Serves meat, vegan options available. Italian restaurant offering vegan cheese for dishes. Has labeled vegan options. Relocated from 840 Long Pond Rd. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by MichaelSavegan


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04 Mar 2024

Good options

This place has been on my list to check out for a while. Met the needs of my family of five and everyone’s dietary preferences. Nothing very healthy about the food, but I had eggplant parm for the first time in years….and it was really good! Will likely make the drive again for vegan subs and pizza. One of the only Italian places in Rochester that serves vegan food!

Pros: Vegan ranch dip for cauli wings was delicious!, Seems popular for take out!

Cons: Cauli wings were kind of greasy. , My daughter didn’t love the (regular) cheese pizza



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23 Dec 2021

Love it!

Definitely a go to when I’m in town visiting family, and even tho they’re not vegans, they love it too! I can’t resist the pickle pizza, but I’m also a huge fan of their meatballs and their eggplant and ckn parms. And where else are you getting vegan French! Def a Rochester staple for me.


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02 Jul 2021

Same name, different experience

This use to be one of my go-to restaurants for vegan Italian pizza/food. They moved to a different location nearby during the COVID outbreak. This restaurant changed from a sit-down italian restaurant to a take-out pizza joint with a few tables to sit at inside. Currently, they offer pizza with light toppings and little vegan cheese and less sauce (more dry) on it compared to the other pizza restaurants in Rochester. One of the only places that offer sheet pizzas now in rochester that are vegan. If you request more sauce, cheese and toppings added and heated up a little longer then it’s a decent pizza actually.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-02

Pros: Vegan pizza, crust is filling , Many menu items , Sauce tastes less salty than other places around

Cons: Little vegan cheese on pizza, Mostly take-out, few tables


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08 Oct 2020

Great Pizza!

This restaurant has great Vegan pizza. I would recommend getting a large for two people.

Pros: Large pizza with good crust


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14 Aug 2020

Not worth it.

Visiting the area and was very excited about the vegan menu choices. Unfortunately the food was not great. We ordered a ton of food and the food ranged from mediocre to not edible. Delivery was on time through grub hub and the order was correct. But we paid a price similar to more expensive restaurants closer to nyc and were very dissatisfied. I would not recommend.

Cons: Food was mediocre at best


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21 Jun 2020


Wonderful place to eat ! They have a nice vegan menu just ask for it !!

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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06 Dec 2019

Never Disappointed

We have been to Cinelli's several times and everything I've ordered has been very good, and it is a great place to go with non-vegan friends and family so you can all get good food without a hassle. And sometimes they even try the vegan stuff..! :-D

Pros: Excellent food, Full vegan menu, and full non-vegan menu

Cons: No liquor served


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08 Sep 2019

Great place for casual dining when you want Italian food

Had great service and really appreciated having a whole separate vegan menu to choose food from! Went with a party of four, including 2 vegetarians, an omni and my vegan self. We all enjoyed it and said we would go back again.

Pros: A whole menu of Italian vegan food!, Great service!, Many vegan desserts


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12 Jul 2019

Will not eat there again

We have eaten in the restaurant several times and the food has been hit or miss. Recently I ordered catering for a party and the eggplant and pasta were good but the garlic knots were burnt black and the sauce that comes with them was missing. I let the owner know and his response was disbelief that they could have been burned and that he would make another pan of knots for me. I live 45 minutes away and do not have the need for that many garlic knots for my family and I. I responded and said a refund or partial refund would be a better resolution...but never heard from him.

Pros: Several vegan options

Cons: Poor customer service , Claim that menu items are homemade but aren’t (rai, High prices


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03 Jul 2019

Decent Pizzeria with Vegan Options

We usually stop here after a day at Ontario Beach. Has separate vegan menu. Nothing special, basic pizzeria. They substutue Daiya cheese & Gardein mock-meats. Calzones were better then pizza as Daiya melts better & Gardein doesn't dry out. They are very family friendly & have a kids Gardein tenders & fries option that was a decent amount.

Pros: Separate vegan menu. Kids menu. Good service

Cons: Not really a con, but you can make everything , yourself.


