Cornish Arms

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163A Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056

Serves meat, vegan options available. Hotel bar with a comfy lounge area. Offers pub food and has a separate vegan menu that includes pizza, faux chicken parmigiana, burger, falafel, and chips. Specials include vegan burgers, vegan fish and chips and vegan BBQ. Hosts trivia on some nights - see website for details. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-1:00am, Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.

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30 Reviews

First Review by syl

Q: Why did the vegan parma cross Sydney Road? - Edit

A: To prove she wasn't chicken!!!

The perfect place for vegans to enjoy pub food... just like normal people.

Loads of deep fried options (yum). Deep frying is a more humane, instant method of cooking plants. Plus, it's more delicious.

Loads of mock options too. Vegans are evolutionarily designed to eat mock, that's why we have sharp pointy teeth. And if God didn't want vegans to eat mock meat, He wouldn't have made it out of soy protein and gluten.

Serving sizes are so uber generous that I can barely fit in my Uber when going home.

The staff look after vegans well. They'll usually ask if anyone on the table is vegan. When bringing the food out, they'll say the "vegan" prefix on each item, which is very reassuring. Especially nowadays with mock options more accurately representing their animal-based, animal-torturing, animal-murdering, planet-destroying equivalents.

Some people are put off by the non-veg menu, which is understandable. However, it's a great place to bring non-vegan friends... then insist that they order the vegan options. Otherwise, it's nice to let them order an animal-based item, then bask in superiority as you explain how much more ethical you are compared to them. Also, if you take a deep inhalation when walking past the kitchen door, there might be some iron and B12 floating around.

Trivia night is always fun too!

Aloi Maak!

[PS: 5-star if possible. HC allows 4/5 max for veg-option venues]

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-27

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nice vegan menu - Edit

menu changes a bit sometimes but they always have a great vegan menu and it comes in big portions and very tasty. a kind of junk food with a lot of mock meat. and all their beers are vegan. yay.

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Out & In - Edit

Very smelly inside, not smelly outside.
Large range of very mocky junk-food style burgers etc that are generally well received.

Pros: Beer garden

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Many tasty vegan options - Edit

We has vegan souvlaki, vegan Mac Daddy burger and vegan 'fish' and chips. Everyone enjoyed their meal and there were many more vegan options to try! The vegan souvlaki had mock chicken and mock duck which was a great combination. The portion size was generous. It wasn't too loud - we didn't have to yell to hear each other like you do in some pubs. The staff were friendly and service was quick. It's obviously not the healthiest food, but we went there knowing it wouldn't be, and we definitely enjoyed it!

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Heaps of options - Edit

Sizeable pub, but be sure to book as it is very popular. Several options on the menu including pizzas, burgers and various pub grub options. Most items include mock meat and/or fake cheese. I would stick away from pizza as their fake cheese can be a little off tasting. I would recommend items with mock meats though such as the fisherman's basket, souvlaki and spicy box, as well as the chickpea moussaka. Nothing healthy or natural tasting, but comfort food made to pub standards.

Pros: Large vegan menu, Mock meats

Cons: nothing outstanding unhealthy

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freaking awesome!! - Edit

Ahhh-mazing food!! Really good quality food and incredible menu but definitely more "junk food" burgers, fries, fish and chips, brownies etc. but realllly yummy!! Lots of "mock meat " options which I'm not a fan of i had the black bean burger made vegan and it was fucking amazing!! Really love this place

Lots of

Pros: great food large menu

Cons: mock meat

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If you're looking for a naughty vegan meal, the Cornish Arms has you covered! - Edit

I've been here a few times now and really love this place.

The atmosphere is great, there's a nice beer garden out the back, and as well as vegan food they have vegan-friendly wine!

I've had the sourthern fried 'chicken' burger, mac daddy (Big Mac copy) & 'chicken' & 'duck' souvlaki. The chips are amazing

Perfect place to go with non-vegans so you all have something to choose from, or a great way to show non-vegans that we don't just eat lettuce ;)

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-28

Pros: Atmosphere , Vegan-friendly wine list

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Delicious but greasy - Edit

My partner and I tried this place out on a whim, noticing that they had vegan replicas of popular foods. We ordered the Big Mac replica and the KFC Double Down replica.
The Big Mac was made with a bean pattie and was definitely reminiscent of its real counterpart - the Big Mac sauce was pretty realistic and tasty.
The Double Down had two faux chicken fillets with soy cheese and soy bacon, and came with coleslaw, mashed potato and gravy.
It was all insanely delicious although somewhat greasy and incredibly filling. Both plates went unfinished, the portion sizes were just huge.
The venue vibe was pretty cool and it was quiet when we went for lunch. The place had cute and funky decor, and lots of comfortable booths and tables.

Pros: Great atmosphere, Interesting food

Cons: Large portions, Greasy

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options - Edit

They have a lot of vegan options which is greAt, but holy hell is everything greasy. Would I eat here again?probably not. Am I glad I tried it? Defiantly.
Place isn't for me but if you love greasy bar food and lots of fried mock meat give it a go! You might love it

Pros: lots of options

Cons: greasy

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Amazing options - Edit

Lovely and friendly venue with a menu that suits omnivores and vegans. Many choices and helpful knowledgeable staff. It's nice when you have to struggle to choose because you have so many options!

