Cookie Dough à la Française. Offers two types of vegan raw cookie dough which are gluten-free, plus vegan ice cream. Has vegan toppings. Eat there or take out. Staff is vegan aware. Open Tue-Thu 13:30-20:00, Fri-Sat 13:30-21:00, Sun 13:30-20:00. Closed Mon.

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First Review by EricMogwai


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13 Nov 2023

Very dissatisfied

I tried 2 flavours of vegan cookie dough and it was gross, I was very nauseous and I didnt even finish the small cup. It was really heavy for my stomach. Please sample this before paying. It‘s a gimmick and they need to provide more vegan options.

Pros: Friendly staff, Speaks English

Cons: Only 2 vegan options, Pricey, Cookie dough was awful



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10 Sep 2023

Sorbet yey, vegan cookie doughs nay.

I asked for a taster spoon of the two vegan cookie doughs (peanut and almond) because of the mixed HappyCow reviews about them. I personally found them way too sweet and artificial tasting. We were also told that the dough was „frozen“ which turned out to be a lie. I went for the raspberry sorbet in the end which was very delicious!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-10

Pros: Sorbet

Cons: Only one sorbet flavour


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05 Sep 2023

Bon mais pas assez d'options vegans

Les cookies dough étaient bons mais un peu trop intense.
Il n'y a pas assez d'options vegan.
Nous avons été bien acceuillis.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-04


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24 Sep 2022

Not my cup of cookie

I agree with previous reviews: not only is the cookie dough very sweet; but also it's rather heavy.
The sauces are also sweet, so they just made it worse for me.

The staff is rather friendly, and there are a couple of tables inside, so in general it's a good place for having a small break. But if you want to try it, just get the smallest one, and try sharing it with someone else.

Perhaps the ice-cream is better; we'll see next time I'm around.

Pros: friendly staff

Cons: too sweet, too heavy, not all vegan


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19 Apr 2022

Bit of a letdown

I agree with a previous review, this shop was a bit of a disappointment. I tried the two vegan flavors in a small cup with some vegan chocolate sauce on top. The cookie dough is super dry and really dense. Despite getting the smallest size I couldn't finish my cup, it wasn't nice after the first couple bites. I read they have vegan ice cream, I could definitely see it being more enjoyable if you did 1/3 dough and 2/3 ice cream, that would take care of the dry problem.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-19

Cons: Pricey, Very dry


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27 Aug 2021


Endroit très mignon et accueil chaleureux

Pros: Option vegan, Nombreux toppings differents

Cons: Un peu cher, Pas beaucoup de places assises


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05 Oct 2020


I was very excited to try this shop, I came with some of my friends, I took a large cup with the two vegan doughs to share.
The doughs aren’t really tasty, the almond one had « moist » chocolate chips (it didn’t crunch 😢) and I overall didn’t like this flavor much (I suggest replacing the almond butter by the toasted almonds one which is better) and the peanut butter one is better but I didn’t taste the pb as much as I would have liked to. It’s a bit crumbly because of the rice flour which can be improved.
Reading the website I felt a « healthy » vibe going on with the concept and let’s juste face it: cookie dough isn’t « healthy » it’s not a celery juice. I think that taking off sugar and some butter/margarine compared to American cookie dough (I had some in NYC about 3 years ago) is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but in this case you take off all the richness and gluttony of eating cookie dough.
Anyway I wouldn’t go back because it’s not the type of cookie dough I like (and I really love it trust me)

Pros: 2 vegan options out of a total of 4, Very nice staff!

Cons: Not tasty enough to me


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24 Aug 2020

Vegan raw cookie dough

I tried the peanut butter cookie dough which was amazing! Some toppings are vegan such as various berries and nuts. I had vegan chocolate spread and blueberries on top. The blueberries didn't taste fresh unfortunately.


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01 Jan 2020

First Vegan raw cookie dought gluten free in Paris

Located at 26 rue Monge, in Paris 9, this shop is a real discovery.
It is the first boutique dedicated to raw cookie dough with gluten-free toping with two doughs / 4 in a vegan version !!!
Spotted by the Bonbon site, I noted this address to go there one day, I was able to discover this tasting and takeout shop of raw cookie dough. an interesting concept for those who no longer want to wait for cookies to be baked ...

4 cookie doughs are available, plain, chocolate, vegan almonds, and vegan peanut butter.
Toping is offered, such as smarties, dragibus, caramel nuggets, fruit ... all served in a large cupcake or to take away in boxes !!
Drinks can be consumed by the cookie dough in the back shop with ten places available.

The employees explain very well the concept and the affluent customers of this new pastry.
The vegan options are well highlighted and it's a good time to spend here to discover this type of original pastry.

Note for more transparency that: "all our recipes are gluten-free, less sweet, without sweeteners and without eggs. We even have two vegan recipes! In addition, we only use simple and quality ingredients. No additives, preservatives, sweeteners or E218 "
This is said and allows you to consume this cookie dough without risk.
The fact of offering gluten-free and vegan doughs attracts many customers than a heavy cookie dough to digest.

In short, a perfect space to discover with friends or children this pasta from the USA!

Pros: Vegan choices, Good reception

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