English spoken and on the menu. Over 60 Chinese dishes. Directions: Trains to Lombardijen in Southern Rotterdam take 10 mins from Centraal stopping on the way at Blaak. From Lombardijen station take the Western exit and walk approx 300m along the main road. Turn 1st left over the canal and then 1st left again into Pliniusstraat. Open Mon-Sun 16:00-22:00.

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First Review by Annelies


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Mostly Veg
18 Sep 2023

Heerlijk gegeten

Al verschillende keren daar gegeten.Steeds lekker gegeten



Points +4999

24 Jul 2023

One of my favourite places

I have been here plenty of times for take away and recently visited to eat in as well which was a great experience. When we have take away it even stays warm for an hour while we drive home.
The food tastes amazing every time. Great replicas of the Dutch-Chinese take out we used to get when I still ate meat. Service is friendly as well. Really glad that I live an hour away or I would go here every week...
Only complaint is that the vegan options for dessert are made with B&J cookie dough instead of vanilla which does not fit the options they offer (e.g. lychee or ginger) and it isn't mentioned on the menu either.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-24

Pros: Amazing taste, parking in front of their door, nostalgia

Cons: Not fully vegan, still use egg and dairy for dessert


Points +573

24 Jul 2023


Almost the whole menu is vegan, they still have some dishes with egg… Great for take out or to eat at the restaurant. Tastes like any chinese restaurant in the netherlands, but then better and animal friendly!😊

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-04

Pros: Tasty, A lot of options

Cons: Not fully vegan.


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Mostly Veg
02 Apr 2023


Heerlijk om bij een gewoon ogende chinees zo lekker veganistisch eten.

Pros: snelle vriendelijke bediening, prima prijs


Points +737

01 Apr 2023

Perfect old school chinese

Do you miss Chinese restaurants? Not just the babi pangang and bami like you used to have, but the full experience? Or maybe like us, you miss the restaurant 'Soy' in Utrecht? Now you can finally stop looking. This is vegan Chinese heaven.

Pros: Good portions , Nice people, Great value


Points +180

24 Mar 2023

Best Chinese food experience!

If I have to choose my last supper, it would be here. 🤩🤩🤩 Since we have discovered this place, we are totally over the moon and became a regular guest instantly. And not only us, but also the many, many guests that come here for decades, or drive from all over the Netherlands to Rotterdam are the living proof of this fantastic place. The food is always fresh and tasty. The people are so friendly and the atmosphere is cosy. They offer both take away as well as a small dining area with an a la carte menu. Sometimes they have ‘buffet nights’. Big plus: If you have a food allergy (f.e. gluten), you can eat here safely! If you want to dine in, make sure you make a reservation upfront. It is always fully booked. Open 7/7 days a week. 🥰 Fun fact: this vegan heaven is situated between a grillroom and an Islamic butcher. 😉

Go and die happily after! 😎

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-24

Pros: THE FOOD: always a lot, tasty & fresh!!, The total Chinese restaurant experience. , The friendly and dedicated staff💗

Cons: That I can’t affort it, to eat here every day😜


Points +173

04 Jan 2023

Worth a detour outside the city centre

De Oude Plek brings back memories of my father, bringing Chinese take away when my mother was not at home. It is vintage Chinese (Dutch style, not authentic) and the whole restaurant breathes this atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, the food nostalgic and delicious and is delivered at the table very quickly. A huge recommendation!


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28 Nov 2022

All can be made vegan

Full vegetarian restaurant and all, except 2 or 3 dishes, can be made vegan. All dishes like any other Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands, but then for vegetarians/vegans.

Nice to dine in, nice to take home. It is a very good thing that I live a 35 minute drive away 🙈

Pros: Very tasty , Lots of choices, Leftovers can be heated in pan or microwave

Cons: Lots of plastic when taking out


Points +186

24 Sep 2022

Delicious food!

So much choice, such good food and very friendly personel. Great experience!


Points +138

24 Sep 2022

Simply the best

This place has awesome food. If you love vegan chinese food this is the place to be. We loved the sate and babi pangang a lot.


Points +536

22 Aug 2022

Best place to go to to get your traditional vegan Chinese food.

All the vegetarian meals can be made vegan.

Pros: They can veganize all the options., Easy parking., Traditional Chinese food.

Cons: Take-away recommended.


Points +215

13 Aug 2022

Een heerlijke zaak

Zo ontzettend lekker

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-13


Points +238

09 Aug 2022

Simply the best

Went here for takeout again. Everything we tried so far from the menu is delicious bliss! Their indoor dining area is also very cosy.

Pros: Very tasty meat substitutes, Very friendly staff, Fair prices


Points +148

03 Aug 2022

Beste Vegan Chinees 🌱

Potverdikkie wat kun je hier lekker Vegan Chinees eten…. Jummie … authentieke Chinees sfeer… ☺️


Points +120

03 Aug 2022

Go! Now!

Everything you want in one restaurant. I can write a lot but you just have to go and taste for yourself. Typical Dutch Chinese with all the favourites. Also in a nice 90" chinese design. Love it.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Far from the centre (but close to a train station)


Points +197

30 Jul 2022

Appearance is deceiving

Don't be fooled by the facade and surrounding area: this is a real gem worth visiting.

De Oude Plek holds a special place in my culinairy heart. It was one of the first restaurants where I could properly go out for diner without a hassle (or squat atmosphere) when I became vegan 20 years ago. I still regulary go here to either dine in or even for take away, even though it's an 80 km round trip by car.

