Vegan cinnamon roll bakeshop founded in 2010 in Berkeley, CA. Has grown into a franchise with outlets across North America. Offers many flavors of rolls as well as the option to build-your-own from a range of flavors and toppings. Also sells cookies, brownies, and coffee. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 9:00am-11:00pm, Sun 9:00am-10:30pm.

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First Review by theresabloch


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02 Mar 2023

Go there NOW

Amazing. Just amazing. Cinnabon can go pound sand... Cinnaholic is where it's AT. So many delicious flavors to choose from



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25 Feb 2023

5 Stars

Not sure why I can only give 4 stars but it was totally a 5 star experience. We ordered the Cookie Monster and added brownie bites. The Cinnabon had just come out of the oven so it was really warm and fresh. It was huge and so delicious!


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20 Feb 2023

Sweet spot!

Located at the back of a little shopping center on Sunset next to corporate spots, it was nice to find an all vegan spot. They have lots of fun options with a couple tables outside to sit at. More of a dessert spot than a breakfast spot imo but will return!


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06 Oct 2022

Best Cinnamon Rolls No Contest!

Stumbled upon this little shop and, my goodness!!!! I was with two non-vegans and even they said it was the best cinnamon rolls they’ve had in California. Ordered two rolls with frosting on the side- one chai and one classic (vanilla), and we were happily impressed. The chai was my favorite 🤩

Pros: All vegan options, Many flavors and toppings to choose from


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01 Oct 2022


Had a customized roll. Even that they say they do the rolls fresh every day. It tasted like it was from yesterday.

Pros: Customizable

Cons: Not so impressive


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10 May 2022


Another awesome experience. Unbelievable! So many possibilities! All completely delicious. This time I did create your own and smothered it with toppings. Absolutely smothered it. Lol.

Desserts are what I live for and this was top tier. All the toppings plus the cinnamon roll complemented each other so well. The portions were huge too!

The employee working on May 9th around 12:30pm was so nice and helpful! When I go to new vegan places I struggle to decide. Like really struggle lol.

He was so patient. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I would say most places I feel rushed so this was a real treat (pun intended). Then he made me the most tasty cinnamon roll.

I’m salivating just thinking about my next visit. Can’t wait to come back!


Lots of delicious options and incredibly high quality. The portions are huge. My friend spoiled me with some goodies for my birthday and I couldn’t have been happier.

I can’t wait to come back.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-23

Pros: Lots of options, Tasty af, Big portions


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09 Feb 2021

Great Cinnamon Buns

I love that you can customize your own. I chose a cinnamon buns with creme brulee frosting, pecans, and blueberries. I really liked the creme brulee frosting. It was pretty much a more vanilla-y frosting. My husband got the Echo Park one and really liked it. For some reason the brownie chunks were cold but other than that he enjoyed his.

Pros: Customizable, delicious, indulgent

Cons: Can add more topping


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28 Mar 2020

Great, but VERY sweet.

Don't get me wrong - I have a sweet tooth and love desserts, but this was almost too much😄

Will be back to try another kind.


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18 Feb 2020

Heavy but fantastic

Really excellent and worth seeking out. The location isn’t the most convenient but it’s worth the drive.


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18 Jan 2020

To die for

The BEST vegan dessert and cinnamon rolls ever. There are so many options to choose from, you’ll never get tired of it! Highly recommend this and every location. There is parking but it’s usually full depending on the hour.


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05 Oct 2019

Hot and gooey

Hot, gooey, sticky, sweet, amazing. Cakes to die for, and no one had to die for them! 🤤

Pros: Hot, Gooey, Sticky

Cons: NONE


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17 Sep 2019

One of the BEST desserts

Went here because it popped up on Yelp as vegan dessert. Not to far from my place so went one night after dinner. The rolls are absolutely amazing. Had the echo Park and Cookie monster. My friend (non vegan) had the birthday cake. She loved it. The brownie was good too

Pros: All vegan desserts


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01 Jul 2019

Some of LA’s Best Sweet Treats!

I wish they sold a candle that smelled like their bakery as soon as you walk in! The Echo Park Brownie Roll with macadamia frosting was to die for!

Pros: Amazing sweet treats!, That macadamia frosting though!, Chipper, amazing service’


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01 Feb 2019

Is this heaven?

