Craft cocktail bar with all-vegan food menu. Reported fully vegan October 2022. Open Tue-Thu 4:00pm-12:00am, Fri-Sat 4:00pm-1:00am, Sun 4:00pm-12:00am.

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First Review by DaMarial


Points +24

23 Nov 2023

Amazing, imaginative food!

A great surprise! I thought the food was on par with some of the top-end vegan restaurants in NYC. It was imaginative, well-prepared, and delicious. Not what I expected from bar food!

We had the sunflower risotto, tofu schnitzel, Korean noodle soup, and beet carpaccio. All were fantastic, though the risotto was definitely the most unique.

The "small plate" portions were way bigger than we expected. Thankfully we came hungry.

Definitely make a reservation. We didn't have one, but we got lucky and got a spot on the couch.

Oh, yeah. The drinks are also really fun and unique.

Pros: Amazing food, Amazing drinks, Cool vibe

Cons: Busy. Make a reservation!



Points +71

18 Sep 2023

Great drinks , good food .

I gave it a 3 great drinks , I mean wow . Food was top notch ., I would’ve scored higher, but for some reason the service is extremely lacking. My table was very small and the place was very loud,.  And they act like it’s some kind of bougie place. , it’s not .

Pros: Drinks, Food

Cons: Service, Noise , Snotty attitude


Points +440

03 Sep 2023

Great vegan bar and restaurant

Finally got the opportunity to go here for dinner and we absolutely loved the food. So delicious and thoughtful. The vibes of the restaurant are also 10/10.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious


Points +732

31 Aug 2023

Fun atmosphere, good drinks, good food

This bar is so unique - I love the theme and the decoration. It is dark and intimate inside, and the drinks are so fun and unique. The food was pretty good, though I would go here for the drinks alone! Only downside is that it's so busy and you definitely need a reservation


Points +23

21 Aug 2023

Ridiculously Good

The tamales are insane. So good. Fries w/fennel aioli is solid, as is the ceviche. The take on chicken and waffles (“Fu@k brunch”) is good too. You will find top notch culinary fare as well as thoughtful and truly unique, flavor-forward cocktails. We LOVE this place.


Points +492

01 Jul 2023


LOVE THIS PLACE. What a gem! Cute neighborhood, menu is extensive and they are so creative. The presentation is flawless. You must check it out!! It’s a “must visit” when in Cleveland. Their drink menu is out of this world!


Points +37

07 Jun 2023


Everything is well thought out and beautifully executed from food to cocktails. An amazing place for any dietary preferences but definitely a gem for vegans.

Pros: Cocktails , Fun, Imaginative


Points +263

21 May 2023

Never misses

Cloak & Dagger has never missed. Their menus are always creative and amazing, I love bringing people here and seeing them experience it for the first time.

The drinks have something for everyone, even for people who may not care for cocktails. The food is always delicious and I want to try everything every time they have a new menu.

Pros: Friendly service, Creative and delicious menu

Cons: Space is limited


Points +156

04 Apr 2023

What an experience!

Fantastic, creative cocktails! Many featured ingredients I’d never heard of , but it was refreshing to not have to worry about looking any of them up to see if they were vegan friendly. Our favorite of the drinks we tried was the Aimless Arrow . While the cocktails were the highlight of the show, the food was excellent too! We had a butter board (imagine—a vegan butter board!), a vegan chicken sandwich, and the boozy hotcakes. The only odd thing was the “bacon,” which seemed to be fried dough. Highly recommend! Will definitely go back the next time we’re in town.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-04

Pros: Creative drinks, Atmosphere, 100% vegan

Cons: Couldn’t try everything!


Points +3122

18 Mar 2023

My favorite bar anywhere!

Completely vegan and AMAZING!!

Simply put, I would come here for the cocktails alone. I would also come here just for the vegan food. The two together, plus the atmosphere are an amazing combination!

We live out of state, but we come to Cleveland largely for this bar, (coming twice in a weekend).

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-18

Pros: Unique cocktails and equally unique food, Cool vibe / decor

Cons: Expensive, Can be loud, Expensive


Points +750

26 Feb 2023

Love the ambiance

The vegan bar food was amazing and the portions were just right. The cocktails were creative. When we went, they had cocktail options named after Zodiac signs! I also loved the dark academia ambiance and found it very calming. The staff was really friendly and would gladly give you recommendations. Be prepared to park on the street because parking spaces are hard to find. Other than that, I only have positive things to say about this restaurant. I can’t wait to come back!


Points +18

02 Jan 2023


Food and drinks were excellent and good service too.
Wish it was bigger and had outside area.
Will go back soon:) #Veganuary

Pros: Deviled eggs (vegan) amazing, Great cocktails also

Cons: Small hard to get reservations


Points +238

04 Dec 2022


Great food! Very flavorful and good sized portions. The atmosphere of the place was also really unique and cool.

Pros: Flavorful food , Fun cocktails , Interesting esthetic


Points +89

27 Nov 2022

Can’t wait to return

Great food, good ambience, really cozy. It’s a shame it’s so small- I’d love to be able to sit for hours. It’s too tiny for that though. Staff was lovely and even ok with last minute additions to our group. Very thankful and will return/recommend.

