The vegan version of this doughnut company opened Mar 2018 in Marylebone. Sells sourdough vegan doughnuts plus coffee and other drinks. Plant milks available include soy, oat, coconut, cashew, and almond. No cash taken. NOTE: During lockdown Crosstown has banded together with other independent London operators to create retail food boxes for delivery to homes across London, including vegan boxes. Order online. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-18:30.

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First Review by Vegancucc


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02 Sep 2023

Should be called Grumpy Donuts

Good donuts, tepid service both times. Bad coffee

Pros: Peanut butter jam donut

Cons: Don’t bother with the coffee



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16 Aug 2023

Bons donuts

Les donuts étaient bons, peut-être un peu chers cependant !


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14 Aug 2023

So nice, so astonishingly expensive

The doughnuts were beautiful, in appearance and in taste. We both chose a tequila, lime and yuzu doughnut to eat in the shop, it was tangy and tasty, and the actual doughy bit of the doughnut was notably light and flavoursome. I had their chai latte to drink - it’s made from a fermented spice mixture, and I’d thoroughly recommend it. We took home an apricot chai spice custard doughnut, which was fine, and a strawberry guava custard doughnut, which was amazing. The only drawback was the price - about £5 for a doughnut. I really enjoyed what we ate, but we won’t come back because of the cost, it’ll stay as a one-off treat.

Pros: Range of interesting flavours, Delicious , Fully vegan

Cons: Cost, Wasteful plastic lids put on paper cups to eat in.


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03 Aug 2023

Super expensive, but also super tasty!

I had to think twice before buying a doughnut there because of the ridiculous prices, but the taste was honestly a solid 12/10 so I didn’t feel too bad after!

Pros: Soft, fresh, amazing taste

Cons: The price….


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14 Jun 2023

Too expensive

Otherwise great, but £5.50 for one donut is just a bit too much


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16 May 2023

Premier doughnut vegan

Excellent doughnut, oui c'est sucré mais normal pour une pâtisserie. Je suis ravie d'avoir découvert ce lieu 100% vegan

Pros: Accueil, Places assises

Cons: Un peu cher


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07 Mar 2023

Fancy Doughnuts

Wirklich sehr leckere, ausgefallene Doughnuts. Wir hatten unter anderem einen Strawberry-cheesecake, Zimtschnecken Doughnut.

Pros: Viele verschiedene Doughnuts, Ausgefallene Geschmacksrichtungen


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13 Feb 2023

My go to doughnut place when I’m in London

Crosstown’s only fully vegan take away shop.

Pros: Great selection of vegan doughnuts

Cons: Bit expensive, Small seating area


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07 Jan 2023

Migliori donut del mondo

Varrebbe la pena venire a Londra solo per assaggiare queste incredibili ciambelle. E il fatto che sia tutto 100% vegano rende tutto ancora più fantastico


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14 Dec 2022

4.5/5 Yummy Doughnuts 🍩

This was my first time visiting the vegan location, and really enjoyed my visit. We got the Cinnamon Scroll which is an absolute must!! We also had a couple of the Halloween bites which were nice, but I would recommend going for one of the full sized doughnuts. We also had some hot drinks, I had the Jaffa hot chocolate which was delicious and liked that it was a bit different to a regular hot chocolate!

It is a very small shop so prepare to stand outside or take your treats away with you, although there is limited seating outside too which we did manage to get.

We also bought a Chestnut and Brown Butter doughnut to take away (which were also delicious!!) seeing as we loved the cinnamon scroll so much, and the server ended up offering us 2 of them for less because they came out smaller than intended, which was a lovely gesture and all round great customer service.

P.S. Coffee cups are compostable, and everything is recyclable or compostable apart from the baking paper ☺️


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15 Nov 2022

Best doughnuts

Although clearly decadent, they didn’t feel overwhelmingly sugary (much better than Doughnut time) and could taste individual flavours inside the doughnut. The spiced pear one is amazing!


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02 Nov 2022

Love it!!

I’ve eaten Crosstown before but it was really cool to go to a fully vegan location!

It’s very small with seating for only 2 people inside and 4 more outside so I wouldn’t go expecting to be able to sit in, but fortunately we were able to get one of the tables outside.

Me and my partner shared a Cinnamon Scroll doughnut and also had a Halloween Dough Bite each, as well as an earl grey tea and a Jaffa hot chocolate. The Cinnamon Scroll was excellent, absolutely delicious!! The dough bites were also good, but not as good as the Cinnamon Scroll. I enjoyed my tea and my partner’s Jaffa hot chocolate was also really tasty and unusual!

