Local, veggie food. April '23 reported not all veg please confirm and let HappyCow know. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-10:30pm.

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First Review by KennJR2014


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01 Nov 2023

Too sweet and oily

We tried 3 dishes: curry noodles, too much sugar. Otherwise it would be nice
Rice & duck noodle: duck is really well done. Noodles are mushy and soup... guess what? too sweet
Crispy fried mushrooms. oil used too much. greasy
People here in the South die of diabetes not connecting the impact such diet has on them. They simply think that you get old so you must get diseases.

Pros: Lot of choices, cheap

Cons: Unhealthily sweet



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31 Oct 2023

Very good hotpot

When reading the menu you're in doubt whether everything here is vegetarian 🤔

The staff assured us everything was plant-based as they apparently use a lot of fake meat. However, one of their dishes was "Caramelized snakehead with rice", which doesn't sound like the most obvious choice for mock meat producers 🧐

We had the medium sized hotpot (120.000₫) which was really good though and definitely enough for two.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-30

Pros: Value for money , Authentic atmosphere

Cons: Dubious menu


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02 Jan 2023

Authentic food, all vegan, nice price

Very yummy vegan food, that is really cheap. Nice staff, that tries to help any way they can.


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20 Dec 2022

Good price, huge portions, great service. Recommended!

Some of the other reviews put me off at first but I'm really glad we went anyway! The menu selection is huge! We had the Claypot rice, and a "beef" noodle dish. We also got the "beef" wrapped in lotus leaves as we thought it was a starter. It turned out to be a huge platter to make our own rolls with rice paper, lots of different salad leaves, cucumber, pineapple as well as the lotus leaf wrapped "beef" and a peanut sauce. It was fun to make!
We had a LOT of food so we took lots home for later!
All the food was very flavourful and very fresh!

Pros: Loads of options, Flavourful fresh food, Good price, friendly staff


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28 Oct 2019

Quick and yummy

I had the sautéed mushrooms and rice, 20k, it was great for the price, I’ve had better, and worse. My waitress was friendly and tried (language barrier) to answer my questions.

They had “meat” meals on the menu but I’m not sure if they use replacement meat... one dish was blackened snake head which seems hard to find a replacement for 🤔🤔

There’s a buffet here for com thay cam which is extensive and a little market to buy groceries.


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20 May 2019

Excellent Value for Money

Good sized portions and great flavour for a very cheap cost. Good selection on the menu. Would eat here again. I ordered spring rolls but did not receive them however my main was enough for me.

Pros: Lots of options , Cheap


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18 Mar 2018

Good pho!

Ate there pho soup, which was delicious! Also tried fresh springrolls but they were not too fresh.
A lot of options and cheap prices.
There is also many other vegetarian restaurants in that same street.

Pros: Good pho, Cheap, Big portions

Cons: Springrolls was not fresh


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01 Dec 2017

Looks appealing but wasn't THAT fresh

I was heading to the full vegan restaurant and I should probably have sticked to it... There is PLENTY of food here, but honestly I'm not sure it was that fresh in the end. My belly got struggles digesting the food and I'm pretty sure they use a lot of MSG here. The flavors were good but not outstanding and the staff was everything but friendly. They refused the Happy Cow sticker and sent me away pretty much. One GOOD point tho: The Bao Bun was really amazing, very peppery. They offered me some sweets but I'm not sure those were vegan so I said no, looked like there were eggs in there to me. Unfortunately I cannot confirm as the staff didn't speak english.

Pros: variety of foods

Cons: not so fresh, they use MSG, not very friendly staff


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11 Nov 2017

Lots of options along this street, try anothe place

I don't know why the description of this place says it is one of the only vego restaurants in this neighborhood. It isn't. De Tham is packed with much better vego restaurants than this. I'd only go back to this one earlier in the day. Some of the food i tasted was being in bad. A lot of it was just too old for a long hot day sitting in the display window. And the rice was damn poor quality. Walk up the road a bit and look for 'chay' on the sign.

Cons: [censored] food


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07 Sep 2017

outstanding hotpot

There are a lot of locals esting in this location, it is not very Because the Communication was a bit hard we where first a little bit unsure that we are in vegetarian spot, but when we got the ordered "Láu Thai" (Hotpot Thai-Style) it was all forgotten. Very tasty hotspot with a lot of different mock meats and Tofu, different mushrooms and a lot of fresh greens and herbs. Very Tasty and also cheap. Highley recommended

Pros: Delicious Hotspot, Good Value, Helpful Staff


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21 May 2016

Holy MSG Batman!!

After reading the rave reviews, my family and I were so excited to try authentic vegetarian Vietnamese food. We walked with the baby stroller 1.5 miles to build up our appetite. We skipped dinner the night before as we were oddly not hungry. This is unusual as we love to eat 3 full meals a day.

As we ravished into our soup, we all looked at each other. Put down the spoons and made funny faces. It was simple rice porridge, yet it tasted horrible. The next dish came and we had the same reaction. Our 3rd dish came and we all took one bite and put down the forks. The MSG was so heavy that we could not finish more than 10% of our meal.

On the good side, they have VEGAN durian cakes. It is the ONLY time in my life that I have seen the VEGAN version. They were amazing and actually worth the 3 mile round trip.

Pros: Vegan Durian Cakes in a package

Cons: HEAVY MSG, very poor interior, a bit disgusting


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Mostly Veg
26 Jan 2016


Huge range of vegetarian dishes, very reasonable prices!

Pros: Waiter speaks good English


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Mostly Veg
22 Jan 2016

One of my favorite places in Can Tho

I've had countless meals there, and have tried many dishes. The food is very tasty, and portions are good. It's popular (especially in the evenings) for a reason. Many people go for the hotpots, which I never tried because I was alone, but I'm assuming they are tasty. I highly recommend the following dishes: Bun Cha Gio ("dry" cold rice noodles with herbs and fried spring rolls), Bun Xao (reminiscent of Bun Cha Gio), Bun Bo Kho (amazing rich broth!), Bun Ca Ri (a creamy and very mild Padang curry-based broth), Bun Mang (clear broth, bamboo shoots and mock meat). I also tried their Pho Xao (like a "pho", but without the broth), and it was quite ok. Although most dishes are great, some are simply awful. Stay away from Bun Thai (a lot of very-hard-to-chew herbs and nasty bits of plastic-like stuff meant to imitate seafood) and from the standard rice plate with assorted mock meat. It's bland, oily, and the texture sucks.

Pros: Cheap, Very tasty, Breezy

Cons: A handful of dishes are awful


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05 Dec 2015

Best veg place in Can Tho

Very inexpensive small and simple restaurant, close to city centre. English is spoken and they also have an English menu. The hot pots are to die for!! But also all other meals with mock meats and vegetables are very delicious. We ate there 3 times in 4 days :)


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19 Jan 2015

my favorite restaurant in vietnam

ate here 4 times. amazing buffet of mock meats. but even better is the selection of soups and noodle bowls. they are all incredible and cost about $0.75usd.
open seating area. alot of locals. english menus.

Pros: dirt cheap, delicious, endless options


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29 Apr 2014

Eat with the locals

We ate here three times, including take-outs from the buffet. They will give you an English menu or you can point at the buffet to what you want. We are a family of 4 and we ate meals and drinks for about 100-120,000 vnd.

Nice soups and good range of noodle dishes but do yourself a favour and get into the variety in the buffet.

Pros: Cheap, Big buffet, lots of choice, Family friendly, full of locals

Cons: Maybe not much variety in taste

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