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Health food store and vegan buffet restaurant operated by 7th Day Adventists. Food is displayed buffet style: take what you'd like then pay by weight. Has Sunday brunch. Store sells various vegetarian foodstuff and cooking ingredients. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-3:00pm. Health store open Mon-Thur 9am-5pm. Closed Fri-Sun. Closes Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and over Xmas to New Year.

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First Review by Pat


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15 May 2023

Good food relaxing atmosphere

Their homemade ice cream is amazing! Food was fairly priced and tastes wonderful. Very comfortable and low-key atmosphere.



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27 Jul 2022

Fine food

I have been to Country Life restaurants in many locales, and love them. Though they are run by a church, there is no proselytizing, and the food is always natural and good. This branch is small, with nice seating. Unfortunately, since Covid, they have stopped having their buffets—a highlight of the other branches of Country Life that I have visited (this branch does have a—rather meager—salad bar, however). I got a vegan burger to go; it was quite good—though not as good as their buffets of yore—and healthy.

Note: the food of the restaurant is all natural and vegan. However, in the store attached to the restaurant, they do sell honey.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-26


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09 Jun 2022

Food no longer buffet style.

Great food. A little confusing on how to order.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-09

Pros: All made from scratch


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19 Apr 2022

Fantastic home cooked meal

Country Life was a regular outing for us when we lived in Keene and now when we visit we make sure we go! The food is delicious and home cooked. My children love it. The staff is very kind.

Pros: Kids love it and it's healthy, Delicious food, Staff is kind


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08 Mar 2021

Hidden Vegan Gem!

We stumbled upon this delicious find while traveling in the area. We ended up getting their lunch buffet three times during our week there. Not to be missed!


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13 Mar 2020

Comforting Vegan Food for All

Country Life really helped make my transition to veganism so much easier. This restaurant made me realize that all of the comforting foods I have always loved can be made even better vegan! A great place to bring non vegan loved ones. Be sure to try the Hawaiian BBQ, Bean Stroganoff, Stuffed Shells, Cheesecake, Carob Pie, Fajitas and the Sunday brunch!! If you eat large quantities it is definitely worth it to go with the All You Care option!

Pros: Variety of options and salad bar and market , Lovely staff, Nice music

Cons: Can be pricey i


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04 Mar 2020

Delicious food and nice people

Really warm and welcoming atmosphere. Fair prices on food and many options including a buffet bar and salad bar. All food is scratch made and does not use processed ingredients. The staff are really sweet and will go to any length to accommodate your taste or explain ingredients to you. The food was all very delicious and I would come back again.

Pros: Delicious , Many options, Nice people


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20 Nov 2019

Great Food, Great Atmosphere

This is the type of food that is for the soul, tastes homemade and is a true place for great comfort food for a good price

Pros: comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: Can get loud


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23 Sep 2019

Wish it was in my town!

In town for a day, found this place on Happy Cow. It’s amazing and I wish it was in my town! Very casual “country” feel. A man tending the register gave me a “tour” of options when I told him it was my first time, and offered a taste of a couple of items. Food on the hot bar is by the pound, while soups, salad and desserts are by the bowl/plate. I went big, getting a sample of items off the hot bar and a salad. I’m stuffed, but EVERY SINGLE ITEM was seconds worthy! Options ranged Friday m simply prepared squash to shepherds pie and sea cakes. I will return when I’m in the area and may even make a special trip.

Pros: Only vegan food, Fair prices, Numerous options


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16 Sep 2019

Fantastic AND Vegan

Food is great and healthy, the staff were great and healthy, atmosphere is great and healthy.
We got a quick personal tour (and tastings!) when it was learned that this was a first time eating in the cafe for my wife and I. We had been looking for a vegan cafe to eat breakfast and lunch at during our frequent trips between Western Vermont and Concord, NH, and this great place fit the bill perfectly. The Sunday Brunch buffet was fantastic and reasonably priced. We ate lunch and got some take-out to cover dinner once we got home. The store and Cafe is nicely located amidst Keene shops.

