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328 East 14th St (at between 1st & 2nd Ave, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10003

Small diner serves breakfast all day, diner type food, sandwiches, and vegan cakes. Reported closed to HappyCow.

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First Review by Bill K

American comfort food for veggies - Edit

I checked out Curly's whilst on holiday in NYC as I love the occasional bit of stodgy comfort food (who doesn't?), but it can be hard to find, with me being veggie and my partner vegan.

I was very excited my the extensive menu, all of which can be made vegan. I opted for a chili cheese burger and fries, and my partner went for a vegan cheeseburger and fries. The burgers were good, and huge... neither of us finished our meal! I can highly recommend the shakes as well. If I lived in NYC I'd be a regular.

Pros: Great menu, Vegan options on everything, Cheap

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1st timers- Aaaahmazing! - Edit

My boyfriend, his 8 year old daughter and myself went to Curly's for the first time today! Everything was amazing!!! We always order way too much to eat when visiting a new vegan place! We ordered the soy chicken nuggets and half ribs as an app. The nuggets were so tender and delicious! Our little one could not get enough of them! The ribs were good too. I had the Chicken bacon ranch and my boyfriend had the crabfakes. Even though I could barely breathe from eating so much, I honestly could not put my sandwich down! It was so flavorful and fresh!!! The curly fries with gravy and daiya topped it off. I could have drowned myself in them! =0) I can't wait for our next trip to the city so that I can try everything else Curley's has to offer!oh yeah, My boyfriend told them it was my birthday and they brought out a slammin' piece of red velvet cake... to say the very least, I need a nice food-coma nap!!! Thanks for everything, Curly's!!! You made my birthday perfect!!!

Pros: super friendly staff, anything can be veganized!

Cons: i live two hours away... =0(

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Disappointing - Edit

I went here for brunch during my trip to NY. I had been looking foward to it, after reading so many great reviews. I wanted a "real" veganized american brunch, so I opted for the plate of pancakes, with tofu bacon, and other things (was it maizena?). When my plate arrived, it had only 3 huge pancakes. I asked the waiter about the other stuff marked on the menu, and he said they were all chopped up and put in the pancake mix. I couldn't finish my pancakes, which were very thick and stodgy. The other items were indeed in the pancakes, which ment I'd come across something smocky or hard while eating them, with my fruit and syrup. I didn't enjoy my meal at all, and headed straight to the Cowgirl's cafe when I left, for a vegan doughnut.

My boyfriend found his none-vegan meal only ok, but the curly fries were over cooked and more like chips.

We did however enjoy the original idea of giving everyone crayons to draw on the paper table cloths, and the drawings hung on the walls.

Pros: original decorations

Cons: stodgy pancakes, food in general, over cooked fries

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Great vegetarian/vegan brunch place - Edit

Curly's offers up vegans the opportunity to eat all the brunch/diner food that they once gave up. Great atmosphere, massive portions (leads to a lot of food waste, unfortunately) and many options. There can be a really long wait on the weekends, especially around noon.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good value, Small

Cons: Portions are too big, Long waits

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give me pizza fries, or give me death - Edit

Please order the vegan pizza fries when you go to Curly's. I could have just ordered them and been happy. It was a huge bowl filled with curly fries and topped with marinara and daiya cheddar (I think it typically comes with teese mozz, but I'm not a fan of their mozz flavor, so I requested the cheddar and LOVED it!) I also enjoyed the creamsickle drink drizzled with chocolate. I order the blue plate special, chili cheeze corn doggies, and wish I hadn't. The waitress had made several other recommendations, and I should have listened to her, but I was a little seduced by the complete junk food nature of this plate, and had to order it. I just didn't like it. I am not sure which type of hotdog was used, but I didn't like whatever it was, and the chili was just ok. I think the waitress was trying to steer me away from it (although she did say that the plate gets good reviews) but I was set on it anyway. Oh well. The pizza fries more than made up for it. My brother enjoyed the fauxphilly cheese steak and his friend enjoyed the buffalo style salad. They ordered regular cheese, so I didn't get to sample them. Overall a good experience with really terrific staff, but I will not go for the chili doggies next time.