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23 Jun 2019

Excellent vegan food and great selection

We had salads, a vegan sausage calzone, and vegan chicken in French sauce. The calzone was terrific. The vegan menu is extensive. The garlic knots are vegan and great. Very friendly service.


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18 Apr 2019

Would not recommend

I tried Cinelli's after so many people had recommended it to me. I was incredibly disappointed after my visit. We were told they had a vegan artichoke french special, but when it was delivered to our table it was just canned artichoke hearts swimming in a sauce with pasta. (Apparently they were out of the vegan egg for the bread coating, but we were still charged for the full price). We also ordered the ravioli which was just your basic store-bought ravioli. The only thing we liked were the garlic knots. I later contacted the owner about us being charged full price for the special even though it was not in fact "Artichokes French." The response I received back from the owner was rude, with them stating it was not their fault, they made it special for us. Overall I thought that Cinelli's was way to expensive for them using the same store-bought vegan products that we are able to buy from the grocery store ourselves. There are other restaurants in Rochester that have much better service, prices, and better tasting and more original food than this place.


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29 Dec 2018

Great Italian Food!

The restaurant is up in Greece (which if you are not from the area, is a suburb of Rochester). It is a wonderful family-run restaurant which reminds me of the kind of restaurants I went to as a kid in NYC.

The big difference is that they have Vegan Cheese! The make beautiful pizzas and I had a great Calzone with spinach and mushrooms.

My wife had the gnocchi and our friend had the eggplant parm. Everything was terrific. There was enough for everyone to bring home a portion for tomorrow's lunch.

Before the food was served, they brought over some garlic knots which were light and chewy and COVERED with fresh garlic. I would have been satisfied with just the garlic knots, but I wanted to taste everything.

It is sort of a hike from our house, but it is worth the drive. everything was freshly made and served with joy.

Great Place!

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-22

Pros: Great italian Food, Vegan Cheese, Friendly family-run restaurant


22 Mar 2018

Also...Vegan items are clearly marked on the menu!


23 Mar 2018

I have been notified that they serve veal as well. I apologize.


26 Mar 2018

It is so good that we went back again this weekend and saw two of our vegan friends there!


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12 Oct 2018

Best vegan resturant!

Vegan BBQ “chk” pizza and buffalo cauliflower bites were amazing! My BF and I have been vegan for a little over 2 months now, and this is the first pizza/Italian place we have found and fell in love with! Would recommend this to anyone😄

Pros: Lots of vegan options!


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05 May 2018

Very good!

Can do vegan version of many Italian favorites

Pros: Great Eggplant “Parmesan”!, Great WW Raviolis, Friendly Staff


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27 Apr 2018

Can't wait to go back!

Tried Cinellis after seeing them on Happy Cow. Had a garlic knot, salad, and roasted red pepper fettuccine. Everything was really good, including the service. They have more vegan options than any other non vegan restaurant I've ever been to. I plan to try every one of them! I do hope they add vegan desserts to their menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Food's good, Reasonable prices

Cons: No vegan dessert ☹️


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26 Mar 2018


As a long time Greece resident and 6 year vegan we love Cinelli's. There were few options before and all were chain restaurants like Taco Bell.

Cinelli's gives free garlic knots with every order. Cinelli's red sauce is vegan as well. I love their sauce! They also offer vegan gnocchi and ravioli as well as pasta. For pizzas the dough and sauce are vegan and they even have vegan cheese. Sometimes they have the Impossible Burger as a vegan style topping! Check out their specials board because it is usually vegan. Sometimes they even have vegan desserts.

Their vegan options have expanded over time. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly! I think Cinelli's could possibly become the first 100% vegan Italian restaurant in Rochester someday as they continue to grow and as human beings continue to grow in their compassion. Compassionate people love pizza and pasta! Yay Cinelli's!

Pros: Sauce and pasta selections, Pizza and specials, Friendly staff

Cons: Not all vegan, Could definitely go all vegan and be succesful, Work on a vegan substitute for veal.


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26 Mar 2018

great to have some tasty vegan options

We had garlic knots, a tasty specialty pizza and the special was a vegan artichoke french. everything was great and it fun to be at a restaurant that is making an effort to give vegans some choices

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