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Serves meat, vegan options available. Ethiopian food typically offers some vegan suitable choices. Under the vegetarian section, all dishes without cheese are vegan and the ones with cheese can possibly be made vegan; ask your server. White tablecloth set-up. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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18 Reviews

First Review by cookiem


Points +2076

25 Mar 2023


I love das! Get the veg sampler platter--everything is full of flavor. Some of the best food around



Points +737

16 Jan 2023

Would Go Again

Slightly more upscale than other Ethiopian places in DC
But the service, ambience and food made the higher cost worth it.


Points +1652

16 Jan 2023

Solid and delicious

Their vegetarian options are all inherently vegan.

Excellent food, service and atmosphere. The spiced tea is also really really good.

I love fine dining woth low light and candles, cloth linens and attentive service.

They have gluten free injera as well 😋

We tried the mushrooms, the vegetable platter and another order of the red lentils. That was enough for two hungry vegans.

Definitely recommend and will want to come back next time in DC.

Pros: Vegan options , Gf injera , Attentive staff


Points +125

19 Sep 2022

Great Ethiopian food!

The vegetarian sampler was great and the bread was SO good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-18


Points +237

21 Aug 2022


I got the vegetarian sampler which was amazing! I ordered to-go but the restaurant ambiance appeared lovely


Points +184

27 Mar 2022


First time having Ethiopian food and pleasantly surprised! Many vegan options. Very fresh and delicious! Server was super friendly and helpful as well! Will definitely return. Highly recommend!


Points +140

27 Feb 2021


I’ve been to this restaurant several times and the food has been consistently delicious. I always get the veggie combo to have a taste of everything. They also offer vegan appetizers which are delicious! The service is consistently great.


Points +100

28 Aug 2019

No Utensils!

Took my 10 year old after picking her up from school. Definitely not a little kid place but since we went early, there was no one there and the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. My kid really enjoyed being able to draw on the white paper on top of the table and earring with her hands was a huge positive!

Pros: Eating with your hands, Vegan

Cons: Expensive


Points +159

10 Apr 2019

Incredible spicing

I've been to a lot of Ethiopian restaurants in the USA and this one is special. I LOVED the eggplant and all the bean dishes. They are very good about separating dishes for vegetarians. Get the assortment platter!

Upscale-ish decor. Make reservations if you can during dinner. Small patio overlooking M St. Excellent service and the owner checked in on us. Best for a slow meal to enjoy, not a quick lunch. Easy access on the free Circulator bus.

Pros: Delicious complex flavors , Lots of variety , Smells divine inside

Cons: A little expensive but absolutely worth it


Points +87

29 Mar 2019

Cute restaurant

Definitely recommend.

Pros: Delicious food, Outdoor dining, Variety of options

Cons: Hostess was rude, Angry DC drivers mar patio dining


Points +2712

01 Jul 2018

Tasty but pricey

Ethiopian food is one of my favorite cuisines because of how delicious and flavorful vegan options are. DAS did not disappoint. I ordered 3 orders of the vegetarian sampler for the two of us and everything was absolutely delicious! The sampler is definitely the way to go, because I think part of what makes Ethiopian food so wonderful is that you customize it by mixing and matching different flavors as you roll the different dishes up in the amazing injera (bread/tortilla thing you eat food with). The spicing for every dish on the sampling plate was great, with nothing under or over spiced. Some things had a wonderful spicy aftertaste, but nothing that made your mouth burn and eyes water. Also, nothing was too greasy. In one word: scrumptious. I would certainly return for another delicious meal. My only criticism is that the portions are quite small for the prices. Ethiopian food is generally quite inexpensive (just lentils and veggies after all) and and generously portioned. Here I had to order 3 portions to have enough for 2 small females. We don’t have huge appetites, and yet a single portion was not nearly enough. The prices are also a bit too high for what it is in my opinion, so I agree with reviewers who mentioned that you’re paying for nicer decor. Service was also not great. Waitresses were not very attentive, which proved frustrating. Overall, though, I do recommend this place.