Pros: pizza fries, good variety, friendly staff

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My father and I are from Boston and were visiting NYC for the weekend and were dying for a good vegan brunch. We found Curly's online and thought that it sounded like exactly what we were looking for. And it was!!

I got the vegan Huevos Rancheros (salsa verde style) with curly fries and my dad got the vegan Slumberjack breakfast (pancakes, tofu scramble, sham & homefries). All I can say is YUMMM. The portions were HUGE and the food was so tasty and satisfying.

In order to try as much food as possible in a short period of time, we each ate 1/2 our meals and then switched. It was a great idea. It gave us enough energy to walk the streets of NYC and shop all afternoon without getting hungry again until dinner time.

As many previous reviews have said, the homemade infused lemonade is a must! I had the blackberry infused one and I would definitely get it again. Another benefit to this little restaurant is they serve Vegan Treats desserts. Yummo.

I can't wait to go back here for my birthday weekend in March!

Pros: everything on the menu can be made vegan, good, home-cooked style diner food, vegan treats!

Cons: small

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Super Yummy - Edit

I was very pleased with my meal at Curly's. I had the big enchilada for brunch and it came with a mountain of food that was very tasty. The prices weren't bad and the menu had lots of options.
It was very crowded, and while waiting for a table I was forced to hover around people's table who were eating, but this is NYC we are talking about, so that's not unusual.
I would go here again for sure.

Pros: Good Food, Big Portions, Inexpensive

Cons: Crowded

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Fantastic Restaurant - Edit

I can't believe this place has a bad review. I go here often and theb food is great. GREAT Mexican inspired dishes.

Pros: excellent quality

Cons: small

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this place is AMAZING - Edit

i've only been to curly's once, but it was one of the best restaurant experience of my life. we got the vegan open faced turkey sandwich and the tofu scramble with curly fries. both were AMAZING.

for such a tiny place, curly's has a HUGE menu, and every item can be made vegan. man, i love it there. plus the service was great!

Pros: everything can be made vegan, big menu, great food

Cons: super small, limited seating

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Curly's Lunch - Edit

Cute little cafe with interesting history mentioned in the menu. I'm always supportive of any veg establishment, especially since there aren't too many in carnivorous NYC, but Curly's left something to be desired. The service, albeit very friendly, is very slow. I ordered the Suna Melt (fake tuna) w/ curly fries, since it mentioned on the menu the Suna was housemade and "back by demand". I was underwhelmed. It was a little over-mayonaised veg protein with not much pizazz--I poured a lot of pepper on it. The cheese was Follow Your Heart which did not melt at all. The portion was great, but I only at half the sandwich since it was ok. I was excited about the fries until I heard they were store bought. Bummer. Still tasty enough though. My guy ordered a Buffalo Bleu sandwich and he said it was "pretty good". The food was a decent price and can fill you up. However, I would probably only go back to try out the desserts that people seem to like. Artwork on the wall is cute and gives it a homey feel.

Pros: Nice Staff, Big Portions

Cons: Not Vegan, Somewhat Bland Taste, Slow, yet friendly, service

2 Responses

Paulie10022 22 Feb 2013 - There aren't too many vegetarian restaurants in carnivorous NYC? Are you kidding?? Try using the search function on this website and you'll find around 120 in Manhattan alone. And that's not including some wonderful places in Brooklyn and Queens. Hard to take your review seriously when you make such a ridiculous comment.  

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VeggiePinkoKat 22 Feb 2013 - You are an angry little man. It's sad. Anyway, there happens to be a lot of places that will pop up that are vegetarian, sure, but not vegan. And not of top-notch caliber like Candle 79. Manhattan has some of the best veggie Indian places to choose from, but give me some diversity is all I ask, and nothing boring! As an aside, it's common knowledge that Manhattan is full of meateries. I won't be losing any sleep of what some sad little sack like you takes seriously. I have fun traveling the globe eating vegan high-quality meals, enjoy your haughty anger issues.  