Pros: Cozy, small, decorated cute, Friendly staff, Great ambience

Cons: Expensive, Time limit (which is totally understandable)


Points +6

Non Veg
26 Nov 2022

Horrible experience

When I first walked in it was great got a seat at the bar… ordered 3drinks and a salad then the hostess approached me and told me my spot was reserved in 30min… so I politely went back up to here and asked why seat me if you had a reservation which their website stated they do not do small party reservations and there was only 1seat next to me available… to which she went around to the bar staff and they immediately cashed me out and told me house rules and I explained that that made no sense and they continued to tell me they would follow my house rules when visiting my home…I informed them that is no way to run a business and they informed me if I had booked a spot then I would have 2hours to do with ad I please… for a seat at the bar occupied by one person with one seat only available to my right this is no way how to treat your customers…I will not subject myself to their ridiculous acts ever again and have spread the word to multiple people on multiple platforms to never set foot in their establishment ever again… I’m know for matching my tab and for the first time in a long time I did not do that with this establishment…I will never be back and I don’t care if they were to grovel at my feet it’s not worth the inhuman treatment of their patrons

Pros: Messenger is delicious

Cons: Horrid treatment of customers, No regard for their customers, 0 care if you planned to stay a while and order


Points +765

09 Nov 2022

Love this place!

The food and cocktails are great! We tried the vegan cheese board, seitan skewers, and veggies. Loved it all. Menu is seasonal. Will definitely come again to try other items. Unsure why this place is marked vegetarian. They are 100% vegan.

Update: had the chance to come back and this just might be my favorite restaurant. Every menu is amazing.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-09


Points +16

16 Oct 2022

In the top 10 of vegan places I've been in the world.

Actually vegan not vegetarian. Atmosphere, people , drinks, food and staff were all amazing. We had 4 dishes and couldn't decide what we liked best. Same as the 4 amazing drinks we had. They welcome you the second you get there and offered us a delicious whiskey punch shot. If I lived closer I'd be here weekly . Because they are super good you'll need a reservation. So book well in advance if you can .

Pros: It's actually 100% vegan , not vegetarian., Best food, drinks and staff, Atmosphere is great

Cons: It's so good you need to book a reservation


Points +96

24 Sep 2022


I have no words. Everything from the incredibly happy and friendly staff, to the drinks, and OMG THE FOOD, was superb. I’ve been to a lot of vegan places (LA-transplant and all) and Cloak & Dagger is in my top 3.

Pros: All vegan and so creative, Delicious drinks for everyone

Cons: Hard to get into - so make a reservation!


Points +92

Mostly Veg
26 May 2022

Awesome cocktail, all vegan

Cocktails were awesome, food was good.
Super helpful wait staff, cool vibe. We went for our anniversary, rather pricy

Pros: Cocktails!, All vegan menu, Cool vibe

Cons: Expensive, Not handicap accessible, Limited food menu


Points +69

14 May 2022

Best dinner and cocktails :)

We loved our time here. Everything on the menu was AMAZING. My only sadness is that I don’t live in Cleveland and can’t come back :(. Menu highlights include the sticky ginger seitan pork, fried polenta, and the Mac and cheese


Points +2268

19 Mar 2022

Great vibes

This is an excellent cocktail bar. I got so many throwbacks to my pre-vegan days here. The food is great too. The deviled eggs tasted like real eggs so much so that I was concerned that I'd read the menu wrong. The staff was super friendly as well. Absolutely go here if you're in Cleveland. It may be a good idea to make a reservation for a weekend night.


Points +198

15 Nov 2021

Best spot in the CLE

Been trying to get in here forever but it’s always packed, and for good reason. Amazing cocktails, great service, and delicious vegan food. Definitely the place to go if you’re looking to convert a carnivore. The house made blue cheese is next level.


Points +54

06 Oct 2021

I want to live here.

The food? Incredible. The drinks? Lovely. My husband and I don’t drink but the staff didn’t question our cocktail bar visit, they just grabbed our virgin ‘welcome shots’ and mock tails. The food is on a rotating menu, so you know it’s in season and there’s always something new. And can we talk about those menus? STUNNING. The atmosphere was perhaps a bit loud, but the decor was a beautiful dark oddity vibe. I loved this place.

Pros: All vegan food, Alcohol + non alcoholic cocktails , Stunning atmosphere

Cons: Fair price, but on the higher end , A bit loud inside


Points +149

25 Sep 2021

Amazing food, delightful cocktails

My friend and I tried the miso and tomato fries, the birra tacos, and the banh mi, all absolutely incredible. As for cocktails we tried the swamp thing, where the watermelons grow, something for incurable saddest, and writers block. All very attractive to look at and we'll crafted. An absolute delight!


Points +54

06 Sep 2021

Great food, cocktails, and aesthetic

Their specialty is cocktails so the food is secondary but very delicious! Well done use of seitan and vegan cheeses. They also have vegan "bar food" like pork rinds and popcorn. Their menu changes with the season. A fun experience and thankful it's vegan


Points +421

18 Jul 2021


This is now one of my favorite places in Cleveland. Don’t forget the desserts, which are not on the standard menu. The caprese cocktail is one of my all time favorites. The fries are also can’t-miss.

Pros: Phenomenal drinks, Great food, Fun atmosphere

Cons: Parking in tremont


Points +132

Mostly Veg
21 Jun 2021

Delicious cocktails and good food

The vibe in this bar is fantastic. Lots of old books, picture frames with an assortment of art, and cozy seats. Each cocktail is well-crafted, and the drinks are themed with an overarching concept. ("Life and Death" was the best.) The food is quite good, but more hit or miss. Things like the poutine, nachos, and bangers and mash were divine, but others were less so. The larb fell a bit flat, and another sandwich I had was less than stellar, but with how often they switch up the menu, that doesn't deter me from coming back. Definitely try it!

Pros: Vegan Only, Great cocktails, Great atmosphere

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