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8284 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California, USA, 90046

Opened in March 2013 by vegan chef Tal Ronnen, Crossroads offers an innovative gourmet culinary experience with a stylish upscale ambiance. Focus is on Mediterranean-themed small plates with selections in appetizers, salads, pasta, flatbreads, and desserts. Try the 3-cheese plate or kale spanikopita. Extensive farm-to-glass cocktails and wine list. Available for private events. Open Mon-Thu 5:00pm-12:00am, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-1:00am, Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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Reviews (30)

First Review by Sonja and Dirk

Solid eggs benedict - can't always find that as a vegan - Edit

When I visited, I was instructed to order the vegan eggs benedict, because it's something you can't always get elsewhere. The server was right, and I don't regret getting it at all. The food was great and I liked the potatoes that came with it as well. It did get a little expensive, however.

I likely would save a visit here for a date night and get dressed up instead of arriving in a t-shirt for brunch like I did.

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Very good not great - Edit

A couple of nights ago we were in L.A. so we went here. Not knowing much about it. The place was packed with trendy 30 somethings and the ambiance looked great. However I've been vegan for 40 years and never paid $ 75.00 for 4 tapas and one glass of wine for my husband. Plus we left a $12.00 tip.
What we ate. Lentil pita with three dipping sauces. Very good. Then we had stuffed blossoms., 2 blossoms for $14. I must confess my Italian grandmother made these with her authentic and home grown tomato. Vegetarian but not vegan. My husband was more impressed than I was. I couldn't get over that there was only 2. Then we had Romano beans. The best dish to me. Very tasty if you like black garlic which I do. Then we had a pasta dish with uneatable stringy broccoli and veggie sausage, My least favorite, taste wise. Lack of flavor really. Service was very good but not warm and friendly

Pros: all vegan , nice upscale atmoshere, unique dishes

Cons: Expensive, food is very good not WOW

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OMG - Delicious! - Edit

Great experience and amazing food. Prices did not seem particularly high, despite what other reviewers wrote. The server told us that serving sizes are small - like tapas - and that we should order two-three per person. It was a delight to try so many vegan delicacies. Truly a fantastic experience.

Pros: food, service, location

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Food is O.K., place over-hipped - Edit

Tapas style vegan food concept is nice. Food in crossroads is generally O.K., some things are better than others. However, nothing that great compared to other vegan places in LA. Yes, they want to give this place the environment of sophistication to plant-based food, but honestly for what you end up paying you will have much better vegan food in nice environments elsewhere (e.g. Shojin, Little Pine).

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Dissapointment - Edit

The locations itself is very nice, has great decor and friendly service. Menu is filled with great options to choose from and they also have a nut free menu for those who have an allergy.

However when ordering a $18-$25 dish of food and it comes out to the size of your palm, you think to yourself..."Okay this must taste out of this world!" Unfortunately, Not! It would have taken 3-4 dishes to feel remotely close to satisfied and after my first dish being a bit of a disappointment, I was not interested in a $200 meal for the two.

Sure the food is great to appeal to non vegans, it's very convincing. However if you are trying to sway non vegans to go vegan, this is the reason they say "I can't afford to be vegan."

It's not that the food was bad, it was very good. However my complaint is with the price vs the amount and quality of the food. With the price point and such small amount of food, you need to blow peoples minds or give them $18-$25 worth of good food.

We also ordered a few desserts. They were good, but nothing that stood out to me. The cheesecake kinda tasted sour and fermented.

I was actually genuinely sad after leaving the restaurant. We had traveled 4 hours to visit this location for my birthday and I felt like it was huge waste of time and money. I couldn't stop apologizing to my boyfriend for suggesting this location. We ended up leaving and headed over to Veggie Grill :)

Pros: Options, Nut Allergy Menu, Service

Cons: Outrageous prices for a TINY amount of food. , Price vs Quality of food, Not willing to substitute ingredients

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Amazing Vegan Food - Edit

I kept asking myself, "is this really vegan?" It was that good. I ordered the French Toast which was incredible, the only french toast I've had as a vegan. It had a "cream cheese" layer which was divine. My boyfriend ordered the chicken + waffles which he kept saying tasted just like chicken. Wish we had a Crossroads in NYC!

Pros: great brunch, great options for comfort food that'

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Yum - Edit

Ive been here a few times and took my mother on Mothers Day, the food is always amazing and the service is just as good. This is not a place to go if your on a budget but it is worth every penny, good food like this is always worth the cost.

