Serves meat, vegan options available. Small Vietnamese pho restaurant. The pho base is made with vegetable broth with lots of vegetables and rice noodles. Serves three types of soup, all of which are vegetarian as standard (meat is added as an option). Also serves Vietnamese coffee. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by WayneLogue


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12 Sep 2023

Really nice staff

I had the vegan Pho. I really liked the three pieces of broccoli, few pieces of carrot and lots of tofu and tofu skin
the broth was sweet and bland.

Pros: Nice staff, Free iced tea , Always try to improve

Cons: Kind of bland for my taste but I like stronger fla



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03 Jul 2023

Super Delicious

There are 3 different noodles for your Pho.
Medium 2,5 Dollar and Lage (it's huge!!) 3 Dollar.
The Lemonade and the Tea are also super delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-03

Pros: super delicious, Low price, Huge portions


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02 Jun 2023

Yummy Noodle Soup

Loved to eat here. Lovely owner and huge noodle soups

Pros: Very nice owner, Every Dish has a vegan option , Very affordable


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23 May 2023

Huge Pho and free Icetea

The menu is very simple, you can choose between 3 different soups and two sizes. The medium pho is huge, it looks so small at the picture but it isn't. The owners are so friendly, one speak although english. We will come back😄


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23 May 2023


Emma’s Pho has been the highlight of my Asian trip. Emma told us she has had her restaurant for 21 years and prides herself on her vegan soups. Emma went meat free after realising her cancer was returning when she ate meat. Since going vegan, she has remained cancer free.

I swear she is a healer and is pouring magic into the soups as my insides feel lit up with light post meal. The serves are huge for $3 and with complimentary ice tea, we have been here every day since we arrived in Siem Reap. I will miss this restaurant so much when we go.

Pros: Taste , Size , Price


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09 Dec 2022

Great value

The medium soup is pretty big and packed with vegetables. It tasted pretty good but it's not the best Pho I had. The staff is super friendly and they looked happy to see us.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-09

Pros: Price for size is pretty much unbeatable, Packed with protein: soba, tofu and bean sprouts


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18 Aug 2021

Best Pho Ever

UPDATE AUGUST 2021 they have just moved location to Steung Thmei St

Words cannot describe how good the vegan pho is here. Absolutely packed with veggies, tofu and tofu skin. Best outside of Vietnam for sure and better than most bowls of vegan pho we’ve had in Vietnam too,

Updated from previous review on 2020-12-19


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20 Jun 2021

Phontastic taste!

5 stars!!! My favorite Pho in Cambodia! Small place with large portions, sometimes it’s difficult to eat because the bowl has too many vegetables. I always order the small bowl and the portion is so generous that it was difficult for me to finish it, luscious!


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03 Mar 2020

Very attentive staff, awesome soup and large portions

We came here a few times during our 1 week stay in Siem Reap, because it's simply amazing. There is so much goodness, deliciousness and health in each bowl! The medium portion is huge! Absolutely amazing value for money. You also get free green iced tea with the food.😄 We ordered black coffee as well and it was possibly the best coffee I've ever had (and strong).

I would give them 5 stars, but I can only give them 4 because they aren't fully vegan and therefore happycow doesn't let me. The soups are vegan, they only add meat in the end if people want it.

Updated from previous review on 2020-03-03

Pros: Good value, Attentive staff, Reusable straws and chopsticks

Cons: They serve meat as a topping


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02 Mar 2020

Little gem!

Go here! It’s such a little gem. And get the lemonade as well

Pros: Vegan clearey marked, Cheap, Big portions


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04 Feb 2020

Consider this a 5 star review

Tiny little place that specialises in noodle soup. We tried the vegan pho and the yellow noodle soup - both were absolutely delicious. The medium size is huge and for $2.50 is great value for money. Delicious home made lemonade and Vietnamese coffee as well. Will be back soon for sure.

Pros: Every dish is vegan friendly

Cons: None!


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04 Dec 2019


To be honest, it is not pho. It may be their own version, different from the classic noodle soup but damn, IT IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!
For $2 I got medium vegan pho, partner got the $2.5 large vegan pho. It is an oncredibly nutrient-packed meal. It has starchy veggies, cruciferous, sprouts, tofu, white mushrooms, herbs, grains (noodles) and I am probably forgetting something. So satisfying.

Pros: nutritious, cheap, satisfying

Cons: no pho flavour


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31 Oct 2019

Great pho

Small restaurant with friendly staff. They only serve 3 soups with 3 different types of noodles and that shows, because the flavors are really on spot. All are vegetable based and all of them can be ordered with vegan toppings. The medium size is actually pretty big, so order large only if really starving!
Really tasty pho, and I've had my share of it in Vietnam as well.


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Mostly Veg
08 Oct 2019

Perfect lunch!

My boyfriend and I each got a medium sized soup and were stuffed. The broth is awesome, noodles are fresh, and TONS of veg! I had the vegan pho, he had the chicken yellow noodle soup - both amazing!!