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Really good/extensive vegan options - Edit

Massive vegan menu and it's all really good. There's a pretty cool atmosphere too.

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Perfect for mock meat lovers - Edit

Sometimes you want some pub grub and The Cornish Arms fills that niche for me with its vegan pub menu. There's everything from a vegan version of KFC's infamous Double Down burger to vegan cheesecakes. The food is great and very filling.

It's always busy and a little loud, so the food can take a bit of time to come out and on busy nights, it's not great for quiet conversation, but it's a good atmosphere.

Pros: Filling food, Good atmosphere, Attentive wait staff

Cons: Food can take a while to come out, It's often loud

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Great pizza, packed on a Tuesday night - Edit

Just like any good restaurant in Melbourne the Cornish arms requires a booking made any night of the week as they fill the large space with over 100 guests in no time!

Really loves the Hawaiian pizza, also a great range of beer on tap including 4 pines pale ale and Stone and Wood pacific ale

Pros: quality food, buzzing vibe and atmosphere

Cons: wait times, but too be expected when the food is s

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Vegan mock meats, bring it on! - Edit

I absolutely LOVE the Cornish Arms. This review is based on several trips so I can say it has consistently good service and food.

Last time I went with my partner and his brother. They had a new special - the vegan halal snack pack - in tribue to Pauline Hanson. My partner's brother thought it was superb, nice "beef" strips with tabouleh and more. My partner got the Mac Daddy, which is like a vegan Big Mac with a side of chips. It was really good, best TVP burger we ever tasted and reminded us a lot of the Big Mac (only better!). I had the vegan double downer which is vegan cheese, facon and salad sandwiched between two vegan chicken patties- YUM! Came with a side of potato mash and gravy - I would have opted for a little less gravy, maybe serve it on the side, but it was really tasty overall. Have also had the pizzas here which are incredible, hot piping fresh with excellent vegan cheese and mock meat. Another visit my partner had the vegan nachos which were fantastic and I had the vegan fisherman's basket. They serve it with gardein fish which is the greatest, as well as vegan prawns and squid. Perfection! If the footy is on Channel 7 they will also have that on and you can chill at the bar and watch the game.

It gets very busy so make sure you book ahead for dinner!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great mock meat, Good service

Cons: Book ahead!

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nup - Edit

The food is average - fried mock meats thrown together with some condiments. They sell this stuff for a few bucks Asian supermarkets and you can make it at home without having to deal with the staff at this place. The only thing this place has going for it is the fact that there's a vegan AND a non-vegan menu, so great for mixed events as other reviewers have noted. BUT, treatment from the staff is not worth it.

Pros: vegan and non vegan menu

Cons: staff, service, food

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best vegan pub ! - Edit

The Double down is amazing ! Great atmosphere great food

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Amazing!! - Edit

I came here on the recommendation of many people. I'm so grateful for their advice as the food was just incredible!! There were so many great looking vegan options on the menu that I had to get a waitress to help me pick. At her recommendation I ordered the vegan double down. OMG. It was so insanely good. I'm still on a food high from it. Also, all the beer and ciders on tap are vegan, and the wine is marked. The staff are wonderfully nice and the atmosphere is great (although maybe consider booking ahead, I didn't so inside was full and I had to find a spare seat in the beer garden, which was still great as I was alone, but would be harder with a group). I'd 100% recommend a visit here if you're going to be anywhere near Melbourne.

Pros: Incredible food, Very reasonable price, Vegan alcohols

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meh - Edit

We ordered the vegan souvlaki and vegan Parma. The souvlaki was more like a buritto with a very intense mock duck flavour. The mock chicken Parma had way too many spices, almost like a pre made pasta sauce you buy from Coles. all in all, it was on okay meal. if
they werent $20 each, I would maybe recommend.

Pros: large vegan menu

Cons: expensive and too many flavours

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A great place for Vegans & Carnivores to come together! - Edit

Extensive vegan menu along side your started pub fare. Relaxed atmosphere & great service.
Meals were awesome would return.

Pros: Vegan & standard menu , Service, Food

Cons: Sticky table

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I wanna give this place 5 stars!! - Edit

The menu is so great, there's so much to eat and their mock meat is incredible. Staff are friendly and efficient. Can't speak highly enough of this place.

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Amazing Mock meat and Vegan Beer selection - Edit

Wow! A mate told me to try their Vegan Parma with Bio Cheese...yes I was skeptical! Beyond my expectations! There is so much to choose from on the menu for vegans as well as Omnis!

Pros: A variety of vegan options - food and beer!, Vegan club to keep you in the loop!

