Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery

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161, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50450

Offers a buffet spread. Option for mix of salads and drinks. Some of the dishes contain milk. The public can participate in the chanting & recitation of the daily Ceremony Of Repentance Of the Great Compassion With A Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes (Guan Shr Yin Bodhisattava) 12.30pm daily at the monastery. Buffet closes at 2pm when there is chanting ceremony. Near Petronas Towers, 5-minute walk from KLCC. Open Mon-Fri 10:00am-2:30pm.

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First Review by gigi1033

So cheap and so good! - Edit

Amazing rotating spread of vegetarian (mostly vegan) dishes - I ate here four days in a row. Gets very busy 12 - 2 so if you can, go there around 11. I filled my plate up and had fresh coconut water for 7 ringgit. Highly recommend!

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Some dishes contain dairy. - Edit

I have called them and asked if everything they serve is vegan or not. The person on the phone told me some dishes do contain dairy.

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vegan paradise - Edit

one of the best - if not THE best vegan food experiences I ever had. It's set up as a vegan hawkers market and you can chose from an abundance of different dishes. The selection is amazing. It's a culinary journey through South East Asia. It totally blew me away. Highly recommended.

Pros: vast selection, cheap, interesting cultural experience

Cons: entry might be a bit hard to find

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KorShuhXian 05 Nov 2016 - Not really symbolize the whole South East Asia culinary.

It's more to:-
1) Chinese (Malaysia Chinese, tweaked China and Taiwan culinary),
2) India (Malaysia version but a little lesser spiciness than local Indians),
3) Thai
4) Korean (because they got vegan Kimchi).

Malay food (Muslims' diet) is more to must-have-at-least-chicken-or-beef-or-occasionally-mutton salty dishes. Heavily chili-based especially cili padi like the chilies are free. So, it's most probably not found in this temple's canteen.

The mock meat in the canteen consist of mock chicken, mock pork, mock prawn, mock mutton but more to Chinese or India or Thai cooking. Majority of them made with the extract of soybean, mushroom stems, wheat and so on.

I think mock oyster sauce included in cooking. This is a Chinese culinary sauce which one of the extracts are from celery.

South East Asia consist of Vietnam, Myanmar (which I really like too but they presented in non-vegan culinary where they use lots of pork) and so much more to explore.  

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Vegan Disney World - Edit

Cheap, variety and awesome cultural experience

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best restaurant I have ever been to - Edit

this is simply the best vegetarian restaurant I ever been to.
big full plate of everything and beverage for only 7 ringgit.
I went there the 15th, it was buffet.
if heaven exists, it must be here.

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Pure awesomeness - Edit

There's not much I can add that's not already been said, except the fact that I wish they had a more transparent pricing system. We got two plates of different things—first one with a drink (RM2 extra) for a total of RM6.50 and the second without for RM8.50. Seemed to me certain items, presumably the fried stuff, were priced individually. Then again, we are talking about only a few RM here, so the difference is really insignificant. Bottom line is whatever and however much you pile on your plate, it's going to be cheap cheap cheap and yum yum yum!

Pros: delicious food, wide variety, cheap

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unforgettable KL experience - Edit

I always enjoy passing through KL for a few days when travelling in SE Asia, particularly because there's no shortage of delicious, veg*n, Indian, Chinese, and Malay food on offer in this city! Lunch at this eclectic buffet, tucked behind a temple, a stone's throw (or short walk) from KLCC, has been my favourite KL dining experience yet.

My partner and visited at lunch time on a weekday, peak time for office workers from the area taking their lunch breaks. It was bustling! I personally wouldn't avoid going at this time. The more the merrier, I say. It's not like they're going to run out of food and the seating area is huge, with plenty of communal tables. The only problem with this is looking across at what other people have on their plates, and wishing you'd tried some of that as well! The buffet table is heaving, with at least 15 dishes on the day we were there. I have to guiltily admit that my favourites were the rich, oily, fake meats in rich, sweet sauces. There were some sort of crispy, fried potatoes which I also loved. Luckily there are lots of lighter, refreshing dishes of greens as well, so make sure you get plenty of those on your plate to balance it out. My partner doesn't really eat rice so he went without to save room on his plate (and in his stomach) for other dishes. I personally recommend taking rice to soak up some of the tasty sauces, even though it is super filling! Because we knew we only had time to visit once and wanted to try a little of everything, we totally overloaded our plates and over ate. I wished we'd had a chance to visit a few times and walked away less stuffed! I'd like to go back and try some of the lighter lunch options from the noodle stand and some of the others.