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05 Aug 2019

Best pho

Best vegan pho I’ve had and it wasn’t in Vietnam. It’s cheap, $2.50 for medium and $3 for large. The broth is always veggie so it’s really well flavoured and seasoned (which a lot of veggie phos fall flat on) and it’s packed with tofu, potato and pumpkin which make it super filling. And the women who work there are super friendly!

Pros: Cheap, Tastes amazing, Friendly staff


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31 Jul 2019


This place is a real gem!
After being greeted with free iced tea,
we ordered 2 large pho soups (3$ each) and emma recommended us to maybe size down on one of them, to medium (2.50$).
oThis tuened out to be the perfect call, since the "medium" is already a large and the "large" is gigantic.

It was absolutely delicious and filling!
The soup came with as many vegetables, tofu-, soy- and plenty of other delicacies, as I've never seen before.
You literally, could barely stir the bowl!

Come, eat and roll off:)

Pros: The broth is completely vegan., More like "meat options", Fair prices, i would give five stars here!

Cons: Closed on sundays :D


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25 Jun 2019

Stupendous vegan pho

Phenomenal vegan pho (brilliantly generous portion for $3 US with a bizzare (in a great way) combination of veggies. It included potatoes, bean sprouts, pumpkins, snow peas, carrots, tons of basil, saw tooth mint, limes to squeeze in and white fungus which to me was the most unusual. They were also superbly generous with fried tofu bits and fried tofu squares. What can I say about the soup? Yummmmm, a pure healthy soup without msg and anything artificial, this soup was absolutely Divine!

I would give them 5 stars if I could because it is clear they are vegans who added the meat options as "a topping to satisfy our omnivore customers". Emma and her staff proudly told me all else here right down to their homemade chili is vegan. The only thing I couldn't read ingredients wise was their hoi sin sauce (store bought).

Oh and ask Emma if she would share her story with you about her food journey. It was fascinating and affirmed me so much in my own food and life journey because boy is it ever tough to be vegan at times :)

Nice free WiFi too and wonderful value for money. My body feels amazing after this about 20 minutes later as I sit in the restaurant post pho writing this review.😄Excellent service too from Emma and her team. We will be back in sure in our next 4 days here.

Pros: Vegan with meat as options, Rich chocolatey coffee, Homemade lemonade that was so refreshing


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25 Jun 2019

Awesome Pho!

A tiny, local, exceptionally friendly place with just three noodle soup options. However, with pho like this, three is all you need! A large bowl is a generous meal for one person, and at 12,000 riel ($3 US) it is excellent value.

There is no mock meat in here, just a bowl crammed with a variety of fresh veg and rice noodle. And unlike many places it is not all noodle. There was a generous portion of beansprouts, carrot, potato, broccoli, green beans, pumpkin, and even white fungus. This is topped off with plenty of tofu and fried beancurd skin. The broth is made from organic veg with no MSG.

I would give five stars if I could. If you come to Siem Reap then make sure you try this place. They have WiFi too. Oh, and the coffee is spectacular!

Pros: So much fresh veg, Generous portions, The coffee!

Cons: None.


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05 Jun 2019

Cheap and tasty

Simple noodle place but the dishes are full of flavour. Portion sizes are generous. You can order medium or large size and I went for medium and it was huge! There was clear information displayed to explain that all the broths are free of meat.

We were offered a big jug of tea for free and the staff were regularly offering to add more ice to our glass which was really appreciated.


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05 Apr 2019

Great noodle

Really like this place. They only have 3 type of dishes (different type of noodle) and we tried two and both was great!
The workers are really friendly and helpful.


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03 Feb 2019

Delicious vegan Pho!

Traditional. Simple. Efficient! We tried the veggie noodle soup and the veggie pho, both delicious! For only 2$ each, given the serving size, this is a good deal in Siem Reap! Oh and the staff is lovely too. 100% recommended. Bear in mind that the restaurant in itself is simple, don't expect anything fancy in the design here😉But who cares, the point is the have an amaaazing pho!

Pros: The vegetable broth used to make the soup.


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30 Jan 2019

Good pho, very nice owner

I had the tofu pho and my boyfriend had a meat option. We both liked our food and the price was great. We will be back again!


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23 Oct 2018

Really tasty Pho

Possibly one of the best Phos I've ever had. Add some red chili spice if you like it hot.


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01 Sep 2018

super Suppe

Klein aber sehr lecker und gesund. Vegane Option mit Tofu. Gute Preis Leistung. Sehr viel verschiedens Gemüse in der Suppe.
der Kaffee ist ebenfalls ausgezeichnet


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06 Aug 2018

Amazing and so cheap!

Vegan Pho is not on the menu but available if you ask.. absolutely delicious and only 2 dollars a bowl with free ice tea. Amazing!!


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06 Aug 2018

Amazing pho!

These ladies know their pho. Beautiful meal that is really cheap. All pho is vegan as standard and meat is added. They know what vegan means and tofu is chewy and delicious. Unbelievable place for the price.

Pros: Delicious, inexpensive


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30 Apr 2018


The pho is amazing. So so good and has meat options for those who want it. Insanely cheap. The ladies who work there are also so sweet. Definitely suggest it!!!

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