Pros: Everything is amazing

Cons: Nothing

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Trendy, overdone vegan restaurant - Edit

We've heard fantastic things about Crossroads. To be honest, it's very much a 3.5 in my opinion, and there are many other (better) vegan restaurants in LA. Service was good but not terribly friendly. The menu feels like they're trying to cater to a non-veg crowd to make them like vegan. While some dishes were creative, many were spins on typical dishes you'd get anywhere, rather than being truly inventive vegan.

We started with the spring pizza. We prefer red sauce to white on pizzas, but the dish itself was quite good. There was no shortage of toppings, and they all worked nicely together.

We then had the grilled maitake mushrooms. The mushrooms were prominent on the dish, but there were so many things on the dish that they didn't shine. They tasted almost fried and crispy, yet they weren't oily as a fried food. The celery root puree on the dish also stood out, creamy like a mashed potato but not quite as hearty. Also, the flavor had a strong, bitter taste to it.

We got the tortellini special, which ended up being $20 for 8 pieces!! That's outrageous to me. The tortellini was cooked well, almost like pillowy blankets, and the sauce was my favorite part of the night, creamy with great pea flavor, but the price left a bad taste!

We weren't quite full, so we split the lentil flatbread. We expected this to be like a small pizza, but it was a pita with dips. The pita was made of lentils, giving it a crunchy and earthy texture, but still an underwhelming overall dish. The display was nice and the bread warm, it was served with small bowls of pea pesto, smoked white bean hummus and spicy tomato banana pepper jam (the best, sweet & spicy). The dips were very strong in their flavors, but the hummus was too earthy and the pea pesto was off compared to the pea in our tortellini.

We also split the ice cream sundae. It was okay but paled in comparison to other vegan sundaes we've had. The top had coconut whipped cream, nuts, brownie pieces (stale/hard) and hardened chocolate sauce. Toppings were minimal, leaving you with mostly an absurdly cold vanilla ice cream. The vanilla tasted okay but was plain.

We also split a bottle of sparking water, and considering the amount of water in it, it was expensive at $7 for the bottle. We went this route, as $10 for non-alcoholic cocktails seemed too much, especially given the regular cocktails aren't priced considerably higher than that.

The ambience here is trendy and well-decorated, but we won't run back.

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overrated - Edit

I haven't felt like I've over eaten or had too much heavy food since going vegan but this place has done it a few times. Flavors are strong and a little heavy on the oil in the sauces.

Pros: great service and experience

Cons: uncharacteristicly heavy food for being vegan

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My favorite vegan restaurant - Edit

I have tried everything on the menu because I try something different every time with confidence. Thank goodness they made brunch daily and chef is a mad scientist with vegan cheese. I think this will always be my favorite and I've eaten vegan everywhere.

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Vegan fine dining - Edit

Finally! An upscale place for dinner. This place is wonderful, service is great and the food is amazing. I enjoy the small plates approach, it allows me to try a variety and then come back for more. I've stopped by for lunch and their mushroom sandwich is scrumptious!

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Excellent Mediterranean Vegan eats - Edit

If this were a non vegan restaurant, this would not have been very interesting.. But because it was vegan, it was great. A bit pricy (I mean, you are in Beverly hills) but we were full with an appetizer, main and dessert. Highly recommend the calamari. The seitan mains were both excellent. Desserts were were good, but just solid. Not to set, which was nice. Definitely a great meal.

Also, reservations are recommended. While the restaurant was empty at 6pm on the Monday we visited, by 7pm it was nearly full.

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Great for special occasions - Edit

Been here a few times when friends are visiting, and everything's impressively delicious. The Tuscan frittata is a must try. But it is pricy, and the servers have tried to upsell us on stuff...e.g., we accidentally paid for fancy water last time. But this place is perfect if fancy is what you're looking for.

Pros: delicious food, elegant ambiance

Cons: expensive, staff encourage you to spend more

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Nice Lunch - Edit

Crossroads we went for lunch.
I took BIG TAL CHEESE “butter” / persian cucumber / flake sea salt / white alder cheese. Didn't know what expected but was amazin. The alder cheese was like a real french Brie. I thought "oh my god they do dairy for lunch" but it was vegan so i good really enjoy my lunch.
The room they used for lunch is very nice and light with beautiful soft jazzy music on the back ground.
Next time we will go here for dinner.

