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Founded in 1967 by a farmer who became horrified by the development of intensive factory farming. CIWF campaigns peacefully to end all cruel factory farming practices and believe that the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet deserves a focused, specialized approach. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00.

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16 Feb 2020

great organisation

i was luck enough to attend a cross party group on food at the Scottish parliament where CIWF were speaking.
it was fantastic event and they spoke in a debate with the NFU and i think opened a few peoples eyes towhead goes on with industrial farming. fantastic spectacle.

Pros: ethics, people



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12 Jul 2013

There are no straight lines!

Vegan friends work for / with CIWF.

Sosmix & Burgamix were revolutionary products - they helped many friends turn vegan in the 80s.

......so although CIWF do not directly promote veganism, they certainly do help farmed animals.
Here is some additional background info. from Kim Stallwood aka Grumpyvegan.

~ Peter and Anna Roberts predated Howard Lyman by some 30 years. They were dairy farmers who were outraged by the treatment of farmed animals. After giving up farming and as vegetarians they formed CIWF in 1967. They also launched Direct Foods, which produces the staple of many British vegetarians and vegans, Sosmix and Burgamix, a dry mixture that becomes a burger when added with water and fried. The mission of Direct Foods is to provide consumers with a soy product that they can eat without it first being consumed by animals that then become meat.

Peter and Anna established CIWF as an organization that opposed cruel practices in animal agriculture. It never promoted vegetarianism — although they and many of the staff do not eat meat and dairy products — because they believed it’s important for the consumer to make their own mind up on what was on their plate. It also made strategic sense. CIWF is an organization for veg and nonveg alike to comfortably come together to challenge the most egregious examples of farmed animal abuse. ~

- See more at: http://grumpyvegan.com/blog/2006/10/18/77/

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