My partner did get a bag of cookies from the sweet stand. He took one bite and then put it on my plate. They were pretty much inedible. Tasteless and hard. Definitely not freshly baked. Give them a miss! There weren't many desert options when we went. They did have those fried balls of dough with sweet white or red bean paste inside and sesame seeds on the outside - always a winner as far as I'm concerned.

Pros: buzzing vibe, tasty food, huge choice

Cons: stale cookies

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The very first place every veg*n must visit in KL - Edit

The best place to eat in KL, without any buts and ifs. (Loving Hut might be the second choice but if you don't happen to live nearby, you usually can't spare a couple hours each day just to eat.)

It's located just across the street from KLCC LRT station (although crossing the street might sometimes be a torture when it's hot outside) and it has a lot of tasty, healthy, cheap vegan food. Of course, you can also find something on KLCC Suria mall's food court (Indian food, local vegetarian adaptations, even a pizza), but what you can get there is much cheaper, 100% vegan, and usually tastier even if cold.

For just RM3.5 (about US$1) you can have rice with any vegetables and stuff you can fit on the plate (although wasting food is discouraged -- don't help yourself too much so you can't eat it all). Stuff is usually stews and sautes with vegetables, shrooms, tofu, mock meat: usually from 10 to 20 different options, usually Chinese or Malay style (deep-fried tofu in sweet sauce was somewhat weird for my taste but even it was passable, everything else was always very tasty). Add RM1 if you want a take-out box.

Apart from that, there are some relatively cheap buns/cakes/snacks, some fresh fruits, and noodles (helpings are big so don't even try to eat both noodle soup and a full plate of rice and stuff). The only thing I miss there is fresh veggie salads; there are some Chinese-style cabbages but it's not quite like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and salad leaves...

Every month or so there is a free buffet which is not exactly as good as it sounds. Thing is the food is very cheap anyway, but when it's free, there are less options (almost no snacks and the noodle counter is closed, I think). And for those who have no money there is some free food every day (and you can also donate to that) so I don't like those days too much.

It has roof, so rain is no problem, but it's open and hence has no aircon so if you're not accustomed to local weather you might prefer eating in the malls and air-conditioned restaurants first. It closes early (I can't confirm the time in the listing, but at 1:30pm half of the stuff is gone and I don't think they cook anything after that).

Bottom line: after trying all the popular, expensive, and fancy places (Loving Hut, Simple Life, at least three different Indian restaurants) I don't want to eat anywhere else except this place. I love it.

Note that in any other Buddhist temple in Malaysia you usually can find at least some vegan food.

Pros: centrally located, vegan, tasty

Cons: open place: no aircon, it's a buffet: no custom orders, no fresh salads, almost no drinks

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Rujiroj 02 Jan 2016 - No, it is not located across the street from the KLCC LRT station, but rather in between KLCC and Ampang Park stations. Closest landmark across the street is the Corus Hotel. (I know because my home is literally directly across the street from the temple)  

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matimatik 05 Jan 2016 - Thank you for clarification, I wasn't absolutely correct, indeed — it's across the street and a couple hundred meters from the station :)  

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Good Foodcourt - Edit

The foodcourt is in the plot oft the Buddhist temple! Enger through the main entrance and continue in left side oft building! Big selection oft nice food. People speak english just ask them about the food. Its self service, you pay at the end. I Bad a good filled plate plus a drink and fruits and paid 7,50 rm

At around 12.00 it gets pretty crowded avoid if possible this time..

Pros: Big Selection, Cheap, Good

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Good food at an even better price - Edit

Tons of food options. The "chicken drumstick" was eerily similar to real meat. We also bought a bunch of cookies and two meals which came to less than $6CAD. Very impressed. Tons of seating and very bustling during lunch.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 29, 2013

Pros: Good price, Lots of food, Lots of seating

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Nobody is exaggerating : Best buffet ever - Edit

A friend who gave us the low-down on KL vegetarian food told us about this place behind a Buddhist temple within walking distance of KLCC park/mall.
We stayed 6 days in KL and ate 3 lunches at this place. There's no reason not too, there is so much to choose from you won't get everything you want the first time.
You are charged per plate, so get as much as you want (we had just come from Indonesia, where most warungs charge you by number of dishes eaten and where eating a little bit of 4 things costs more than eating a lot of 1 thing, so our first time here we weren't sure if it was the same and only got a few things, the second and third time i think I tried 10 different dishes...).
Some mock meat but also delicious vegetable dishes. Pumpkin dishes, lotus root, so many different flavors.
The old women making the steamed buns were super cute and excited to talk about the buns they were making. We tried the peanut, red bean, and lotus paste, as well as the cookies (great!) and the steamed cake (wow). All seemed to be made with whole wheat
After getting all this I think the price came to about 20 ringgit for two people, including getting steamed buns, which comes out to less than 7 USD. You cannot beat that for the flavors, the quality, the friendliness, the nice scene of lunchtime KLCC business-types mixed with Buddhists all eating while chanting is played over loudspeakers. Amazing place to eat.
Prior to eating we liked to walk the 1.2km loop of KLCC park a few loops, getting prepared for what we were about to do to this buffet...

