much else to choose from in this city for an evening meal

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Too expensive and too few vegan options - Edit

The buffet is an interesting concept but there are too few vegan options and prices are overrated (it is tasty but we can do better at home with products from the supermarket).

I was angry because of the tofu which had been cooked in milk-cream and not soy-cream and because there wasn't any vegan dessert anymore.

The waiter explained me that Dolma is predominantly a vegetarian restaurant and not a vegan restaurant and too few clients asked for vegan dishes. I replied that in that case I didn't understand why he noticed each vegan dish with a "V" on the menu.

Pros: Buffet - eat as much as you like

Cons: Price, Location, Too few vegan option

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Tibetan buffet restaurant - Edit

This is probably the oldest and most known true vegetarian restaurant in Brussels (> 25 years). There is a daily (except Sunday & Monday) buffet -style lunch and dinner.
There is a fixed price and you can eat as much as you can from the soup of the day, the salad buffet (with lots of sprouts) and the hot meals. Vegan options are indicated with a V and there's one dessert included per person (always 1 Vegan option available).

There is a health store opposite the restaurant, open until 8PM.

The staff is friendly. Laid back atmosphere.

Reserve your table in advance as it's often full!

Highly recommended !

Pros: Quality of the food, Vegan options, Staff

Cons: Prices have been going up lately

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Nice restaurant - but not good for vegans - Edit

This is a really nice busy restaurant with a good atmosphere. However when I last went there was very little for vegans - you have to ask - and unfortunately many dishes that look vegan (and could easily be vegan) aren't.
There was no dessert option for vegans when we went at all.
It is a real shame as Brussels really lags behind other European cities in vegan eating options.
Overall I would say this is great if you are a vegetarian, but probably not worth bothering with if you are a vegan.

Pros: Good atmosphere, Good for vegetarians

Cons: Very poor selection for vegans, Difficult to ascertain what is vegan

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Awful!!! - Edit

Let's be honest, having to eat gluten free is a bummer. If Dolma is going to advertise gluten free options on their website then you would expect them to at least know what their ingredients are and what contains gluten. Hearing a staff member asking 'eerm... is there gluten in rice???... is a bit disconcerting. The owner claimed 3 options to be gluten free which were not - eg. 'it's fine, it's just nuts, it's not got any of your poison in it'.... actually, it was biscuit crumbs. If you don't know something, just be honest and admit it rather than lying through your teeth. If you're business is food and you're advertising gluten free then at least know about it!

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Did the job - Edit

It took a while to get to from the centre, but was worth a bit of a trek at least once. Lovely decor, inviting buffet. Slightly stressy staff, which was ironic given the omnipresent Buddhist theme! A bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, as the buffet was at first glance promising; then it was revealed that none of the more exciting-looking options were vegan; then it turned out the simple-looking salads and seasoned hot vegetables were bursting with exceptional flavour and left one filling well-fed after just one smallish plate. I didn't think any of the desserts (a large selection of tarts and cakes) would be vegan, but one was, and my oh my. That apple tart was something else. Desserts were strictly restricted to one per person, otherwise I would have taken one or two portions with me for breakfast! I found the atmosphere overall not terribly relaxing, perhaps the staff were having a bad day, and the fact I was sitting on my own in a high traffic area (watching people bump into the spiral staircase) probably didn't help. But I went there looking for food I could eat that would make me feel satisfied, and I found it.

Pros: Delicious, flavoursome, healthy food, Reasonable price, Very pleasant decor and soothing music

Cons: Far from the centre, Stressy staff (that night), Ovo-lacto options envy!

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Lovely food in a great atmosphere - Edit

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Dolma and would happily return.

It is a very colourful, homely restaurant, with warm wooden flooring and an interesting selection of world photography on the walls. The buffet selection is towards the front with most of the seating in a slightly raised area at the back. It was actually very busy as we went on a Saturday night but it wasn't loud and there was atmospheric lighting.

The restaurant is buffet only - Eur 18 for lunch and 22 for dinner. Considering that you can eat starters, mains and a dessert for this, I think the price is reasonable. If you are not hungry and only want a starter or dessert, you can choose something from their a la carte menu.

The buffet menu is available online in advance. There is soup (which the manager said is always vegan) with seeded bread. Last night, it was a vegetable soup which was nice and light. The salads included dolmades, lambs lettuce, bean salad, and a few which weren't vegan (radish salad, cabbage salad). For mains, I ate tofu in a sweet and creamy sauce, rice and chickpea stew, steamed vegetables and a slice of tofu and lentil loaf (all delicious). My non vegan friend also ate the other mains including a mushroom and butternut squash dish, and tempeh dish.

My only grumble was with the dessert: There was only one vegan dessert (a fruit compote with rice cream/milk) which was good but I think needed a little more sweetness. I would have ordinarily been happy with this elsewhere but in my opinion, it wasn't as tempting as the 5 non-vegan desserts on offer (apple tart, vanilla and chocolate cake, chestnut and chocolate cake etc.) My friend loved the vanilla and chocolate cake.

We also shared a carafe of lovely, organic white wine.

