Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe offering vegan sandwiches, cakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and snacks. Relocated from 11, Pl Kallergon. NOTE: Maybe closed/shut down, please verify and let HappyCow know.

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First Review by TytoAlba


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18 Sep 2023

Good food

Lots of vegan options amongst good healthy homemade food. Really tasty and fresh. The choice was good and all based on a healthy life style with a few naughty treats.

Pros: Good choice, Nice coffee, Helpful staff



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16 Jul 2023


5 stars!!
Place to be. Its a bit out of the city center, but well Worth the trip! Alot of vegan options.

Pros: Toast, Drinks, Cake


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29 Nov 2022

Vegan sweets

I was first confused about this place, as when I passed I only saw the sign advertising vegan coffee, and thought it was a bit of a joke. When we came back later we found out that they have many vegan savory and sweet pastries. We had a filled whole grain sandwich which was a bit dry and not so tasty. We also tried the Ferreros and a cream filled cake that reminded me a bit of "Kinder Pinguin" both was quite tasty. We came back later and tried the Snickers and Lila Pause bar. The Lila Pause bar was really delicious😄

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-21

Pros: Inside and outside seating , Friendly staff , Many vegan options

Cons: A bit expensive , Vegan items are marked but difficult to see


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19 Oct 2022

Take away sweets!

Yum I took the Vegan Ferrero chocolates on the go! Crunchy hazelnut with soft and creamy chocolate on the inside. Definitely a must try!

Pros: Vegan sweets!, Friendly staff

Cons: Busy location


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28 Sep 2022

Love this place!

So much delicious vegan food (sweet and savoury) and the staff are also lovely! I’ve been here nearly every day on my trip to Crete and tried a selection of the food. The ice cream is delicious and the cakes are Devine. Definitely recommend trying this place.


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05 Sep 2022

Vegan cakeporn!

Ein kleines nettes Kaffee mit einer riesigen Auswahl an veganen Kuchen und Gebäck. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-05

Pros: Große Auswahl


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17 Aug 2022

Vegan ice cream

5 stars for the vegan ice cream. It was great. I tried several flavors over a few different days. All except one are vegan and many others are gluten free (as of 10/08/22. I’m not sure if they rotate flavors). I also tried the vegan snickers bar, but it wasn’t very good. All the baked goods are clearly labeled if they’re vegan (as well as several other labels including gluten free)

Pros: Vegan ice cream , Vegan options , Gluten free options


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13 Aug 2022

Sugar free everything is unnecessary

I had planned to go to crumb for dinner as I noticed they are open late but unfortunately they don’t prepare fresh food for the evenings so it was only a few leftover sandwiches. I went for dinner somewhere else and came back for some ice cream. There were 7 vegan ice cream flavours, I chose Ferraro.

It’s sugar free which impacted the texture of the ice cream and made it quite hard and icy. I would have preferred regular ice cream. I’m a dietitian and sweeteners are not necessarily any healthier than sugar- carbs aren’t bad for you! I looked at the ingredients and they use a lot of maltitol which may be a problem for IBS sufferers.

I had also asked to try the rum and raisin flavour as I was thinking of getting it but the lady wouldn’t let me try before buying.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-13

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Cafe style so no fresh food for the evening , Sugar free foods instead of regular , Not allowed to sample any ice cream flavours


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11 Aug 2022

Bakery caters to dietary restrictions

They had delicious matcha latte with alternative milk, vegan gelato, vegan energy bars. They also had several gluten free options.

Pros: Healthy, Cute space

Cons: Small space


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09 Aug 2022

Meeega lecker - tolle Auswahl

Die Auswahl ist wirklich toll- der Kuchen wird selbst gemacht. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich! Eine absolute Empfehlung!!!

Pros: Sehr viel Auswahl

Cons: Schmeckt alles viel zu lecker 🫃🏻


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05 Aug 2022

Many vegan options!

In fact so many that it was hard to choose. Went with the lemon pie and the bounty bar. The pie filling was delicious but the crust and the bounty bar were unfortunately very dry, could be because they were glutenfree ans sugarfree? Didn’t make me go back, but it was definitely nice to see so many vegan cakes in the middle of the city.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-05


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30 Jul 2022

Great place to eat

Many vegan options, friendly and helpful staff

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff

Cons: Kitchen doesn’t stay open until late


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29 Jul 2022

Yummy pancakes

My wife and I went there for breakfast, she had the pancakes and I had the avocado toast.
The pancakes were very good with a delicious chocolate cream! However I didn’t enjoy the avocado toast, it lacked flavour.
Many other options looked nice though, so I would go there again.


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12 Jul 2022

Many vegan options

I love this bakery! All items are clearly marked with their ingredients, so this is the perfect place to come and get something sweet with your tea or coffee.

I had the peanut butter snickers bar and it was delicious.

