Vegetarian, organic, alcoholfree restaurant with a non-smoking terrace at the Oudegracht in downtown Utrecht. a self-evident part of mindfulness for owner and hostess Namgyal Lhamo and her Buddhist lifestyle and connection to Tibet. Menu is based on principles of sustainability. Offers a daily 2-course menu for around € 21 which includes soup, a main course, and a dessert. Each course could also be ordered separately. Large choice of non-alcoholic beverages. Opened in 2011. No wheelchair access. Open Mon-Fri 14:00-21:00, Sat 13:00-21:00. Opening hours changed to winter season. Will open on Sunday if sunny.

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First Review by Marco


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14 Nov 2023

Delicious nourishing food!

Very cute restaurant down by the canal serving wholesome food, very tasty, affordable, and filling. Staff were super friendly and adjusted the meal to be vegan :)

Thank you for an amazing meal !!



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11 Aug 2023

Nice food, nice location

We had a very filling main course, which consists of a varying selection of sauces, vegetables and grains. The food was healthy and very tasty. We had multiple sources of protein and vegetables and all for a decent price of 17,50.

Pros: Good portions, Variation within dish

Cons: Limited vegan , No vegan deserts


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26 Apr 2023

Heerlijk gegeten

Nice authentic restaurant at a beautiful location.

Note, take the stairs down, to the canal, there is the entrance.

Sweet family venture, we only had the main dish for 17.50, which was plenty. Picture of Dalai Lama in the restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-26

Pros: Location, Price, Vegan


19 Jul 2023

Thank you very much for your amazing review. We greatly appreciate it and hope to welcome you again.


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02 Feb 2023


Bezoek viel tegen, waren niet veel vegan opties en er was niet eens plantaardige melk. Restaurant kan wel een upgrade gebruiken,veel gerechten zouden makkelijk vegan aangeboden kunnen worden (zoals groente pannenkoeken, cakes) maar daar is het restaurant gewoon niet op ingericht blijkbaar.

Pros: Biologisch

Cons: Geen plantaardige melk, Weinig opties, Gerechten kunnen creatiever


19 Jul 2023

Het spijt ons dat we niet aan je verwachtingen hebben kunnen voldoen. Wij waarderen je feedback.


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22 Nov 2022

Best place in Utrecht

Werfkring is my favourite (diner) place in Utrecht. The food is great (also try the desert), the staff is very nice and you sit by the water at the Oudegracht in the city center. I live in Utrecht and I go there all the time. Try it out! Two little downsides, the inside interior is not the cosiest, and there aren't that many options on the menu, but if you sit outside and just trust the meal of the day and the classic dessert, you'll have a great time.

Pros: Food, Staff, Location outside

Cons: Location inside


08 Jan 2023

Thank you very much for your great review and we hope to welcome you soon on our terrace!


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07 Mar 2022

Wholesome and delicious, served generously

I love visiting this warm and friendly place. The people serving are always so friendly and generous. The buddhist atmosphere attracts gentle souls, and the women cooking produce wholesome meals that are nutritious and tasty. Expect a simple meal that is not extreme in any way, as food from a buddhist kitchen never is. I truly recommend this place.

Pros: Almost everything can be served vegan, Extra servings are always offered and free

Cons: Deserts are mostly not vegan


08 Jan 2023

Thank you very much for your amazing review and we hope to welcome you again soon!


Points +53

07 Mar 2022

Truly wonderful place!

This place is absolutely wonderful, definitely one of the most special spots that I know of, in Utrecht and in general. It’s a very peaceful friendly sphere. They cook something new everyday and you can order a mixed plate of the different things (usually some combo of 2 grains and different veggie stirfries/stews/sauces and salad). You can ask specifically for a vegan plate, most of the time only one of the sauces or something isn’t vegan but everything is always vegetarian. They also always have a really tasty soup of the day! Their desserts aren’t vegan yet unfortunately but she’s working on it!

Highly highly recommend! I’ve been a frequent visitor for 3 years already!

Pros: New menu everyday, Yummy vegan variety, Great portions

Cons: No vegan desserts yet (they’re coming!)


08 Jan 2023

Thank you very much for your generous en excited review. We hope to welcome you again soon!


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26 Oct 2021

Really nice place

We had a very good time there. The waitresses are so nice and friendly, really reactive and generous (they offered a second round for free for the main dish).
The place is simple but cute, close to the water. And the food is really good. Simple, but the taste is here. I don’t really understand the other reviews.. we recommend it if you like vegetarian food that it maybe not fancy but taste food and is generous!

Thank you so much, we really appreciate our dinner !

