Com chay Dieu Lac small restaurant on the east side of the Dap Da Bridge. Feb reported to use dairy in some drinks. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-8:30pm.

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First Review by enclaveviajera


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10 May 2023

Very tasty cheap food

Great variety and incredible value. The food was delicious. The sesame jackfruit and kimchi hotpot were standouts.



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16 Mar 2023


I really didn’t expect this place to be open, as there haven’t been any reviews since 2020, but as it was really close to my homestay I thought I would pop in. I’m so glad I did! Best vegan meal in Hue! Other places sell themselves as all fancy, or cater to the tourist market, but this is authentic eat-at-home vegan Vietnamese (and Korean!) food, and it’s delicious! Don’t be put off by the menus only in Vietnamese, that’s what Google translate is for! Cheap, yummy, lovely patient staff with big smiles. WIN, WIN, WIN.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-15

Pros: Completely vegan , Delicious , Cheap


Points +342

28 Aug 2020

Good price, excellent banh goi

Best banh goi I had in Hue


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24 Jan 2020

Tasty and local

Excellent well priced food, with lovely staff who were very patient with me even with the language barrier.


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15 Jan 2020


Very good local food - for 5 dishes (spring rolls, 2x Ban Xeo, Rice Cake with green beans and jackfruit with sesame) we just paid 90k 🙊😳 - 3,6€ for all of these and it was delicious.
Lovely people all around and a nice authentic atmosphere.


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11 Oct 2019

Very good Vietnamese vegan place !!

One of the best after 3 years in Vietnam

Pros: Inexpensive, High quality , English spoken and English Menue

Cons: Excellent food, Right at the river


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03 Oct 2019

Lovely staff, but questionable food

Lovely warm welcome from our host - my partner and I ordered the "crispy fried spaghetti" and com dia for dinner. The food arrived within 5 minutes, which was slightly questionable, and my rice plate was lukewarm (possibly sitting out from lunchtime?). When I reached the bottom of the plate, I found a dead fly buried underneath the rice...

We also ordered an order of spring rolls, which are actually fresh rice paper rolls (delicious, but not what we thought we were ordering). For 80k in total (with two soft drinks), the food was superbly cheap and plentiful, and the server lovely, but the hygiene was really off-putting.

Pros: Good vegan options, Lovely staff, Cheap food

Cons: Food hygiene , Some translation confusion on menu


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18 Aug 2019


Big portions for such a cheap price
And most importantly, super delicious

Would highly recommend


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17 Jul 2019

Très bon et peu cher!

J’ai partagé un Hot pot avec mon mari et c’était délicieux. De la nourriture en grande quantité pour 2 pour seulement 50K. Lieu à ne pas manquer!


Points +1120

13 May 2019

Good food and a cheap price

Food here was pretty good and very cheap as well would come back again

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cheap


Points +938

13 May 2019

Great staff, okay food.

The menu doesn't look appetising. I found it really hard to make a decision.
The staff are absolutely beautiful and do everything to make sure you're okay with everything. I got the mushroom tempura and a soup noodle dish and it was okay.


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07 May 2019

Amazing hot pot

Lovely little place just a short walk out of the main tourist area. The locals eating there seemed to be mainly ordering hot pot so we thought we would too. Had the kimchi hot pot for 70k between two of us and it did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous.


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23 Apr 2019

Delightful local vegetarian restaurant!!

This truly delightful restaurant is located just across the bridge from the bustling town. It’s about a 5 minutes away and it’s like entering a different universe. It’s bustling with locals and smells divine.

Food wise we were absolutely spoilt for choice. We asked someone for recommendations and were told to try the jackfruit mixed with sesame (mit tron me) and the mushroom fried with dough (nam phich bot). Both were super tasty.

We also ordered the Kimchi hot pot, which i can’t recommend enough. We were given a jug of tea to accompany our meal. It was super refreshing.

I want to say this is the best place I’ve eaten since being in Vietnam!

Pros: Lovely staff , Absolutely amazing food , Great prices

Cons: Absolutely nothing


Points +58

Mostly Veg
07 Apr 2019

Great joint favored by locals.