Cons: I have not discovered any yet

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usual crowd-pleaser disappointed this time - Edit

While I wouldn't necessarily chose the Cornish as a dinner destination for myself, it's always been my go-to for a meal out with my family. As other reviewers have mentioned, it has a separate vegan menu, with plenty for meat-lovers as well. I've always enjoyed the pizzas with generous, tasty toppings and slightly fluffy, fresh bases. In the past I've eaten their mock meat sandwiches and burgers with relish, washed down with a beer. BUT last week I went in with my family and partner at lunchtime after my graduation. Looking forward to a celebratory lunch, you know? My pot of Coopers green tasted stale and flat. Like it was the end of the keg and/ or the pipes really needed a clean out. I ordered the ribwich - fake "rib" patty on a bun with onion rings on the side. It SUCKED. Okay, the rib patty itself was quite tasty - nicely chewy and marinated in a sweet, barbecue sauce. It sat on a few shreds of limp iceberg, a slice of soggy tomato, on a big, floppy stale bun. Gross. The onion rings, which I usually love, were pale. Oil in the deep fryer out there was obviously not hot enough to cook these golden and crispy, as you would expect. Needless to say I was really disappointed. Especially for the $16 you pay for a sandwich. Ripped off. I'm hesitant to go back now. Seems the CA is running down hill fast.

Pros: varied menu

Cons: stale beer, stale bread, overpriced

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Great destination for a mixed party - Edit

I've been here twice now, both times with mixed veg/omni groups, and the Cornish Arms probably the best place I've been to in terms of accommodating such a group. So many vegan options, but the basic-food-desiring omnis had no cause to grumble. Each time, everyone enjoyed their meal.

The meat loathers pizza was good, but I've made better at home quickly and easily using a pre-made crust, BBQ sauce and a few types of mock sausage/peperoni + Notzarella. The BBQ chicken wings were scary good. I would personally have preferred them if they were shaped a little less like wings...

The first time, I followed the advice from the waitress, and ordered the Double Down. So much fake stuff! The potato mash and gravy was great, the slaw was excellent ans was also IMO necessary to break up the heaviness of the rest of the meal. The double down itself was quite something. Two "chicken" fillets in a spicy crumb, facon, only moderately nasty fake cheese (I have yet to find one that I like though), iceburg lettuce and tomato (I can't remember the last time I had iceburg lettuce). It was good, definitely some of the best non-sauce-drenched mock-meat I've had. At the same time though, it was still clearly mock meat, and not that great for eating huge quantities of.

The second time, I had the souvlaki. While I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't order it again.

Despite the novelty of being able to have meals like that, in reality, I would enjoy a meal made with more actual vegetable content. Having said that, next time I end up here, I'll probably fall for the novelty of vegan pub food again.

As for desserts, the cookies and cream cheesecake was a little disappointing, the texture was a lot more pudding-like than cheese-cakey, and needed a bit of tartness to break up the heavy sticky sweetness.

Staff were neither remarkably good or bad. The first time they seemed to ask us if we wanted drinks more often than seemed necessary, and the table we were seated at was pretty small for 8 people. The second time, struggled a bit to get a the attention of the waitstaff.

Also, all their drinks are marked as to whether they're vegan-friendly!

Updated from previous review on Saturday August 15, 2015

Pros: Great for accommodating mixed groups, Vegan pub food

Cons: Small tables, Noisy

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Best mock meat I've ever eaten. - Edit

Firstly, I just want to say that I'd give The Cornish Arms a 5 star rating but it seems I can't because it's not an all veg restaurant. I've been coming here at least once a fortnight for years, and I've not once been let down. Whether I was just popping in for a few beers or some cake or pigging out for dinner, The Cornish Arms was perfect every time.

The food itself is divine. If you're vegan but you love mock meats, then this is the place for you. They have a great range of meats, such as the classic chicken parma, battered fish and duck souvlaki. I think I've tried most of the vegan menu and everything I've had was incredible. My favourite would have to be the chicken and bacon burger with cheese, aioli and avo.

They do special deals each day, such as $7 pizzas on Fridays before 6 and $13 parma on Sundays, which came in handy when I was broke but still wanted to eat delicious food. They also do a weekly vegan special. Their dessert is a vegan cheesecake, which changes in flavour regularly.

The other aspects of this pub are also pretty great. They have regular live music, $10 jugs of beer every night and a lovely beer garden. The staff are nice and the service is always quick. I've been here to eat in quiet times during lunch and during the dinner rush whilst in a group of 15 people, and I've never had to wait more than half an hour for a meal to arrive. This is my favourite place to eat in the entire world.

Pros: Cheap jugs of beer, Amazing food, Good specials

Cons: none.

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regular - Edit

The mock duck wrap and also the cheescake are amazing.

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Hearty vegan - Edit

Yum if you love mock meat and hearty rich vegan pub-style food! This is the first one of its kind I've found locally and will be going back regularly. Service has always been friendly and prompt even during peak times. Highly recommended for a good veg meal, but if you don't like loud - choose your visiting times wisely.

Pros: Great pub-style vegan fare, Offers options for meat-eaters

Cons: Noisy, Not for a quiet, cosy meal

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waiting... - Edit

Be prepared for Atleast a half hour wait on your food...

Pros: Parma

Cons: waiting

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