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Bakery chain established 1937. Offers an extensive vegan range which includes bakes, sausage rolls, pasties, toasties, sandwiches, breads, cakes, donuts, shortbreads, flapjacks, and gelato. Provides plant milk option for coffee and hot chocolate. Accepts catering orders for celebration cakes and party platters. Open Mon-Fri 07:30-15:30, Sat 08:00-16:00.

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First Review by VeganAnnaS


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29 Aug 2023

Really good sandwiches

Lots of vegan cakes and sweet things. Very nice vegan peri-peri chicken sandwich filling. Also had other toasted sandwich options



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04 Feb 2023

Great selection of vegan pastries

I tried the caramel-chocolate shortbread and the bread pudding (both vegan), and they were amazing.

Pros: Great selection of vegan pastries


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06 Jun 2021

I love this place!

Lovely birthday cakes and cupcakes. But also just really nice bakery basics that aren’t usually vegan: jam doughnuts, yum yums, Danish pastries, aswell as much nicer flapjacks than the coffee shop chains sell. Oh, and the toasted sandwiches and savoury pastries 😋. They also serve tea and coffee, and there are tables and chairs inside.

Pros: Most of the products are vegan, Friendly staff


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01 May 2021

The best vegan bakery!

Impressive vegan range, sweet and savoury. Basically, everything that doesn’t contain animal meat are vegan. Toasties can be made to order. Viennese fingers are delightful. Apple danish is soft and scrumptious. To be honest, it’s the best vegan bakery I have had so far!

Pros: Very affordable and reasonable price , Friendly staff, No charge for plant milk for drinks


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27 Feb 2021

What a treat!

We go here regularly to treat ourselves. Something vegan for everyone, savoury pastries, sweet treats and beautifully decorated cookies. The recently added footlong sausage roll is a family favourite. Fingers crossed that the next thing they add to the selection is a vegan croissant and I have nothing left to wish for :)

Pros: Delicious, Wide selection, Friendly people

Cons: Nothing, so happy to have them in Reigate!


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07 Sep 2020

Favourite bakery with lots of vegan bakes!

When I first went in there I asked “Which of the cakes are vegan?” And the answer “All of them!” melted my heart.😄Recommend the custard yum yums!


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09 Mar 2020

Vegan Caramel shortbread! Amazing!

For years I have been walking past this bakery not that interested because like most bakeries in the UK they don’t do my favourite German sourdough bread. Also did t realise that they were vegan...However, yesterday I went in because I had just come back from an 18 mile run and needed something sweet and filling! Loved their bread pudding and even more today the caramel shortbread that I bought at the same time. It is one of the treats I have missed most since going vegan. So this is perfect for the occasional treat.

Pros: Delicious caramel shortbread, Yummy bread pudding

Cons: None but the review is based on two items only


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15 Feb 2020

My birthday cake came from here!

It’s such a pleasure to have somewhere on Reigate High St that stocks such good quality vegan baked goods including a rotating selection of sausage rolls, cakes etc. They also make things to order including my delicious birthday cake this year.


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01 Oct 2019

Expanding vegan range

The owner has been engaging with the local vegan group and expanding vegan range. Most of the bread is vegan and there are various sweet treats. The Viennese fingers are delicious. 
They also serve coffee and there is a seating area at the back of the shop.
Staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
October 2019 update - virtually all the sweet treats are now vegan and they have savoury pastries and sandwiches now

Pros: Vegan sweet treats, Friendly staff

Cons: Not all veg*an


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15 Sep 2019


Fantastic bakery, almost unbelievable how many vegan items they have, and the range is always expanding! The butterscotch yum yums are to die for!

Pros: Almost everything is vegan!, Expanding range of delicious treats


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30 Jul 2019

Massive vegan menu

I worked locally for 2 years before finding this place and there wasn’t been a week since where I haven’t popped in at least once for lunch. They have dozens of vegan options (both sweet and savoury) and they are constantly releasing new toasties/pastries etc. There are non-vegan products, but it’s refreshing to see that they are the minority for once! Even more so when it’s the vegan food which sells better! All the staff are very sociable and are more than happy to have a chat about the new vegan foods and events that they have planned.

Pros: Huge, regularly updated vegan range, Very friendly staff, They take orders and can make handcrafted cakes

Cons: Quite costly, Products are sometimes removed for newer items


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20 Sep 2018

vegan sausage roll

if you love mushrooms, salt, and need something quick and hot then this is brilliant. from the sign outside it looks like they're expanding their vegan menu too.


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22 Apr 2018

fantastic vegan cake

I ordered a birthday cake after chatting to Sean Coughlan on a vegan Facebook page. He helped design the cake for me and when I collected it from the Reigate shop it was way beyond my expectations.
The cake was a vanilla sponge with buttercream and thick icing, and decorated just as we’d discussed. The sponge was really light and fluffy. It was demolished by all my omni birthday party guests who loved it.
I do also recommend the mahooooosive butterscotch yumyums and the tomato and olive pastry.
Most of the breads are vegan and they are constantly adding vegan food to their range of sweet and savoury foods. They have plant milk for coffee too.
Lovely friendly helpful staff, and a fab personal service. I can’t recommend them highly enough 💗


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20 Feb 2018

Good Vegan Range (and growing!)

Coughlans have a nice range of vegan breads to choose from, as well as other sweet treats like yumyums, Vienese fingers, flapjack, etc, and are introducing more savoury items like wraps and pastries. All very tasty, but not the healthiest, of course!

Pros: Lots of breads, Quite a few sweet items, A couple of savoury items


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19 Feb 2018

Good range of vegan treats

Came in after seeing on a local fb page that they had been expanding their vegan food. Asked the lady behind the counter what was vegan and she very helpfully showed me a list of everything they had available (about 10 different sweet things and some breads)... Bought 2 butterscotch yum yums and they were amazing... Almost couldn't believe that I hadn't been here before!

Pros: Lots of options and friendly helpful staff... Tast

Cons: Room for more vegan options... I'll be back!!

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