Pros: Many vegan options, Clear indication of ingredients

Cons: Fairly expensive


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19 Jun 2022

Large variety of delicious in-house vegan treats

Wide selection of delicious in-house made vegan treats. Several kinds of vegan hot chocolate. Friendly staff, vegan and vegetarian items clearly marked with a little icon (I believe the same for paleo, gluten free, kid friendly, etc).

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-16

Pros: Lots of options, Friendly , Knowledgeable


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05 Jun 2022

Disastrously - Beware!

We ordered two Iced Matcha Lattes with almond milk and they served us them with cows milk! I explicitly mentioned almond milk when I placed the order.
I also wanted a vegan bowl and they were out of stock of produce. After this further disappointment, I wanted to make my own bowl and only after taking my order from the waitress did she tell me this was not possible! I could hardly believe it! Actually, we should have pulled the rip cord at this point. But I ordered a falafel sandwich because I was so hungry. This came and was also a huge disappointment! I can't recommend this place, if you are looking for a proper vegan food place in Heraklion, go further!

Cons: Inattentive staff, Quickly overwhelmed, Not suitable for vegans


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20 Apr 2022

Must if you are in Heraklion old town

Had two vegan things of the menu: Lila Pause mousse in a jar and falafel sandwich, both tasty and delicious. Paid 4 € each.

Pros: Lots of vegan sweets, English speaking staff, Reasonable prices


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08 Apr 2022

Would give 5 stars if I could!

Crumb is located on Heraklion‘s main square, close to the lion fountain, so it really is a prime location and a great place to do some people watching. How nice to discover a place offering vegan options in such a great spot!
Unfortunately it is not a veggie place, but there are so many vegan choices! It was seriously hard to choose what to take.
In the end we opted for a pastry filled with a cream of hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts and the homemade ginger lemonade. We shared the pastry since it was huge.
We also took away a baclava to share in the evening.
Both dishes were really nice - very sweet, but worth a try!
The staff at Crumb were so friendly and helpful and explained all the vegan options to us. It was a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
I wish this was closer to our hotel so that we could go each day and explore all the vegan treats they offer!

- Visited in April 2022 -

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-08

Pros: Many vegan options, including many sweet dishes, Friendly staff, Very good location


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26 Dec 2021

A lot of vegetarian veggie options!

The sweets are amazing, the coffee is tasty! #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious sweets, Good coffee


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Mostly Veg
26 Dec 2021

My favorite coffee in Heraklion!

Every time when I am in Heraklion I visit this cosy caffe for a desert and tea!

Pros: Delicious vegan sweets! , Nice tea menu


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06 Nov 2021

Süßes kleines Cafe

Super Double-Cappucchino mit Oatmilk. Dazu gab es ein Stück veganen Kuchen. Lecker und sehr freundliche Bedienung!
Komme wieder!

Pros: Viele vegane Optionen, Zentral gelegen, Sehr freundlich

Cons: Wäre schön, wenn ganz vegan...


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17 Oct 2021

Nice to lunch

Perfect for lunch or to eat a sweet afternoon snack. Crumbs offers a lot of vegan choices


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11 Oct 2021

Wonderful choices

We love this place! Yes it’s not totally vegan, but their vegan choices are lovely. Right in the middle of Heraklion, next to the lions fountain is this cafe. We went three times. Our favourites are the cheese pie, spinach pie, sugar-free paste cake and the ice cream. Super tasty!! A couple of the cakes and the sandwiches were a little dry so we stuck to the mousse type cakes and pastries. We would definitely recommend. A minutes walk from here is a little play area to eat at too.

Pros: Vegan pastries, Olive oil ice cream


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08 Oct 2021

So much choice, so good!

A lot of vegan choices - meals, snacks, savory, sweet, all of it. The food is delicious!

Pros: A lot of choices, Very good quality


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21 Sep 2021

A lot of choices and vegan options

Vegan deserts are incredible (kinder pingui alike was delicious)

Pros: Almost half of the desserts are vegan, All ice creams are vegan, Nice staff


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19 Sep 2021

Perfect for vegan desserts

I was so impressed with crumb it seems that there are more vegan options than not. All but one of the ice cream flavours are vegan, and there’s various other sweets to choose from.
They even give you a complimentary vegan coffee cake with any sit down order (I bought some more to go too).
The staff are so friendly and helpful! I came in the evening after food service had stopped, but they showed me the menu which included vegan breakfasts, pancakes and a burger. Such a good atmosphere here too, would seriously recommend!!

Pros: So much vegan pud!! , Helpful staff , Cheap ice-cream!


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11 Sep 2021

Great Café with lots of vegan options

Great cake and vegan cappuccino/Café freddo.
Only negative point: my lemon/ginger/oat milk drink tasted just like banana milkshake.

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