Pros: Vegan, Great taste, Very nice restaurant

Cons: little far from Metro underground

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Delicious!! - Edit

I was in town for a concert on October 3 and had just read about some of the top vegan restaurants in the country in the USA Today. Crossroads was on the list. Before I start on the food, I would like to compliment our server, Maisie. She was wonderful...cheerful, knowledgeable and provided great recommendations and guidance.

The restaurant serves tapas-style. We ordered five plates, one dessert and a 1/2 bottle of wine. We started with the popular artichoke caviar and hearts of palm calamari with an aioli dipping sauce. I loved the "caviar"! Sitting on an artichoke leaf, it's an explosion of flavor in your mouth. In no way am I dismissing the "calamari". I would get it again...if I could dine there weekly! We were wanting the daily risotto, so Maisie recommended that we have a protein and a vegetable to accompany. We ordered the Scaloppini Au Povre and Oven-Roasted Brussel Sprouts. The risotto was good...nothing that really stands out, although I did have two servings. The scaloppini was very tasty. The brussel sprouts had a great flavor, that I eventually figured out was the mustard vinaigrette. They were sprinkled with pine nuts and cooked to perfection!! The time for dessert rolled around and Maisie mentioned the seasonal Pumpkin Mousse, which as much as we should have passed on dessert, we couldn't. My mouth is watering and my jaws tingling as I think about the deliciousness of it all. It was layered with, I'm guessing, "cream" and graham cracker (?). Seconds, please!

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Amazing! - Edit

This place was spectacular. I've never head a vegan cheese before that I liked, but their cheese plate was as close to real as you can get. The "shrimp" cocktail with mushrooms was better than a real shrimp cocktail. Drinks were pretty fantastic too. Great place to spend our anniversary.

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Fancy as All Get Out! - Edit

What a crazy experience! We were treated to our meal by friends, which was like paying for our college tuition, but everything was very good. Tortellini, cheese plate, and the oysters were the highlights for us. I was surprised to find that the chicken dish was just gardein instead of a Tal Ronnen special thingy, but gardein is good!

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Tal Ronnen's New Upscale Vegan Restaurant - Edit

We had dinner the other night at Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen's new CROSSROADS restaurant. I tried to make a reservation for 8:30PM, but the place has quickly become very popular, and they didn't have a table available until 9:30PM. It was quite a treat eating at an all-vegan upscale restaurant. Although I felt the music and restaurant were a bit loud for my taste, I enjoyed the Manhattan vibe, and the food was delicious.

At first glance, it seems like the restaurant is inexpensive, but the portions are quite small, so it is advised that each person orders several dishes, and the cost adds up very quickly. Expect to pay about 45 dollars and up per person. We ordered the crab cakes (tiny portion of two little "crab" cakes), but they were just outstanding, and our favorite item of the few that we ordered. We also ordered a flat bread, a banana pepper filled with risotto, the and the "meaty lasagna". The flat bread was delicious and the portion size was sufficient. The banana pepper filled with risotto was very tasty, but I felt the pepper was a bit too hot for my taste. Tal brought us a small glass of fresh almond milk to clean our palate after we told him that we felt the pepper seemed excessively hot. Had the pepper been less spicy, I would have given this dish high marks as well. The "meaty lasagna" was quite good, but I have had better vegan lasagna at a couple of other restaurants.

Overall, I feel CROSSROADS is a wonderful addition to the LA restaurant scene, and it is a liberating feeling to be able to go to an upscale all-vegan restaurant. The food is quite pricy, but I will definitely be returning.

Pros: Food, Nice Vibe, Great vegan food

Cons: Small portions, A bit noisy

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Genius - Edit

I feel like I've now eaten here a million times and I'm never disappointed. The menu changes often to reflect the best produce for the season. I brought a table full of Midwestern steak lovers that did nothing but ooh and ahh over their meal. I'm not entirely vegan, I'm allergic to shellfish but I think it's so inventive and well done here that most everyone would love it.

Pros: Ambiance. , Inventive flavorful meals and desserts. , Great cocktails.

Cons: It's not inexpensive. , It's not located in my house. , It's not practical for me to go everyday.

