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Serves meat, vegan options available. Italian restaurant offering labeled vegan options including a tofu burger, pasta and pizza. Located near the AO hostel and the Mestre train station. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-00:00.

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First Review by DianaEscalante


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03 Dec 2023

I should have gone for a pizza or pasta

It's busy here. Lots of people and noise.

Ordered and got my dish within seven minutes (record?). When I got my burger, I realized why. I remember my first time frying tofu. No marinade at all. No salt or pepper. Raw tofu is not cool. Tasteless. Massive burger though. There was some vegetable burger in there too, which tasted ok. Otherwise just lots of bread and badly fried vegetables. A basket of fries on the side.

I should’ve gone for a pizza without mozzarella or some vegan pasta.

Pros: Big burger, Lightning-fast service

Cons: Tasteless burger



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Mostly Veg
17 Oct 2023

Tofu burger

Few vegan options, but I don't need many choices, just delicious choices that I am in the mood for - and today it was a burger. The tofu burger was like like 2 burgers in one, and was huge. Grilled tofu slices and a vegetable patty with a load of grilled mixed vegetables on a sesame seed bun. Definitely too large to handle and take a bite from - knife and fork needed. I left most of the bun so that I could eat the tasty crispy fries. 😉

Pros: Fresh ingredients , Flavor, Crispy fries


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01 Jul 2023


Such a big burger never have i ever not finished a burger but this was massive. It not only had tofu but also some sort of vege patty and roasted vegetables, chips were so crunchy


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18 Jun 2023

Clearly Labeled Allergens

When you sit down, they hand you a tablet that has their menu listed. Each food option has an "allergen" side bar which you can click to see what that food contains. This was extremely helpful and made ordering easy for us! We ordered a pizza without cheese and pasta w a ragu sauce. A good place if you're wanting pizza or pasta!

Pros: Big Portions , Friendly Staff


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30 May 2023

Big place

They got some vegan options but not worth the price

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-30

Pros: They know what's the word vegan mean, Central location, Lot of space

Cons: Expensive for the quality , Stuff to busy as the place is big


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27 Feb 2023

Superb Marinara

The Marinara pizza was to die for. Had to have it twice during my stay.

Pros: Superb Marinara pizza, Cheap, Friendly staff

Cons: Menu items not marked vegan


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31 Jan 2023

A Great Italian Restaurant for vegan and non-vegan options

Staff were friendly, all spoke good English, it was very vibrant and busy and had a great atmosphere

I had the spaghetti pomodoro (make sure to ask for no cheese just incase)

The seving size was very satisfactory and came out quickly, also had great wine and beer choices

My non-vegan partner was very impressed and pizzas looked amazing, 100% reccomend coming here especially when with non vegan friends who want more options of good Italian food.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-08

Pros: Pasta, pizza and vegan burger option


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05 Jan 2023

Pizza was ok

They don't have it clear what options are vegan - only to find out that they don't have any - so you have to ask to have the pizza without cheese. Despite that one of the pizzas that we ordered had mozzarella on it.
Pizza itself was ok, nothing special. Regular sized pizza was for 9,5€ and big one for 11,5€.

Pros: Friendly English speaking staff

Cons: No specifically vegan options


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30 Nov 2022

Good pizza

I had to ask mine without cheese but still worth it. Fresh ingredients

Pros: Cheap, Quick, Good portions

Cons: Not vegan options


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29 Sep 2022

Noice 🤌

A good little spot opposite Mestre train station (right next to FlixBus stop). The pizza is massive so it will keep you full on your journey. I found the vegan options a little hard to find—the veggie pizza is under “white pizzas” on their menu.

Pros: Massive pizza

Cons: Tablet menu makes vegan options hard to find


29 Sep 2022

Also! They let me park my fully loaded touring bike against their bay windows and gave me a table with a good view on it. This meant that I could eat in peace 😌


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25 Sep 2022


Not many options, I had spaghetti pomodoro. A bit simple and not very nutritious, but it did taste amazing

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-25

Pros: English speaking


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21 Sep 2022

Not first choice

They have two vegan pizzas, one cheap and one more expensive. They are gigantic so you'll definitely not go home hungry. However, they are very oily and I felt very heavy after eating there.
I didn't like the restaurant either and only went there because the vegan restaurant, I wanted to go to, was closed.


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19 Sep 2022

Pyszna wegańska pizza

Super, ze jest opcja dla wegetarian i wegan. Dostępne alergeny, łatwo można sprawdzić.

Pros: Tanio, Szybko podane , Piekny lokal i miła obsługa


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23 Jul 2022

Great vegan pizza for cheap!

Had the Marinara pizza, it was €6 massive and delicious ☺️

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-23


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07 Jul 2022

Tasteless burger and rude service

Their tofu burger was the most afwul burger I have ever tasted. It had no flavours or spices at all. Just little bit of salt and pepper here and there. Chips were great tho but they doesn’t compensate the whole meal. I kindly mentioned about the burger to one of the employees but response was rude and cold. I didn’t get any apologies at all. Definitely would not recommend.


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20 Jun 2022

Was the perfect quick meal after a hungry 6 hour train.

tasted very fresh. was massive too

Pros: Amazing crust , good, fast service , cheap

Cons: Not a lot of vegan options


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11 Sep 2021

Good pizza

Pizza was tasty, crust was super good and the toppings were fresh. I had a pizza with veggies. They also sell a vegan burger, Didn't eat it.

Pros: Close to the trainstation in Mestre

Cons: Limited options


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04 Aug 2021

This deserves a 5 star rating.

Best marina pizza I’ve had in all of Italy 🙌🏽 stayed in mestre for a week and ate here everyday. Hard to find vegan spots in Venice so this was a pleasent surprise. The Marina pizza is amazing must go if you are In the area.

Pros: Other vegan options , Right by train station


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25 Jul 2021

was ok

There are not many vegan options in this area so I tried the pizza twice. First time they had put some kind of radicchio pesto as a base on the pizza, that was so bitter.. the pizza dough was super good, but the bitterness was to much for me so I tried on the second day a tomato based pizza. Unfortunately it was also bitter, not so much, but bitter. I told that the restaurant and I hope they improve there vegan options!


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20 Sep 2020

Good experience

Very good pizza, I had the vegetable one without cheese.


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20 Oct 2019

Vegan was okay

Went here two nights in a row, ordered the Vegeteriana Pizza without Mozzarella and Parmesan to make it vegan and it was pretty good no complaints. Got the ‘Burgervegan’ the next night and wow, honestly the most spicy food I’ve ever eaten, it actually hurt my mouth and I had to take the top of the bun off because that’s where the ‘spicy sauce’ was and I just cut it up and ate it that way. It wasn’t really anything special though, there wasn’t really any whole taste, the tofu was just like out of a packet and cooked not with any sauce or flavouring or anything like that. Definitely ask for the burger without the ‘spicy sauce’ if you are even the tiniest bit sensitive to spice.


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02 Sep 2019

Veggie pizza was delicious

Ordered their vegan pizza which uses vegan mozzarella and was packed with delicious juicy toppings!!! The only downside was that it was SUPER oily, like dripping as i ate.

Pros: They have vegan mozzarella , Not expensive , Good service

Cons: Oily af

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