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Food trailer est. 2010 and moved into this space in 2015. Offers vegan wraps, cold sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. Try a side of rosemary fries and the blueberry lemonade. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by pjw2000


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28 Jan 2023

Best burritos

Easily the best burritos I've had. Have been going to their food trucks since 8 years or so. Consistent, reliable, flavorful, yummy food. Lots of variety with different spice levels and everything's vegan. One of my favorite food trucks.

Spicy chickpea burrito with spinach tortilla and chimichuri seitan burrito with cayenne tortilla are our favorites. Spicy chickpea is Indian style channa masala and it's better than channa masala in most Indian restaurants; its Indian spicy, so beware. We also like black bean and pan seared tofu. For any burrito wrap, make sure to add quinoa and rice mix. Otherwise, it might be too light. We have also tried their bowls, mostly when we'd want to eat with fork or spoon.

Haven't faced any difficulty in finding parking. Mueller park is also a nice park to hang out with friends and family.

Pros: Flavorful spicy and delicious, Original and doesn't try to mock non-vegan recipes, No fake meat



Points +219

07 Jan 2023


Nice healthy food #Veganuary

Pros: Vegan , Price, Healthy

Cons: More salad choices


Points +50

25 Jan 2022

Good takeout option!

It has super healthy choices for a great price!


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14 Apr 2021

Decent takeout option

Food is satisfactory... Not amazing. The wraps make for a good grab and go option.


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04 Feb 2021

Quick and tasty

Great for a quick lunch while taking a stroll through Mueller Park. Has the chimichurri wrap, pretty good! Just wish it came with a side.


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22 Aug 2020

Plant congeries conflated into a corybantic orectic cosseting.

Parking may require some patience on weekend afternoons.


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08 Aug 2019

Mostly just expensive lettuce

I ordered the just the seitan wrap and it cost about ten dollars with tax/tip. It ended up being 95% iceberg lettuce inside, with maybe 7-10 small chunks of seitan which weren’t very tasty and a little bit of tomato. I was still starving after I ate the whole thing. I could have paid even more to add quinoa, but I’d rather just go somewhere else next time.

Good on them for having a vegan menu, but it just gives veganism a bad name when you feed people expensive rabbit food!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fast

Cons: Kinda pricey for what you get, Not very filling, Not that tasty


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21 Jul 2019


I got the chimichurri wrap and the rosemary fries. Both were just okay flavor-wise. It doesn't seem as though they put a lot of effort into making sure the food comes out right. The chimichurri wrap wasn't made right. The sauce was all on one end of the wrap. Once I finally got to it, it had good flavor. The fries were off too. Some were cooked well, others were almost raw, and some were burnt. I don't know what was up with their fryer.

Pros: All vegan (from what I could tell)

Cons: Okay food, not prepared well


Points +233

23 Apr 2019

Nice Vegan Mobile Food Truck

I had the spicy chickpea wrap. Thought the spice overwhelmed the meal. Glad it was 100 % Vegan.

Pros: 100% Vegan

Cons: Chickpea wrap too spicy.


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12 Feb 2018

Cool truck

This is a cool truck in a great location in Mueller, although there isn't really anything exciting or worth coming back for. My wife and I live right outside of Mueller so I wish there was more that we wanted to get here, but we really just stop by here and there for a drink or fries while we're walking around. This vegan truck is a little bit of an oddball as they don't seem to care about being plugged into the vegan community but instead do their own thing. I often times forget about it because nobody ever talks about it and they don't talk to anyone. I bet if they reached out to the community they would do a lot better with business and menu items people are looking for. I think that definitely effects our interest in the truck.

Pros: Convenient Mueller location, Healthy, Never busy

Cons: Mediocre food, Long wait after ordering, Detached from vegan community


Points +27

13 Aug 2017

Yummy food

It was a cute little food truck esque restaurant. Good food, too, but it did take a while and when he finally brought our food out my dish was wrong so it had to be remade, and he tried to give us somebody else's smoothie. I would go back because the food was so good

Pros: Cheap and large portions, Convenient location, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Outdoor seating on a busy road, Took a long time to get our food, Messed up order


Points +28

08 Jul 2016


Very cute, small storefront in a plaza. There are so many great flavors to choose from.its hard to make a decision! I like that the ice creams use different bases like almond, cashew, and sunbutter. If I lived in Austin I would visit often!