Pros: Taste good , Friendly waitresses, Close to the water

Cons: None for us !


30 Oct 2021

That m you very much for your kind review!


Points +110

19 Jul 2019

Simple, but very adequate restaurant

Vegetarian, but mostly vegan restaurant.
They serve a daily 3 course menu, but soup, main and desert can also be ordered seperately. Very cheap and a simple home cooked style meal in a simple setting.
All drinks are alcohol free!
It's not a 'restaurant' as such, but more a place for a good affordable meal.

Pros: Great homemade food, No nonsense

Cons: The waitress was not very adequate,, but got the job done


Points +1707

24 Jun 2018

I know you can do better!

Not so clean table, a mixup on a plate and No service in bringing foods or drinks. Peas where overcooked.

Pros: Nice near the water

Cons: Food is not that good


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03 Mar 2018

not great!

Sorry but this food was very old fashioned and grey! Wont be going there again!

Barney Big Ears

Points +339

16 Apr 2017

Not open at posted time

We showed up at 12:15 ready to eat but the door was locked. It seems like the restaurant was in business but nobody was there.


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05 Mar 2017

inhospitable, cold, little choice

Together with two others I entered the Werfkring, we greeted to hostess but she only looked at us and walked away.
We thought she might went to get us some menu's or sort, but she didn't come back.
The place was really cold and unattractive to eat, there were also only three dishes to choose from. So we decided te leave.

Cons: inhospitable , cold, little choice


Points +105

03 Jan 2017


The staff is nice, but the atmosphere is not that great. I went here a couple of times and one time the food was great and the other times a bit disappointing. I found it also a bit to expensive for what you get.

Pros: Nice staff, Food can be great

Cons: A bit to expensive, Quality of food not constant , Atmosphere not that great


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21 Jun 2016

If you like the basics

I went here a couple of years ago with my family for my birthday since it is pretty much the only veggie restaurant in the city centre.
But it was quite dissapointing because it lacked atmosphere and the food was also very basic (or boring..)
The food itself wasn't nesecarily bad, it was pretty much like the food I cook at home but it wasnt made presentable like you would expect at a restaurant.
Because it is situated at one of the top locations for restaurants in Utrecht I just expected much more.

So if you're in Utrecht looking for vegan or veggie food I would recommend you'd go to one of the many new, trendy veg-vriendly restaurants around the city centre. Because there are lots of them!

Pros: Basic, simple, Location

Cons: Boring, Too expensive


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15 Mar 2014

Quite dissapointed

My girlfriend and I went to this restaurant in the inner city of Utrecht. It was located by the water and the atmosphere was quite good. We had made reservations (as requested on one of the many blogs about vegan/vegetarian restaurants). The staff is glad and forthcoming and the service is good. We ordered a vegan dish. There was plenty of food to fill youre stomach, but I must say that the taste left me somewhat dissapointed. It was near to flavourless, and was "bodytemperature". The inside of the restaurant was a bit sterile. Could use a bit of background music to set a good mood :) Even though i believe in second chances I am affraid that I wont be comming back.... :(
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 15, 2014

Pros: Can make 100% Vegan, Placement my the water

Cons: No coziness, Tasteless

Dave B

Points +36

08 Jun 2013

It hit the spot

Menu as advertised? Exactly. Prepared by a Tibetan? Probably. Tibetan cuisine? Unlikely. 3 stars for satisfying, filling and reasonably priced. One more for outdoor canal side dining in perfect weather.

Pros: Portion size, tasty, price

Cons: service


Points +169

04 Jun 2013

Kind of strange but good location

Just had a simple soup for lunch. The person wasnt very friendly and didnt seem to speak much english. Soup was a bit oily.

Cons: Small menu, Not to good service


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06 Nov 2012

At the waterside

A nice and calm place at the waterside. We ate there for lunch and there is the cook who serves and does the kitchen. We asked to veganize the pancake for us and that was absolutly no problem. Our dish was filling and healthy, I never had a tibetan pancake before.
The restaurant is simple without bells and whistles. We were there in the fall, but I 'm sure there is a nice atmosphere in the summer when you can sit outside near the water!


Points +60

04 Dec 2009

hope it will always be there

Been here twice, in the middle of the city, down at the waterside. Lovely food and very nice people. Not expensive.

Pros: location, quality, price


Points +153

Non Veg
20 Dec 2006

Simple joy

We often have our dinner here. You can choose from two simple but very healthy and tasty three-course menus. The atmosphere is very special: underground in a typical Utrecht warf cellar with a Tibetan touch. In the summertime you can sit outdoor at the waterside.

Pros: atmosphere

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