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Great Deserts! - Edit

Curly's...I'm on the fence with this place service wise. We sat down and waited patiently for the waitress to take our order - it seriously took an eternity for the waitress to take our order. This was irritating to both me and the individual that I was with. If this would have been a place back home in Chicago, we would have gone elsewhere.

So we stayed and I ordered the Philly (Vegan) with curly fries and my bf got some burrito. I thought my sandwich was average, nothing special; however, my bf was very pleased with the burrito he ordered. The best part of the meal was desert, vegan carrot cake made by Vegan Treats, WOW! That cake was so AMAZING that I can't even find words to articulate how great it is...try it!

The artwork along the walls created by Curly's customers was quite interesting (in a good way), let's just say that there are some people that are very good with crayons. I thought the drawings added a nice and unique touch.

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I can't believe there are any bad reviews of this place. (Though some of them are bad because of things that won't matter to vegetarians and vegans. see: "Don't bring carniverous friends", etc...)

I've been vegan for a long time, and have been to just about every veg restaurant in NYC, most of them many times over, and have come to the conclusion that this place tops them all. The menu is dazzling, the place is adorable, the suno is one of the most creative, tasty veggie dishes around, and the portions are enormous (for instance, try the Open Faced Turkey won't beleive it!) And if they ever have the corn chowder as the soup of the day, order it...then order seconds. GO HERE OFTEN!

Pros: Outstanding menu, Delicious food, Fun atmosphere

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Big portions - Edit

I was very pleased with the portion size. A little pricy for the taste being pretty standard vegetarian cuisine. The selection is nice. A very "cozy" place so I hope you don't bring a big crowd you'll have to wait forever for a seat.
Even though it has it's cons, this is still a very good place.

Pros: Portion size

Cons: Pricey, Lacking flavor, Very tiny quarters

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I love this restaurant - Edit

Without a doubt, everything I have had there is delicious, well-made, creative, and innovative. Today, I had a fake crab cake sandwich that was amazing. The inside is super-cute. No wait, fast service, friendly staff. Go support it!

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favorite place in NY! - Edit

we LOVED this place. it was our favorite, along with slice pizzeria.

we each got a blue plate (i think it was called?). portions were HUGE and food was great. also, it was the coziest plaze we ate at.

def. going back!

Pros: great food!

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Without a doubt, one of my favorites. - Edit

This is definitely one of my favorite NYC restaurants. The food is unabashedly not entirely healthy, but it's delicious and not unaffordable for those of us on a budget. I would definitely suggest the Maryland Crabfakes (totally vegan) and any of their dessert items.

Pros: fast service, great food, inexpensive

Cons: limited seating

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Cheap and tasty - Edit

As far as NYC goes, this place had the best prices. The portions were HUGE and everything was delicious. I loved the presentation and the cute decorations everywhere. It felt very homey. Definitely the place to go for breakfast items.
I sure do wish they would stop serving milk and eggs, though. All their items are amazing without it. Maybe someday!

Pros: Food, Service, Atmosphere

Cons: Not Vegan

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Where have you been all my life?? - Edit

My mom took me for my birthday, and by some birthday miracle, they had the one meaty food I have been craving for years now - Torta - the veggie torta was amazing. Seasonings on the chorizo were taco truck caliber and it was huge! I saved half for dinner! My mom got a grilled veggie sandwich with fake bacon. The soy bacon was pretty gross but then she's an occasional meat eater and I rarely eat fake meat so whose to say? They also make delicious sweet potato fries. The space is itty bitty so I recommend arriving early. The place is warm and cozy though, and the staff were very sweet and helpful. I went after seeing on here that it was the new veg city - which used to be my favorite resteraunt but I saw few parallels. Good, but in a different way. I'm anxious to try the breakfast - it looked really good.

Pros: VEG TORTA, Atmosphere, Friendly Staff

Cons: Small

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