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Serves meat, vegan options available. Bread, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. Vegan options are labeled. One could get tofu cream cheese, tofu scramble, vegan chicken salad, and seitan sandwich. Also sells ready-made entrees. Currently open for take-out, pickup & delivery only. Open Mon-Thu 8:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 8:00am-10:00pm, Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by DaisytheHedgehog


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07 Sep 2022

Staff Needs Cheering Up

pro: Great vegan options! great menu!
con: way over priced, street parking very hard, food was nothing special

Staff is annoyed with your presence at best lol. I felt bad for them. Didn't seem like a fun place to work and that oppressive vibe spreads through the place. Maybe management will read this and care. Talk to your staff and ask what they need to make the job easier.



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23 Dec 2021

Great options, a bit overpriced and small portions

Love the vegan menu options, that are clearly labeled and delicious. Most sandwiches were a bit small for me, wish the portion size was a little bit larger. Non-dairy milk selection at an up charge. Vegan almond-coconut chocolate bar and crumb cake were delish


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18 Jun 2021


Several vegan options, all bagels are vegan, except the honey one. Beyond egg and beyond sausage bagel was delicious! There are two locations in town. The one on College Abe has a bar, merch, coffee beans, refrigerators and other many snacks!


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14 Oct 2020


All the staff is so unpleasant and unkind. Shouting at customers over the loud speaker with attitude, yelling at customers constantly, and treating clients like masses of a pig pen. It's absurd in there and they all look so miserable. It used to be such a happy environment- claim to be vegan and gluten free and staff doesn't use the proper precautions. MY daughter ended up in the ER bc of their mistake

Cons: Rude, Dirty, cross-contaminants


Points +60

25 Aug 2020

Overhyped and overpriced

They offer vegan options, but they're just ok. I ate there three times, always getting something different, but was always disappointed. Also they're very expensive, I won't be returning.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive, no flavor


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15 Jul 2020

Healthy vegan options available here

We were traveling through the area and were in search of some healthy food options and stumbled into this place. We were in luck as they had build-your-own salads and we were able to put together some greens, vegetables, grains, beans and tofu. Several of the dressings were vegan, but you do have to ask as they are not labeled.


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15 Mar 2020

A lot of vegan options***

CTB has a variety of vegan options. However, I felt like the vegan choices were overpriced. Most of the menu items are very easy to make — the item I ordered was basically just bread and seitan; not worth $7.95. That being said, it was tasty and the variety of options is hard to beat.


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06 Oct 2019

Delicious breakfast

The vegan chickpea melt was delicious. There were lots of delicious options to choose from. Their chia seed pudding is also great.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegan options are clearly labeled , Quick

Cons: Crowded, Expensive


Points +48

10 Jul 2019

Good vegan options in downtown Ithaca

We went to the location on Aurora Street while looking for somewhere to eat in downtown Ithaca. The staff were friendly and the place had a nice, causal vibe. We ordered Flitz Blitz and I, Vegan, both of which exceeded our expectations. The portions may have been a bit small for the price, but Collegetown Bagels is a pretty solid choice if you're looking for a quick and relatively cheap meal in a city that doesn't have a ton of options for vegans.


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30 Apr 2018

Good place for quick breakfast/lunch, meetings, etc

They carry vegan cheese, cream cheese, vegan chickn salad, Susie's Seitan, etc. They have a separate vegan/vegetarian section on menu for sandwiches and wraps. You can also design your own sandwich. I think all locations have a salad bar and they usually have at least one vegan soup. They offer a few vegan baked goods as well, along with smoothies, teas and coffee drinks. They offer a few different vegan milk options. Great place to meet friends/coworkers.

Pros: a bunch of vegan options

Cons: could use more vegan baked good options


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15 Feb 2017

Love it here!

I'm in Ithaca for a couple days, so I had to come here with my Cornell alum friend! I got the "I, Vegan," a tofu and mushroom wrap. It was tasty except for the Daiya cheese. The wait was quick and the staff were all so nice! It's in a great location and the atmosphere is so fun! Definitely stop by if you're in the area!