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12 Dec 2014


Yummy organic perfection in a wrap and great customer service from food artist who care :) makes me smile

Pros: Vegan, Organic, Happy


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21 Jun 2014

First time vegan

This was my very first vegan experience (over a year ago!).
I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect.

What I got was a mouthful of flavor. Everything we ordered was delicious to say the least!


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03 May 2013

Try the Bella and Rosemary Baked Fries!

I'm fortunate to live in the culturally, ethnically and tastefully diverse city of Austin, Texas. Being a vegan here is so easy, not only because I have access to some great resources such as a Whole Foods and a weekend Farmer's Market, but also because there are several vegan eateries around town. I've been taking some long lunches lately to visit some new vegan places, and I recently have tried the Conscious Cravings food truck.

I'm addicted to portabella mushrooms and luckily, they have The Bella wrap that was perfectly designed with me in mind (or so it seems)! The wrap includes onions and olives with a vegan herbed mayo dressing and a touch of Daiya cheese. I was in heaven. The wrap is huge and it is paired well with a Mango Healthy Quencher. Since I've discovered them less than two months ago, I've visited them more than just a few times. My husband is a fan of their Spicy Chickpea Wrap and doesn't need much convincing to head on over with me when I have a craving.

Their menu includes eight different wraps starting at only $5 each, three salads and two healthy quenchers to choose from and more. There are three different locations around town and I've already visited two. Check them out if you're in the Austin area and looking to support a great local food truck! I highly recommend them and can't wait to visit again.

Pros: multiple locations, great value, friendly staff


Points +35

Mostly Veg
21 Feb 2013

Thumbs up for the Spicy Chickpea Wrap

Was on vacation and stopped by this food truck for a bite.
Thoroughly enjoyed the Spicy Chickpea Wrap.

Pros: Casual, Good Value, Friendly Staff

Cons: Long wait


Points +417

23 Dec 2012

Great Service, Food is ORGASMIC

So we stumbled across this trailer (literally)on our way to Capital City Bakery, and happened to try the Chimichurri seitan wrap....We haven't been able to order anything else since! My carnivore husband (who is very unreasonably wary of anything vegan) took a bite of mine and *shouted* "F*** that's good!" I almost choked on my wrap at that, but we ended up buying two more. Our next trip we ordered the rosemary fries to go with them, and those are like warm, crispy, crack. We haven't tried anything else on the menu yet because we can't bear to not order those wraps! In addition, the gentleman running the trailer will step out and bring us our food if we're over at the bakery when the order is ready. SO nice! Highly recommended for all!


Points +1301

26 Dec 2011

Great smoothie

I had a refreshing smoothie here. I wish I were in the appetite for more that day.


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28 Dec 2010

Life Changing

I have been introduced to Jack fruit as a meat substitute. While everything I've had there has been very good, the BBQ Jack fruit is amazing. I tend to enjoy a variety, but some places just have that one thing to which I can't say no. It's also a nice neighborhood, dog friendly and inexpensive.

Pros: food, jack fruit, price


04 Dec 2011

I know this is an older review, but...you've confused Conscious Cravings with Counter Culture. I can sympathize; they are two veg trailers in the same city with the same abbreviation. But folks reading this should know to go to Counter Culture for the Jackfruit BBQ. Either way, both places are excellent and some of my favorite places in town to hit up.


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05 Sep 2010


This is a nice little spot the just opened a couple weeks ago. The folks who run it are nice and the food is super tasty. I tried a couple of the wraps - the seitan was super tender and the veggies were nice and fresh. Pretty much everything is vegan and made from scratch (including the mayo), but some of the wraps have an option between Daiya and dairy cheese. They're also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/consciouscravings

Pros: Good food, Nice folks, Central location

Cons: Parking is limited for groups, Trailer, so exposed to elements, Make sure fries are cooked well

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