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Vegetarian restaurant and sweet centre. Massive selection of savouries, curries and breads, including many varieties of paratha. Also South Indian and Desi Chinese (Indian versions of Chinese dishes) sections on the menu, and a juice bar. Vegans need to ask as the menu does not have explanations of the dishes. Open Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00.

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05 Jun 2019

Informal, delicious and inexpensive

I was in Feltham for work, and looked for a new vegetarian restaurant I could try. Chini hor wasn't too far from where I was working, and I decided to try it out. I'm glad that I did!

It's not a fancy, formal restaurant. There's a counter for take-out, and many tables where you can sit and be waited upon. Service was helpful, good, and fast.

I ordered a bunch of things: Aloo Gobi (potatoes + cauliflower), Palak Paneer (spinach + cheese), some garlic naan, and some vegetable rice. All were quite good, with very decent portion sizes.

I also discovered Achari Paneer Tikka, an appetizer that was truly one of the most delicious and special I've ever had -- with marinated (purple!) paneer cubes, onions, pickles, and spices. Wow. How I've missed this in previous Indian restaurants, I don't know, but I'm going to look for it everywhere I go in the future.

The menu was large and varied, but didn't have any explanations. So it was a good thing I had eaten Indian food in the past, and that I basically knew what I wanted. When I asked the waitress what curry she would suggest, she didn't know what to say. Then she suggested the Aloo Gobi, which was indeed good.

Indian food is always delightful, and I was happy to find another convenient, inexpensive place to eat in this part of London. I should note that while the restaurant is labeled clearly, I went past it at first, thinking that it was a take-out or butcher shop, rather than a restaurant. So look carefully, and you'll enjoy it quite a bit!

Pros: Inexpensive, That amazing appetizer, Achari Paneer Tikka, Huge selection

Cons: Not fancy (only a con if you're looking for fancy), No explanations



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07 May 2017

Cheap & Cheerful

Lots of positives: good, authentic food, cheap, full of Indian families, a large menu and efficient and friendly staff. The dhal makhani and palak paneer was great, as was the mango lassi. They also do south Indian food (dosas etc.) and Chinese.

It's not upmarket, but if you're in the area and looking for some tasty, cheap food then this is the place.

Updated from previous review on 2017-05-07

Pros: Good food, Cheap, Large menu


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23 Sep 2013

Chini Chor, London

I had dinner here on Saturday night. It was excellent.

1stly when I rocked along at around 7.30 pm, it was very busy with a small queue of people waiting to be seated. In terms of the number of seats I didn't count but I would estimate there's room for around 70 diners. Anyone who has any doubts re the authenticity of the food, I had a quick look around and everyone in there seemed Indian to me other than around half a dozen people.

Its a cheap and cheerful type set up rather than swanky. I asked what was vegan and the waiter was more than happy to direct me around the menu. There was plenty of choice.

Myself and my 2 friends ordered a bunch of stuff. Its typically around £4 per curry dish. They are a little on the smaller side allowing ordering more than 1 per person to facilitate a bigger trip through the menu. We haddal tadka, a mushroom dish, the aloo gobi and one other curry that escapes me for the moment. One of my friends also ordered a masala dosa which he was expecting to be starter size but wasn't. From the moment the dosa arrived, bearing in mind we had also ordered paratas and a chapati, I regret to say there would be no way we would be able to eat all the food.

All of the dishes were delicious, every mouthful was a treat for my taste buds, a complete triumph.

It was very busy when I was there and with some families eating. There was a table with a kid of around 3 who seemed to scream pretty much through the entire meal. Thus it seems to be family friendly but of course the other side of this is that if you struggle handle a screaming kid, this place may not be for you.

With the significant amounty of food we were too full to eat, we asked for a doggy bag with the intention of giving this to a homeless person. Getting the doggy bag was no issue. However in a short stroll outside from the restaurant over to the tube station, we couldn't spot any homeless people to offer the food to.

Its just a few doors along from Sangeetha for anyone who may want to take a look in the window of both before deciding which one to go to.

Pros: Vegan friendly, Great, inexpensive food

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