Pros: Tasty!, Lots of clearly marked vegan options , Location!

Cons: A little pricey


Points +1615

08 Aug 2016

Poor service, okay food

They have a huge menu with lots of interesting offerings. Even as a vegan, I felt spoiled for choice. I ended up having a decent meal, but unfortunately that was entirely overshadowed by the poor service.

You see, I came here twice on the same day. First, I was there in the late morning, a little before the lunch rush. I ordered a panini while my partner ordered a bagel sandwich and a coffee. Her order came out in normal time, probably within 5-10 minutes. I started to worry that they had forgotten my order when she was pretty much done with her meal and I was still waiting longingly for food (about 20 minutes had passed).

So I asked one of the cashiers to check whether my order had gone through. She seemed baffled that I would ask such a thing, and she gave me a side-eye as she walked to the deli area to check in. She came back and assured me that my panini was coming right up. 10 minutes later, and it still hadn't arrived. After waiting a total of 35 minutes, my sandwich finally came, and I promptly devoured it - it wasn't very large (more of a snack than a meal), and I was super pretty hungry at that point. It was a decent sandwich, but definitely not worth the wait.

Stupidly, we came back again in the afternoon hoping to grab a quick drink before hitting the road for Boston. We tried to give CTB the benefit of the doubt, blaming the prior sandwich delay on the heavy lunch traffic. Unfortunately, the service problems run deeper than that. We learned this lesson the hard way, as our smoothie didn't come out for 20 minutes. This time, there were no excuses; it was early afternoon and there were basically no other customers around and the staff were chatting about weekend happenings throughout. We checked in about our order, and it turns out our order ticket was just left on the counter and was forgotten about. I have no idea why this happened twice (!) to us in two visits on the same day, but it's maddening, and really makes me question the management here.

And to make matters worse, the smoothie was ultimately not very good, in spite of being quite overpriced ($6.20 I think). At that price, I thought it would be a gourmet drink packed with healthy and fresh fruit, but it turned out being more like a gas station icee drink instead. Not at all worth it.

Pros: variety of options

Cons: very long waits, poor service, overpriced

Michael X. James

Points +937

21 Jul 2015

Overwhelming menu, very busy, know before you go

Went to two of the three locations...the one right near Cornell and the one in downtown near the Commons. The one near Cornell is big and busy, even in the summer. The menu is HUGE...has to have over 60 options with a few vegan ones here and there (typically grouped together). It's one of those places that has a long, quick moving line with a menu that is the length of the restaurant written in chalk. Reminded me a little of Claire's Corner Copia in New Haven, CT (near Yale). Best advice I can give you is try to check out the menu before you go and know what you want because if you go in there blind, you'll be overwhelmed. My fiance and I went twice while in the area...I got the Veganic Wrap and the Chicken Melt...both are on the smaller side but pretty good. Didn't blow me away but was a decent meal. My fiance got the Fritz Bitz and a bagel with cream cheese...again, nothing mind-blowing nor a large portion size. Very cool place to hang out, great atmosphere and some decent vegan options...overall not amazing but better than average.

Pros: Atmosphere, Vegan options

Cons: Hugh menu, Not the best food I've ever had


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19 Jul 2013


SO NICE to have a bar that serves vegan food! The vegan chicken salad is awesome, and goes great with beer. Makes college vegans feel like normal people. But when I was there, none of the desserts were vegan. Still worth a visit, though!

Pros: Vegan food with beer!, Great atmosphere

Cons: No vegan desserts...Boo!


Points +116

05 Jan 2012

Great vegan options, but SUPER expensive

I'm a vegan Cornell student, so CTB is highly convenient. They have a tofu scramble and an amazing seitan sandwich that are my two mainstays. They also can substitute soy milk for most drinks and often have one or two vegan desserts (like coconut rice pudding, but you'll have to check the ingredients- won't be explicitly written vegan). It's a nice casual atmosphere, but can be swamped depending on the time of night. They have a lot of vegetarian options as well.

Pros: Good vegan proteins, Convenient


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