Pros: Atmosphere, Tasty food

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"Decent" - Edit

The idea of Dolma was a lot more exciting than the food itself. An all you can eat vegetarian buffet with Belgian/French flavors was something my wife and I thought sounded like a good evening, but when we went the first night of our trip we were told we'd need reservations, so we ended up making reservations for the next night while there. Dolma is not cheap, but it is all you can eat (but how much will you really end up eating?), so I guess that's to be expected.
The food wasn't bad. There was quiche and other French-influenced dishes, but it wasn't the best vegetarian dinner you can get in Brussels. However, the neighborhood has plenty of bars around to start (or end) the evening, and the restaurant itself is very nice.

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Great option for vegans - Edit

We went to Dolma during the last week of May and we found there to be plenty of vegan options in Dolma's daily buffet. We let the manager know that we were vegan and he pointed out all the vegan dishes, which that day, were the majority on offer. We had a choice of 5 salads and 5 hot dishes as well as 2 desserts. Everything was well prepared and tasty.

Pros: helpful staff, wide variety of dishes, good desserts

Cons: closes in July

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One of my favorite restaurants - Edit

Having grown up in Belgium, I've had many occasions to eat in this restaurant and it never failed me! It's rather cheap (even cheaper for lunch) and the food is always good!
I've brought numerous friends here including very big meat eaters who were usually quite skeptical when I told them it was a vegetarian restaurant. Well, ALL of them wanted to go back.
I usually like the concept of all-you-can-eat buffets and this one really is the best I've had so far. It includes salads, soups, different sorts of rice (and such), hot dishes and dessert. Know that you won't be limited for the actual buffet but are allowed only one dessert. But well... You'll have eaten so much already that the dessert will only be pure indulgence.
There used to be a small "a la carte" menu but I don't know if it's still the case.
Note that most things are not vegan.

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nice place - buffet, limited vegan options - Edit

Great place for vegetarians! nice buffet (hot and cold plates), changing daily.
Choice for vegans is often limited though, although Dolma now always posts the menu on FB and website so you can check in advance how many options are vegan.
Organic food shop next door.
Very friendly people.
Is a bit out of the way if you are only visiting the city center (15 minutes walk from from subway station Porte de Namur).

Pros: buffet - choice, friendly

Cons: limited vegan options, location

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Not good for vegans - Edit

I went to this place in February 2011, and it was quite a disappointment. Except for roasted potatoes there were no warm vegan options, and the salad bar was also limited for vegans. There were two vegan desserts though, but this didn't make up for it. I recommend checking the menu online before you go as they now also state which options are vegan. On the plus side the staff was very friendly, and the store next door is pretty good.

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Home! - Edit

never tried the restaurant but I go to the shop 2 or 3 times a week;
Why I like Dolma:
- delicious fresh fuits and vegetables
- plenty of choice
- the atmosphere
- the prices are affordable
- open till 8pm
- the location (near Place Flagey... and above all, near my own place -lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Worth the walk - Edit

Despite being a fast 15+ minute walk from the nearest Metro station (we'd advise you to hop on a bus heading south down Chaussee d'Ixelle) it was worth it. Good selection of fresh raw and cooked foods in lunch buffet, vegan options (which were the majority of those on offer) helpfully pointed out by staff, although no vegan desserts sadly. But what of that? - we were stuffed to the gills after a piled high plateful of the savouries each. Fuel for the long walk back ... uphill this time.

Pros: Tasty food, Interesting decor, Helpful staff

Cons: No vegan desserts, Long way from Metro

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Eat as much as you can! - Edit

Dolma is a nice place with friendly service and cool customers. The day I happenned to eat there nearly everything on the menu was vegan, so I was rather happy. It might seem a bit expensive at first, but considering that you can eat as much as you want it is really not so bad. I was quite hungry when I got there so I had three platefulls of delicious stuff and was very happy. The only minus is the desert: they were able to make a milk- and sugarfree cake but not eliminate the eggs. In fact they seemed quite determined that it was impossible to make a tart or a cake without using eggs. I'm thinking of sending them some of my vegan recipes...
In a word: even without the desert it was worth it and I'd surely go back for some more.

Pros: vegan friendly, good food, all you can eat buffet

Cons: expensive in the evening, no vegan desert options

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Nice buffet, but expensive - Edit

Dolma's buffet is simple, but tasty, with a few vegan options. Their salads are fresh, and their rice and cabbage dishes are wonderful. I just wish they had at least one main-course vegan dish; most of them seemed to be lacto-vegetarian. Also, there were no vegan desserts. Service is friendly and our waiter spoke English, wish helped. The decor is quiet and cute. Lunch buffet is 15 euros (US$21), and for dinner it's 18 euros (US$25), both of which seem extremely high, given the simplicity of the food and that it's a buffet. But pure vegetarian and vegan options are limited in Brussels, so they can afford to charge that much.

Pros: Taste, Service, Simplicity

Cons: Expensive, Few vegan main dishes

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Dolma, Brussels - Edit

1 price self serve Buffet style restaurant on Brussels Southern side. Accessed via a health food shop of the same name. There were no restaurant tables free when I went so I was given a place to eat in the bar (as were lots of others). This turned out to be very handy for the buffet. English spoken by staff very helpful in explaining to me what was suitable for vegan veggies (lots). Good value if you are looking to seriously feed up. Tasty food. The other customers were also very pleasant. Well worth a visit.

Pros: Vegen veggie options, tasty, Tasty food, self serve

Cons: Not the most central

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