Pros: insanely cheap, extremely cheap, friendly

Cons: none

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matimatik 14 Dec 2014 - Exactly like my experience. Thank you :)  

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One of top 3 vegan choices in KL - Edit

Buffet at lunch time (11:30 AM-2 PM, Monday-Friday, except holidays) with too many to count items, separate noodle station, separate healthy station, separate miscellaneous station, plus extra stuff to buy at the cash register.
Recommended: curry laksa with rice; BBQ mock meat; okra
Wed or Friday they do sesame balls (the specialty/miscellaneous station seems to do something different every day) also have vegan peanut butter cookies and most recently donuts-which were a real treat and are pretty awesome when you get them fresh off the fryer.
Money wise they're practically giving away the food

Pros: great food, many choices, DONUTS!!!

Cons: outside-hot, I've seen a rat running around

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Peaceful and affordable - Edit

A simple and yummy meal within a Buddhist Temple. The meal was very affordable. Lots of indignation posted on vegetarianism around the cafeteria. You can stay and listen to a dharma talk or spend some time in the reading room. Some books are available by donation.

Pros: Affordable, Peaceful, Yummy

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Cheap price, good buffet & noodles! Value for $! - Edit

I went to this place also before I became a vegetarian and was surprised at the price & variety of the buffet & on top of that they had noodles & desserts! A calm atmosphere as it's located in a Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy Temple right smack in the middle of town)

Pros: Price, Variety, Location

Cons: Parking, Closed on Saturday

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Cheap Lunch, Nice Food - Edit

I always go to this temple to have my lunch. It is really reasonable to spend a lunch there. There not only mixed rice provided, like fried mee, mee soup, nasi lemak, dessert, snack, juices....etc. Mostly I take a big plate of rice and three types of dishes and it only cost me RM3.50. I am working at KL Golden Triangle, it is a good news to those people who work at KL. It is really save: save money, safe the live and safe for your health. Although it is a temple, it open for public but Saturday is not operating. Sunday is open due to the Buddhist come to pray and also sell food as well.

Pros: Nice Food, Varieties Choice, Healthy Cuisine

Cons: More convenience for walking distance, Hard to find parking

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Excellent - Edit

a lot of choice,cheap, and beautiful temple

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The Best Buffet ever - Edit

I'm not a fan of buffets but this is a most impressive display of so many types of veggie cooking. It's incredibly cheap with amazing yummy salad options, loads of different noodle options (one had a lovely pumpkin sauce). It seems to be totally vegan as well.

Loads of different fake meat options. There was a chicken drumstick wrapped around a popsicle stick with a texture that made feel uncomfortable to consume due to it's psuedo fleshy nature. Great sauces and soups. The only down side is the rather functional cafeteria style seating and the fact that it is only open for lunch Mon to Fri.

A definate must for superb and gourmet veggie cuisine in KL.

Pros: really good value, gourmet, original

Cons: limited opening times, cafeteria style seating, only one of them need more

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KorShuhXian 05 Nov 2016 - Yea, it's a Pure Vegan by omitting these ingredient as well:-

1) Milk
2) Honey
3) Eggs
4) Garlic
5) Onion
6) Scallion a.k.a. spring onion
7) Shallot
8) Chives
9) Coriander
10) Leek

A pure vegan Buddhist diet (Northern stream).  

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Great place - Edit

This is a wonderful place to eat, though we suggest coming early. We arrived at 1:40 pm, and weren't able to take full advantage, as many items had run out. The food we did manage to eat was still fresh and delicious, with lots of wonderful options. It's sort of cafeteria style. Load up. No matter how much you take, it won't cost much. This was the cheapest meal we've ever eaten, as two of us dined with two full plates, dessert (fruit) and cocunut milk for 10 RM. No point in relating what we ate, as it changes, but it was all good. No super atmosphere here (though the temple in front is beautiful), with long metal tables, but that doesn't hurt the place. It's well worth a visit. By the way, this is about 500m walk from the Petronas towers.

Pros: food, amazing value

Cons: come early!

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