Luxury doughnut bakery with an extensive vegan selection. Has multiple locations across the UK. Vegan products are prepared, stored and displayed separately. Vegan doughnuts include; lemon-thyme & beetroot dough, lime & coconut, cinnamon scroll, rhubarb, raspberry & ginger, tongan vanilla bean glaze, dark chocolate truffle, peanut butter & blackcurrant compote, and pomegranate & orange blossom. Open Mon-Tue 09:00-20:00, Wed-Fri 09:00-21:00, Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-20:00.

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First Review by mjveganfitness


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22 Oct 2023

Great ice cream

Unusual ice cream flavours - loved the coconut and passion fruit



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11 Dec 2022


Delicious donuts in a very nice location

Pros: Friendly staff


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07 Sep 2022

Unique and yummy

Great selection of vegan doughnuts and drinks

Pros: Great selection


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29 Apr 2022

Lime/coconut donut is 10/10

I wish this place was all vegan because with the vegan donuts they serve it wouldn’t be a problem! 10/10 on the line coconut donut!

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-29

Pros: Lots of vegan donuts , Coffee and donut deal , Hip location

Cons: A bit expensive


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24 Apr 2022

yummy donuts

the new almond butter cinnamon swirl doughnut is amazing.


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20 Feb 2022

Always like a crosstown

Same as usual - quite busy because of brick lane

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-05


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24 Oct 2021

Delish sourdough donuts

Pretty good donuts. Tried two and both were delicious.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: A little expensive (but it's London)


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03 Jul 2021

Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown is very popular among locals and each venue offers many vegan options, which makes it very hard to choose just one (that is, if you are trying to limit sugar intake...if not, go crazy and order all the vegan doughnut flavors!!!).

All of Crosstown's doughnuts are made with sourdough, which isn't my thing, but many people seem to love this, so give them a try and see if you like them. I typically lean towards their coconut custard filled doughnuts and the chocolate doughnuts...they are very decadent! As I've eaten at several Crosstown Doughnuts locations across London, it's safe to say the product and service is always consistent and high quality, you can't go wrong here.


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16 Nov 2020

always good!

Slightly expensive but what can you do. That being said, their donuts taste great and there's always a strong vegan selection to choose from, the vegan doughnuts are equally (if not more!) tempting to their non-vegan counterparts. The selection has improved massively in the past two years! I would definitely recommend the chocolate honeycomb/pear and blackberry/cinnamon scroll. The doughnuts aren't super sweet, which I personally love.

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-25

Pros: incredible doughnuts, vibe

Cons: price


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31 Dec 2019

Kind of dry and OTT

I prefer a doughnut to be a bit more simple, the doughnuts are quite dry and then dressed up with a lot of OTT icing.


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04 Dec 2019

Great doughnuts and coffee!

Had a lovely matcha tea and weirdly I hate doughnuts!! I know weird right. But my partner loves them so ate too. Dark chocolate and a coconut lime one. He loved both and washed it down with a soya latte.

Really friendly service and clean pleasant atmosphere 💚

Pros: Great doughnuts , Friendly service , Clearly displayed vegan options


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23 Aug 2019

Delicious but pricey

Their vegan donuts are the bee’s knees! Unfortunately, despite (or probably rather because of) their tastiness, they are quite expensive, so they will only remain a very occasional treat for me.


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14 Feb 2019


Some of the best tasting/texture vegan doughnuts I've ever tried. They have many locations across London as well, and sell in Whole Foods!


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03 Jan 2019

Was closed

Kinda frustrating when all you want is a frigging doughnut after a long day. Decide to trek across London only for the place to be flipping shut when it shouldn't have been😒(hours before closing time)


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31 Oct 2018

Great Doughnut shop

Lovely vegan doughnut with orange blossom custard, however the custard was quite watery. Delicious all the same would return.


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20 Oct 2018

Lovely vegan doughnuts

Great doughnuts , a little pricey


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02 Oct 2018

A great treat

Had 2 vegan options when I went - I had the Liam Hemsworthy and it was pretty epic

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Slightly pricey but this is London


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28 Sep 2018

Truffle goodness

5 vegan options, all with interesting dough flavours. I had the chocolate ring, not realising that the dough was enhanced with pockets of truffle... um, delicious.

Pros: flavours

Cons: a little on the expensive side (in AUD terms)


Points +1018

07 Aug 2018

Gorgeous doughnuts

Only 2 vegan options left when I went in, and this branch only stocks 5 of the 9 vegan doughnuts in their range. But the one I had (orange blossom) was absolutely delicious and they were very friendly.

Pros: Vegan doughnuts!

Cons: Expensive , Not much choice


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06 Aug 2018

great doughnuts!

i had a really really good doughnut here! amazing cream inside (and oh so much of it!) and topped with rose sugar, pistachios and pomegranate. absolutely delicious. very pricey for a doughnut (4 pounds), on the other hand this is london, the hip east end and i'm sure the bills are high. wouldn't treat myself with this all the time but but it is indeed a great treat! recommended!

Pros: taste, variety, location

Cons: price


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03 Jul 2018

Delicious doughnuts

Had doughnuts from this place in a tent near brick lane market. They had a handful of vegan flavors. We settled on a plain chocolate glazed doughnut, and it was fantastic. The doughnut itself was really dense, and the glaze was delicious. I would definitely recommend it!

Pros: Delicious doughnuts


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30 Jun 2018

Fun flavours

It's really great to see a vegan spot with some exciting flavours! The coconut custard one was just spectacular. The texture was great, and there were lots of tempting options. Definitely a good spot for a sweet treat.


Points +741

01 Jun 2018

Good donuts

Had four different flavors. All good.


Points +93

10 May 2018

Yummy doughnuts

They've started offering vegan doughnuts everyday as opposed to only Friday to Sunday.
I would've given 5 stars but I tried a vegan doughnut from Doughnut Time and it was incredible.


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24 Apr 2018

delicious donuts

their sourdough vegan donuts are really good. I wish they'd do them every day and also introduce a few more flavours.

Edit - now they do! Also for 2 donuts for £5 as I went late in the evening

Pros: very tasty fluffy donuts

Cons: limited flavours


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20 Mar 2018

Pricey but nice doughnuts

Very tasty doughnuts, they will have four vegan flavour throughout the week, including Spirulina coconut custard. What I don't like is that they charge 50p extra for plantbased milk but it is not marked on the menu. Also, the menu says to "add 50 extra for large latte" but in fact, they ALWAYS add 50 pence extra because they say that the latte can only be large! So there are quite a few hidden charges... And the size of the "large" latte would be small in other stores! Staff is always nice though.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-19

Pros: Yummy doughnuts, nice staff, Convenient location

Cons: 50p extra charge for plantbased milk, Limited vegan options, Coffee is not good, milk overheated


Points +228

09 Feb 2018

Amazing vegan yuzu and matcha donut!

I finally got to try the vegan yuzu and matcha donut today and!! I'm not used to eating things like donuts but holy cow this was even better than I thought it would be! The dough is perfect, I believe all of their donuts are sourdough, and the glaze is so tasty and not overly sweet. I definitely want to come back and try their other three vegan donuts, but honestly I don't think the more basic ones (vanilla, chocolate...) can beat this unique flavour. It is a bit on the expensive side (3.8 per donut) but it's good to treat yourself once in a while and honestly I believe it truly was worth it and worth the size of the donut as well.

Pros: great quality donuts, staff are nice, the sizes are good

Cons: a bit pricy, I'd welcome more vegan options

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