We enjoyed this low cost, delicious restaurant our first night in Hué. Friendly staff. Some spoke English. Provided us an English menu, but It was as updated as the Vietnamese version. Still easy to order. Lots of locals coming and going, including some that were exceptionally welcoming to us as tourists. Store front is open and it looks out over the river. So we got great views and people watching while enjoying the comfort of the overhead fan they switched on near our table. Great prices for a sit down restaurant.

Pros: Prices, Friendly staff, Good Atmosphere


Points +110

02 Apr 2019

Peaceful, happy, delicious.

This restaurant is a delight. Not too busy with customers, quiet music and helpful staff. Ate a mixed salad ( lettuce, sautéed fresh tomato and sliced tofu with a balsamic like dressing) 20,000; jackfruit with mint and toasted sesame seed 20,000; fried spring rolls 35,000. All delicious. The complimentary cold tea is refreshing and slightly sweet. Staff all happily making bun loc together in the restaurant. Also the waiter specially used his phone translator to ask if we wanted steamed rice with the meal or not.
Extensive menu.
A very clean space and lovely walk 5 minutes away from bustling downtown Hue over the river. Recommended.

Pros: Delicious, freshly prepared dishes., Good value - financially, ethically, friendly., Clean, modest, quiet space.

Cons: None.


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19 Feb 2019

Not vegan. Milk in drinks.

Ordered the bottled corn milk and found milk and condensed milk clearly listed as ingredients in both English and Vietnamese.

Pros: Probably all vegan food

Cons: Not 100% vegan.


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Non Veg
24 Dec 2018

So amazing! Best food so far!

It was so good. We had hot pot with kimchi and it filled us up so good!

And the price is phenomenal!

Pros: Vegan, Cheap


Points +18

19 Nov 2018

Very good

Very good and cheap


Points +15

Mostly Veg
18 Nov 2018


Really good, really cheap. Just do it!!

Pros: Full vegan options, Nice people , Place to be


Points +95

30 Oct 2018

small and cheap vegan restaurant

This place is right on the other side of the bridge. They do not speak much English here. Food is very cheap but super tasty. There is an English menu as well. We had the com ria, banh cuon and bun kho. All very good!!

Pros: everything is vegan, cheap, filling


Points +177

27 Jul 2018

great place

Com chay restaurant with vietnamese menu placed under glass tabletop. Had Fried mushroom dumplings which were delicious. Prices are reasonable and place looked very clean.

Pros: good food for good price, clean

Cons: Sign is somewhat hidden


Points +1615

08 Jun 2018

Great place, honest folks

Note: I’m not sure what their hours are, but they are open until at least 4pm, and probably later. I came around 3:45pm for my meal, and they still seemed pretty active by the time I left. If it’s anything like other restaurants in the area, I would guess they are open from 6 or 7am until 6 or 7pm.

Great place just a short and beautiful walk across the river from the main tourist area. I came for a late breakfast of Pho Nuoc. I really enjoyed the noodle soup. The broth was tasty with good herbal flavors, and the noodles were textured so they took up the broth really nicely.
Moreover, the women here are really nice and honest. I accidentally paid them 102,000 dong (instead of 12,000 dong) and starting walking obliviously back across the river. However, when they noticed me on the road, they immediately shouted and chased after me. It was quite an embarrassing mistake, and they were very kind to ensure I got the correct change. We had a good laugh about it in the kitchen as they were counting out the remaining bills. Reallly pleasant and honest folks.
I’d highly recommend trying this place. The food was good, it’s not too far from the main part of town, and it’s a good excuse to take a nice scenic stroll across the river.

Update: I came back in the afternoon and had Pho Kho, which was nice. It had the same noodles as the Pho Nuoc but no soup. Instead, it came topped with some tofu, herbs, and sprouts, and it was accompanied by a red sauce for pouring over the noodles. It was very nice and fresh.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-08

Pros: Honest, Nice view, Good food


Points +42

04 Jun 2018

Nice vegan food at a good price

Nice and clean vegan restaurant. The women who work there, don't speak English but you can ask for an English menu. The food is ok, you can found small dishes from 10.000 to 40.000 dong. We loved the Bánh Gói, if you have chance try it!

Pros: clean, cheap, good environments

Cons: there aren't Buffet

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