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Part of a chain in Turkey and Cyprus. This small eatery specializes in vegan cig kofte (made from bulgur and spices) in a lavash wrap or as a portion with salad. Sauces are vegan. The non-vegan item is the yogurt drink. Possibly closed, please verify and update HappyCow.

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First Review by SG213


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31 Mar 2022

Vegan fast food

cheap, convenient and tastes fine. As far as fast food goes this one delivers. However it's not my go-to place when i am craving this succulant vegan Kofte



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04 Sep 2019

Good Service, Good Product, Updated Pricing

I was greeted warmly in Turkish and given a sample, it was good. Then I was offered, through words and gestures, a tray, but I said I wanted a wrap. He began making it so quickly, and nicely, that I had no time to say anything else or check out the menu. I ended up with a large Cig Kofte, more than meal size for me, for 8 TL. I've been charged more than 8TL for tea, in some places, so this price is more than reasonable and fair. I forgot to take a picture until I had eaten more than half. I thought it was very good. I usually eat lighter than this (there are lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and seeds in my diet) so this felt heavy to me. I think most people woukd think one was perfect. I also took a picture of the menu, hopefully to stop the upsizing debate. This is a good place, with good service, that does basically one thing and one thing only. Enjoy it. And remember, in most places it is unusual for adults to order kid size meals, or the smallest thing on a menu, why would this be any different?

Pros: Good food, Warm Greeting, Filling

Cons: Too much of a good thing?


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02 Aug 2019

perfect snack

I had the durum (according to the menu it’s 5Lira and that’s what I paid..). I took it home and ate it with a salad on the side, perfect!

Cons: small, more of a snack


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26 Jul 2019

Tal was right; shady pricing.

As Tal experienced, I was upsized and upcharged. (I'm not sure about "upsized"; seemed like regular portion; benefit of the doubt.) A couple of lira? So it goes. I work nearby seven weeks of the year. Their loss. Vegan Istanbul and Galata Kitchen nearby.

Pros: Okay cigkofte.

Cons: Questionable business practices.


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22 Sep 2017


Short, sweet and cheap. Perfect for a snack on the go.

Pros: super cheap!!


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06 May 2015

Simplicity par excellence

Pretty much WYSIWYG here, and that's a good thing. Don't go with expectations of a high-end dining experience.

CMR is just a few minutes' walk from Istiklal street. I checked but didn't see a building number. As another reviewer said just look for the green sign - you can't miss it.

The "dürüm"- a standard serving - is a wrap with the main ingredient, pomegranate concentrate/syrup, lettuce, cilantro, and a bit of spicy sauce if you like (I definitely like). Actually, it's delicious & pretty much nails "umami." There's nothing else I've had like this so there's no way to make a comparison. It's healthy, light, simple, and at 3TL really you can't beat it if you're on the go.

Pros: Very tasty, light fare, Location, Cheap!


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13 Oct 2013

Good option for a cheap snack

It's another Cig Kofte place, there's a lot of them around but this one seems pretty hygienic, the cig kofte tastes good/healthy and it's in a good location close to Taksim (albeit down a small hill in the Cukurcuma area - look for the green sign). Price is inexpensive - just 3TL for the wrap (durum). They don't serve any non-vegetarian food.

If you get the wrap you might want to consider having it without the hot sauce (they will ask you... 'ajuh' is hot, 'beeraz ajuh' - some hot sauce, 'ajuh-suhz' - without the hot stuff) since the cig-kofte mixture already has hot chilli spices in it. It comes wrapped with lettuce and also optional pomegranate syrup (slightly sweet/sour).

Pros: Cheap, reasonably tasty, mostly vegan, Central location

Cons: Not much else apart from cig-kofte

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