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Vegan restaurant franchise founded 2014 in Montreal Canada and operates outlets across North America as well as into France. Offers a large menu of conveniently-served plant-based meals. Find breakfast foods, burgers, sandwiches, bowls, chili, and sides like vegan poutine and nachos. Cookies, cakes, waffles smoothies, and other drinks also available. Many items are Kosher certified. This one est. 2014. Open Mon-Wed 7:00am-10:00pm, Thu-Fri 7:00am-11:00pm, Sat 8:00am-11:00pm, Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Happy Veg Man


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10 Aug 2022

Good food

Thanks again for all
The good food!



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16 Oct 2019

Plant-based power food

Copper branch is a vegan food chain that has various locations in and around the city. Each restaurant has a trendy and clean feel. It is a good option when you want to have a quick healthy meal on the go. The food is tasty, but a little overpriced my opinion. My personal favourites are the shiitake teriyaki burger and the Aztec bowl.

Pros: Delivery option , Catering service , Kid-friendly

Cons: Overpriced , Small food portions


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20 Aug 2019

AMAZING if you’re in a pinch!

First I had poutine, which was wonderful even with their cube fries! The cheese on the poutine was some of the best I’ve had. Then I had the wings (which could be delivered via an app) which were also phenomenal!


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25 Jul 2019

Parfait fast food

Végane et pour la plupart santé. C'est un peu cher mais c'est bon. Je trouve que les bols valent plus la peine que les burgers.


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19 Oct 2018

Copper Branch - un must montréalais.

Vraiment excellente chaîne. Entièrement vegan. Savoureux, élément frais. Cuisine créative. Service rapide et possibilité de commander via leur applications et passer chercher la commande.

Pros: Beaucoup de choix , Bonne qualité


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24 Sep 2018


Restaurante de comida rápida pero todos los platos veganos. Excelentes ensaladas, hamburguesas y postres

Pros: Raciones muy grandes

Cons: Un poco caro


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19 Aug 2018

Nice breakfast

We had a nice breakfast here with avocado toast and a very nice matcha lime smoothie bowl. Open long hours, definitely recommended.

Pros: Open long hours, Nice healthy options


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31 Jul 2018


Was so nice to find a vegan restaurant while in Montreal. I got the Aztec small power bowl and it was more than I could eat! Also the large baked fries was huge serving! 3 of us ate and couldn't finish them all!


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21 Jul 2018

Great Vegan Fast Food

Visited Montreal from Boston and this was a great vegan fast food restuaraunt. The food was delicious, healthy and fast. I wish there was a location where I live!


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21 May 2018


The buffalo wings might be seasonal but dang are they good. Always love a late night/early morning visit as they are one of the latest veg places open in this area. Always friendly service, and good comfy food.


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03 Mar 2018

Power bowls

J'adore cette chaîne plant-based. Plusieurs locations dans le grand Montréal. Les prix sont très raisonnables par rapport à des compétiteurs comme Mandy's. Les wraps ne semblent pas toujours frais, mais les burgers et sandwichs sont toujours très bons. Ma recommandation est évidemment les bols avec les shitake, c'est leur plus grand succès, et c'est le meilleur rapport qualité/prix, car les bols réguliers sont de grandes portions!

Pros: shitake


Points +70

07 Feb 2018

Convenient and tasty

Copper branch is the first vegan chain in Montreal. They are steadily growing and the first step in their location will let you know why. A beautiful design as well as some awesome dishes is a killer equation. It does not have that mom and pops feel but it is a sure bet either when in town or travelling.

Pros: Decor, Variety, Mostly organic

Cons: Portion size, Price


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11 Nov 2017

Efficient vegan fast food chain

Copper Branch has many locations in Montreal and offers a decent range of vegan food, from bowls, soups, burgers to poutine! Their poutine is very good and is generous in terms of size. I also liked most of their burgers with extra cheese. Prices are fair and the service is quick. They also have large opening hours which is very convenient. Try the poutine!

Pros: 100% vegan, good food, delicious poutine, large opening hours


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20 Aug 2017

just okay

The food wasn't anything special and the environment wasn't great. It was a very cute place and was easy to find. I would definitely go back but I've been to better.


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15 Aug 2017

August 2017

A conference I participated in was just in a couple of blocks from this place. I have visited this cafe about five times and I really appreciated this place. The food was tasty, the size of dishes were great and staff was polite. Once I have ordered a vegan option of local traditional dish - Poutine. Suddenly they told that they don't have it anymore and they offered me to order any other dish for any price and to have any dessert for free. I was much appreciated for such attitude, in my country I could just receive money back.

All dishes were very tasty, but I can't but mention also a very tasty vegan ice cream with tea, it was amazing!

The only minus I have observed that one day it opened at the morning a little bit later and I have to find another vegan place.

Pros: Dishes are tasty, the size is bigger than average, Staff will support you in case of misunderstanding, Staff is polite

Cons: Once it opened a little bit later than should be


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Mostly Veg
17 Jul 2017

Amazing place !

Very good food and smoothis, the wrap is amazing. Well cooked vegan food !