Pros: Fresh, health-minded cooking, Tasty UNIQUE recipes, Healthy Atmosphere


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03 Sep 2019

A unique eat in Keene

This place is super unique! It's a vegan buffet with a country feel run by Seventh Day Adventists. The menu might seem disjointed (and it is) BUT the food is delicious. I had shepherds pie and pancakes because...well why not! They also sell groceries on days that aren't Sunday. They also have a small bookcase full of vegan literature. I'd definitely stop back the next time I'm in town!

Pros: cheap, delicious, friendly

Cons: weird menu


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26 Jul 2019


Amazing restaurant. 100% vegan. You can pay per pound or one price for the buffet. So many great options!! Menu rotates daily but there are entrees, soups, sides, and a huge salad bar


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23 Jul 2019

Highly recommend

The restaurant and food felt homey, and I was happy to know they are 100% vegan.

They're open on weekdays except for Friday, so don't let the happy cow description fool you.

Pros: All food is vegan , Food is delicious , The staff are nice

Cons: The $8.99 per pound option can get expensive


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09 Jul 2019

Amazing food, all vegan

Best sourdough pizza and burritos! The pizza is fine for people with gluten sensitivity, and they made an adaptation of the burritos for me with chips instead of shells. Everything is very fresh and clearly made with love. Highly recommended

Pros: All vegan, Can adapt some dishes for gluten sensitivity, Low key, sweet place


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18 May 2019

Best Vegan Option in Keene

I love this place. The salad bar is amazing. So many fresh vegetables, not your typical lettuce, cucumber, tomato bar. The 'cream' soups are delicious, and the hot buffet has great options.
Definitely worth a stop if in the area. Not open on Saturdays.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: By the pound, so it can get expensive., They will keep a tab, so you can go up often and , Keep adding, so no fear of eyes bigger than belly


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27 Mar 2019

My favorite!

Imagine if your grandma was not a vegan and a fantastic cook... like every comfort food you can think of is something she makes... yeah... that is THIS place.


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22 Jan 2019

Beyond expectations!

This was my first time here. The man at the counter was amazingly patient, explained all the yummy food to me, and even let me try a sample or two! I ended up getting a dollop of everything and it was ALL FANTASTIC! Homemade right to the salad dressings! Can’t wait to go back!

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-22

Pros: Home made, Mostly organic, Great variety

Cons: Need a bigger stomach


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20 Aug 2018

Oh My Salad!

My salad from here was so good and fresh! 🤤 The vegan dressing was a nice touch and the vegan “chicken” salad was amazing!! I love all the accents like seeds, sprouts, beet salad(?), and peas a salad bar provides and this was superb!!! (Oh yeah, the desserts we had were awesome too!)


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07 Aug 2018

Lovely Sunday brunch spot

Visiting my family in Keene I was stoked to find a Vegan spot right in town! For brunch I had pancakes w/ blueberry compote, tofu scramble & apple crisp. I also packed up lasagna & shepherds pie to take-away for lunch. Super welcoming spot & great home town feel. EVERYTHING was delicious & packed with flavor.

Pros: Friendly , Lots of choices, Great prices


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24 Jul 2018

Delicious but...

I was very pleased with our stop here but my only concern is that they have changing menus. I know for most people this isn't a con but my husband and I expected a lunch buffet when we got there on Monday but we found out, through their monthly menu, that the lunch buffet was only on a specific day. This would have been nice to know before we planned a lunch stop here. Other than that, it was good!


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03 Apr 2018

Good home cooking

Country Life is good old fashioned home cooking, veganized. The buffet is also a treat (rare to find a vegan buffet). We tend to go for brunch and there's usually something for everyone (vegans and the non-vegans in our extended family). The restaurant has a kid-friendly area at the end of the buffet tables near the windows in the other room. Since Country Life is run by Seventh Day Adventists, there is religious literature on the tables but just as a sort of fyi. We're not religious and we've never felt anything pushed at us here.

