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Cookies and Scream

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Unit L1, Dingwalls Gallery, Camden Lock Market, North West London, England, NW1 8AF

Vegan bakery counter inside the Camden Lock Market, since 2012 (previously at Stables Market). Sells cookies, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and brownies which are gluten-free. Also serves hot drinks and milkshakes. Take away or eat at the bar. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-5:30pm.

Reviews (68)

First Review by darrenmasters


2017: Back again and had the peanut butter choc chip pie, the same flavour in a cookie, plus an oatmeal choc chip cookie and the choc vanilla swirl doughnut. All of them amazing, chewy and gooey!

2013: This place is INCREDIBLE. I had the peanut butter creme pie and it was to die for. The crust is made from the cookies which are all warm and gooey. There is a really good selection and you get to see them fresh baked in front of you. The lady who runs it is really nice too. Plus ALL VEGAN!!

Pros: Amazing!!!!, All vegan

Cons: None

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cookies good, but allways sold out - Edit

Cookies are good, but they dont have that much stock.
So there is not much to choose When you are in the afternoon. Place to sit is small. More of a take away

Pros: vegan

Cons: sold out early, only cash

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Sooo delicious!! - Edit

Went there with my non vegan friend and we were both so happy to have found this place. We had a chocolate brownie (my friend said this was the best brownie she ever had), a vanilla ice cream shake thingy and a peanut donut and EVERYTHING was delicioooous. Too good but still true. It took us an hour find it though, weve been at the "main food market place" looking around between all the falafel and burrito and asian kitchen places and just couldnt find it for ages. But dont give up, its defo worth it.

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amazingly sweet treats! - Edit

Definitely not "health foods", if you have a sweet tooth YOU NEED TO COME HERE!! Milkshakes, cookies, ice cream, donuts, brownies all soy based, and amazing! I thought prices were quite good too! :)

Highly recommend!!

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Amazing Sweet Treats - Edit

It's so rare to find such good, sweet deliciousness on offer in this country. We've only found vegan desserts of this quality in America before.

We shared a cookie dough shake and a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, and it was more than enough to go round the two of us. the shake was so thick it was a struggle to suck it up! While the cookies were thick, chewy and gorgeous. So good. If you're in London who have to make the trip to Camden Market to try them.

Pros: Vegan, unhealthy, and amazing.

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I literally cannot follow these guys on Instagram because knowing I can't eat here when I'm not in London makes me so sad. I found them by accident on my first trip to Camden - it's a must-visit if you love cake, cookies, ice cream (or all these things combined into a milkshake). I love the ice-cream cookie sandwich and their cakes. Obsessed isn't a strong enough word.

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Sooooooo Good!! - Edit

These guys are amazing bakers.
I had the chocolate drizzled donut, which was warm and fresh out of the oven.....
I was saving it for "later" but the smell of it broke me and I ate it on the spot.
So glad I did.
Possibly the best vegan donut Ive ever eaten!!
Definitely go there if youre in Camden

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The MUST visit place in London - Edit

I went several times to cookies and scream bakery while I stayed in London.
It is DEFINITELY worth it. Not only if you are a vegan!
Everything they make is vegan plus gluten-free so this is a place to go with ALL of your friends no matter which eating habits they have.
Their products taste amazing and whenever I happen to be in London this is the place I visit each single time.
The shakes, cookies everything tastes just delicious and I've never had such amazing vegan sweet food before.
Just go there and convince yourself!!
I would recommend to come early since they are a small food stall and many people come to buy stuff there so things will be gone in the afternoon /evening. Still you mostly can get some cookies and the shakes are usually available.

Pros: vegan,gluten-free, delicious

Cons: none!

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The best Screaming Cookies ever! - Edit

we visited the place this february and were taken aback by fantastic food! we had famous 'cookies and scream' and they were delicios! we are going back to London this Saturday and this place is definitely on our to-go list.

Pros: amaaaaaaaazing vegan food, cheap (for London)

Cons: staff could be more friendly

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Incredible deserts - Edit

If you like sweet deserts, don't miss this place!

As a vegan with a chocolately-inclined sweet tooth, there are a few things I miss from when I used to eat "everything". For example, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter deserts, milkshakes, donuts etc. This place had ALL of the above in incredible variations, just the right taste & textures, this was a really great find.