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06 Nov 2016

Fresh food, nice atmosphere

We visit Montreal from Connecticut every year or so and are happy to have Copper Branch on our list of "must go" restaurants. The food is good, made fresh for you, and there are ample choices.

Pros: Totally plant based, clean and comfortable.


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24 Oct 2015

Very Disappointing

I was really excited to try this place, the concept is amazing. Was really hoping for the Canadian answer to the Veggie Grill. The food however is not good. I tried the teriyaki burger and the vegan poutine. Neither was good, and considering I spent $25 after tip, I left very unsatisfied. The burger was tiny and the flavour profile was definitely biased far too much in favour of the sweet, not enough umami. The poutine was absolutely awful. The fries weren't cooked and were mostly raw, the gravy tasted of neither portobello nor miso and was very watery to put it politely. There was some shreds of vegan cheese in there, but there wasn't enough heat in the sorry mess to melt it. So the flavour and texture did not benefit. Maybe one day I will try it again.

Pros: fast

Cons: really not good food


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28 Aug 2015


Wow - this place is 100% vegan, gluten and organic/nonGMO. There are so many tasty sounding choices that I'm going to have to return here before the end of my visit (even if it's just to try the poutine)! As the little French I remember is 'rusty' at best, I was happy that there was an English menu. I had the chicken sandwich that was fabulous! They are located centrally in the city which makes them very convenient for us out of towners.

Pros: lots of delicious options, great location, friendly staff


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19 Jun 2015

Nice option for healthy and junk food

There is quite a few vegetarian restaurants in the area, but I like how this one has extended hours, in the morning or at night. You can go there for the healthy yet delicious power bowls, but you can also satisfy your craving for a juicy burger with fries.

Pros: Vegan poutine, Nice modern place


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06 Jun 2015

Vegan poutine

The reason I found Copper Branch is because I was looking for a place where I could eat vegan poutine. I'm glad I found it, it was great. The gravy was interesting, they could have used a bit less salt though.

Pros: Fast and easy, Location

Cons: Service- both staff not bothered at all


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24 Apr 2015

delightful in Montreal (Rue Bishop)

While visiting the Musee des Beaux Arts we needed to refuel. Copper Branch was down the way. We had the epic Aztec bowl with quinoa...AMAZING. The restaurant is spotless, staff is cheerful & helpful and that brownie?! OMG get that bad boy on a plate warmed up omnomnomnom :)

Pros: clean, friendly,fresh,delicious


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19 Mar 2015

Awesome Tasty Vegan Fast Food

If you are craving the fast food which is usually hard to find when you are vegan, Copper Branch really offers some awesome burgers, sandwiches and even poutine to satisfy. I love that place, love the poutine which tastes even better than ''traditional'' poutine in my opinion, and the ''chicken'' sandwich tastes just like chicken, it's really quite awesome. Also their food is gmo free, which can excuse the slightly higher prices.
It may not be the healthiest (unless you order bowls or smoothies) but it's definitely healthier than non-vegan fast food chains' options!
Also, the staff is pleasant, with good friendly service.


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05 Mar 2015

Healthy but avoid the Poutine!

Strange bean/mushroom sauce they call gravy. Believe it or not, UNeedAPita has the best vegan poutine we've had. Smoothies weren't great but the bowls were wonderful.

Pros: Bowls

Cons: Poutine


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29 Jan 2015

All Vegan Food with Delivery Service

I am visiting Montreal for business and was so happy to find a vegan place that would delivery to my hotel room. I had the Copper beet and lentil burger and poutine, and was quite pleased. The food is not exceptional, but it was good and I really love that I did not have to go out in the cold and still got to enjoy a tasty vegan meal. I would definitely order from Copper Branch again.

Pros: Delivery Service, All Vegan, Vegan Poutine


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26 Nov 2014

Copper Branch

I went to this place and ordered the Aztec bowl. This bowl was very nutritious and tasty but I found it was too big to be healthy. Eating too much of a good thing is not really healthy as it is better to consume in moderation and not become like a pig when eating healthy. I prefer the Panthere Verte on Mackay Street as the salads are smaller and less expensive so I do not feel like I have over eaten.
I found the music was not very good. I prefer relaxing soothing music. The music seemed more like disco style music. I did not like the fact that all the employees were dressed in black. Black is a bit too business like. But the employees seemed like very human beings.

Pros: Lots of healthy nutritious ingredients, No tips required, opens very early

Cons: Bowls too large, Music of poor quality, Emploees all dressed in black


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19 Nov 2014

Vegan fast food has arrived!

I ordered a veggie burger and poutine for delivery on Monday night. The burger was cold (I'm not sure if that was intentional), but no matter, it tasted excellent. The poutine, yes real vegan poutine, was tremendous as well.

I don't know what they use in their ingredients, but I do know it's all vegan and tastes great. It's also very accessible with their fairly wide delivery area and they are also in the process of opening up 2 more locations in Montreal in the coming weeks!

Pros: Variety of Vegan Items, Opening Hours & Location, Delivery

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