We really enjoyed our visit, so much so we bought a Chestnut and Brown Butter doughnut to take away. We actually ended up leaving with 2 as the server offered me 2 of them for £6 instead of one for £4.75 as they’d come out a bit smaller than intended, which I appreciated. The Chestnut and Brown Butter doughnuts were also really tasty, with lovely spiced dough.

Crosstown doughnuts aren’t cheap (£4.75 for a doughnut!!) but they are really tasty!

I was also impressed that the coffee cups were compostable, and the server told me that apart from the baking paper everything is recyclable or compostable, which I think is really cool.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-02

Pros: Delicious doughnuts, Unusual flavours, Lovely staff

Cons: Pricey, Limited seating


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30 Aug 2022

Doughnut heaven

I loved that this one is fully vegan loads of flavours but get there early!


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26 Aug 2022

Different flavours

We came here for an afternoon tea. I chose the nectarine and cherry donut. The filling was nectarine which was delicious and mixed really well with the cherry glaze. My partner had a peanut butter and blackberry compote which he really liked.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-22


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03 Apr 2022

Cute and delish

There was a good selection and the ones we tried were all really good. The peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie was my favorite.

Pros: outdoor seating, good location


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14 Mar 2022

Très bon donut

Beaucoup de choix, les donut sont aux levain et ne sont ni trop gras ni trop sucré. Nous avons testé la boulangerie plusieurs fois et mon préféré est celui à la rhubarbe.

Pros: Beaucoup de choix, Copieux , Ni trop gras ni trop sucré


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21 Feb 2022

Delicious but pricey

Really delicious doughnuts - but around £4 a pop they are much more expensive than your bog standard supermarket doughnut.

I wish they'd bring the apple crumble flavour back - that was delicious. The cinnamon swirl is also really good!

Pros: Tasty doughnuts, Different flavours, Loyalty cards

Cons: Expensive


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13 Feb 2022

Vegan Doughnuts

I tried 3 and loved 2 of them. 1 wasn't great - The Dark chocolate truffle 3/5 (it was rather bland, not very chocolaty tasting)

The other 2 I tried,
* Cinnamon roll 5/5
* Pistachio Scroll 5/5

Pros: The good ones are amazing..! , Lovely friendly staff, All Vegan

Cons: Expensive £4.5 - £5 each..!! 😱


Points +1083

27 Jan 2022

Original vegan doughnuts!

First time trying out these Vegan doughnuts in London.
Small place but we were lucky to have a sunny day, so we were able to enjoy our doughnuts outside, which made our experience even better!
The shop offers a large variety of Vegan doughnuts with very interesting flavor combinations. I recommend to pass by if you have the opportunity and are craving doughnuts!


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07 Jan 2022


all i have to say is: try the pistacchio donut


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11 Nov 2021

Prefer doughnut time

Crosstown tend to be a bit healthier and more natural flavours which is great but not really my type of thing. Lots of good options though!


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11 May 2021


This is the first Crosstown location that only offers vegan donuts! The shop is charming and a short walk from the Oxford Street shopping. The employees were super friendly and basically recommended all of the donuts, so it was hard to pick. I had previously tried the coconut custard filled donut so I tried the chocolate donut from this location. Both were good, but these donuts are a little too decadent for me (I'm sure that others we like decadent donuts will love these) and I'm not sure I like the sourdough aspect of these donuts. Nevertheless, I'd try them again and would recommend Vegan Crosstown to everyone. (I gave them one extra star for being 100% vegan.)


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17 Sep 2020

Amazing vegan Doughnuts! 😍

I am absolutely in love!!! These are SO good. I definitely recommend visiting one of the shops and getting a box of six to share.

Pros: Vegan, Delicious, Friendly staff


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30 Aug 2020


Perfectly fluffy doughnuts with so much flavor to them!

Pros: All vegan branch


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30 Aug 2020

My favourite

Totally recommend this place, the donuts are very delicious and coffee is also great.


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14 Aug 2020

good donuts, not the best

i had a very good peanut butter & blackcurrant compote donut. especially the compote was fantastic! the donut was good but i had better (especially dough-wise). with 4,50 for a small/average size donut this might have been my last visit to Crosstown.

Pros: different flavours, interesting pairings, lovely service

Cons: pricey, rather small, dough not as „fluffy“ as can be


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22 Jul 2020

🍩 🍩 🍩

Best vegan doughnuts i ever had
Love them

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