다전 at 부산진구 신천대로62번길 61, 부산광역시, 614-846, 대한민국 located on 4th floor is a Korean food cafe & tea house. Reported to close earlier than stated times, check ahead. Reported open October 2023. Entrance under the big sign that says ‘Songo’ and on the top floor. Open Mon-Fri 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm. Last orders 8:00pm. Hours reported to be irregular - call ahead.

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First Review by dan&mia


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29 Nov 2023

Homely hidden gem

Delicious vegan food in a homely setting, with only one very hospitable lady working. We had dumplings, vegan chicken and vegan steak. Each meal was delicious and exceeded our expectations. Side dishes were provided as extras which were also very tasty. I would return to this cafe if I ever return to Busan!

Pros: Vegan , Many options

Cons: Difficult to locate , On 4th floor up flights of stairs



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11 Nov 2023

Huge portions of great food

Lovely homemade food for a really reasonable price. Huge portions with many side dishes.


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02 Nov 2023

Best restaurant in town

Cute place with many dishes to choose from. My favorite was the ramen with dumplings. I have been there almost every day during my week in Busan.


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25 Oct 2023

Dinner at Dajeon

We had the menu for 2 people and shared dumplings. Really enjoyed it anf it was plenty!

Pros: Food selection, Taste was great

Cons: Kind of hidden


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12 Oct 2023

Great Korean Food Experience

We had the Set for 2 and it was really good.
It could have been more seasoned (especially the soup and tofu), but thats just my taste.
The woman was alone and prepared the meal herself. I heard the microwave in the kitchen and was a little bit afraid that our dishes wouldn't be fresh. But they were.
The service was nice and friendly.

Pros: Affordable, Delicious, Nice and cozy atmosphere

Cons: Microwave, Missed seasoning


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06 Oct 2023

Great Korean vegan food

We ordered the set meal for two and it was fantastic and affordable (15,000 each). It’s so great to be able to try all the Korean food and know that everything is vegan. It was closed the first night we were in Busan but we went back the second night and it was open. We will be going back again!

Pros: Great Korean food, Good value for money , Affordable

Cons: Hard to find, Lights not working on the stairs up to the restaur


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29 Sep 2023

Delicious food

One of my favorite meals in Busan. We had the chicken, bibimbap and dumplings - everything was delicious. The banchan were lovely.


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Mostly Veg
26 Sep 2023

Good food and cozy place

Good food , open in September 2023 , quiet and cozy place.


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23 Sep 2023

Great vegan Korean food

We shared the 2 person plate and it came with a lot of variety of dishes and all very tasty. We enjoyed trying local cuisine at its best!

Pros: Great food, Nice atmosphere , Generous serves

Cons: Quirky location


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07 Sep 2023





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02 Sep 2023

Affordable and Delicious Korean Food

This restaurant is run by one woman and is located on the top floor of a building right in the city center.
The menu wasn’t that huge but the food totally made up for that. It was so delicious the first time that I actually came back immediately the next day to try even more of the menu!

The only slight dissatisfaction I had was firstly the furniture, which was slightly out of place and secondly the music that was playing - a 2010s American Pop playlist - which made the vibe kind of strange.

But if you aren’t bothered by such thing I would definitely recommend you checking out this vegan restaurant!

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Owner, Affordable

Cons: Furniture, Music


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16 Aug 2023

Delightful Vegan Experience!

I opted for the menu and a blueberry smoothie at this vegan restaurant. The food was incredibly tasty, and it was wonderful to experience authentic Korean flavors in vegan form. While the dishes were a highlight, the lack of atmosphere was a bit disappointing; however, we were likely the only ones there due to an impending typhoon evening. Despite that, the culinary experience was fantastic, showcasing the best of vegan Korean cuisine.

Pros: Vegan menu


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14 Aug 2023

Delicious authentic meal

Super quick service, great price and very tasty food. Lots to eat as well so very filling


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16 Jul 2023

Food was fine

Our meals here were good enough. The bulgogi was good. Not particularly wowed but the lady was friendly and we were happy to get some decent vegan food!

Pros: The lady was friendly , Well located , Nice dumplings

Cons: Not many options


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29 Jun 2023

Great Korean vegan meal

The restaurant was open (we went on June 28, 2023) - and happy we took a chance to find it. Look at the photos someone else posted here earlier and you will find it at the rooftop. Great food, not expensive for European standards and so good to have a great (and large) dish after so many snack evenings since we didn't trust the food. Go there! We had the full menu (15K won each) and worth every won. Smoothies were great too.

We went again the next day for another meal (the wheat 'meat' meal) and loved it again!