Pros: Great food, Decently priced


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25 Aug 2017

Great buffet in Keene

After a weekend of camping in NH and eating veggie burgers - this place was a godsend. We stopped by this place on our way home to MA.

The buffet rotates daily. I got the BBQ beef which was fantastic, with lots of veggie sides, and a cookie for dessert.

Pros: affordable, vegan buffet


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Mostly Veg
09 Jul 2017

Great lunch food

It is great to have a truly vegan place in downtown Keene. No need to ask if that creamy dish has dairy! There is a hot buffet, with entrees, vegetables, and soups. There is also a well stocked salad bar. Desserts and other foods and items are available as well. Self serve, pay by weight. Charming seating, friendly people. The food is always fresh and delicious.

Pros: Everything is vegan & tasty, Friendly staff, Reasonable prices

Cons: Limited variety on any given day, parking only on street, not open for breakfast or dinner


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14 May 2017

New pricing not a bargain

I stopped here on a visit to Keene after finding the profile on HappyCow. While earlier reviews highlight the affordability and $7.50 plates, they have now switched to pay by the pound for the hot buffet. The buffet was full of beans, rice and potatoes in various incarnations. Hearty veg dishes but foundationally cheap ingredients that weigh a lot. Thus, a pound (and more!) happens very quickly and the flat rate is now $7.99 per pound. Yikes! I also had their small salad bowl, which is very small, and is now up to $4.50 from the $3.50 reported in earlier reviews. The salad bar is good, however, with a lot of different veggie options. If I were ever to come again, it would most likely be for the salad bar on its own. The large salad plate is $6.50, which could actually be a good deal as it is MUCH bigger than the tiny bowl, but only 2 dollars more. The hot buffet is just too pricey for my budget, especially considering what is being served (beans and starch). I did get some kind of gluten-free vegan scone/cookie that I ate the next morning, which was amazing! It was a tropical flavor with chunks of pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts, YUM! I believe it was $3.50 but was filling and with those ingredients actually seemed worth it. I would buy those again for sure. And, as I said, perhaps the large-plate at the salad bar. Hot buffet: 3-stars Salad bar & baked goods: 5-stars

Pros: Good variety in salad bar, Tropical "scone": amazing!, Real food ingredients

Cons: Hot buffet & small salad are pricey , For me their style of Christian messaging is not, comfortable (but mild enough that I would return)


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14 Jan 2016

updated model... good food

I think there is a modest change of ownership... and a wider range of price/size offerings -- from a small plate or soup only circa $3.50 to the king plate including soup and desert as well as salad and a delightful range of vegan dishes.


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01 Jun 2015

Amazing place!

A truly amazing place. Very local, and so happy to hear it's been around for over 20 years! They offer buffet style eating. Which is great because there is something new everyday! I want to mention that they always have a cheesy (vegan) dish there, so that always makes me happy :) I recommend going to brunch there every Sunday! And their soups... mmmmmm.

Pros: All vegan, and gluten free - what more could you a

Cons: Nothing!


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28 Sep 2014

Cozy, inviting, delicious, and affordable

My friends and I stopped in for the Sunday brunch. I was excited, because I remembered this business back when they were in Boston over a decade ago. It has an even better set-up now: it's cheerful and bright, with plenty of open space and lots of food to choose from at the buffet.

Everyone was happy with their food. The place makes you feel like you are home for the holidays, and Mom missed you so much, she made you a huge meal with all your favorites.

We all live in the Boston area, but everyone opted to get a frequent diner card, because we know we'll be back.

Pros: Delicious, wholesome food, Buffet-style: choose what you like, Extremely friendly staff

Cons: No coffee/caffeine, No chocolate

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