Pros: Perfect

Cons: Not cheap

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Rude staff ruining nice bakery - Edit

Visited yesterday with my sister. We got there about 30 mins after it opened, and although there was quite a long queue, we were expecting it so we didn't mind. When we got to the serving area, the staff didn't greet us or even acknowledge our existence. The menu was at the other end of the serving area and when I asked about what was available, the woman was obviously annoyed that she had to tell me. The doughnuts and stuff in the cabinet on the counter weren't labelled either and there were hardly any left even though it had only been open for 40-45 mins at this point. Another member of staff opened the counter to get out and someone else in the queue held it open for her - instead of saying 'thank you' or 'excuse me', she said "I can do it" and pushed past everyone. Overall the price was pretty good in comparison to other places - we got a double chocolate doughnut, a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and a salted caramel milkshake and it cost £8. The food was actually really tasty and not too sweet and sickly, with very generous portions on the milkshake and ice cream sandwich. The doughnut was a bit on the small side but it tasted delicious. Managed to sit outside in the market area but there was an overflowing bin next to us. Probably won't go there again as Camden is so awful, but it was nice to try it.

Pros: Delicious food, Good prices

Cons: Incredibly rude staff, Poor signage and lack of menus, Camden is disgusting

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nice if you can get served - Edit

I have been here 3 times now and 2 out of thoese 3 times I have been ignored by staff despite clearly standing there and them serving people around me when I am still waiting to be served. The food is nice but personally the staff attitude puts me off.

Cons: rude staff, cash only

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Awesome! - Edit

This place is so good! Yes it is like a sugar mountain within a tiny food bar inside Camden Market... But hey we are all allowed a treat every now and then. And it is all Vegan and gluten free after all!
I have been here twice and had the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich both times. In case you are wondering, yes it is absolutely as good as it sounds!
The first time we went, my boyfriend had the peanut butter cookie and the salted caramel milk shake. They were good but a bit too sweet for me.The second time he had the pecan pie (slightly warm) with ice cream and it was delicious!
This place is great for a treat on the go :) There are a few bar stools if you are lucky to get one, or you can just walk around in a cookie ice cream vegan heaven all of your own....

Pros: Delicious , All vegan , cheap

Cons: None

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I'm in love with Cookies and Scream. - Edit

This is the greatest place in the world. Every time I go I know I'm going to eat so much that I want to vomit, but it's always worth it. I just recently discovered the brownie shake and I don't think I'll ever be the same again. If you visit London and you don't go to Cookies and Scream then you messed up.

Pros: Cookies, Brownies, All of the cakes

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obsessed - Edit

This place is super delicious, I'm happy I'm leaving London tomorrow or I would definitely eat here all the time and become that chubby vegan but hey it's that yummy I'd have to embrace it!!! I wanna go back tomorrow hahaha

Pros: all vegan, all gluten free!

Cons: doesn't accept credit cards but there's a cash mac

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Delicious! - Edit

My first visit. I bought a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie. Both were very yummy!

It's cash only. Staff could have been more helpful. I didn't have cash, and they didn't direct me to the cash machine that was only a few metres away, instead letting me wander off in the wrong direction.

I will definitely visit again. The treats were so good!

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Cash only

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Genuine Heaven - Edit

I got quite the surprise when I first spotted Cookies And Scream. It's tucked away so neatly in Camden and is so tiny, it's easy to miss. But, their food is undoubtedly the most delicious of any bakery in London. I was sceptical at first- how could fruit purée make a chocolate brownie taste good?! But the flavours and textures are like no other!

Cookies And Scream will make anyone wish they were vegan.

Pros: Delicious Food, Accommodating Staff, Great Value

Cons: Easy to miss, Very cramped, Nowhere to sit

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amazing food, service could be friendlier - Edit

This place has the best baked goods I've ever had. The cookies and cakes are divine and their ice cream shakes are amazing. They're nicely situated in Camden market.

Only criticisms - close fairly early and are often out of things - you never know what there will be until you turn up.