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-28


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05 Jun 2023





Pros: 餐點美味, 純素VEGAN👍👍👍, 飲料好喝

Cons: 位置有點微妙, 只有樓梯沒有電梯


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02 Jun 2023


I enjoyed my meal here, though generally found it a little standard and on the plain side. But still, it was nice! Particularly enjoyed the kimchijeon


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28 May 2023

good value for money

We took the menu for 2 people. It's good and service is fast. Portions are enough.


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27 May 2023

Best Traditional meal! 2 person menu is a must!

Tldr; greatest traditional style vegan restaurant, everything was delicious, plentiful, fresh and clean.

Finally, a vegan Korean restaurant that serves the traditional full table meal, with all the sides, that actually tastes good and is clean/hygienic.

We've been tricked a few times by this website, and we dreaded going here, fearing we'd get another horror show. Thankfully this place deserves all the praise.

This is another "one woman show" restaurant, and this one seems to be running flawlessly by the owner. She manages to keep everything clean, even though the place is quite spacious.

There were many vegan options to choose from, and the menu needs some clarity, because if not for the great review by "winecoop" posted here, we would have missed the full table meal.
The menu meal which states more than 2 people actually means 2 and more. So we picked that.

It included a main dish of bulgogi style wheat meat, a kimchi fried pancake, tofu slices, fried dumplings lotus steamed rice and some small sides and soup.

The wheat bulgogi was divine, and I'd honestly get a double serving of it next time. Lotus rice was the best we tried. The pancake was great, finally one that was not deep fried and soggy from oil. Good dumplings, delicious and fresh sides. Really enjoyed the sour perilla leaves. Soup was great.

We ate to our hearts content and were very satisfied. Drinks were also very good. I tried a sweet potato latte and my wife had a fruit smoothie.

We wanted to return again, but the operating times never flowed well with our schedule.
It sometimes closes before if she runs out of supplies, so make sure to get here mid operating times or maybe contact by phone.

The best traditional style home cooking restaurant. It's just great all around, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a vegan version of classic Korean dishes or just to have a good meal.

Pros: Awesome food, Good drinks, Hygienic


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27 May 2023

Great korean food!

Had some ramen and dumplings! Im definitely trying to squeeze in another visit before I leave Busan. I was sad I wasn’t able to have the group menu as it looked delicious.

The owner was kind and the place was lovely.


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26 May 2023

Hidden gem

I was able to find this place thanks to the previous reviews and I'm glad I did! 🙏 The food was incredible, we had the traditional set meal (15000 won per person) and there was so much food we couldn't finish it all. The restaurant is homey and comfortable, definitely a great place to have a home-cooked meal.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-26

Pros: All the side dishes are vegan 😭❤️, Pretty cheap, Rooftop seating options


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15 May 2023

Not easy to find but so worth it

We had some ramen and "chicken": really really good !
Also the lady is super nice and the place very cute :)


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12 May 2023

A Busan must

Food was super fresh and service as always in Korea - friendly and quick. Finally some vegan kimchi 🙏🏼🥲

Lots to pick from on the menu and reassuringly all vegan. Definitely worth the visit. Well priced and good sized portions


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29 Apr 2023

On the 4th floor, hidden away, but worth a trip.

Opens at 12:00 and fills up pretty quickly. The dish for ‘more than 2 people’ was amazing. So good! On the menu it says it’s for ‘more than’ 2 people, but 2-or-more is what it means. South Korea vegan restaurants often seem to be one-woman-shows. This is no exception. Stuck away on the roof of the building you will find this very cozy restaurant. You won’t accidentally find this restaurant so Happy Cow comes in handy. Although we also came across a couple who looked on Google Maps for a vegetarian restaurant. This place is 100% vegan, so no worries!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-29

Pros: The chef is great , Cozy, Great food


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16 Apr 2023

Nice Cafe

Thanks to the picture on this profile we found the hidden entrance and got to the restaurant on the 4th floor. Small menu but every options simply sounds great. We had the steamed dumplings and the dumplings ramen. Both were really delicious and it’s soo affordable!

Pros: Delicious , Great value for money, Kind owner


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15 Apr 2023


Nice food. We had a bit of trouble finding it. But look for the entrance in the photo attached.

Google maps link here

82 51-808-6363, 61 Sincheon-daero 62beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea&ftid=0x3568eb70526cfce3:0xae859cb6618c7a09&hl=en-AU&gl=au&entry=gps&coh=176814&lucs=47067413&g_st=ic

Do try the plum tea!! Divine

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-15

Pros: Vegan!!!!!, Yummy, Lovely lady who serves

Cons: None


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14 Apr 2023

Good vegan spot centrally located

Yummy food! The vegetable and dumpling ramen was good and came with a side of tofu, kimchi shredded radish, and rice

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