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Splendid! - Edit

Fabulous energy, beautiful space, wonderfully diverse clientele, affable staff and super attentive service. Started with a virgin citrus cocktail, orange, fizzy not too sweet flavors bounced on my taste buds, then the Marinated Spicy Mediterranean Olives with warm briny flavors complemented by the
crunch of Marcona almonds (wouldn't describe them as spicy though) served at the same time Spiced Chickpeas in a warm savory tomato sauce followed Kale Spanikopita, little flakey, buttery delights accompanied a dish of Spicy Morrancan Heirloom carrots, these were good but again not spicy as the name indicates was hoping for a bit of a kick to them. We also ordered one of the specials which was a portabella mushroom
scaloppini encrusted with panko bread crumbs, pan fried and topped with roasted thinly sliced mushrooms and a creamy sauce crusty and crunchy.
We ended with decadent desserts that did not disappoint the Pumpkin Tiramisu spicy velvety sweet pumpkin cake and puree combo tastes like Autumn and the Caramel Apple had a delightful butterscotch caramel smoothness that I wanted to hold on my tongue as long as possible. I am still reveling in the flavors of the evening and am eager to return and try other menu items, but I’ll most likely have the same dessert.

Pros: Staff, Service, Food and presentation

Cons: Spicy wasn't spicy, Loud, A little too bright

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Good place, but - Edit

The restaurant is beautiful, service is attentive and excellent, cocktails awesome, food very beautiful with great attention to detail. However the flavors were not that memorable. Some dishes - especially risotto and tortelloni - were perfect. Some were less. The bread service did not have enough bread for all the delivered spreads and you cannot have more bread. The cheeses did not impress. I liked the fried mushroom cocktail, my companions loved the oyster artichokes. At $260 for 4 people, including cocktails and tip, it was a bit overpriced but we had a very good time.

Pros: Good service, Beautiful place

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Lives up to its famed chef's reputation - Edit

I had read about this place opening on happycow and finally came here 2 days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal; in fact, I've added it to my HappyCow Top 10 Favorites list.

The chef Tal Ronnen is presently the most celebrated and talked-about chef in the vegetarian and vegan food world. He has cooked for Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and consulted for Steve Wynn's Las Vegas hotel restaurants.

Here's my Crossroads review. We went in for an early weekend dinner and was among the first to arrive. The place is gorgeous inside. Its decor is modern with rustic hints of wood. Seating is divided into vinyl booths, tables, and bar stools in front of a wide full bar. Everything glistened with cleanliness, and large windows let in light. The high ceiling contributed to a feeling of spaciousness even though guests seat intimately together.

The staff was very cordial and attentive, and our food arrived quickly--an advantage to eating early.

Since another friend had told us that the plates were all small in size, my friend and I decided ordered many different savory dishes to share. We got: the cheese platter (yum); the caviar and fried oyster mushroom over artichoke leaves (surprising, delightful); the crab cakes (pretty, tasty); the kale spanikopita (hot, delicious); the day's special in-house made pasta with crushed red chilis, asparagus, and olive oil (great pasta, though too spicy); and the lasagna (hot, creamy, yummy).

For dessert we share the panna cotta with berry spread on top (good), and the cannoli (awesome).

Overall we both enjoyed our meal and were totally impressed. Would definitely return to try the other dishes.

Do make a reservation (especially on weekends); otherwise you could wait for a seat at the bar.

Do expect to pay. You'll need to order several dishes to fill up and get a good taste of the many wonderful flavors chef Tal creates.

Pros: very gourmet, very impressive, very pleased

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Very much underwhelmed - Edit

My partner and I happened to be in town during the first week after they opened. Knowing that a nationally renowned vegan chef was behind this restaurant, I was beyond excited to try it out. But I'm sorry to have to say the whole experience proved to be a disappointment.

FIrst off, there was a major snafu with our reservation on OpenTable. My booking got canceled in a seemingly arbitrary manner. So I remade the booking online, only to receive another cancellation email. Then I phoned them about it, they said they didn't know what happened and had never canceled my reservation, blah blah blah. After a few calls, we finally managed to get a confirmed table for dinner. To be fair, it could've very well been a glitch in the system, especially as they just opened, so I'll give them that. Still, this put a small damper on a potentially great Friday night out.

The main issue I had with this place was the food - which is after all what I eat out for - and it just wasn't the quality you'd expect from a famous chef:

Kite Hill cheese plate - AVOID, most underwhelming dish of the evening. Overpriced for three tiny pieces of mousse-like "cheese" that were tasteless. Texture was too soft. If you've ever tried Dr Cow, I can guarantee you'll be sorely disappointed.

Artichoke oysters - Interesting concept and presentation, but taste was meh.

Crab cakes - The better dish of the evening.

Kale spanakopita - Not much taste besides salt.

Risotto-stuffed banana peppers - So-so, had a weird tang to it. You might want to avoid if you are like my partner who doesn't take heat too well

Tortelloni - Nothing special. Tangy sauce.