The people that work there are occasionally nice but usually are a bit stand offish or borderline rude. Not enough to stop me coming back though and I guess it suits the punk/rockabilly aesthetic

Pros: best vegan baked good in London, location

Cons: bit pricey , staff could be friendlier

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delicioso!! - Edit

Totalmente recomendable si estás por El mercado de Camden y hace frío, comimos helado con cookies en pleno noviembre y chocolate caliente...por elegir algo, porque todo tenía una pinta genial...super simple ubicación, en serio, de los mejor para endulzarte en londres!

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It's so difficult to choose! - Edit

It’s so difficult to choose which amazing vegan desserts to get so bring tupperware so you can order more and take it away :) We had the brownie topped with toffee sauce, which was really amazing - nice gooey brownie with a creamy, delicate sauce. And we took 4 doughnuts to go (make sure you arrive after 2pm when the doughnuts are available): The chocolate ones were particularly good, and the salted caramel were also good, but tasted more like cinnamon than salted caramel. Looking forward to going back with more of an appetite and trying their other amazing options!

Pros: All vegan, Amazing desserts

Cons: Difficult to find, Not much seating

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amazing vegan and gluten free treats!! - Edit

A must visit if you are nearby or in London it's well worth the visit. A fab choice for anyone with a sweet tooth and everything is vegan and gluten free. The brownies are amazing!

Pros: Everything is vegan and gluten free You will be sp

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Delicious sweets - Edit

So here's the thing, a couple of years ago I stumbled upon this place by accident, had never heard of it before, I don't even remember what I ordered but I was dreaming of it ever since. But I simply could never find it again! I'd wander around Camden Lock everytime I was in the area and I never found it. Today I went specifically to find this place and finally managed to. Had a choc chip sandwich with vanilla ice cream and it was delicious. Really big too, amazingly only 3 pounds.

I'll order a milkshake next time I manage to find this place.

Pros: Yummy sweets

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Amazing! - Edit

Completely vegan, and everything tasted so good! I personally recommend the "brownie scream shake", and even my meat eating friends admitted it's probably the best thing they've tasted (then they all bought one the next day).

Pros: Tastes amazing, Completely Vegan

Cons: Slightly expensive for some things, but worth it i

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Being vegan and gluten free this is one of the best places in the world!!

I go there more often than I should and the highlights are their milkshakes and cookie ices cream sandwiches. Also Wookie Bars are amazing!

The staff aren't the friendliest... After being served by the same girl for about 2 years we usually get a smile... Just don't expect much conversation!

Pros: so yummy!

Cons: lots of Soya , staff are quite short

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My gosh.... - Edit

During what was likely the most unhealthy breakfast I've ever had my partner and I indulged ourselves in warm gooey brownies and pecan squares with vegan ice cream and cookies for sides!
That pecan square..... I'm still thinking about it two weeks later. So very good, some of the best vegan sweet treats I've tried. All from a trendy but fairly humble little corner of Camden market (which is cracking by the way).
If you don't care too much about your sugar intake then visitation is a must!

Pros: Option to warm up baked goods, Damn delicious, Good selection

Cons: Spatial issues, So far away from Swansea....

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Sweeeet! - Edit

Fantastic sweet treats here, and a great place to bring anyone who thinks vegans eat nothing but lentils and grass. My omni friend still talks about the double chocolate cookie he ate here. I've been here twice and both times have had the affogato shake, which is delicious. The queue can be long, but the staff work fast and are friendly. I would love to see them expand into a larger cafe with proper seating, as it's not easy to sit and enjoy the treats there. Of course, if the weather's good you can take your sweet delights down to the canal. Since discovering this place I'll always try to fit in a quick stop in Camden if I'm visiting London.

Pros: great range of cookies and cakes, ice cream shakes, cool, friendly atmosphere

Cons: not big enough!

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Vegan cookie ice cream sandwiches!!! - Edit

This place is great! The ice cream cookie sandwiches are only £3 and are huge! The peanut butter cookies are also delicious. I would definitely go here all the time if I lived in London :)

(As mentioned in a previous review it is quite hard to find the first time - but totally worth the effort!)