I absolutely love the babi pangang and the chicken in spicy sauce. Since a while they also have proper vegan desserts (Ben & Jerry ice cream + fruit + vegan whipped cream), so now I'll either have to be starved or ask for a doggy bag...

Portions are very generous, prices are decent and the staff is super friendly! I also love to see the wide range of different customers, from old hippies to Surinamese families: it's hard not to fit in. :)

Pros: Beste babi pangang around, Big portions, big taste, small price, Super friendly staff

Cons: Not nextdoor to me!


Points +144

05 Jul 2022

Delicious Chinese food!

It's so good, try the babi pangang and you won't be disappointed. we had the babi pangang and tau si sue ngau (brown soy slices with black bean sauce) and both were very good. together with a few tsing tao beers a delicious meal. very friendly and helpful staff. their is even vegetarian squid on their menu. and vegan icecream. it all says vegetarian on the menu, but almost all food is vegan as well. ask to make sure.


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24 Jun 2022

Heerlijk vegan chinees eten

Als je van Chinees eten houdt en vegan bent, is dit hét adres.
Wij komen hier al jaren en het eten is echt superlekker.
Het is dat je weet dat er geen vlees in zit, anders merk je het niet eens denk ik.

Pros: Zalig eten, Lieve bediening, Niet zo duur


Points +1663

16 May 2022

Old school, new recipe

If you have been raised in Europe, you may have eaten at Chinese restaurants. They serve specially tailored food that’s based on Chinese cuisine but adapted for the European palette. This is combined with a unique atmosphere inside the restaurant with cheesy decoration and Chinese music blaring from the speakers.

At “De Oude Plek” in Rotterdam you can relive this experience, but this time in vegetarian or vegan style. The decoration hasn’t changed for decades, nor has the service. A Chinese person will take your order, bellow something incomprehensible into a window to the kitchen and some minutes later your food will be served.

And just like in the old time it cheap and plentiful. We went for “menu A” which consists of fried rice (not nearly as oily as in other Chinese restaurants), vegetables (roughly chopped), sate (fake meat on a stick in peanut sauce) and a mystery container with slices of fake meat in sweet and sour sauce. The latter was our absolute favourite because it was the richest in taste and texture.

All food is so authentic and rich in taste, that any meat eater would be fooled by “De Oude Plek”. In fact, we simply had to trust the chef that it was really vegan because it tastes exactly like the real thing. And just like in the old days, the servings are so plentiful that we had left overs for the next day. The only difference: we didn’t feel bloated the next day because of any excess oil or fat.

In short: if you want food that’s rich in taste and high in nostalgic value, do visit “De Oude Plek”. With regards to covid, they may only be available for take out, but that only makes it more of a sentimental journey!

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-16

Pros: tasty!, highly original menu, Can by reached / parked by car!

Cons: lots of fat and oil


Points +60

19 Dec 2021

Ouderwets lekker

Veel vegan opties!!
Van wegen C konden we niet blijven eten dus een ophaal menu gekozen (menuA). Helaas was deze niet 100% vegan maar werd meteen geregeld toe ik aan gaf vegan te eten.

Wat was het weer ouderwets lekker, bijna zo als ik het mij herinnerde uit de tijd dat ik nog vega was

Zeer warme aan rader!!
Dit menu voor 2 was ruim genoeg voor 3

Pros: Heerlijk en veel eten, Veel vegan opties, Zeer goed betaalbaar

Cons: Niet in de buurt van mijn huis, wel omrijadres ;)


Points +43

29 Sep 2021


Almost everything is vegan, except the egg-dishes like Foe Yong Hai. Really loved everything we had, especially the Babi Pangang and tomatosoup! Great service and very friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29

Pros: Many vegan options, Amazing taste, Friendly staff


Points +118

26 Sep 2021

Lovely Chinese food

Great menu, great tast! I love their satey, tomatosoup (very sweet), Babi Pangang, "chicken pineapple"...well it's all good ;)

Pros: Tast of the food, Lovely people, Lots of choices on menu

Cons: They don't deliver...please go deliver :)


Points +1625

06 Feb 2021


So so good! I love "Dutch Chinese" food and miss it quite often since going vegan - the veggie options don't tend to be great. But this restaurant is the exception: fantastic meat substitutes, sauces, spices, tastes just like "the real thing". My non-veg friends & family agree which is always a good sign! Highly recommend.


Points +148

01 Nov 2020

Nog nooit zo enthousiast geworden van Chinees!

Heerlijk gegeten!

Pros: 100% vega restaurant (maar meeste is vegan), Veel keuze, Lieve eigenaresse

Cons: Bezorgen niet


Points +21

31 Aug 2020

Great food

I just found out this restaurant is almost next to my house. Ordered there twice! Good food, quick service. Loved it!


Points +39

14 Jul 2020

Vega Chinees!

Zeer uitgebreide kaart compleet vega!
Erg goede vleesvervangers.
Ook voor vleeseters de moeite waard.
Uitstraling is als een eenvoudige authentiek Chinees restaurant.

Wel behoorlijk ver van 't centrum van Rotterdam. Wij namen de watertaxi en hebben daarna gelopen, maar je parkeert er gratis voor de deur.
Bezoek is zeker de moeite waard.

Pros: Uitgebreide kaart. , Snelle correcte bediening. , Alles vega, dus niet perongeluk toch vlees.


Points +16

21 May 2020


It's like the traditional Chinese restaurants in NL that you remember. But plantbased. Its exactly as you remember it. It even applies to non vegans so you can take your family.
The buffet is 100% Vegan. The menu is labelled vegetarian so you need to ask to be sure.

Pros: 100% Vegan buffet

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