Pros: Tasty, Well seasoned

Cons: Expensive , Small portions , Bad service


Points +78

21 Mar 2018

Ethiopian Food is SO Underrated

The vegan food here is off the charts. This might have been the best meal I've ever had. All the flavors were so deep and rich... you really have to try it for yourself.

I got the veggie platter which was, admittedly, way too much food for one person for dinner. But it was way delicious. 'Can't recommend this place more.

Pros: most incredible food, classy environment, Did I mention the food?

Cons: It can get a little noisy due to the layout


Points +88

11 Feb 2017


Was really happy with the selection and the food tasted delicious! Would definitely come back!


Points +120

21 Jan 2017


Recommend. So much fun. Filling, tasty and healthy. Lots of vegan options, most vego ones were.


Points +824

30 Dec 2016

Ethiopian food + white table cloths and higher prices

The DC area is known for Ethiopian food. Do you have out of town guests who want to try Ethiopian food, but you know they would prefer white table cloths? Then DAS Ethiopian is for you. And this is a genuine need! I’ve been once: when out of town work colleagues were visiting and requested that we have them try Ethiopian. It was good, and there were vegan options. But there are so many awesome Ethiopian places in DC, all of them cheaper, that you may as well eat it somewhere else if you’ve got no one to impress with fancy ambiance. The higher price is really just paying for that ambiance.


27 Feb 2017

Yes about the out-of-town guests! I brought my parents here when they visited... they're from the midwest and had never tried anything like Ethiopian. I didn't want to take them to a hole-in-the-wall place, in fear of scaring them off. DAS was the perfect choice!


Points +62

19 Sep 2016

great tasting vegan options

I was a bit concerned at first about accurate the vegan options would be. But they pass my vegan inquiry and understanding quiz. The flavors r great. The service is great. And the experience new and different. I recommend the vegan sampler plate.


Points +348

19 Dec 2014

Interesting and unique experience

Absolutely delicious. The pricing of items are quite odd, as a sharing platter which can feed up to three people is priced reasonably, but for a bowl of spicy lentils at nearly $9 doesn't quite add up.
The mushroom starter was lovely. And yes, by the way, there is no cutlery, the experience is hands on, you eat by using this type of bread to grab the ingredients, but can be an issue if some ingredients are like liquid.
Also, do not forget your ID, as I haven't been asked for my identification in years, I completely forgot and I'm nearly 30.
Had a lovely cinnamon vanilla rooibos tea to finish.
The ambiance is very relaxing, could easily lay back for hours at this place and the staff are very friendly.

Pros: Delicious food, Caring staff, Ambiance

Cons: Don't forget your ID even if you're 30+, For people who like cutlery, it's not for you


Points +5837

22 Jan 2014

Vegan-friendly not wallet-friendly

I'm the first to jump for joy for Ethiopian food - the delightful vegan-friendly fare of stewed veggies and legumes scooped out atop a fully injera-coated platter and served with more injera on the side. However, I am not enthusiastic about prices for a vegetarian sampler that nearly double the standard price around town. I will add that this restaurant must keep up with the proverbial Joneses, so because of the GTown location, rent may be higher, expectations snobbier and more attention needed overall to ambiance, but does that justify the price: flavor ratio? I am not sure.

The food tastes good, but it does not excel above any other place I can think of. The menu is clearly marked for veg*n choices, and unlike any other Ethiopian venue around town, they advertise and have cauliflower. Still, I don't feel the need to trek out here again just for the Ethiopian when for about half the price, I can get better food with larger portions.

If you want to impress out of town guests who have high standards for linens and Western-style decor, ok, I guess this is for you.

If you have a budget and are hungry, this place is probably best avoided.

Pros: Cauliflower, Well-marked menu, Table presentation/ ambiance

Cons: Small portions, High prices

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