Pros: Delicious food, Generous portions, Reasonable pricing

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The best icecream sandwich! - Edit

This is hands down the best icecream sandwich I have had, regardless that it's vegan. I had the ginger ninja cookies with the vanilla icecream and it was perfection! The cookies were soft, chewy and crisp all at the same time and held their shape.

It was extremely difficult to find though, but well worth the adventure. Enter near the sign on the bridge saying "Camden lock" and it's near all the food stores, underneath the pub.

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A pain to find but worth it! - Edit

This place is difficult to find - I found myself wondering around Camden Market for almost an hour trying to find it; but it was worth it! The shakes are FANTASTIC! They are thick and difficult to drink (which is half the fun) and so worth it. The fact that everything is gluten-free and vegan is great for those looking for coeliac friendly treats...

Pros: Friendly staff, Great prices, Shakes (you have to try a shake!)

Cons: Difficult to find , Survice can be slow at peak times

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delicious cakes and cookies - Edit

Really tasty American style cakes, cookie ice cream sandwiches and other treats! Lovely little place in Camden market.

Pros: cake , I love cake , cake is amazing

Cons: sometimes run out of stuff but I guess that shows

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I scream for Cookies and Scream - Edit

Studied in London for the year. I took my non-vegan friends with me the first time and they LOVED it. The "milk" shakes are amazing. They taste like frosting. So rich and creamy! The cookies and scream sandwiches are amazing. So are every single dessert they sell...I should know as I've eaten them all. It's the perfect treat. A pretty long line can form but it's worth it.

Pros: Amazing desserts

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perfect! - Edit

What a fantastic place! I have tried the cookie ice cream sandwich and the peanut butter and jelly cookie, and both are amazing. The staff are kind and helpful, and the other customers seemed as excited as I was. It's a rare thing to find vegan baked goods that are even tastier than non-vegan ones. Even my non-vegetarian friend loved it! Thank you!

Pros: everything

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so good! - Edit

Amazing confectionary-bar at Camden Lock. Street food/take away style place with 3 or 4 chairs to enjoy your delicious treat at the bar counter (no tables). I had a Tofoofoo shake with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce and it was fabulous.

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The best cookies and brownies :) - Edit

Been here quite a few times, every time is good, somedays there are different cakes or pies and always nice oat and choc chip cookies and yummy marshmallow choc fudge brownies (Really chocolatey):)
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 26, 2015

Pros: Delicious fresh cookies and mega shakes, Reasonably priced, Nice staff

Cons: Only like 4/6 barstools

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Delicious shakes - Edit

Really delicious shakes and cakes, all of them vegans. The service is nice. If you want some sweet food, this is the place. I have returned more than one time.
Updated from previous review on Monday February 16, 2015
Definitely, their brownies are between the best ones that I have already tried. The mosh mint brownie is a must.

Pros: nonexpensive, delicious and vegan

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Delicious - Edit

I stumbled upon this place by chance when browsing Camden Lock and was really excited by the offerings of cookies, pastries and shakes. As I already had a big lunch I just opted for a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie which was warmed up (definitely go for the heated version!) and it tasted amazingly decadent! A good way to fuel up energy for some more shopping! I loved the little setup they have as well! I'm definitely going back there the next time I'm in London

Pros: Amazing selection of treats, Inexpensive

Cons: More of a take away place than sit down

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Best vegan cookies ever! - Edit

The peanut butter cookies here are to die for! They use Swedish glacé ice cream which is delicious served with one of their brownies. Warm and gooey and chewy goodness - definitely recommend for vegans and non vegans alike looking for a sweet treat during their market visit.

Pros: variety of baked goods and shakes, great location

Cons: tiny shack with limited seating

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If you love peanut butter... - Edit

If you like sweets and pastries, cookies, brownies and peanut-butter-chocolate tarts, then you’ve got to go there. This a just a stall in Camden market, but you can get a hot drink and sit to enjoy you cookies (warm) or take it for later. One of my key places to go for a treat when I’m in London.