I can’t say enough good things about a place that serves VEGAN cinnamon rolls. Yeah they were on the pricey side, but they are VEGAN cinnamon rolls. You haven’t lived a life if you don’t get to try one of these amazing creations.

Pros: Out of this world flavor orgasm , Gooey and hot and full of sugar


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11 Dec 2018


Cinnaholic is insanely good. You can get one of their own rolls, or you can build your own. The staff are friendly and the place is always clean. Whatever you're craving you can build it here! Non vegans have no idea it's all plant based which is the ultimate test.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Parking, small line area/can get packed


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05 Dec 2018

Good idea and food

Customize your own vegan cinnamon bun... no brainer!! The strawberry icing sounded really good. Found them at a Vegan festival.


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20 Aug 2018


FULLY customizable, FULLY vegan cinnamon buns. SO GOOD. Now offers the Vegan Disneyland-fave Dole Whip!

Pros: FRESH CINNAMON ROLLS, Customizable , Delicious


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16 Aug 2018

Very disappointing

We walked in and it was empty. One look at the buns, falling apart and old, and we felt reluctant to try them. Once we received the buns I took a bite and immediately felt cloying sweetness sweep over my tongue drowning out all other flavors. Next was the oil, coating my mouth and leaving me feeling terrible. The food was disappointing and the drive left us exhausted and fed up. Do not go here if you enjoy amazing vegan food at places like Donut Friend and Crossroads Kitchen.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Sterile environment , Too much frosting and it was too sweet and oily , Buns were stale


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12 Jul 2018

Super fun treat

This was my first time trying a cinnamon bun and it was delicious. The size of the buns is quite large and they are served warmed. You can completely customise your bun with whatever toppings or frosting you want otherwise they have some premade examples in the cupboard to choose from. I ordered a bun with peanut butter frosting and Oreo cookie topping. The frosting was delicious although I do wish it was a bit more peanut butter flavoured and the Oreo cookies were a perfect match although I wish they were crushed finer rather than large chunks. There isn’t much seating, only a couple of tables outside the store and they use plastic cutlery that is honestly really difficult to eat a cinnamon bun with. If I’m ever in the area again I would definitely return!


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05 Jul 2018

Delicious but too sweet for me

I came here because I was craving for cinnamon rolls the other day and my friend told me about this vegan place so I had to try it out. Service was great, and the size that you’re getting is huge! I didn’t know that and I wish I did because I would’ve shared if that was the case. I did enjoy it but felt that the frosting was too sweet for my liking.

Pros: Parking


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25 Jun 2018


Love this place, the cinnamon buns are delicious & everything vegan!!!


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16 Jun 2018

Great cinammon buns

It’s kind of like an ice cream or froyo shop, in the sense that you get a cinammon roll and then you can go to town with a wide selection of toppings. The cinammon roll was really good—fluffy and flavorful—and the topics and frosting we really nice as well.


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21 May 2018

Great Vegan Desserts

Cinnaholic is great for some overindulgence of vegan sweets, but just a tad pricey for my budget. A once in a blue moon visit is nice though.

Pros: Extremely delicious vegan cinnamon buns, Tons of custom options

Cons: Pricey


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22 Dec 2017

Delicious Cinna Buns!

I love Cinnaholic! I wish I lived close by one, I would be a regular! They have so many choices to choose from, from fruity options to delectable rich chocolaty choices. I highly recommend this delicious place if you are interested in enjoying a unique and tasty treat. I have had the peach and regular, I plan to try many many more, and as often as I can!


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20 Aug 2017


Finally made it to this location, my third, having been to Berkeley and Las Vegas before. The rolls are just as delicious here as the other locations. I tend to order a roll that's in the display case. This time I got the Cookie Monsta which was yummy, but as with all toppings, a bit too sweet by the time you finish. I also got a day old Old Skool roll to take home for later which made a tasty breakfast the next day. The staff were friendly and there's a couple tables outside. Definitely check them out.

Pros: all vegan, delicious rolls, nice staff


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12 Aug 2017

Better than Cinnabon

The temptation is high to add tons of toppings, but beware... KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) The cinnamon roll with Vanilla frosting is amazing!

Pros: tons of toppings

Cons: tons of toppings

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