I don't even remember if we had dessert because the whole meal was just so unmemorable. I found all the flavors one-dimensional - predominantly salty/tangy without much nuance. I'm all for tapas-style small plates but the quality was lacking for the price.

On the plus side, the décor was stylish and had a retro touch to it. Our waiter was exceptional. The manager came over multiple times apologizing for the reservation confusion while checking up on us. He also comped our drinks, which we appreciated.

To sum up, our experience was unimpressive for the most part. Service was good, setting was nice, but the food just didn't cut it - although I must admit my hopes were quite high. I think it's just one of those must-try new restaurants that garnered a lot of attention. I hope they will improve on the food to live up to the hype.

Pros: service

Cons: boring flavors, overpriced for quality

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forcor My wife and I went here last month. I agree 100% about the Kite Hill cheese plate - it's overpriced and underwhelming. Our waitress actually warned us off the stuffed banana pepper because of the heat. Otherwise, our dishes were fantastic. I actually liked the artichoke oysters, Our tasty tortellini special was different from the tortelloni on the menu (and maybe better), and the pappardelle was FABULOUS. Also loved the pistachio kalamata flatbread, the desserts, and a couple other dishes that were special that night.

Basically, I think it all depends on what you get. I suggest you go back and at least try the flatbread and pappardelle, both were exceptional.

Swanky Fun - Edit

Minestrone soup, kale salad, pasta that looks simple yet tastes special, mini-chocolate decadence dessert ... It was all beautifully presented and delicous! From looking at the outside of the building you have no idea what a treat is waiting on the inside. Beautiful wood floors and comfy booths with interesting architectural touches everywhere. It is swanky and relaxed at the same time. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive. Overall a delightful dining experience and I am looking forward to going back the next time I visit L.A.

Pros: Chef Tal's creative menu, fab atmosphere, staff

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Great atmosphere but prices don't match the food - Edit

I have to say first that I am a huge fan of Tal Ronnen's cookbook. I love it and every meal that came out of it. Therefore, I had been waiting for the opening of this restaurant for a while and my expectations were admittedly high. It was announced as upper scale dining at moderate prices. That it indeed is an upper scale dining experience is immediately apparent and the decoration is unbelievably bautiful and classy and the staff is simply outstanding. When you look at the menu you are surprised at the prices ranging from $8-$14, and you are surprised even more when the waitress then tells you you will be needing 4 to 5of those because they want you to "experience as many flavors as possible". Oh well. It was a special evening so it was ok. We ordered the crab cakes, marinated olives, lasagna,lentil flatbread,rissotto stuffed banana peppers, red quinoa and one more I can't remember.
I know it is not a popular thing to say but I was not impressed. Like I said, I had high expectations but still, is that a reason that dishes that I made out of his book and that were extraordinary such as the crab cakes or the stuffed peppers were nowhere near as good in the restaurant and some things were bordering on being bland. I am very disappointed because this restaurant stikes me as the the next fad, a place where everyone flocks for a while and then it dies a quiet death because there are other vegan restaurants that deliver at least the same quality at lower prices (minus the outstanding ambience).
So my advice is, go try it out, be aware that you will be sampling different small dishes rather than eat one full meal and only go if you don't have to watch every buck.

Pros: Atmosphere, dips with the lentil bread, staff

Cons: more expensive than it has to be, food not as good as in the book, $15 desert

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Fantastic upscale vegan - Edit

We made dinner reservations for Crossroads on the first weekend they were open. We arrived early, but it was packed full by the time we left. The decor is contemporary and neutral. Very classic and upscale. There is a full bar with seats as well as two person tables and larger booths. Vegans have been waiting for a place like this.

The menus is various starters and small plates. It's recommended to order 2-3 plates per person. We shared everything: lentil flatbread with 3 spreads, artichoke oysters, crab cakes, tortelloni, biscuits with mushroom gravy, wood-fired meaty lasagna, chocolate bundt cake and citrus panna cotta. It was all delicious and beautifully presented. We especially enjoyed the tortelloni, biscuits and lasagna. Both desserts were small, but very tasty. Dirk loved the panna cotta. Desserts come paired with wine or they can be ordered without wine. We got the port with the chocolate cake. We'd also started the evening with a cocktail and beer.

The service was attentive and accomodating. Even though they just opened, everything appeared to be running smoothly. We are already looking forward to our next visit to try other items on the menu. Please go check them out. We need an upscale vegan establishment showcasing the creativity and variety of vegan food.

Pros: upscale vegan, delicious and beautifully presented, excellent service

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