Pros: Delicious, Here or take-away

Cons: No room for a real breakfast

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Yummy sweet treats in the heart of Camden - Edit

Great spot for all things sweet: cookies, brownies, donuts, cakes and shakes. Everything is super sweet so beware! Treats can be ordered with a side of ice-cream or cream. Treats can also be warmed up for you in the microwave. Coffees and hot chocolate plus a selection of teas. The brownies are my favourite and they have even won awards! Nice seating area against the bar but only room for four to five people max. Can be a bit cramped if sitting as others ordering will be stood right next to you. Service is fine, but not always the most friendly. The feel of the place is alternative/punk/hipster.

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Could be better - Edit

When I arrived, there was no huge selection of treats. I tried double chocolate chip cookie ice cream which wasn't anything special, would have been much better if cookies where a tad warmer and chewy. There's quite a variety of milkshakes but I wasn't in a mood for one. Don't think I'll come back

Pros: Vegan milkshakes

Cons: Dark design, Poor variety, Uncomfortable sitting

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Amazing wookees - Edit

This place is great. Some of the best vegan cakes and deserts I've ever tried. My favourite is the wookee, just amazing. The only down sides are that it closes early-ish and it can get quite expensive if you order a few things. Defiantly one of those places you go for a treat. Highly recommended.

Pros: Amazing cake/ brownies , Great location

Cons: Closes early, Bit expensive

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love it! - Edit

I really love this place! The cookies,pies and tarts are really lovely and indulgent tasting without being sickly sweet. It seems like they make it all with good quality ingredients such as gluten free oats. Great for everyone!

Pros: Yum!, Gluten free & so suitable for many peopl, Yum!

Cons: it's a stall not a proper sit-down cafe, not disabled accessible

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Indulge! - Edit

We tried an ice cream with chocolate brownie and caramel sauce. It was a generous serving which we shared sat at the counter as it was a fairly quiet day - can understand that when the market is busier this isn't a relaxing place to sit but you can soak up the bustling market atmosphere or you can take things out to sit by the canal with a bit more peace.
Thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream and our server was patient while we chose a couple of cookies to take away and eat the next day.
Love the signage and presentation.

Pros: 100% vegan, ice cream sundae / sandwiches

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Best shakes in London - Edit

I LOVE this place. I just moved away from London and this is one of the things I mostly miss about the city.
The shakes are the best (please try the affogato!), the choc-chip cookie and the chocolate donut are my favourites.
Coffee is really good as well.
The only downside is the lack of space, so people can be really squeezed to fit in the small seating area.

Pros: MILK SHAKES!, Delicious vegan bakery goods

Cons: Not enough space

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Great taste, but staff left a bad taste in mouth - Edit

It's true: the food here is great. Being gluten-free and vegan, this seemed like it would be heaven. The chocolate-chip cookie I had was delicious. The shake I had was marvelous. The donuts I took home to my husband were less like donuts and more like round cakes, but they still tasted great. What wasn't great was how the staff seemed annoyed with every single person coming to order and were incredibly curt when asked questions like the one my best friend asked: "which would you recommend?" (This hardly seems unreasonable.) There is a lot of sassy signage: "Prices DOA - dependent on attitude" and the irony is it was the staff that had seemed to have an attitude. There's a real hipster vibe here (which is fine) but just note this isn't a cozy place to go for coffee. The market is jammed and the cookie bar has about five stools, and even if you do sit, people ordering will be right at your shoulders. Also, for any microwave-phobes, they openly use one to melt their butters, etc.

Overall, I'm disappointed as I would have gone back and would have loved to recommend it if that staff hadn't been so disgruntled. Maybe they were having a bad day as others seem to like them and have had good experiences? Regardless, mine was not.

Pros: Excellent food

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Noisy

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The best brownie you will ever have - Edit

I adore this place, it is made of pure magic. I was so surprise that even though the food is gluten-free, it tastes even more superior than regular baked goods. The brownie is sensational, definitely the best brownie I have ever had in my life. I miss this place and can't wait to go back!

Pros: Food is out of this world, Excellent value for money, Everything is gluten-free and vegan

Cons: Very difficult to find

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The place to go for chocolate and cakes lovers - Edit

Cookies and scream is located in the heart of Camden and offers a lots of different chocolate cakes and sweet things: cookies, brownies, different cakes that are all vegan and very yummy. If you are in the area, you have to go there. You won't regret it. You can go eat what you've bought along the canal of Camden, which can leads you not far from heaven.

Pros: all is vegan and yummy, lots of choice, located in Camden

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So yummy! - Edit

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I'd heard so much about this place I had to try it out. My boyfriend and i split a milkshake and took some bits home with us. So impressed! Not too over the top sweet and well worth the money!

Pros: Good selection , Good value

Cons: Wish there was a bigger seating area

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Go for it - Edit

Another great vegan place in Camden. 15 minute walk from VX in Kings cross you can get great gluten free vegan cakes and cookies form this market stall. great attitude and wonderful milkshakes.

I like it so much I bought the t-shirt

Pros: Great selection of vegan cakes, vegan Milkshakes, great atmosphere

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Cookie milkshakes!! - Edit

Love this place. All is vegan and it is rid of heavily processed sweeteners. The brownies are delicious. My favourite has been the peanut butter jam milkshake. So yummy. The service isn't the friendliest. But then you are at a busy food stall in Camden. Will return when I can.

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Excellent brownies! - Edit

There are a great variety of sweet treats available here. My favourite is the mint chocolate brownie warmed up with ice cream. The cakes vary a lot so there always seems to be something a little bit different.

Pros: Variety, Amazing gluten free vegan treats, Take away too

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yummy vegan treats and good coffees - Edit

Everything is vegan, gluten-free and delicious-looking. I had a cappuccino ₤1.80, gooey jam cookie ₤2, and a brownie with hazelnuts ₤2 to take away.
A few stools are in front of the counter, meaning that people may be blocking the view of the goods laid out there.

Pros: vegan treats, friendly service

Cons: can be a wait

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Awesome Vegan Cookie Bar - Edit

I love Cookies & Scream. I keep meaning to try something new, but that saucy little peanut butter and jelly cookie gets me every time. Try one warm with a cup of Tea Pigs liquorice and peppermint tea! Cheap and cheerful, there's always a brilliant range of baked goods on offer and I also usually squirrel something away into my handbag to eat later.

As for the staff? I'm not sure what the other reviewers were referring to, because I've only ever had ordinary pleasant service from the various staff members who work the cookie counter. Highly recommended, even if you're buying for later consumption.

Pros: great selection, peanut butter cookie of dreams, value for money

Cons: a bit chilly in the winter!

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The BEST brownies - Edit

I've been to Cookies and Scream a few times now. I always make a point to go when I'm in Camden. Their brownies are super rich and moist, chocolately and just yummy. Gluten free baking has a reputation for being dry and having a weird texture but that doesn't apply here. I've tried their cookie ice cream sandwiches which are equally as good.

It can be a little hard to get their attention at the bar sometimes but I can totally understand that, especially when working in a place as bustling and eclectic as Camden. I love this place!

Pros: DELICIOUS, Well priced, Convinient

Cons: Why didn't I buy a cookie as well?

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I LOVE this place! - Edit

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with the reviews below- this place is amazing!

We come here every single time we come to London, and pick up a couple of bits to both eat and take home to freeze for a later date.
I normally have the (award winning!) brownie, but also the orange flavoured Blondie (it's like a white brownie) is utterly delicious too. Sometimes we get the cookies too, depending on what we fancy on the day!

The woman working there has always been friendly with us, and when she's been less talkative it's been because she's immersed in baking things for the afternoon. Last time we were there a (couple weeks back) she was giving me baking tips and asked about our day, etc...

Definitely worth dropping in to try something whenever you're in town!

Pros: All vegan, great variety

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I want to like this place... - Edit

I was full of high hopes, but as with darrenmasters' review, one of the cookies I had was oily and not very nice, and a fair bit of it got thrown away (which I very seldom can do) and the service was also off: more interested in her phone. However the cookie sandwich was good, and a peanut butter chocolate tray bake was nice. Possibly one for the Vegan Coeliac, but choose with care!

Pros: Vegan and gluten free., Cake!

Cons: Variable quality.

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variable - Edit

this looks promising, but was disappointing. The brownie was nice but the cookie I had was very greasy and felt like it was swimming in oil. Also the girl working there was very off, she wasnt vegan and was rude when I asked questions about the cakes.

Pros: brownies, location

Cons: greasy cookies, staff

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